The Wedding Party Ch. 03 – Megan’s Announcement


Author’s Note: This fictional, fantasy story is written for fun. To better understand the story, please read “The Wedding Party” first. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday Family dinner started out like every other dinner usually did, but there was something a little different about the way Eric held Megan’s nervous hand and she continually cuddled up against him. It was cute, really. It reminded me of the way her left hand seemed to float when Eric first put the engagement ring in her finger.

After quickly clearing up the dinner table, Eric and I adjourned to the living room while Megan and her mom loaded the dishwasher and put the leftover food away and joined us.

Eric was a little more talkative tonight, carrying on about his hospital patients and his wonderful wife, but really didn’t say anything I didn’t already know about them.

Megan sat next to him, looking like she was ready to explode with excitement. Suddenly Megan burst out that she had some new pictures she wanted to show us. I looked at my wife who seemed to know what was about to happen far before I figured it out. With a smile from ear-to-ear Megan pulled out a white 5 X 7 envelope from her purse and handed it to her mom.

Megan’s mom pulled out the pictures and looked with a knowing smile. I looked over her shoulder at the pictures that looked to me like telescopic pictures of the moon. Then it dawned on me, just as Megan exclaimed, “I’m pregnant!”

Her mom jumped up and hugged her, asking all those questions about due dates, how she was feeling, morning sickness, food cravings, and so on.

Then Megan moved to me for another big hug.

“Congratulations! I’m happy for you dear!” as I kissed her cheek and rubbed my hand on her belly.

“Mom, Dad” she said as she looked directly at each of us, then at her husband Eric.

“I am in the second trimester of my pregnancy. For our 3rd wedding anniversary this year, I will be nursing and caring for a new baby. So, our planned Annual Wedding Party Tradition needs to be postponed.”

“But instead of waiting another year until the following reunion, I would like to have our wedding party tradition now, before I get much bigger.” She patted he still firm, but slightly swollen belly.

I looked over at Eric who simply nodded his approval.

“We’d like to have my party here, in about 2 weeks. Would that be okay?”

I looked at my wife who, as expected, had already approved Megan’s request.

“This time,” Megan continued, “It’s all for me! Julie and Tina are both out of town. It will be just me, Mom, and Eric’s mom. At the normal reunion parties the girls only get each guy once. This time, I’m hoping I can get each guy at least twice! Much easier for them and twice as much fun for me! After the party, maybe you can swap with Eric’s parents for the night? I know you would like that!” she said with a grin.

The cautious grandmother-to-be ask if that much sexual activity was okay for the baby?

Megan responded that her doctor reassured her that as long as Megan was comfortable, the baby would be just fine. Sex was normally safe right up to delivery.

Two Weeks Later

Eric and Megan were the first to arrive. Eric was dressed in baggy basketball shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. His semi-aroused penis was already visible in his shorts. It didn’t look like he was wearing any underwear.

Megan was wearing sandals and a short translucent sun dress with obviously no bra or panties. Her perky nipples pressed against the fabric. She came directly to me and pressed her breasts to my chest, giving me a tight hug. That was all it took as I felt my loins start to grow, still restrained in my golf shorts. I held her tight, pressing my hardening penis against her belly. She felt it and looked up at me with her charming smile.

Eric’s Best Man, Ted with his fiancé, Kıbrıs Escort Leslie arrived next. Ted hadn’t said anything about bringing her, but she wanted to come. She was obviously nervous, wanting to verify what Ted had suggested they do for their wedding. She politely asked if she could watch and help where needed.

Eric’s parents arrived next followed by Eric’s Groomsman, Johnny.

Everyone moved to the private back yard patio for refreshments and conversation to get the evening started. On the edge of the grass was an inflated queen size air mattress, covered with a clean blue sheet and pillows. A refreshments table was set to the side with snacks and drinks. The patio chairs and lounges were neatly arranged around the air mattress.

Megan took charge. “Welcome to my parents’ home and my special night. Each of you are very important us and special to me. To my two moms, thank you for supporting me and Eric in all of our crazy adventures. And my two dads for satisfying my private needs. Ted and Johnny, you are special friends to both me and my husband, as are Julie and Tina. They are sorry they couldn’t be here tonight.

Pointing to Leslie, Megan introduced Ted’s fiancé.

I’m happy and hopeful that we can continue this relationship for many years to come.”

Holding Megan’s hand, Eric added, “Okay men, you all know why we are here. Let’s take care of Megan’s needs.”

With that, he took Megan to the side of the bed and pulled her sundress over her head. As suspected, she was completely naked. Such a beautiful woman. Her belly was swollen just enough to see she was expecting. She kicked off her sandals to the side and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Tonight,” Eric said, “her dad is always first, followed by my dad. Then Ted, Johnny, and me. When I’m done,” he paused, “we’ll see how she feels about another round.”

Megan looked at her mom and said, “Dad” switching her look to me, “Let’s get this party started. She slid up to the middle of the bed and laid back, spreading her legs wide apart. The glistening moisture between her labia showed she was excited and ready. Her breasts, defying gravity, were high on her chest and looked a little larger than the last time I saw them.

In a flash, I pulled off my clothes and joined her on the bed. I kissed her wet labia and slid my tongue up and down her clitoris before mounting her. She tasted so good!

My lips latched onto her nipple and my hands found both breasts. I sucked like the baby who would soon be nursing here. I think that I was a little envious that I couldn’t latch onto her nipples more often.

Megan breathed heavily as the feeling stimulated her body. My hardening penis was rubbing along her leg.

Seated in the chairs intently watching the action were the men. Shirts and pants were gone and their penises were sticking through the fly of their boxers or briefs.

The two moms gathered Ted’s finance and huddled together. They decided their role was to keep the men aroused for Megan. They may not be having sex tonight, but they could touch and get the men ready for Megan.

Ted’s fiancé was first to suggest they all go topless, as she removed her top and bra. “It always works on Ted,” she smiled. The mothers agreed and quickly removed their tops and bra’s. Eric’s mom went one step further, removing her shorts, wearing only her nude color bikini panties. Not to be outdone, Ted’s fiancé also removed her shorts, leaving on nothing except her white thong. It quickly disappeared between her butt cheeks in back and reappeared as an inviting camel toe in the front.

They separated. Megan’s mom went to Eric’s Dad, Eric’s mom to Ted. That left Ted’s fiancé to work on Johnny and Eric.

On the bed, Megan breathlessly whispered, “I’m ready, dad.”

Her nipple popped from my lips, Magosa Escort and I looked up at my beautiful daughter.

“I love you, baby girl!”

I raised up and took aim between her legs. Her freshly shaven belly welcomed my penis as I slid up into the petals of her open flower. Her moisture greeted me as I slowly pressed into her. I felt her muscles squeeze my penis as I passed through into her vagina. In one slow continuous motion I pressed forward and back until my balls rested tightly between her legs.

I looked at her again and softly kissed her cheek.

She smiled and tightened her legs around me, pulling me tight into her.

She relaxed her leg muscles as I pulled back and pushed in again. My right hand found her left breast, still supporting myself on my left forearm. I held her breast tightly, teasing her nipple, as I started thrusting harder and faster. My actions increasing in urgency and frequency.

Megan started breathing harder underneath me, raising her hips to meet me each time I slammed against her. I felt her chest raise against me and a cry escape her lips as she experienced her first orgasm. I felt my balls churning as I soon joined her, releasing my load into her.

Still hard, I released her breast from my grip and rolled to her side. An audible pop was heard as my penis left her vagina.

I wanted to cuddle and hold her, to enter her again, but the feeling of another person crawling on the other side of the bed reminded her that my turn was over. Like a ragged doll, I moved to the nearest chair. My wife moved between my knees started to clean the juicy mixture off my shaft. My softening penis relaxed and rested on my leg. She rubbed it playfully in her fingers.

After patiently watching Megan and I, Eric’s dad wasted no time. He grabbed a pillow and put it under Megan’s hips, putting her legs over his shoulders and plowing into her. He was already on fire and couldn’t wait any longer.

Megan bravely held the sheet as he pounded into her. He wouldn’t last long. She screamed as her second orgasm swept through her body. Eric’s dad continued to pound hard. With full force he lunged forward again and again, finally emptying his load deep into her. He dropped her legs to his side and laid on top of Megan, breathing heavily, as his penis softened, still inside her. As he pulled out, streams of our combined semen flowed out of Megan and onto the sheets.

Expecting this, Megan’s mom was already prepared and spread a towel underneath her.

Ted was next. His penis was hard and long and pointing up. He looked over at his fiancé who was watching intently. She held both Johnny’s and Eric’s firm penises in her hands and nodded to Ted her okay. Ted crawled on the bed and flipped Megan over, pulling her to her knees doggy style.

In a single swift motion, he plunged up into her wet and waiting vagina, pounding his long penis against her cervix. Ted made eye contact with his fiancé Leslie as if in conflict between his fiancé and Megan. Leslie stood up, pulled off her thong and sat back down on Eric’s erection, making it clear that he could do the same with Megan. Leslie regained her grip on Johnny and started moving up and down on Eric. Returning his attention to Megan, Ted pounded in and out from behind, his balls swinging against Megan.

Megan screamed, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” until an overpowering orgasm swept through her entire body. Ted didn’t slow down. Like a machine he continued his assault, raising up straight, head looking toward the sky, pulling Megan’s hips tightly to his, and added his deposit deep inside Megan.

Ted released his grip and slapped her butt playfully. Megan fell forward onto her stomach. Ted took a deep breath and went to sit with his naked fiancé. She climbed off Eric, dropped to her knees in Girne Escort front of Ted, and proceeded to clean his used tool as Ted held and fondled her breasts.

Johnny was number four. As far as any of us knew, he was still single and didn’t have a current girlfriend. The pre-cum drops on his erect penis suggested he had a full load ready for Megan.

Johnny crawled on the bed asked Megan to sit up while he laid on his back behind her. Megan instinctively knew what he wanted and swung her leg across his and sat on top of him. With a practiced hand she raised up on her knees, reached between her legs, and guided Johnny’s penis toward her dripping hole. Slowly she settled down on top of him.

Putting her hands on his chest she raised up and down slowly, meticulously, feeling every inch of Johnny slide in and out of her. There was no hurry. She enjoyed his larger girth massaging her inside.

Megan settled into a rhythmic ride as Johnny reached up to massage her breasts and nipples. She tossed her hair back over her shoulders and smiled at Eric. Eric nodded and knew that this tradition would continue for many years to come.

On the sidelines, Ted’s finance was now seated firmly in Teds lap, copying Megan’s every move on Johnny. Eric’s Mom was gently stroking my semi erect penis while Megan’s mom was working Eric’s dad. Eric was stroking his full erection, patiently waiting for Johnny to finish.

Eric didn’t need to wait to much longer as Megan slammed down a final time. Johnny grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place as he exploded deeply inside her. Feeling him soften, Megan raised up. Her combined juices dripped onto Johnny’s belly, running down around his balls. Megan wiped a glob and rubbed it into her nipples, exclaiming that it was healthy for her skin.

Exhausted, Johnny rolled off the bed and managed to find a chair where Megan’s mom was waiting to lick him clean.

Eric’s hard penis pointed straight at Megan as he approached the bed. He had patiently watched and waited for four other men to use and satisfy his lovely wife. He was well beyond being ready.

Megan reached for him and licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip before sucking him into her mouth. With her left hand she reached down and found Eric’s balls and began her massage.

Eric’s head tilted back as a moan of pleasure escaped his lips as Megan worked on him. Gently he put his hands on the back of Megan’s head and pulled her in tight against him. His penis slipped deeper into the back of Megan’s mouth. Megan’s cheeks collapsed in making a tight vacuum as she sucked on him.

Slowly and deliberately, Eric began pulling out and sliding back in. Megan held her breath as Eric pulled her tight, pushing himself to the back of Megan’s mouth, beginning the decent down her throat. She coughed and pushed him away, grasping to breath.

Again, Eric pushed back into her mouth and deeper into her throat. He wasn’t going to last.

Megan came up for air one more time when Eric started to cum in her mouth. Megan clung to Eric’s hips, fighting to breath and swallow every drop.

In a quick change of positions, Eric pushed Megan onto her back and pushed himself deep into her wet vagina.

He then signaled each of us to surround the bed and give Megan a baby shower. Without hesitation we all jumped up and started pumping. Ted came first, squirting all over Megan’ s face and hair. Johnny came next, covering her left breast. I followed spewing my juice over her right breast. Eric’s dad added his load to her swollen belly. Soon Megan was covered with fresh male lotion on her face, breasts, and stomach. With a final lunge, Eric pumped his load inside her overflowing vagina.

Pregnant Megan looked radiant, lying on the bed covered in semen. With both hands she rubbed the sticky mixture into her skin.

Eric pulled out and rubbed the leaking combined mixture onto her swollen labia and baby bump. Megan caught his hand and pulled it to her breast. “I think that is enough” she said.

“Next time,” Eric proudly announced, “Megan will treat us all to some fresh mothers’ milk.”

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