The Wily Ways of Mrs. Wilson Ch. 02

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Tyler Bradman was making progress, one sloppy wet kiss at a time.

He was in the front seat of his car with his latest girlfriend, Rachel, a pretty 20-year-old college student he’d met in class. They’d gone to dinner, then a walk, and now as he sat with her in front of her house, they were kissing passionately, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, though with Tyler’s anxious 19-year-old hands doing most of the roaming.

“C’mon, Tyler…no, please,” Rachel groaned, pulling his hands away from her thighs he was caressing, trying to part them in her little skirt on his way to the promised land.

“Rach…it’s been…God, this is our fourth date, ya know,” he moaned, kissing her silky smooth neck and lapping the slightly salty flavor from it.

“Tyler, I’m sorry..just…too soon…” she said softly, letting him suckle on her neck but insistently pushing his hands from her muscular young thighs.

And all he could think of was Mrs. Wilson. Her neck, an alluring bouquet of wrinkly wattle, and her slightly saggy but strong old thighs. It was two weeks ago that she’d seduced him, and there’s no better word for it than that, he knew. He’d cut her lawn and when she didn’t have the 20 bucks for the job, she seduced him. Her body was old but tight for her age, a pretty 65-year-old granny type who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He wished he was with her now, his young balls positively aching for release as he nuzzled Rachel’s young throat thinking of Mrs. Wilson’s old one. He looked down at her powerful youthful thighs and recalled Mrs. Wilson’s wrinkled ones clamped around his head as he ate her furry pussy.

Right about now, that’s exactly what he needed. He recalled her sucking him off in less than a minute that day, then forcing him to eat her hairy quim, then fucking him blind. God, he wished she were in the front seat now, but she wasn’t. He ceased his eager neck licking and looked at Rachel, sighing.

“It’s OK, honey, I respect that,” he said, hoping to fake enough intent to make her feel sorry for him and at least tug him off to relieve his blue balls.

She did not. She smiled, kissed his cheek and slipped out of the car.

“Thanks for understanding Tyler, you’re the best,” she smiled. “Soon, I promise, really…when I’m ready.”

His dick hadn’t fully softened by the time he got home. He went to bed and was just starting his usually post-date ritual of jerking off when his phone beeped.

“Tyler, hi, Mrs. Wilson here…” she texted.

His hand was already on his dick. Now he almost came without making a single stroke on it.

“Uh…hi, Mrs. Wilson. How R U?”

“Horny, boy, horny,” she texted, making Tyler shake his head in disbelief, marveling at her timing. “How was your date?”

He blinked again.

“How did…you saw me..us?”

“I did,” she texted back with a smiley face, one with a tongue hanging out of the happy mouth. “At the restaurant. Didn’t say anything, you looked like you were having fun.”

“I was…thanks…”

“Did you get lucky?”

He sighed, texting “No…thanks for asking.”

A long pause between texts. Then “I’m going to the beach tomorrow morning. See you there.”

There was no question mark at the end. His cock throbbed as his hand lay still upon it, fearing the slightest movement would trigger his orgasm. Which apparently she intuited as well.

“Leave that beautiful cock alone, boy,” she texted back. “That’s all mine! If your little girlfriend doesn’t appreciate it, I certainly do. Understood?”

“Yes…Mrs. Wilson,” he typed, with both hands now, obeying her edict as he wanted more than anything to cum.

But as well versed as he was in making himself cum, Mrs. Wilson was even better. He would wait.

“Go to sleep, boy, see you at the beach,” she signed off.

He couldn’t wait. He couldn’t sleep much. All he could do was doze and dream of that horny old woman’s incredible body and what she could do with it.

He got up the next morning, a Saturday, telling his parents he was off to meet Rachel at the beach. Which could be true, since she usually frequented it with friends or family.

He raced to his car, driving quickly to the beach, cock hard the entire time. He pulled into the lot, which wasn’t terribly crowded on this partly cloudy, rather cool day.

He scanned the beach. Close by was a gaggle of his buddies, who called him over.

“Hey, asshole, what’re you looking for, some pussy?” his friend Al laughed. “C’mon, let’s toss the ball around and take a swim.”

Tyler strained his eyes toward the far end of the beach, several hundred yards away. No one was there, just a small blue cabana. He wondered.

And then he played catch with Al and his buddies, the bunch of them clowning around, making fun of each other’s catching and throwing abilities, some sucking down some beers they’d stolen from their parents.

An hour or so later, Tyler’s phone chirped as he lay back on his blanket, his buddies carrying on around him.

“Mmmm, all that young alt yazılı seks beef on the hoof, maybe I should suck some of THEM off instead of you for the way you’ve ignored me,” Mrs. Wilson’s text said.

He looked around quickly. He didn’t see her. Then from the cabana so far down the beach, a figure emerged. He strained to look.

“Yes, young man, it’s me,” she texted. “Now get down here. Immediately before I change my mind about sucking your beautiful boy cock.”

He got up and started jogging toward Mrs. Wilson, who stood in a very naughty white bikini for someone her age, her huge tits bobbling in the top, the sides high on her rugged thighs.

“Where the fuck you going?” Al called out.

“Client needs to see me, be right back,” Tyler shouted.

“Fuckin’ asshole,” Al laughed, slugging another beer and returning to bullshitting with his friends.

Tyler chugged up to Mrs. Wilson, standing in radiant beauty in her tiny bathing suit, big dark glasses on her face. Her puckered mouth wasn’t smiling.

“Now, I’d like to talk to you about trimming my bush,” she said firmly.

“Uh…sure, Mrs. Wilson, I didn’t notice they needed it, but I can come by later,” he said helpfully if not completely naively.

She roared, tilting her head back, fully baring that luscious wrinkled neck, her big tits jiggling in her top, her slightly flabby middle quivering.

“Not that bush, you silly boy!” she laughed, sitting in her beach chair and spreading her thighs, the inner flesh darkly tanned, wrinkled and slightly saggy. “THIS bush!”

He looked. Thick tufts of gray, moist pubic hair peeked out from the sides of her tiny bikini bottom.

“Oh…oh, right,” he said, blushing. “I’m sorry…I thought…”

“Lie down,” she snapped, snapping her fingers and pointing to her feet.

He looked around.

“Don’t worry, they won’t see you, that’s why the cabana is here,” she said pointing behind him. “And besides, those idiots are too busy trying to impress each other rather than worrying about what you’re doing down here with an old lady.”

“O…ok, Mrs. Wilson, whatever you say,” Tyler said, kneeling and then lying flat in the sand, the warmth of it enveloping his thickening cock as he looked up at her freckled shins, muscular calves, slack thighs and that hungry cunt.

“That’s right, whatever I say,” she sighed, extending her legs, her feet at his face. “Now, Mrs. Wilson says worship these. Go on, do it!”

He looked at them. He’d never been a foot guy, what with so much of the rest of a woman’s body to explore. But these looked…tasty, he thought, in a forbidden, nasty way.

Her feet were long and thick with tendon and sinew, blue veins visible under the deeply tanned flesh. Her toes were incredibly long, gnarled, twisted to the side, deep gaps between them filled with sand, sweat and grit. Her nails were bright pink, shiny.

She wiggled her toes at him impatiently as he stared.

“What do they smell like?” she laughed, his eyes traveling up her instep to the muscles around her long shinbones that twitched as she wiggled her feet.

He sniffed, suddenly aware of the salty aroma, the funk of sweat and feet. It was not pleasant. His wrinkled nose was her answer.

“Yeah, thought so,” she sighed, extending her arms above her head, drawing his gaze to her heaving freckled tits and the wattle above, her biceps surprisingly muscled, albeit with a thick layer of crepey flesh over them and the backs of her arms which looked delicious to him right now as his cock stiffened in the sand below. “It was cool last night, so I wore some old socks to bed, haven’t washed them in awhile. Put your nose right in there, baby, and take a good…deep..whiff…”

He was transfixed now, by the sight of her bony old feet, the smell and mostly by her dominant attitude. He leaned forward, face at those toes, putting his nose closer. She pinched it between her left toes, squeezing and twisting and laughing.

“Smell,” she growled, loosening her scissoring toes to let his nose open.

He inhaled. It was ripe, raw, vinegary almost, slightly rancid and gross. He inhaled again, drawing her funk into his lungs and making his dick twitch. He moaned and sniffed again and again, looking at the papery wrinkled soles creased and wiggly. His hands shot to them and he buried his face to those soles, lapping, his nose wedging between her toes.

“Fuck, Mrs. Wilson, FUCK!” he groaned, humping the sand with his dick.

Suddenly he was dizzy, courtesy of her flashing out her lower legs and cinching her surprisingly muscular old calves around his neck. The thick meat of them crushed his arteries, slowing the blood to his brain, her long feet crossed just under his chest.

“Did I tell you to lick my feet, Tyler, hmmm?” she snarled, twisting up off the chair to power down on her leglock. “No, I did NOT, and so now you must be punished in my strong old calves!”

He groaned, hands cupped around her lethal lower legs trying porno 92 to pull them apart. But the old woman was too strong and apparently practiced in using her stately stems to punish people. In five seconds, he was out cold, twitching on the sand as she released her locked calves to let his face plop to her feet.

“Now,” she sighed, sitting back as he came around wondering what just happened and then remembering, shaking his addled head, “now you may suck my feet.”

He did, gently lifting her feet up by her calloused, yellow heels, worn that way from years of tight shoes, pressing his adoring face into the thick, wrinkly pads of her soles.

He licked long and wet, lingering strokes, trembling from the crusty heel up those sexy soles to the balls of her feet and down again. He took his time, eyes looking at her as she sat, her own eyes closed, thighs tight together as she squeezed them on her pussy.

He licked the heels, sucked on them, moving up to her toes, inhaling her funky scent, then licking the bottom of each, then around, inside, in between, relishing the flavor and grit, tonguing them clean.

“Suck ’em, baby!” she squealed, now peeling down her top to unleash her fiercely wrinkled old tits, giant white bags of flesh where the sun didn’t tan the skin, twisting her pink, fat nipples in her gnarled fingers. “Suck those toes like LITTLE COCKS!”

That thought alone would’ve been enough to stop him, but he couldn’t, and wrapped his lips around one big toe, sucking it, washing his tongue around it, feeling every tiny hair on the surface tickle him.

He blew her toes, he realized, one by one, blowing each, fellating it like the tiny cocks she envisioned them to be, his eyes rolling over in his head, caught up in the sheer nastiness of worshipping the stinky, nasty feet of a woman older than his own grandmother.

And she came, not by hand but thighs, the meaty, fleshy upper legs quivering now in a quaking wave as she crushed them around her cunt, trigging an orgasm that soaked her tiny white bikini bottom.

He watched it happen, her body writhing and twitching, her bony hands gripping the arms of her beach chair, lifting off it, the fabric of her crotch panel gone darker with her gushing goo.

She finally stopped cumming, slumping back to the chair, legs parting. Cunt juice oozed from the sides of her bikini bottom, gelling on the wrinkly, sexy tanned meat of her inner thighs. She pulled her feet from his mouth and smiled down at him.

“Thanks, kiddo, you did good,” she laughed.

“No problem,” he warbled weakly, pulling himself to his knees and looking over the cabana top that had hidden him from view of his friends, a group that got bigger in his absence, none of them seeming to note his.

“They’re pre-occupied, don’t worry about them, baby,” Mrs. Wilson sighed. “Now, let’s take care of that.”

He turned and she was staring at his cock sticking up in his baggy bathing suit. He smiled a goofy grin that disappeared as she suddenly knelt before him, tugged his suit down and bent over to engulf his dripping dick into the soft, wrinkled pucker of her lips.

“FUCK!” he groaned as she took him balls deep in one gulping stroke.

She’d made him cum the first time this way, in seconds. This felt like it would be quicker – and it was. She squeezed his balls in one hand and gripped his dick in the other, now bobbing her pretty blonde head back and forth rapidly, tongue washing over every hard inch as she blew him.

He looked down at her, her big tits splayed out to the sides under each arm, the meaty white flesh quivering as she twisted her pretty head up and down on his dick. His balls knotted in her crushing grip and he blew his load, bigger it seemed than the first time she’d sucked him off, filling her belly, her groans at the blasting volume almost as loud as hers.

“OH GODDDDDD!” he screamed, arching his back, feeling his nuts empty into her moaning, sucking, gulping mouth.

It seemed the longest orgasm of his life as rope after rope of creamy goo corkscrewed out of him into her. He hadn’t cum in days, and Rachel’s teasing the night before added to his urgency as he continued to blow thick streams of spunk into her gullet.

She lovingly stroked his cock now as his orgasm abated, long fingers gently pulling up his shaft, cupping the tip, squeezing out the last dollop onto her tongue. She pulled his cock from her smiling mouth, the wrinkled corners of it smeared white.

She reached for him, cheeks still full of the rest of his ball brew, pulling him down. She kissed him, opening her mouth and snowballing his jism into his; he tensed and resisted then melted to her will as with her other hand, she stroked his still hard cock.

“Mmmm, now THAT is sexy,” she cooed, breaking the kiss for a moment, a bridge of sperm between them, hanging in a silvery thread that she gobbled up to his cummy lips, kissing them. “Women love a man who’s not shy about this, Tyler…betcha Rachel would love you kissing her with your xvideos porno cum, if you ever get that far…”

They kissed for a long moment before she pulled away, tying her top back on and sitting down. She reached for her cooler, taking out a water and offering him one. He took it, sitting back in the sand just watching her. She sipped her water, neck rippling as she swallowed. She looked so sexy doing it, he thought.

“I’m taking a nap, now, you go play with your little friends, I’ll let you know if I need you again,” she said simply, shooing him away with one hand and climbing into the cabana. “Go on…”

“But…,” he started to say.

“I know where to find you,” she said. “Don’t go far.”

“I won’t, I promise Mrs. Wilson,” he sighed.

He left, trotting back down the beach to rejoin his group, some of whom busted his balls for hanging out with a customer when he should be with them. They played ball some more, swam, ate whatever shitty food or old pizza they’d brought along.

All the while, Tyler’s eyes were drawn down the beach. Waiting. Feeling his dick grow. Hoping she’d text soon.

She did, some hours later, emerging from the cabana stretching her lithe, lovely old body. Only Tyler saw her. His phone chirped.

“Going for a swim to the raft,” she said of the bobbing platform a few hundred yards offshore very popular with kids but empty this day now getting cloudier and cooler. “Join me.”

His group, most of them drunk by now, didn’t even notice him leaving, knifing into the water and swimming sidelong to the beach as he watched Mrs. Wilson dive in up her end, heading out to the raft. He caught up to her quickly, eyes beneath the surface, watching her luscious legs scissor kicking, the muscles fleshy but tight.

“Glad you could make it, stud,” she said panting as she swam. “Try to keep up. Or just watch my ass!”

It was the first time he’d seen it this day. And it was magnificent, fully exposed in her thong bottom, the meaty white orbs of flesh quivering and flexing as she swam. He wanted nothing more than to bury his face in those jiggling mounds of flesh.

They made it to the raft, Mrs. Wilson pulling herself up out of the water to sit at the far edge, legs dangling in the water.

“Mrs…Wilson…” he panted, catching up to her and just treading water as she said, kicking with her feet. “Your ass…my God…”

“Yeah, it’s something for an old broad,” she sighed.

She suddenly slipped into the water, turning to pull her chest up onto the raft. Tyler nearly shot his load as her big, bountiful, jiggly white ass came into view, the tiny thong strip lost between them.

The mounds were magnificent, smooth yet dimpled and saggy at the sides and the cupped flesh of the bottoms, the flesh gleaming with water. He groaned out loud.

“Dig in, kid, eat my asshole!” she rasped in a throaty growl, pulling aside her thong bottom and holding one cheek open for him.

Her asshole was dark, the puckered flesh around it a perfect patch of wrinkles, the hole lined with a few strands of short, dark hair and winking open. She giggled and wriggled it for him, in and out, the meat of her inner ass muscles pink as she pushed them out.

He cried out, burying his face inside, hands on the raft on either side of her and pulling to get as deep inside her nasty old rump as he could.

“Mmmm, that’s right, baby, eat it, eat Mrs. Wilson’s asshole inside out, suck on it, bitch, suck on it!” she screamed into the raft at her face as the boy’s tongue lanced deeper and faster into her clutching anal ring. “Never ate a woman’s ass before, have ya I’ll bet!”

He had not. Mrs. Wilson’s tasty shithole was his first. And as a result, his best. He was a man possessed now, feeling her ass walls milk his tongue as he speared it inside as deeply as he could, his face mashed into the wet meat of her buttocks.

Suddenly, she playfully extended her meaty old thighs back around his head, scissoring it, crossing her feet and pulling her calves up against the back of his head.

“Not goin’ anywhere now, stud,” she hissed, quivering her butt meat in his trapped face, tightening her amazingly strong thighs. “Get eatin’ that old ass!”

She was smothering him in her scissoring, suffocating grip, thighs clamped tight to his neck, her crossed calves pushing on his head, burying his face deeper inside her hungry ass. He went wild, barely able to breathe as she squeezed and smothered him in her butt grip, his tongue feeling like she’d pull it off with her milking ass muscles.

He ate wildly, twisting his head side to side in the smothering grip of her wet cheeks, spearing her butt hole deeper and deeper. His hands clung to the backs of her surprisingly strong thighs that framed his face, fingers slipping off the wet flesh as the water lapped up around them.

“CUMMING!!” she bellowed as she orgasmed from the sheer naughtiness of a boy 45 years her junior devouring her granny asshole in the middle of the very public harbor. “FUCKKKKKK!”

She crushed him in her thighs, legs snapping, twisting, quivering as she worked her ass harder and faster into his worshipping mouth, plunging them under water and him with them as she finished her cum almost not noticing the boy was frantically pulling at her thighs to breathe.

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