This is Short — She is making me write this right


This is Short — She is making me write this rightThat is not acomplaint though. I would do anything for this girl. The only rule is that I can not use her name…but I met her from this site, met her in real life for the first just a few hours ago. And now she has me sitting in fornt of my computer, naked. She is naked too, her long blonde hair sticking to her face from the sweat she worked up. Her sweat dripped all over my back as she held me on my hands and knees before her. I let her own me, use me, take me. She forced (can it avrupa yakası travesti really be forced if I wanted it, if I LOVED it??) her pussy, smooth and bare, against my face, rocked her hips back and forth, made medrink every drop of her lust.Then she blindfolded me, told me to get on my hands and knees on the floor in the living room of my apartment. She opened the blinds and left me there. All the light sin the living room were on, I couldn’t see outside, but anyone passing by would have seen in.She kadıköy travesti lef tme there for several minutes before telling me to crawl, blidnly toward her voice. I only knew I reached her when I felt the shock and sudden sting of her palm against my ass. I tingled all over even as I shrieked and cried out. She pressed a dildo against my face and pushed the toy cock into my mouth, fucking me with it. Then she said she was going to fuck me like no one ever has.I felt her kneeling behind me, I felt her hands across maltepe travesti my ass, I felt her pull me open, exposing me. Then I felt her fingers sliding though my wetness but rising up, spreading my own wetness over my tight asshole. I knew she had a thing for fucking girls in the ass. I was ready for it. I knew it was what she wanted. And now, as I sit her telling you, I feel my ass tinglying again, wanting her inside me.She pushed the toy into me. I felt her hips rock rock forward. This toy was a strapon….it was my first. I’m sure she will make me experiance — she just said its almost time again. She fucked my ass until I was screaming – all pleasure, her sweat dripping down over me. I am exhausted, but she has just ordered me to make her cum….my writing as turned her on all over again.

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