Thrills in the Night


I pressed the ‘ground’ floor button on the elevator and checked my look one last time in the mirror. White button-down shirt, brown leather pants, and brown oxfords… It was a classic, yet contemporary look that the ladies seemed to love.The rain started to fall again. Sunshine all week long. Then, light drizzle all weekend. Isn’t that always the way? It was still ninety degrees even though it was just a little past midnight. The rain also put a hint of humidity in the air which was a change from the dry, desert heat. It was a hot, steamy mid-July night and a perfect summer evening to go out on the hunt.I stepped out into the night and considered my options. There was a really good local quartet playing at the ‘Blue Note’ inside the Hard Rock just off the strip. It was a Jazz club that always had a nice selection of older, married white women looking for a fun night out away from their husbands.Another possibility was the ‘Ghostbar’ at the Rio. It was Saturday night which meant the lounge would be filled with young, college coeds from UNLV that were always easy pickings. As appealing as the thought of some good Jazz was, or even a hot, little blonde Sophomore, it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for. I needed something more ‘exotic’ tonight and I was certain I knew where to find it.It was a short fifteen-minute ride from my strip condo to the ‘Piranha’ nightclub on Paradise Road. It was the premier gay nightclub in Las Vegas and I’d always had success there.I exited the Uber and stepped into the Piranha. I was instantly greeted by the loud, thumping house music that blared through the club’s large speakers. I took a moment and let my eyes adjust to the darkness and it gave me an opportunity to check out my surroundings. The club featured at least a dozen large stone columns on each side of the expansive dance floor. There was also hot blue and red lighting that gave the place a fresh and hip vibe. The club was packed with people who were dancing and drinking, which made it difficult to get up to the bar.The eclectic mix of patrons would be difficult, if not impossible, to describe in a single sentence. The women were dressed in a variety of clothing that ranged from traditional feminine club attire of short dresses and skirts to more of a masculine ‘butch’ style leather gear. Similarly, the men dressed in every type of fashion imaginable from traditional Dockers and a polo shirt, to very risqué costumes.While I fought my way through the crowd, I looked at the dance floor and saw two guys grinding on each other. One of them was wearing a lycra Superman outfit complete with a red, thong, bikini bottom and blue half shirt with the classic “S” on the chest that was complete with a red, built-in cape. Admittedly, he was cute, but not my type and definitely not what I was in the mood for this evening.After a minute or so, I managed to finally get up to the bar and I ordered a Hennessy. I felt quite a few eyes on me as the young white boys sized me up. Twinks… they were the gay answer to the bimbo, blonde cheerleader. They were always fun to watch and I could see them daring each other to approach me and make that first difficult contact. I made sure I didn’t lock eyes with any of them because I didn’t want to give the impression that I was interested, which would result in an awkward rebuke. I knew what I was looking for, it was just a matter of finding it among the little gay white boys and bull dykes.I sipped my Hennessy and continued to scan the club… watching… waiting…There she was…Just as the song ended and the DJ started speaking, the thick herd of revelers began to clear the dance floor and she came into my site. She wasn’t the typical sissy, though. This one looked young, too young to be in a club legally. Truth be told, her age really didn’t matter to me.She was a white, Emo-rocker type gurl who actually looked more gender fluid. She had blue hair in pigtails, a little gothy medical facemask, fishnet Kıbrıs Escort stockings, arm sleeves, a Misfits shirt, a little plaid schoolgirl skirt, and thigh-high black boots. When a sissy wears that type of clothes around a black man, regardless of what she calls herself, she’s one eye-contact away from being his bitch.She was with a small group of her friends, but she’d be easy enough to cut off from the herd. As fate would have it, they actually came up to the bar, about ten feet away from me, and began ordering drinks. I stood up, took my drink, walked over to her, and sat down at the bar stool next to her that was miraculously empty.The moment I sat down, she looked over at me and our eyes met.“Hi Miss, you dropped something,” I said while pointing at the floor.She looked down and an embarrassed look broke across her face.“I’m just kidding, you didn’t drop anything, I just wanted to get your name.”“I’m Matilda,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper.“I’m Ray… Ray Love… ”“Your last name is Love?”“It is and you’re very beautiful… I like your smile.”“Thank you, what do you want?” She said sternly.She was playing the tough, little, disaffected Emo gurl, but I could see that gleam in her eyes… She was interested.“What do I want? Where are you from?”“Here.”“Oh… the first little gurl I’ve met who lives in the club.”She giggled.“I live in Summerlin.”“Oh… an entitled, white gurl priss from Summerlin.”A look of shock broke across her face.“I’m not like that… It’s not like that…”I smiled.”I’m teasing you, little gurl… relax.”She grinned and I could see the look of relief etched on her face.“So… you’re meeting your boyfriend here?”“No, I… I… don’t have a boyfriend.”“No, I know you don’t.”I paused for a moment.“That’s not what you want anyway, is it?”Her lips split into a playful smile.“You don’t even know me, how can you possibly presume to know what I want?”“You don’t need a boyfriend, you need a strong black Daddy, don’t you?”She bit her lip and her face flushed in embarrassment.“I… I…”Just then, her friend tapped her shoulder.“C’mon, Mattie grab your drink, we’re going back to our table.”She looked at her friend, then back at me. I saw the longing in her eyes, the hunger. I knew she wanted to stay, it was just a question of her giving in to that desire.I leaned in, put my hand on her thigh, gave it a squeeze, and whispered into her ear.“Are you going to stay on the porch tonight with the puppies, or run with the wolves?”She bit her lip again and smiled. I could see the wheels turning.She turned and whispered something into her friend’s ear. I tried not to smile when I witnessed the shocked look on her friends face.“Are you sure?”“Yes… I am…” Matilda said.Her friend leaned in and gave her a little hug, then shot me a disapproving look before walking away to join up with the rest of their group.She turned and gave me an expectant look as if asking… what’s next?“Finish your drink little gurl, I want to dance.”Over the next minute or so, we sipped our drinks in silence. For the first time since I started talking to her, there was a real sexual tension between us and it was as if the die had been cast.“So just how old are you, anyway?”A dismayed look broke across her face.“I’m twenty-one.”I shot her a stern look.Those Lyin’ Eyes.“Bullshit… the truth, little gurl.”She leaned in and whispered in my ear so she couldn’t be overheard.“I’m eighteen, I have a fake I.D.”“College or high school?”“I’m a freshman at UNLV.”“Aren’t you supposed to say ‘fresh-person,’ or some such shit?”She giggled.I liked her smile and she had great eyes.“How old are you?” She asked shyly.“Guess.”Her eyes traveled over me as she sized me up.“Thirty.”“Close… twenty-eight.”She took another sip of her drink, cranberry juice and vodka I surmised. She twirled her long blue hair between her fingers which made my cock twitch.“What do you do?”“I work in the IT department at the Bellagio.”“You have Lefkoşa Escort your own place?”“Yeah, you’re going to have to slum it outside of Summerlin tonight.”She broke into a big smile and touched my chest. A very flirty first move. She looked into my eyes and I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but that was going to be on my terms… little gurl needed to learn her place.I grabbed her hand.“C’mon, I wanna dance.”The club was still packed and it took us a bit to fight our way to dance floor. Once we finally got there, I took her in my arms and pressed her body against mine. We moved together in perfect unison, as one. She had a great sense of rhythm and could really move which I immediately liked. I pulled her in close and rubbed my erect cock against her stomach. I could her moan, even above the thumping house music.I pushed her away from me, and she raised both of her hands above her head and began to seductively twirl in front of me. For the first time, I was able to inspect her body, up close. She was just a little lanky, and I guessed her height to be about 5’8”. She had great legs and a phenomenally round, jiggly ass.I pulled her close and spun her around so she was facing away from me. I then put my hands on her hips and ‘twerked’ my cock into her bottom. She immediately bent her upper body at the torso and pushed back against me. I could feel at least a hundred desirous eyes on me. The little twinks wanted me, but tonight, I chose her.It was getting hot in the club. I wasn’t sure if that was a result of the summer heat, or me pressing my now semi-erect cock into the back of her short, little plaid skirt. Even over the thumping house music, I could hear her little grunts. I turned her around so she faced me. I could see that hungry, desperate look in her eyes and I seized the moment. I pulled her to me, pressed her body into mine, and gave her a long, hot kiss. I love how she responded to me. I could hear her moan into my mouth and her body melted into mine.Just as I broke the passionate embrace, the music stopped and I wrapped my arm around her.“C’mon, let’s get another drink.”We got off the dance floor and found a small, empty, booth in the corner. I sat down and she slid up against me. I felt her shiver when I placed my hand on the inside of her thigh. Just as I was about to lean in and kiss her again, a waitress approached.“Can I get you something to drink?”“We’ll take two bottles of water, a Hennessy, and a…”I looked at her.“Vodka and Redbull.”The waitress scurried away to fetch our drinks.Our eyes met.“So, your name is Mattie?”She blushed.“How did you know my name, my real name?”“That’s what your friend called you at the bar.”She looked flustered. It was evident she wasn’t used to answering that type of question.“My real name is Matt, but my friends call me Mattie.”“So Matilda is…”“That’s the name I use when I… you know…”“When you dress.”She looked down, unable to meet my gaze.“Yes.”There were a few seconds of uncomfortable silence and our eyes met.“Can I admit that I’m nervous, Ray?”“Why are you nervous?”“I haven’t been dressing long and I’ve never…”“You’ve never… what?”“I’ve sucked, but I’ve never…”“You’ve never what?”She looked down and her face broke into a deep, red ember.“You know.”I took her hand and placed it on my basket.“Is this what you want?”Our conversation was interrupted by the waitress who returned with our order. She slid her hand away when I reached into my pocket and pulled out two twenties.“Keep it.”The waitress smiled in appreciation.”Thank you, honey, have a good night.”I looked back at Matilda.“Put your hand back on my cock.”Immediately, she complied.“Now answer the question.”She bit her lip seductively.“Yes, that’s what I want.”We took a sip of our drinks.She began to gently rub my cock under the table until it grew to full hardness.“Oh, God.” She whispered.I smiled.“Is that still what you want, little gurl?”I could see the wheels Girne Escort spinning. She was trying to wrap her mind around the ramifications of her next answer.“I… I…”“You know it’s not going in just your mouth… don’t you?”There was that look again… that lust… that hunger.“I know.”“Do we need to dance again, or are we done with that shit for tonight?”“We don’t need to dance again.”“Finish your drink, then.”Her hand never left my cock. It was as if she was mesmerized by it. While she sipped her drink, her fingers ran up and down my length on the outside of my leather pants. I watched as her fingertip traced around the rim of her glass. I could tell she was still nervous, but thankfully she was settling down, somewhat. She knew what was coming, but I didn’t want her completely terrified about it.I finished the last sip of my Hennessy.It was time.“Let’s go.”She downed the last of her drink.“Are we getting a hotel room?”“Yeah, a fancy one in Summerlin.”She shot me a playful look.“I’m really not rich, you know.”“Of course you’re not.”She gave me a radiant smile.“So no hotel, then?”“No, we’re going to my place… you don’t strike me as the ‘crazy bitch’ type.”Her jaw dropped open.“I’m not.”“I know, I’m messing with you.”She smiled and pressed herself against my body as we walked out of the club. Once we were outside, the oppressive heat hit us. The skies had cleared and there was still a hint of humidity in the air. There was just a slight breeze which we locals describe as the ‘hair dryer in the face’ effect. It was a nice evening though. There was a full moon and the palm fronds were gently swaying in the desert air.We walked about twenty feet to the cab stand and slid into the back of the next waiting taxi. After I gave the cabbie my address, she moved her hand back on my cock.These white gurls, they just couldn’t get enough of it.“You can do more than touch it.”A shocked look broke across her face.“Here… right now?”“Yes… right here… right now.”She looked at the cabbie who had his eyes on the road, and then back at me. She unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out of its tight confines.Her eyes got wide and she giggled.“Oh, God… I’ve never seen one that-”“I know, get to it.”She started stroking me which quickly brought me to full hardness. Then, she grasped me at the base and slowly squeezed while moving her hand upward which produced a large dollop of pre-cum that oozed from the head. She smiled, licked her lips, and took my cock in her mouth. While the cabbed moved through the streets of Sin City, her head slowly bobbed up and down on my member.Her mouth felt so good. I weaved my hand through her blue hair and pushed her head down which sent my member deep into her throat.“Yeah, that feels good little gurl,” I said huskily.My little comment drew the attention of the cab driver and he adjusted his rearview mirror lower so he could get a clear view of the goings on in the back seat. His face broke into a big grin.“She’s got one hot little mouth, doesn’t she?”“Yeah, the best I’ve had in awhile.”She was letting out little-muffled moans and making obscene slurping sounds that could easily be heard throughout the cab of the vehicle. I was very impressed with her skills. She was taking me down the root which wasn’t an easy feat for most of the women I’d been with.“We’ll be at your destination in about ten minutes.”Almost immediately, she quickened the pace and her hand began to squeeze and gently fondle my testicles.“Yeah little gurl, just like that.”Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock at what could only be described as a torrid pace. I looked up and my eyes met the taxi drivers in the rearview mirror. He obviously couldn’t get enough of what was going on in the back seat. I could care less if he watched. However, I was concerned about getting home in one piece.“Make sure you watch the road every once in a while too.”He grinned.“No promises, but I’ll try.”I could feel her saliva run down my cock and begin to collect on my balls. Her head was bouncing wildly and I could feel my orgasm start to build.“Yeah, gurl… just a little more… I’m almost there…”She grasped my cock and started to slowly pump me up and down while simultaneously concentrating on the head. I could feel her tongue swirl.

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