Through His Eyes

Group Sex

His fantasy is simple. He enjoys asking me to do things, and then describe it in detail.

I’m very shy, but something about his requests excite me. The first one should have been easy for me to do. It was to leave the house without any panties on. That simple request had me blushing from head to toe, but I did it. It was a rush to have a secret that only the two of us knew.

His fantasy works for me. I like knowing that my actions are turning him on. It excites me when he asks me to do things that stretch me, and everything he has asked me to do, has stretched me.

So when he asked me to masturbate for him, I wasn’t surprised. I had done that for him before. I had gone to bed that night, and touched myself for him. The next day I described my quiet nature, and how I wrapped myself in a sheet, and touch myself gently. What really surprised me was how he asked me to masturbate this time.

He typed into our chat, “You should relax more and enjoy. Be a bit crazy.”

My face began to blush a new shade of red, but I asked, “How?”

“Do you have a mirror in your room? Get naked and, look at yourself. Touch yourself, and play a little. Then get your toy, play with it a bit. Get excited, and then…” I felt nervous at his pause. A few seconds later he typed, “Ride it on all fours.”

I was beyond nervous with his new idea, but so turned on. Something about him asking me to do these wild things was very exciting, and he knew it too.

“You said you’re usually conservative about touching yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but I want you to challenge yourself and try something new.”

My response was the same as always. I blushed, and typed into our chat box, “OK.”

“Good. :)”

I was turned on by our conversation already, but he added more fuel to the fire.

“Do you know what I’d like you to do right now?”

That question always has me flustered and excited, “What?”

“Take off your panties for me.”

I felt awkward, and so naughty. He knew that my roommate was in the same room, so I told him that I would be back in a minute. When I returned we talked for a bit longer, and then he had another request.

“I’d like you to reach down your skirt and touch yourself now.”

My mouth fell open looking at the screen, “I can’t… My roommate…”

“OK :)”

He enjoys when I tell him my thoughts and emotions, and I told him that made me blush. We continued to keep the conversation heated, and I was dying. After a few minutes my roommate’s TV silivri escort show went to commercial, and she stood up to use the restroom.

“She just left the room!”

“Feel yourself, and tell me what it’s like.”

My hand slid down my skirt, and my fingers plunged into my slit. I was soaking wet, and rubbed my clit with fervor. When I heard the toilet flush from down the hall I pulled out my hand and took a few deep breaths to calm myself down.

“Oh, God,” I typed into the box as she walked into the room. My face was on fire, so I kept my head down.

“Is she back?”


“How was it?”

I was glad that my roommate was so involved in her show, because I don’t think I could hide what I was feeling, “Hot and wet.”


“Yeah, I’m soaking. I feel so dangerous, and want to touch myself again.”

“Not until tonight.”

My jaw dropped. I was so turned on, and he was getting a great amount of pleasure from my miserable state. He knew what he was doing.

He didn’t let me calm down much either. By the end of our chat I was on fire. When our conversation ended, I closed our chat box, and headed to my room.

I couldn’t believe what I was going to be doing. I lit a few candles, and then pulled a sheet out of the closet, and laid it out on my bed. I shut the door, and turned off the light, and then stood in front of my bedroom mirror.

It was dark, but I could see my shadowed self in the orange tint of the candles. I looked at the outfit I was wearing, and turned around watching the mirror. I ran my hands across the soft fabric of my black shirt, and then down the coarse material of my skirt.

I slid off my shirt, and set it aside. I did the same thing as before, watching myself in the mirror as I turned. I watched my hands as they moved around my body. I bit my lip a little as I began to fondle my breasts through the bra. I reached behind me and undid the clasp, and watched it fall to the floor.

I’ve seen myself naked before, every day when I take a shower I see myself in the mirror before I get in, but this was so different. I was looking at myself with different eyes. I was experiencing it through his. I began to think about the conversation from earlier.

I ran my hands down my belly, and was thinking about how wet I had been when he asked me to touch myself. I watched my hand disappear into my skirt, and felt my finger slide against my slit. I was still very wet, and my finger moved between my pussy lips easily. bakırköy escort It felt odd, but very sexy to be able to watch my hand move under the fabric.

My heart was racing, as I thought about his words, “Get naked, and look at yourself. Touch yourself, and play a little.” I was nervous again. The skirt was my last barrier to that idea. I took a breath, and pulled my skirt down and just looked at myself.

I crawled onto my bed and sat back on my feet so I could watch myself explore. I thought about how I would tell him about my hand squeezing my breasts, and then my fingers running against the edges of my nipples. I gave them a twist and watch as they tightened. The fan in my room was on, and from that spot on my bed, I could feel it blow across my back. I let my imagination drift to the IM again, and was getting more turned on.

He knows that I love the feel of my mouth being touched, so I brought my fingers up to my lips. I wanted to have that sweet feel of them being tugged on, and let my tongue slide out to suck my fingers in. I didn’t remember at the moment that they would taste like me… I’ve tasted myself like that before, by accident, but what I’ve never done is gone back.

Something about the night, and thinking about telling him, made me want to experience everything I could. I watched as I put my fingers back down between my legs, and swirled them around. I brought them up and looked at them in front of my face. They were sticky and coated.

I felt a pang of nervousness in my stomach as I watched the mirror, and saw my tongue lick them tentatively into my mouth. The flavor was sweet, and I felt so naughty. I felt a new rush of color to my face as I began to blush. I watched my cheeks as my mouth sucked in my fingers, and I licked them clean. It was exciting to me, and I hoped he would enjoy thinking about me doing these things for him. I was more than ready to pull out my toy. Nervousness crept in again thinking about watching. I picked it up and looked at the long rubber shaft. I had another wild whim, and decided to put it into my mouth. It didn’t taste as sweet as my fingers, but the thought was funny to me. I watched myself lick it to be wet, and then let it slide down my body between my breasts, and then further to my slit. I watched the toy slide against me, for a few moments getting it even wetter, and then moved it inside of me.

I went slowly and not very deep at first, causing a nice buildup, before I began to thrust it a deeper. I got up on my knees şirinevler escort and spread my legs so I could see my pussy spread in the mirror. It was pink, and glistening.

I was excited when I began to think about describing the moment to him. I began to push my toy inside of me, and watched it slide back down. It was mesmerizing to see it disappear, and then reappear over and over again.

I could have cum from that, but I knew the other part of his request was to “Ride it on all fours.” I was trying to think of how to do that. I slid back on the bed, and put my hand down in front of me, with my butt up in the air, and began to plunge the toy inside of me. From that position it hit me deep, and the feeling was amazing as it moved across the inside of me.

I had to rest on my front shoulder, and didn’t have a good view at all. I wanted to have both hands on the bed as I let the toy go in and out of me, how I pictured in his description.

I took one of my pillows and folded it half, and set it under the sheet. I straddled the pillow, and slid my toy back inside of me. It was an amazing sensation, almost perfect. Not only was it was tall enough so that the toy wouldn’t fall out when I moved, it gave me something to rub my hard clit against, and a very good view. I looked at myself in the mirror, and watched my breasts sway, and my hips rock back and forth.

It felt so nice, and was thinking about how happy it would make him. My pussy was rubbing back and forth on the pillow, and I was starting to make the bed move. I got nervous about the banging, but at the same time I didn’t care. The noise was making me want to go faster and harder.

I tried to keep my eyes open, but it wasn’t easy to stay focused. The feeling was indescribable. I pushed myself up so I could use my hands on my breasts and face, and rode my toy hard and fast, how I knew he would want.

I watched my face change as I rode. My cheeks were flushed, and my whole body was getting very hot. Every time the fan would blow against me, I would feel a tingling sensation because the air felt so cold.

I had to remind myself to not let out much noise, but I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips. I was so close to coming, and it felt so good. I put my hand back onto my toy, and shifted so I could have it rubbing hard against the outside of my body.

I closed my eyes, and bit my lip as I came. It was a very intense experience. I was out of breath, and my whole body was on fire. I was completely exhausted, but totally content. I slumped onto my bed, and continued to let my hands move over my body while I thought about how I would tell him the next day.

I had never felt anything like it before, and enjoyed writing the story in my mind of what I would share with him. I hoped he would enjoy it as much as I had.

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