TIED LONG VERSION”I’ll just leave you here for a bit while I go and get something from the shop then,” Rachel stated, smiling back over her shoulder as she left the bedroom.”Hang on, you can’t do that,” Devon replied, his voice pitch rising as she left the room. He craned his neck in a futile effort to see where she was going. The blindfold and handcuffs prevented any success. He called out a couple more times as the sounds of her passage through the house receded, but eventually had to accept as he heard the front door close that she had indeed left him naked and cuffed whilst she ran an errand. —————-Sandra pulled into the driveway, excited to get home after the semester at college and looking forward to being able to surprise her father who thought she was arriving in town the following day. She wondered whether she’d meet her father’s new girlfriend and wasn’t sure whether to be excited for her father or wary. Certainly since he’d started seeing her, he’d sounded happier than any time she could remember since her mother’s death. She was happy for him in that respect but at the same time, she was always reserved when meeting someone that had the potential to try and ‘replace’ her mother. Sandra grabbed the keys from the ignition and her handbag from the passenger’s seat leaving the rest of her luggage in the back of the Prius figuring that she’d get help with it later rather than lug it herself. She entered the house, expecting no one to be home and was surprised when she heard her father call out from the direction of his bedroom. “Rachel! I knew you weren’t going to be as long as you threatened.” Surprised that her father was home rather than working and wanting the surprise of her early return to come on her terms, not to mention the fact that she clearly wasn’t Rachel, Sandra said nothing and went to find the source of his voice. She was more than a little shocked when she glanced in his room and found that he was naked on the bed, arms and legs spread wide and a blindfold covering his eyes.”Rachel?” he asked, obviously sensing someone was there. Sandra said nothing and found herself frozen to the spot in shock. She wasn’t sure what to do. Should she just leave? Did she embarrass her father by letting him know who it was that was standing there watching? Her eyes found their way down to his cock and lingered there. She knew that she shouldn’t be looking, but it had been a while since she’d been with anyone and she couldn’t help but assess its size. It was neither the biggest nor the smallest she’d seen and she found herself stepping into her father’s room to get a better look. He’d obviously been keeping at the triathlons and still looked as fit as many of the 20 year olds that she knew.Sandra was surprised by herself, both in the fact that she’d entered the room and even more so by the fact that she could feel her body responding to the naked flesh before her, regardless of the fact that it was her father. There was something about the blindfold that gave her just sufficient separation to enable her to draw on her curiosity. Her father had obviously been there long enough for his dick to go limp and she couldn’t help but wonder how big it would get.”Fuck you’re a tease,” her father said as she moved alongside the bed. His cock twitched too. Sandra watched and then with her heart racing, reached out and traced a finger down the length of it, seeing it begin to stiffen at the contact. Up and down her finger went, lightly touching the soft skin as the shaft beneath hardened and elongated. It was a fascinating process. She teased the head of his cock a little, licking her finger and swirling it around it, enjoying the changes that she saw as he grew to full size. The whole time that she did this she was thinking and wondering. She knew that she should leave, but something seemed to hold her there. She’d always loved her Dad and in some of her more depraved moments had even fantasized occasionally after her Mother had died about taking care of his ‘special needs’. She’d never done more than that though. Yet here he now was, naked and tied, unable to do a thing as she teased at his cock. She licked her lips. He wouldn’t know, she thought. Her father moaned as her fingers continued to tease his stiffness.”I could do whatever I want and just leave,” she thought to herself. Her loins flushed at the thought. Then she wondered how long this Rachel would be likely to leave her father like this and panicked a bit. She could come home any second! That thought surprisingly aroused her further. She leant over the bed and blew on her Father’s cock. Her hand wrapped around his generous girth and lifted it from where it lay against his belly. She lowered her mouth over it and sucked long and deep, Devon groaning his appreciation. She sucked up and down, bobbing her head for a few moments before releasing him. Then she fled the room quickly but quietly and returned to her car, her father’s voice pursuing her, calling for Rachel.She sped off down the street, her heart beating at a ridiculous rate, her mind whirling. If I don’t get home until I’m expected, she realised, he’ll never know that I sucked his cock. She pulled over and grabbed her phone, calling her friend Lucy and arranging to stay the night.——————“Miss me?” Rachel called out as she entered the bedroom and sat upon the bed, her hand going to Devon’s cock.”Of course,” Devon replied as he stiffened again, his mind wondering about what had transpired before when she had sucked him and suddenly stopped. “I guess I’d better make it up to you then,” she said, moving so that she could engulf his hardening cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping until he was fully erect. Devon moaned as pleasure washed through his cock. Devon thrust at Rachel’s mouth as she worked him over, her tongue and lips combining to heighten his pleasure until with a loud vocal release, he came, his cum spurting into her mouth. Rachel swallowed his seed eagerly before moving to kiss him, running her tongue into his mouth and exploring. She removed the blindfold first, then his hands and ankles. Devon rubbed at his skin, helping return a little more circulation to them. ————–“That was an incredible tease when you came back in and didn’t say a word to me,” Devon mentioned to Rachel later that night.”What do you mean?” Rachel asked, her face puzzled.”You know when you pretended to head off to the shops and then came back in and didn’t say a word before leaving again,” Devon explained.”But I didn’t,” Rachel responded looking thoroughly perplexed.”Ok, if that’s the way you want to play it, it must have been some random stranger that came into the house while you were away, found me in my bedroom, tied up naked, didn’t say a word, but played with my cock and sucked me and then left? Suuure it wasn’t you.”Rachel tried to explain that it really hadn’t been her, but Devon wouldn’t have anything of it, fixed with the idea that Rachel was simply trying to continue the air of mystery. She let it go so that he wouldn’t make a big deal of it, but knew for a fact that it hadn’t been her. Someone actually had come into the house and played with his cock. She couldn’t remember now whether she’d remembered to lock the door or not. She desperately tried to recall if she’d needed to use the key when she came back, but it was a bit vague and she couldn’t be 100% sure. ————–Sandra’s mind raced through the night at Lucy’s place. They stayed up late talking and over and again she considered telling Lucy what had happened. They were close friends and had discussed every detail of their burgeoning sexual experiences even as they moved to separate colleges and different states. She couldn’t quite bring herself to do it though. After all, it was her father that she’d sucked off. “So, what’s the one thing you wish you’d done but haven’t this year?” Lucy asked her. “Dunno, hadn’t thought about it,” Sandra replied. “Come on, you can do better than that,” Lucy laughed. “Well you’ve obviously been thinking about it, why don’t you tell me?” Sandra countered. She laughed when Lucy blushed. “Come on, out with it!””Well, there was one night at a bar when this girl hit on me and wanted to kiss me and I said no,” Lucy replied, her eyes flicking down to her feet as she sat cross legged on the floor in front of her friend.”You wish you’d said yes?” Sandra prompted. “Well, it left me curious,” Lucy said; lifting her gaze to Sandra’s, cautious of what sort of a reaction she’d find there. “Have you ever wondered about it?””Of course I have, but I’ve never actually done it,” Sandra replied. “Want to?””What, kiss you?” Sandra asked. Lucy nodded, her eyes locked on Sandra’s. “I dunno …””Please?” Lucy asked. “You really really want this, do you?” Lucy nodded, a nervous smile on her face.”Uh huh.””Fuck, um ok then,” Sandra conceded, wondering if her day could get any weirder. She’d sucked her father’s cock without him knowing and now she was going to give her best friend a lesbo kiss. “I just don’t want things to get weird between us Luce.””I promise not to get weird on you?” Lucy laughed as she licked her lips. Sandra playfully slapped her and then licked her own lips as Lucy closed the gap between them. They both turned their heads the same way the first time, giggling before they corrected awkwardly and their lips came together, slightly parted, tongues tentatively seeking each other. That cautiousness was quickly lost though as they dissolved themselves in the kiss, each surprised by the softness of the other’s lips and by the passion with which the kiss was exchanged.It was a couple of minutes before they broke apart, all but panting, eyes locking together. “Wow,” Lucy whispered.”Fuck,” Sandra responded.”I’ve got goose bumps.” Lucy held her arms out to show. “Goose bumps? Is that all? You’ve gone and made my panties all wet!” Sandra said. Lucy leaned in for another kiss in response and Sandra accepted it willingly, their tongues once again dancing together. This time as they kissed, Lucy used her hands, cupping Sandra’s head, feeling her silken brown hair, hands running down over her shoulders, her arms, the back of one hand grazing the curve of her friend’s breast. Sandra gasped, but didn’t break the kiss as Lucy became emboldened, turning her hand to feel her breast properly. “Want to sleep in my bed with me?” Lucy asked Sandra as they broke apart again several minutes later. “Yes,” Sandra answered, blushing. Lucy jumped to her feet and soon the two girls were snuggled in bed together, wearing their panties and t-shirts, their lips again locked in a loving tussle. Sandra wasn’t quite sure how far she wanted things to go and yet at the same time found herself incredibly aroused. Lucy’s hand moved to cover her breast and gently squeeze it and she found that she didn’t say no. It was a tender squeeze, not the rough grope that was typical of the boys that she’d been with and combined with her friend’s tongue twirling around in her mouth … well … wow. It wasn’t much longer until Lucy’s hands became more adventurous and were brushing against the fabric of her panties. Sandra panicked a little. “Lucy,” she started. The hand froze in response.”I’m sorry Sandra,” Lucy whispered, afraid that she’d upset her friend by going too far too soon. “Its ok, I’m just a little confused right now, can we just sleep?””Sure Sandy,” Lucy said, giving her friend another kiss. Sandra spun around within Lucy’s arms and lay facing away from her, Lucy’s arm d****d around her as she snuggled close, spooning with her friend. Her hand closed over Sandra’s ripe breast and Sandra didn’t bother objecting, enjoying the touch as she drifted off to sleep.————The following day Sandra was incredibly nervous as she drove home, thinking about the fact that she was both going to meet her father’s girlfriend and that she’d have to look her father in the eye after having sucked his cock. She was terrified that he’d know that she’d done it.Her parents had been young when they’d had her, being something of an accident. What it meant was that her father was somewhat younger than those of all her friends and as a keen triathlete, he was certainly a hell of a lot fitter than most of them. As to his girlfriend, she had no idea what to expect. Especially considering that she had apparently left him tied naked to the bed whilst leaving the house. With her mind still whirling with confused thoughts, she approached the front door and rang the doorbell, not wanting to give the impression that she would just walk into the house just because she had a key, thinking that might lead to suspicion about the previous day.After a few moments, her father came rushing to the door and opened it, his face splitting into a beaming grin as he drank in the sight of her. Sandra barely managed to squeeze out hello and take a step into the house before he seized her in a bear hug, just like he had always done since she was a tiny girl. He spun her around before placing her back down inside the entrance hall where she managed to get her first glimpse of his girlfriend. Sandra couldn’t help but be shocked at first because she looked so young. Sandra was 20 and it didn’t look like this girl was very much older than herself, certainly she was less than 30!”Sandy, I’d like you to meet Rachel,” Devon said as he released her. Sandra eyed off the other woman, taking in the details. Bright red hair in a cute pixie cut, Bigger breasts than her own, wide hips but a slim waist, she was wearing a cute floral summer frock. Pierced ears, conservative nail polish, white strappy sandals. All in all, there wasn’t anything to fault Sandra quickly realised and only at that moment realising that that was what she’d been looking for. At the same time, Rachel was taking in the sight of her boyfriend’s daughter. It still freaked her out a bit to be involved with a guy who’s daughter was almost her own age. At 25, she wouldn’t have expected to be dating someone10 years older than herself, but Devon was so much fun that she now couldn’t imagine not dating him. She held out her hand tentatively, as much a peace offering as anything as she saw Sandra assessing her just as she herself was doing. Devon didn’t yet know that Rachel had been known to fool around with girls and given how hot his daughter had turned out to be, she thought it best that she left it that way, even as she imagined what it would be like to peel Sandra’s tight jeans down her lithe legs.”Nice to meet you Sandra, your Dad never stops talking about you,” she offered as an opening. Sandra blushed. “Nice to meet you too, Rachel,” Sandra replied. Devon all but sighed as the reception appeared to go off without catastrophe and asked Sandra where her bags were. Sandra told him they were in the car and the three of them went out to get them, Sandra beginning to fill the others in on her time at school as her father’s questioning began. “No boyfriend?” Devon asked his daughter.”Nothing serious,” Sandra replied, “I dated a couple of guys, but none worth sticking with.””Yes, finding someone worth that can be a trial,” Rachel offered. Sandra wasn’t quite sure how to take it. Before long, Sandra was in her old room, unpacking and then joined her father and his girlfriend downstairs for a drink and more catching up.As they sat down out on the patio, Sandra couldn’t help but notice the little touches that kept passing between her father and Rachel, fingers lingering on legs, gentle caresses, a little petting. She had to smile. Clearly the two of them enjoyed each other and Sandra decided then and there to give Rachel latitude and not be picky about the fact that she appeared to be so young.———————-“What’s she like?” Lucy asked her that night when Sandra called to report in.”She’s actually really really nice,” Sandra admitted.”Is she good looking?””Yeah, actually she’s pretty hot. Young too! She’s only 25,” Sandra confessed, having managed to get that information out of her during the afternoon.”Wow, your dad’s a stud hey?” Lucy laughed.”Heh,” Sandra grunted.”As long as she’s not hotter than me and you don’t get funny ideas,” Lucy poked.”What do you mean funny ideas?” Sandra asked.”That maybe you should kiss her or something,” Lucy said, voice trailing off as she realised that she risked giving away how she felt about Sandra/”Yeah, sure, like I’m going to kiss my father’s girlfriend!” ———————As the next couple of days passed, Sandra had no more reason to object than before as she spent time with Rachel. It turned out they had very similar tastes in music and clothing and shoes and so it was easy to accept her, if not become outright friends. The fact that Rachel climbed into her father’s bed at night really placed the only lingering barrier to their being friends in their own right. For her part, Rachel was somewhat torn. She was lusting after her boyfriend’s daughter. Sandra was, she admitted to herself, fucking hot. And being summer, she kept prancing around the house in tiny daisy dukes and flirty summer frocks that moved so nicely over her athletic figure. That and the tiny lacy thongs that kept cropping up in the washing left her in a constant state of arousal which she took out as often as she could on Devon. ———————-Ever since the conversation that she’d had with Lucy, Sandra couldn’t help assessing Rachel in a different way. Was she hotter than Lucy? Would she kiss her if the opportunity presented itself? She couldn’t say yes or no. It wasn’t that simple. And it made her think of what her Dad would think if she found the two of them with their lips stuck together, which somehow led her to thinking of his hard cock in her mouth. She groaned as her fingers drifted to her pussy. She really needed to get off. “I’m going to go see a move with Lucy,” Sandra announced mid-morning, needing to get away from her spiralling thoughts. “ok, have fun,” her father replied. Sandra couldn’t help but notice that Rachel broke out in a grin at the announcement and as Sandra left the room, she glanced back to see Rachel whispering in her father’s ear. Devon was grinning. Sandra left and drove to the end of the street before parking the car and walking back to the house. She quietly let herself through the gate on the side and moved down toward where the window to her father’s room was. She peered in. Her father was on the bed, once again restrained, though this time not alone. Rachel was there as well, dressed in a black thong, her large breasts free of restraint. She was leaning over her father and dragging her nipple across her father’s chest and up toward his mouth where her pendulous breasts flopped against his face, his tongue seeking to lick at a nipple.Sandra glanced lower, seeing her father’s hard cock, remembering what it had felt like in her hand and mouth. She squeezed her legs together as she watched Rachel dangle her nipples in her father’s mouth, teasing him, pulling them back when he’d had but a moment to savour each one. After a while of this teasing, she stood over him before squatting over his face, rubbing her thong against him. Sandra could only see the rear part of the action and found herself ogling Rachel’s firm butt as she ground herself against the helpless Devon. The black string of the thong disappeared under her butt and Sandra found herself wondering what the other girl’s pussy would look like and if that thong would be as soaked as the panties that she herself was wearing. Rachel slid her way down Devon’s body, breasts dragging over him, lips and tongue working away at his skin until she had his cock trapped in her cleavage. She moved up and down, crushing him whilst reaching with her hands to pull at Devon’s nipples. Then with a further movement she was sucking on his cock and Sandra pressed her hand between her legs as she again recalled having that very cock in her mouth. She wanted to stay, curious as to what else would take place, but also didn’t want to get caught. Caution won and she quietly made her way back to her car, panties clinging to her sopping pussy. Sandra sat in the theatre with Lucy, their hands entwined together. She kept thinking about what her father was up to with Rachel and was becoming more and more aroused, whilst taking in less and less of the film. She kept picturing Rachel’s butt as she pressed herself up against her father’s face and straddled him. It was round and tight and sexy. And of course there was her father’s hard cock. All of it was combining to distract her. She felt Lucy squeeze her hand and squeezed back. The reminder that she was there led Sandra to think about the night she’d spent with Lucy and how gorgeous her friend had looked as she’d stripped down to her panties and t-shirt to go to bed … about her hand on her breast … and her tongue in her mouth. Sandra disengaged her hand from her friends and placed it instead on her thigh, feeling the smooth skin that began below the very short hemline of Lucy’s skirt. Lucy mimicked her and in a few moments, as she had half expected, Lucy’s hand started to slowly move higher up under her own skirt. Sandra was so aroused that she shut out any thoughts of who was doing what to her, she simply went with the fact that her pussy was dripping with excitement and desire and that there was someone with her who seemed willing to help her out. She shuffled her butt forward on the seat and spread her knees, Lucy’s hand quickly travelling beneath her skirt to caress her panties, rubbing the wet fabric against her pussy. Sandra leaned her head on her friend’s shoulder and closed her eyes, ignoring the movie and concentrating on the pleasure that was building with the ever increasing adventurousness of her friend’s fingers.When she felt the crotch of her panties moved aside, Sandra bit down on her lip, stifling the threatening gasp before she could be caught out in the cinema as Lucy’s fingers began to touch her pussy for real. They teased up and down her wet slit and dipped between her lips, pushing inside. Sandra felt a need to do something in return and moved a hand to her friend’s chest, squeezing and manipulating her breast, feeling the firm nipple thrusting out through both the bra and the t-shirt to press against her palm.Lucy turned her head to Sandra’s and drew their mouths together as her fingers delved between her legs. She didn’t know what had brought it on after her friend and been so cautious in her bed, but she wasn’t going to turn down something she’d been longing for so much. “Should we leave?” Lucy whispered, thinking that perhaps they could escape the cinema and she could take Sandra somewhere private. “No, this is good for now,” Sandra replied breathily. Lucy resigned herself to being lucky that she’d managed to bring her friend this far and they watched the rest of the movie with the occasional kiss and a lot of finger-play between Sandra’s legs.After the movie, Sandra said goodbye, telling her friend that she’d promised that she’d be home for dinner with her father and Rachel, leaving Lucy disappointed and horny, yet hopeful that things may yet go even further. Sandra promised that they’d get together Friday night. ————–Returning home, Sandra couldn’t help but notice the glow of satisfaction that seemed to exist between her father and Rachel, who’d obviously continued to enjoy their time together whilst she was at the movies with Lucy. Oddly, she felt a twinge of jealousy that they had had such a good time, but also realised that she could have had fun with Lucy and likely enjoyed herself immensely if she’d been open to the experimentation. She wondered what it was that stopped her from going back to Lucy’s house. Why had she fabricated the promise to be home for dinner? She knew that she couldn’t get the sexual satisfaction that she needed after teasing herself all day, and yet here she was anyway. She found that she was now viewing both her father and Rachel as sexual objects, wondering what it would be like to be with either of them or even just to get to watch them in their room for an entire session. “You ok?” Rachel asked her as they stood doing the dishes together later.”Yeah, I’m fine, why?” she replied. “You just seem a little distracted, distant maybe,” Rachel said. “Oh, off with the fairies?” Sandra laughed.”Yeah.””Oh its ok, just thinking about stuff,” Sandra smiled. She was very conscious of how close they were as they moved about the kitchen, Rachel drying and Sandra washing. Every now and then as Rachel moved behind her to put something away, she’d feel a brush against her skirt and it was only building on all the things that had been spinning about her head. “Um, Rachel?” she asked hesitantly.”Yes?” artemisbet yeni giriş Rachel responded.”Have you ever been with a girl, you know, like sexually?” Sandra blurted out as she tried a different tact, trying to get it out there before she changed her mind. Rachel turned to look at her boyfriend’s daughter, all too conscious of the little brushes she’d been making against her butt, worried she might have overstepped, that maybe she would be getting offside with someone that she really didn’t want to. “Why do you ask?” she settled for after considering and discarding other responses. “Um, I’m curious? I kind of what to talk about something, but need to know if there’s any poin?””Ok,” Rachel said hesitantly, “then yes, I have.” She found her heart pounding faster, eyes glued to Sandra’s, trying to gauge where it was going.”Right, ok, then maybe you can help. You see I have a friend and the other night, well, we were talking about things that had happened at school and stuff and she asked me if I’d kissed any girls. I hadn’t and told her and well, um … er … shit, .. oh crap, well we ended up kissing.””ok,” Rachel replied, working desperately to avoid giving away any clue as to the fact that she was incredibly turned on by the foundling conversation and the thought of Sandra’s lips locked together with another girls.”Well, its just, like … am I gay because I liked it?” Sandra asked, thinking that she suddenly sounded lame as shit. “Um, I wouldn’t have thought one kiss would be enough to say that,” Rachel said. “I mean, I assume you’ve kissed boys?” Sandra nodded in response. “Well would you stop doing that? Was it good enough that you’d never want a relationship with a boy?””No, not at all, I mean it’s just well, oh I dunno, I think I need to think some more, I’m just babbling.” She pulled the plug from the sink as her father walked back in to join them. Sandra flashed a look at Rachel that made it very clear that this was not a topic to be discussed in front of her father as he stepped between them and pulled them into a three-way hug. ————That night, as she knelt between Devon’s legs, his hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth, Rachel kept churning thoughts of Sandra kissing another girl. Not knowing who it was, she found herself putting her own face in the picture. She reached between her legs and started to finger her clit, imagining Sandra walking into the room behind her that very moment and burying her face in her pussy as she sucked on Devon’s cock. She couldn’t take the ache for long and quickly mounted Devon’s pole and rode him to orgasm before collapsing on his chest. ————-Sandra was in her room, the handle of her hairbrush sliding in and out of her sopping pussy, finally giving herself relief from the sexual tension that had been mounting higher and higher throughout the day. She eventually came hard, the lingering image in her mind being that of Rachel kneeling on the bed over her restrained father, her mouth sliding up and down his cock and remembering the feeling of her girlfriend slipping her fingers into her pussy at the cinema.——————-It was at an odd moment that Rachel recalled her conversation with Sandra and even stranger that what stood out from her about the whole conversation was the fact that Sandra had mentioned being at her friend’s house ‘the other night’ because as far as Rachel was aware, Sandra had slept in her room every night since she’d arrived back in town. She kept waiting for a chance to explore that conversation with Sandra, but there didn’t seem to be many opportunities, until Sandra announced that she’d been spending Friday night with Lucy and that she might even end up staying at her house rather than paying for cab fare if they drank too much for her to drive home again. “Is Lucy the girl?” Rachel asked.”The girl?””The one that kissed you?””Oh, yeah, she is,” Sandra admitted, blushing.”Are you planning on letting her do it again?” Rachel probed.”Maybe, if it feels right at the time.””I was thinking about our conversation the other day and I think that’s probably just the right approach to take,” Rachel advised. “See what happens. If it works for you, good, if it doesn’t, well there’s no harm in having experimented a little, but if she’s your friend, above all, be honest, because I’m sure that you don’t want to lose that.” Sandra gave the advice some thought. “Thanks, I think you’re right,” she said.They chatted some more and during that time, Rachel managed to get out of Sandra that she’d been at her friend’s the night before she’d come to stay with her father without Sandra being aware of what she’d admitted to. At least, not until she was on her way over to Lucy’s/”Oh well,” she thought to herself later, even if she knows I was in town, I doubt she’d suspect that I sucked Dad off!Rachel was thinking exactly that though. Could it have been Sandra that came into the house whilst she left Devon helpless on the bed? She had a key. It would explain things … weird as it could be. Rachel was surprised at just how turned on she was by the thought of Devon’s hot little girl coming home to find him naked on the bed and sucking him off and leaving again. If only she could ask. She thought about finding her own father in that position … nope, no way would she do that!——————-After a fun night of dancing and drinking, Lucy and Sandra discussed where they should spend the night. “I think we should sleep at your house,” Lucy suggested, “I want to see your Dad’s hot girlfriend!” Lucy exclaimed.”Nooo,” Sandra complained, but in the end, lost the argument and so the two of them clambered out of the taxi at 4am and made their way to her room for sleep. Lucy pushed her down on the bed and climbed on top, kissing her, following up on the touches and kisses that the girls had exchanged through the night. Sandra was horny and drunk enough to allow her friend to do whatever she wanted and soon found herself topless on the bed with Lucy moving from one nipple to the other and back again, sucking and nibbling as her hands played with the firm mounds. Lucy’s leg was grinding against her friend’s thigh.Lucy kissed Sandra and worked at removing her skirt, breaking the kiss when she’d managed to release the zipper so that she could pull it down her legs. Sandra felt the cool air of her room on her pussy as her thong went with the skirt and was really still registering the fact that Lucy had her naked when she gasped aloud as Lucy’s tongue swept over her pussy. She quickly lost herself in the pleasure of Lucy’s attention as her tongue slipped up and down her pussy, probing in her folds, caressing and exploring. Sandra parted her legs and Lucy revelled in getting to taste her friend for the first time, working her own clothes off so that she too could be naked. She slid a finger into Sandra’s pussy as she began to lick rhythmically at her clit. She felt Sandra’s hands grasping her head, tangled in her brown hair and then she was cumming. Lucy licked gently until Sandra would take no more, then joined her on the bed, kissing her friend, her juices on her lips as their tongues twined together. “Wow,” Sandra whispered in the dark of the room, conscious of Lucy’s breasts crushed against her.”I’m so glad you let me do that.””I’m glad I let you too,” Sandra answered, kissing her friend and again tasting the lingering presence of her own pussy juice. She thought that she should offer to return the favour, but couldn’t quite get herself to go there. They lay together, Lucy not pushing for anything and were soon asleep in each other’s arms.Rachel had been awakened by the sound of the girls attempting to come into the house quietly. Devon slept on blissfully, exhausted from their earlier celebration of having the house to themselves. She slipped from their shared room, curious as to whom Sandra had brought home and once she thought it was safe, moved to stand outside the door to her room. She listened until it was clear that everything was over, her fingers teasing herself as she imagined what was transpiring on the other side. Long after she thought that they must have been asleep, she opened the door quietly and peered in. There were two people in the bed together, but it was too dark to make out any details. Rachel wanted desperately to get a closer look, but decided against it and instead went back to bed.Rachel rose early the next day, wanting to be sure that she would get to see whoever it was that Sandra had had stay the night. She was rewarded when the two girls eventually made their way into the kitchen, quite possibly lured by the smell of the blueberry pancakes that Rachel had cooked.”Damn they smell good Rachel. This is my friend Lucy,” Sandra said by way of introduction as the two girls seated themselves at the table. Rachel took her time to surreptitiously survey Sandra’s friend as she distributed pancakes and made idle chat with the two girls, very much approving of what she saw. She could feel eyes boring into her back when she stood at the stove, flipping the next pancake and that combined with the thought of what the two girls had been up to the previous night had her loins aflame. She excused herself from the room to take some pancakes to Devon.”Wow, she’s hot!,” Lucy said when she thought Rachel would be beyond hearing range to deliver the pancakes.”I know, I can’t believe she’s doing my Dad though,” Sandra giggled. “Well your Dad is kind of hot you know,” Lucy said, drawing dagger eyes from her friend. “What? Admit it, of all our friends, your Dad is the only one that could be considered worth fucking.””Well, that may be true, but geez, that’s my Dad!” Sandra laughed, whilst inwardly wondering whether Lucy really would do what she had if presented with him tied up on the bed.”I bet that Rachel looks awesome in her underwear, her curves are just spectacular,” Lucy mused.”Is sex all you ever think about?” Sandra laughed, throwing a small piece of pancake across the table. “Only with people as hot as you,” Lucy teased in return. “Ones that let me lick their most private parts.” Sandra blushed at the comment, remembering the previous night and just how horny she’d been, surprised to find herself getting aroused from the chat over the table. “Well maybe I’ll let you do it again some time,” Sandra said, poking out her tongue, “If you’re nice to me.””Nice to you? Of course I’ll be nice to you, every little step of the way until you cum!” As she finished, Rachel walked back into the room, having crept quietly along the hall to see what the girls might be talking about in her absence. The two younger girls blushed as Rachel did no more than raise a quizzical eyebrow at them.————–Over the course of the next few days, Sandra allowed Lucy to explore her body further and slowly break down the barriers of her resistance to doing more. She sucked and played with Lucy’s breasts and even started to explore her pussy with her fingers, but just couldn’t quite bring herself to slip her tongue into her friend’s pussy. She could tell that Lucy desperately wanted her to do it, but was also grateful for the fact that she never made an issue of it, accepting Sandra’s desire to explore her friend at her own pace.At home, Sandra found herself thinking more and more about Rachel in a way that would make her blush when she realised what was happening, though not as much as she would blush when she continued to find herself thinking about her father. Lucy’s comments about him had stuck with her, as did the memory of sucking him and then spying on him with Rachel. The more she thought on it, the more she tried to think of a way to get to see him, or better yet, touch him again. It was very distracting and she realised that she’d all but eliminated thoughts of people other than Lucy, Rachel and her Father from her desires. She was hardly even perving elsewhere at all! Slowly she formulated a plan. Thus it was that she found herself on her bed, naked and waiting. The plan was possibly simple. She had first touched her father when she’d found him prone and unknowing and wondered what his reaction would be to the same sort of encounter. She opened her bedroom window and arranged things to make it look like there’d been a hurried exit. Then she’d tied her ankles to the bed and slipped on a blindfold. Now she lay with handcuffs ready to snap in place and restrain her hands. When she heard the door opening, she’d restrain herself, the door to her room cracked open just enough to invite someone to peek in. Devon had told her that he would be home early today and that Rachel had to work late, so he’d suggested that they catch an early movie. That had triggered her into action. The front door opened and she clicked the handcuffs into place, knowing she’d left the key on the bedside table, obvious, but out of reach. Then, she hissed relatively loudly, hoping that it would be loud enough for her father to hear, but not so obvious that she would be shouting the house down … “Hey, come back, you can’t leave me here like this!”Rachel paused when she heard Sandra call out. She wondered just what was going on and made her way to the younger girl’s room. Peering through the slightly ajar door, she bit down on her lip. There she was, naked, legs spread with her ankles tied to the corners, hands above her head, her lovely breasts flattened against her chest, but her nipples standing proud and erect. As she heard someone enter the room, Sandra realised the difference between her position and the one that she’d found her father in. Whilst her father assumed it would be his girlfriend to return, it was clear that the only person expected in the house that afternoon was Devon, meaning that she would know it was her father. She couldn’t very well beg him to touch her, she’d have to play like she’d been busted and beg to be released. Rachel stood by the bed, eyes drinking in the sight of the helpless young girl. Her pussy was neatly cropped, a landing strip of brown hair leading down to her puffy pussy lips and she desperately wanted to run her fingers through it. She knew that Sandra must know that someone was there and given that Devon was the one that was supposed to be home, she must think she’d just been busted by her father. Rachel waited for the panicked response but was surprised when it didn’t come. “Daddy?” Sandra said quietly, sensing the presence of someone beside the bed. “I’m sorry, this must look bad … but, well, please undo these for me?” She rattled the handcuffs against the iron bed head. Rachel wasn’t sure what to do. Admit that it was her that had entered the room? She didn’t really want to. What she really wanted was to take advantage of the girl on the bed. She kept glancing at the hard nipples, smaller than she would have expected for the size of her breasts, but a lovely pale pink in colour and rock hard. They seemed to call her name, begging. She wanted to taste one, to feel how hard it was. She lowered her bag to the floor and then reached out, cupping Sandra’s lovely left breast, feeling the hard nipple rubbing against her palm. Sandra gasped at the contact, but arched herself toward it, feeling the hand close over her tit and squeeze. “Daddy?!” Sandra gasped. Rachel said nothing. She leaned over and sucked on the nipple instead, drawing it roughly into her mouth, sucking hard in line with the desire that was coursing through her, flicking her tongue back and forth against the stiff nub as she felt her own nipples respond in kind. With her other hand she grabbed Sandra’s other breast, kneading and moulding it, delighting in its firm weight, rolling the nipple between thumb and finger. “Oh fuck, Daddy!” Sandra gasped as she felt her second nipple played with. Her pussy was alive and she wished that it would be dealt with as well. She pictured her father leaning over her, sucking her nipple deep into his mouth as his cock hardened. She wondered just how far he would go. Would he penetrate her? She’d really expected that he’d simply untie her and simply have to deal with being tied and naked in front of him. What was happening now exceeded those expectations and drove her perverse desire even further. She felt fingers trail through her landing strip and groaned, spreading her knees, welcoming the touch, willing it to delve between her legs, to feel how wet she was.Rachel was breathing heavily. Hearing the way that Sandra gasped Daddy was driving her nuts. She couldn’t believe that Sandra clearly thought it was her father that was doing this to her and yet wasn’t calling for him to stop and release her. Part of her was disgusted, but the deviant and certainly dominant side of her pictured Devon in her position, knowing how hard his cock would be, wishing that she could spy on them as he explored his daughter while she watched. She saw the way that Sandra’s knees parted and slipped her finger down along her pussy. It was soaking wet and she dragged her finger through her moisture before bringing it to her lips to taste. She wanted so much more, but decided that perhaps she should be restrained. She tried to imagine how she would bring it to a close if she removed the blindfold … what if Sandra freaked that it wasn’t her father; that she’d not reacted the way a daughter should? Rachel picked up her bag from the floor and took the key from the bedside table, even as she watched Sandra’s chest rising and falling with her breathy gasps in the sudden absence of attention. With a last, lingering look at Sandra’s perfect nakedness, she moved around to the window side of the bed and pressed the key into her constrained hand. She then quickly moved to the window and clambered out. Once outside, she took her keys from her bag and ran to the car, climbing in and driving off, aroused and wondering how the hell this was going to play out. Sandra felt the key pressed into her hand and heard her father move to the window. She very carefully worked to release the handcuffs, desperately wanting to see her father, but not wanting to drop the key and truly be left helpless. She wondered why her father had gone out the window and decided that he probably felt guilty and wouldn’t want to admit to what had happened, not knowing that Sandra had orchestrated her position for exactly that reason. Sandra was dressed again and pondering the whole episode when her father rang and apologised for the fact that he wouldn’t be able to keep their date as he’d have to stay late at work. Sandra smiled, thinking that his panic must have taken him back to work. ———————-Rachel was thinking. She knew that someone had sucked Devon’s cock whilst she’d left him helpless on the bed. She’d also just busted his daughter in a compromising position on a day when Devon had been expected to come home from work early. Putting that together with the comment several days earlier about having spent the night at a friend’s when she hadn’t been expected in town and Rachel couldn’t help but think that she’d worked out who’d come in and sucked on her boyfriend’s cock. The though that Sandra may have set up today’s little ‘situation’ both scared her and aroused her simultaneously. She spent a long time wondering exactly what she could do with that information, especially each time her mind returned to the sight of Sandra tied naked on the bed and the feel of her hard nipple in her mouth. ———————Sandra spent a lot of time thinking about it to. When she did see her father again, he played innocent. She could scarcely believe it. She knew what she’d been through after sucking him, glances at his crotch, checking his eyes, looking for some sort of sign that she’d been busted. She’d seen none of that. Now she expected him to be doing the same … checking her out, subtly trying to get a view of her tits or her arse. But there was nothing. Damn he was a good actor. She decided that she’d have to turn up the pressure if she wanted any sort of repeat performance. She started wearing less around the house, strolling from the bathroom to her room in her underwear, or coming to breakfast in t-shirts that didn’t cover her belly and left her panties exposed, instead of something longer and a pair of cotton shorts. She could feel her father’s eyes on her and couldn’t help but think that Rachel too was starting to take more notice of her. For her part, Rachel was convinced. With what Sandra was wearing around the house, a priest would have been hard pressed to keep his hands to himself. It was definitely a turn on for Rachel and she noted that Devon’s eyes had started lingering more and more on his daughter’s body. Rachel wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. From what she’d deduced, Sandra had sucked off her father and thought he’d sucked her tits. And clearly she wanted more! Having Sandra flaunting herself so outrageously was almost an insult. Had it been directed at herself, she’d have had more of an idea of how to treat it, but with her supposed to be oblivious, what did she do? Complain? Ask her to wear more because she was jealous of having to share Devon’s perving gazes?She had to settle for confusion.————————–Devon again found his eyes following his daughter as she walked into the kitchen for breakfast. Rachel was sleeping in and Sandra had just walked in wearing a pair of cute pink cotton panties and a t-shirt that barely covered her breasts. They clearly swung free of constraint beneath the material and her nipples were hard as rocks, clearly evident through the fabric. When she bent forward, he was torn between her tight arse and getting a glimpse of the underside of her tits as the t-shirt failed to cover them adequately. His cock stiffened and he again felt guilty about perving on his own daughter. Sandra smiled at him as she dropped the milk and cereal at the table. Then she paused behind him and wrapped her arms around him for a hug, wishing him good morning. He felt her tits crushed against his back and stifled a groan, his cock aching. Then she sat opposite, eating breakfast, whilst he tried to come up with something innocent to talk about whilst he attempted to get his erection down again.Sandra kept chatting regardless and in doing so, managed to dribble milk from her mouth, laughing and saying what a klutz she was, wiping it from her tits. All that achieved though was to rub the milk in and make those lovely firm breasts wobble and if possible, the nipples stiffen even more. After managing to do this a couple of times, there was an almost transparent area covering half her right breast and in particular her nipple. Sandra smiled as she noted that her father’s gaze kept dropping to her tits. She squeezed her legs together, crushing her pussy lips between her thighs as she thought about how hard she must be making his cock. Devon eyed the wet material clinging to her nipple and found that he wanted nothing more than to be able to remove the t-shirt and see the whole breast or better yet, fondle it. Sandra picked up her juice and took a drink. She managed to fumble it and spill almost the entire contents down her front. “Shit!” she said as her t-shirt was drenched. Standing quickly from her chair, she quickly pulled it up and over her head, knowing that she was showing her father her chest in all its glory. Devon stared, mouth agape as his daughter pulled the messy t-shirt over her head and revealed her breasts to him. It was a very long time since he’d last seen his daughter naked and the large firm tits with their tiny pointed nipples were certainly not associated with that part of their lives. Until the last week or so, he’d certainly not associated that sort of view with his own daughter. As the t-shirt was removed, it was quickly used to cover them up again as Sandra held it in front of her, apologising to her father for being such a klutz. Devon mumbled something, his eyes following her tight butt as she walked from the room, desperately trying to ensure that the image of his daughter’s tits was indelibly painted onto his retinas.Sandra wasn’t sure what to do. She felt like her father’s resistance was breaking down, but he still showed no signs of admitting that he’d ever touched her. Not even a little ‘absent-minded’ pat on her butt when they were in the same room. She longed to feel him touch her and wanted desperately to just pull down his pants and attack his cock, but if he was going to pretend there was nothing, she didn’t want to push it.Rachel was still trying to think how to not ruin her relationship with Devon and yet take advantage of what she knew Sandra was up to. —————-“I have a question for you,” Rachel said to Sandra.”Oh?” Sandra replied, curious. Devon artemisbet giriş had travelled out of town on business and Sandra’s friend Lucy had suggested a girls’ night in watching videos. And so they found themselves drinking wine and curled up together on the couch. Rachel had noted the touches exchanged by the two girls and desperately wanted to be a part of it. “Have you ever been tied up?” she asked somewhat out of the blue, wondering at the response it might get as she recalled Sandra on her bed.”Tied up? Like how?” Sandra asked.”Like for sex silly!” Lucy said laughing. Sandra hesitated, not sure whether to answer truthfully or not. “Come on, it’s not like you’d forget,” Lucy prodded.”Well, yes, I have,” Sandra said, blushing. “ooh, you kinky thing, you didn’t tell me that!” Lucy said.”What about you Lucy, have you?” Rachel asked. “No, can’t say I have. And I think I’d rather do the tying personally, I don’t like giving up that much control. Have you Rachel?””Oh yes, been tied and done the tying,” she said huskily. “And I bet you look hot tied up too,” Lucy said, eyes travelling over Rachel’s body.”No more so than you two would,” She suggested in response.”I guess we’ll never know,” Lucy said with a wink before turning on Sandra. “So when were you tied up and who did it?” she demanded.”Secret,” Sandra replied, recalling the day she’d set herself up for her father. “Nuh uh, no secrets,” Lucy said.”Yes there are!” Sandra laughed, eyes flicking to Rachel.”Damn, now I just want to tie you both up,” Lucy said with a heavy sigh. “Well you can tie me up if you like,” Rachel replied, imagining letting Lucy do what ever she’d like to her. “Really?” Lucy asked, excited.”Sure, if you promise not to be too nice.””Er, what about Devon?” Lucy asked. “Well, you’re just tying me up right …?” “Oh yeah, of course,” Lucy said, her imagination down-scaling the image she was forming of Rachel’s large tits hanging out between ropes with their nipples ready for sucking. “Come on Sandy, let’s tie her up” Lucy exclaimed enthusiastically. “Um, do you have rope?” she then referred to Rachel.”Sure, wait here,” Rachel said, walking down the hall to the room she shared with Devon. Sandra and Lucy both eyed off the curvaceous form of her butt in the tight black yoga pants that she was wearing.”damn, talk about kinky,” Lucy grinned at her friend.”yeah,” Sandra replied, not wanting to admit how excited she was. Rachel returned with several ropes and handed them to Lucy. “So where do you want me?” Rachel asked; thrilled at the turn things had taken. “On a chair in the kitchen,” Lucy said confidently.”What’s the safe word going to be?” Rachel asked.”Safe word?” Lucy asked.”Yes, the word I say that means you stop whatever you are doing and release me,” She replied.”Oooooh,” Lucy said, “How about pyjamas?””Sure, that works as well as anything,” Rachel laughed, “And I can’t exactly think that it would come up in conversation either.””Geez, spent much time thinking about it?” Sandra laughed. Lucy winked at her. The three of them went to the kitchen and Rachel sat down on a chair. Lucy pulled her hands behind her back and tied them there, then tied her ankles as well as Sandra stood by watching.”I think you should sit in a chair too Sandy,” Lucy said. After a quick exchange and some begging, Lucy had her friend sitting back to back with Rachel so that neither of them could see what was going on behind them. Soon she too had her ankles and hands tied. Rachel was wearing a t-shirt over a lacy black bra in addition to her yoga pants. Lucy decided that she’d test each girl’s limits, her pussy firing up as she started. At first she stood in front of each girl and simply reached out to play with their tits. Neither of them said anything, though Sandra gave her a very surprised look as she realised this was happening within reach of, if not sight of, her father’s girlfriend. She had no idea that Lucy was doing it to Rachel too.Rachel just met Lucy’s gaze and winked at her as the younger girl played with her breasts. Lucy took that to mean that although she’d only committed to being tied up, she was open to more as long as it wasn’t obvious to Sandra. She took the waistband of Rachel’s yoga pants and pulled them down around her curvy hips and arse until she had them down at Rachel’s ankles. Rachel wore a thong that matched the black lacy bra that Lucy was yet to discover. Next Lucy moved back to Sandra and leaned in to kiss her, sliding her tongue between her lips, making sure that there was enough noise that it would be clear to Rachel that she was kissing Lucy behind her. Rachel squirmed on the seat, wondering if perhaps she’d gone too far allowing this to happen. She was so horny, she didn’t think that she’d be able to say no to anything if she didn’t stop it soon, but at the same time, having the hot young Lucy playing with her tits simply promised too much to say no. She listened to the sound of the girl’s behind her and could tell that they were kissing. She was jealous, wanting those soft luscious lips on her own. She craned her head around, but couldn’t see. Lucy returned to where Rachel sat and took her time surveying the older girl. She decided that she really wanted to see Rachel’s tits. First though, she grabbed a clean tea towel and wrapped through her mouth and around the back of her head to gag her. “ok?” she asked. Rachel nodded and so Lucy grabbed the t-shirt and pulled it up far enough to reveal the lacy bra. Again she took the large orbs in her hands a played with them before reaching in behind to unsnap the clasp. It enabled her to free them a little, but not as much as she’d have liked. As she pondered the next step she walked back around to Sandra, pulling her own t-shirt off over her head as she went, drawing Rachel’s gaze with her until she was too far for her to see. Sandra watched Lucy come back into view, discarding her t-shirt as she did so. As Sandra watched, Lucy shimmied from her track pants to stand in front of her in just a cotton thong. Then she was sitting over Sandra’s knee, her pussy pressed firmly against her friend’s thigh as she thrust her bare breast against Sandra’s face. Sandra opened her mouth, taking Lucy’s nipple between her lips, sucking and pulling, surprised at just how much she was enjoying herself. Lucy pulled her tit back and replaced it with the other, groaning at the sucking that her nipples were receiving, rubbing her wet pussy on Sandra’s thigh, knowing her thong wasn’t sufficient to stop the moisture from smearing all over her. She stood up again and looked down at where Sandra sat, her eyes alive and sparkling, then lifted her t-shirt to expose her breasts, knowing from earlier that like herself, Sandra hadn’t been wearing a bra as they had watched the movie. Lucy pulled at Sandra’s nipples, loving how hard they became, watching the pale pink skin stiffen. Then she left her to go back to Rachel. Rachel’s eyes widened as she saw Lucy come back into view wearing nothing more than an obviously wet thong. “Too bad all I get to do is tie you up,” Lucy said, picking up some more rope. “Have you ever been with a girl?” she paused as she watched Rachel nod her head, just grinning in response. Lucy eyed of Rachel’s nipples. Much paler than either Sandra’s or her own, they were larger as well. Big, round areola with small round tips, fitting nicely with Rachel’s red hair and pale skin. She ran her finger over one then the other before leaning in to suck one into her mouth, feeling it stiffen as her tongue flicked back and forth and swirled around it. When she released it, she noted that the nipple had extended with the pleasure, not as long as her own, but enough to admire. Lucy took a spare length of rope and wound it around Rachel, over her shoulder, between her breasts, around her back, under her breasts, back up over the other shoulder … around and around until her large breasts were tied. She felt them again, feeling how firm they were, constrained and tight. When she pulled on the nipples, Rachel’s head went back in pleasure. Sandra wondered what Lucy was getting up to, suspecting by now that she’d crossed lines that she wasn’t supposed to. Strangely, as she sat there, she found that it wasn’t actually the fact that her father’s girlfriend was willing to betray him that annoyed her as much as the fact that she herself was missing out on being part of it. Knowing that Lucy might have Rachel in a state of undress similar to her own simply caused her pussy to melt. As she considered that, Lucy came back into sight again and stood before her as she removed the last piece of her clothing. She played with herself before Sandra, sliding her hands over her body, pulling her nipples hard and slipping a finger between her sopping lips. She leaned in close to Sandra and wiped her juices across her friend’s lips. Sandra licked her lips, tasting her friend for the first time, delighting in the lust that she saw reflected in Lucy’s eyes as she watched it happen. Lucy put two fingers to her pussy lips and coated them liberally with her pleasure before grinding her pussy on Sandra’s knee as she brought the fingers up to her lips and kissed her, sharing the taste from her fingers between them, their tongues darting about and duelling with each other.Lucy moved so that she could get her hand between Sandra’s legs, plunging it within her cotton shorts, inside her panties and into her juicy pussy. With her fingers well coated she again brought them to her friend’s lips and shared a wet kiss with her. Then she left, returning to where Rachel sat. Rachel’s eyebrows lifted when Lucy appeared again, totally naked. Lucy dropped to the floor, pushing Rachel’s knees apart and dragging her butt forward on the chair as she kissed and licked her way up Rachel’s thighs.Rachel worked her butt forward, desperately wanting the little hottie’s tongue inside her pussy. Just as Lucy reached her thong though, she swapped legs and kissed her way back out again. Rachel almost screamed in frustration, feeling her pussy soaking the thong she wore. With a cheeky wink, Lucy strolled back around the chair to Sandra’s side. She kissed Sandra hard and again plunged her hand into her friend’s shorts to lubricate her fingers. This time though, rather than share with Sandra, she walked around to Rachel. With some quick gestures, Lucy made it clear to Rachel that what coated her fingers was Sandra’s pussy juice. She moved the tea towel that had been gagging Rachel, then she fed those fingers to her. Lucy was surprised at just how hungrily Rachel sucked at her fingers, licking and slurping until no trace remained of her friend’s scent or taste. She plunged her fingers into her own pussy before returning them to Rachel’s mouth. When they were clean again, she slipped them into Rachel, earning a gasp and a thrust of her hips, demanding deeper penetration. Then she tasted them, sucking deeply right in front of Rachel’s face. “Pyjama,” Rachel mumbled as she watched. Lucy nearly missed it. She looked at Rachel, surprised. She’d not expected it so soon, nor to have heard it from Rachel first. Lucy was clearly disappointed as she began to release Rachel’s bindings.”I thought you would have been up for more,” Lucy said quietly.”I want more, I just don’t want to be tied up for it,” Rachel said, standing as the last of the ropes were released. She pulled Lucy to her and kissed her forcefully, hands roaming over the younger girl’s body.”Hey, what’s going on?” Sandra demanded, able to hear what was going on but not see. Lucy broke the kiss and led Rachel to stand before the still-tied Lucy.”This,” she said, pulling Rachel in for another kiss, Rachel in her t-shirt and thong, having stepped out of her yoga pants and Lucy completely naked. Sandra watched, turned on by the sight, unable to reach or participate. When Lucy pulled Rachel’s top off and then removed her bra, she groaned. Rachel was pulling at Lucy’s long nipples, twirling and teasing them even as Lucy bent her head to suck on Rachel’s big light pink nipples. “Fuck that’s hot, let me join in,” Sandra panted from the seat.”All you have to do is say the word,” Lucy teased, moving Rachel closer until they both had their breasts inches from Sandra’s reaching tongue. “What word?” Sandra asked, wriggling on the chair. “The safe word,” Rachel said, smiling as she slid her fingers into Lucy’s pussy and then sucked them clean. “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?” Lucy dropped to her knees and worked her tongue between Rachel’s lips. Rachel tipped her head back and moaned, her hands pulling Lucy’s head to her pussy, her large breasts thrusting proudly from her chest. She looked back down over Lucy’s head to Sandra, licking her lips before quietly mouthing the word, “pyjama.””Pyjama!” Sandra shouted triumphantly. Lucy stopped her oral attention between Rachel’s legs and turned to smile at her friend before she and Rachel untied her bonds. As Rachel bent to release the ankle ropes, Lucy pulled Sandra’s t-shirt from her and kissed her hard. Rachel stared at the wet thong that Sandra was wearing and after releasing her ankles, simply pushed her legs apart and rubbed her pussy before sliding her fingers beneath the material to seek the treasure beyond. “I think we should go to your room Sandra,” Lucy suggested when they broke from their kiss. There was general agreement and the three girls grabbed their clothes and relocated. When they were in the room, Rachel pushed Sandra down onto her bed, climbing over her to plant a kiss soundly upon her lips, her tongue sliding between them, exploring. Lucy watched as Rachel’s breasts hung pendulously beneath her, nipples grazing against Sandra’s flattened tits. She moved behind Rachel and dragged the black lace thong from its intimate embrace, revealing Rachel’s pussy at long last. Rachel’s lips were a lovely swollen pale pink, covered in neatly trimmed pale red pubic hair. Parting her cheeks with her hands, Lucy slid her tongue up the line of Rachel’s slit, drawing a satisfied moan from her, encouraging further oral exploration. As Rachel and Sandra kissed, Lucy moved between their pussies, licking first one, then the other, using her fingers as well as her tongue to stimulate and pleasure them until she found Rachel making her way down Sandra’s body seeking to place her tongue in the hole that Lucy had been enjoying. Lucy went with the movement, focussing on Rachel’s pussy, rubbing her engorged little clit with her thumb as her tongue speared in and out of her vagina. She could hear Sandra whimpering and mewing as Rachel worked her pussy over, teasing her clit and slipping her fingers into her welcoming folds. Rachel paused in her licking as she felt herself approaching climax. Lucy had her right on the edge and with a couple of firm rubs of her clit, tipped the balance. She cried out, feeling the explosion start near the base of her spine and rip through her body as she collapsed on top of Sandra. She lay there for a few moments, Sandra’s hands playing in her red hair as she enjoyed the waves of her orgasm. As they subsided, she resumed, enjoying the delighted gasps that again escaped Sandra’s lips. Lucy moved to kiss Sandra as Rachel watched from between Sandra’s legs, delighting in knowing that Lucy’s lips would be covered in the nectar from her loins, just as hers were being coated with Sandra’s. With the additional attention, it wasn’t long before Sandra had joined Rachel as the recipient of an orgasm. They both turned to Lucy.”Your turn,” Rachel told Lucy as Sandra made room for her on the bed. Lucy gladly lay down, her hands reaching to play with the other girls’ breasts as they began to kiss her all over her body. Rachel was closer to her waist and naturally made her way below whilst Sandra devoted her attention to Lucy’s amazingly long nipples, sucking and pulling, biting and twisting, all the while watching Rachel as she worked her tongue between Lucy’s legs. She wondered whether she could do it. She’d tasted Lucy now, thanks to her time in the chair, but there was still a mental barrier to actually running her tongue over another girl’s pussy. When Lucy came, Rachel moved to kiss Sandra and she willingly accepted, tasting again the fruits of her friend, all the while thinking about whether she could make that leap to lick her pussy or not. “Should we watch the rest of the movie?” Lucy asked with a giggle as they lay about the bed with each other, hands gently touching various parts of each other’s anatomies. They all giggled, but decided to watch, making their way back to the living room, dragging the bedding with them so they could curl up naked and tease each other. No one mentioned Devon, there seeming to be a general consensus that the mood shouldn’t be spoiled.———————–After Lucy had left and Devon had returned, Sandra and Rachel found things a little strained. Neither of them wanted to mention their encounter, though neither of them wanted to forget it either. They would often find themselves alone around the house when Devon was working and there was a continuing temptation to drag each other off to a bedroom. Small touches spoke for the desire … a lingering finger along a forearm, the brush of a hand across a tight buttock, even a carefully placed peck of a kiss on the side of the neck as one or the other was doing the dishes. For all the desire though, they held off. It seemed that without Lucy, to drive them further, they were tangled and torn between their desire and their love and respect for Devon, regardless of the night they’d forgotten it all. The sexual tension did nothing to relieve the thoughts that Sandra was having about her father either. If anything it made it worse as she found herself continually moving about the house in a state of heightened arousal, like a dog on heat. She would retreat to her room and pound her pussy with a vibrator, or linger in the shower in the morning with the head wedged firmly between her legs as the sprays massaged her clitoris. She even had to put up with hearing Rachel and Devon going hard at it when they thought she was asleep and wouldn’t hear. Every time it happened, Sandra felt like sneaking from her room and walking in, demanding to be included. She took out her frustration by teasing her father mercilessly, continuing to stroll around the house in almost nothing. She would walk from the shower to her room with a towel wrapped only about her waist, her firm tits jiggling freely as she walked past him in the hall, watching the pained expression on his face as he tried desperately not to look. She would hug him long and hard in the mornings, especially if Rachel wasn’t about, making sure to crush her tits against him. If he was sitting at the table, she’d lean over his back, crushing them from behind, her hair falling near his face where he could smell the conditioner she washed with.She wanted to try tying herself up again, but the opportunity didn’t seem to present itself. Frustrated, she continued to plot and plan, wondering how the hell she might get to take the step she now knew she wanted … to feel her father’s cock spear into her pussy. If only Rachel would leave him tied up again, but she figured that she’d be unlikely to do that if Sandra was staying in the house still. In order to try and escape the insanity for a while, she decided to spend a couple of days with Lucy before the summer was ended and she had to go back to school. Lucy was more than happy to have her there and it was some time after her arrival before they even made it back out of Lucy’s bedroom. When she did, she planned a surprise trip home, hoping against hope, knowing that being Saturday, both Rachel and her father had the day off and the house to themselves.———————Unbeknownst to Sandra, Rachel was also in turmoil. She too was too aware of the tension between them and desperately wanted to be able to take Sandra aside and fuck her. She wished that she could crawl into her bed in the morning or join her in the shower, but with Devon home, it was out of the question. The little touches and teases drove her crazy and resulted in her dragging Devon into the bedroom and fucking him mercilessly on several occasions as she sought to satisfy her desires. She even snuck into Sandra’s room one afternoon and found her vibrator, sliding it into her pussy over and over again, wishing that Sandra was there to share the experience with her. When Sandra announced that she’d be going to Lucy’s for a couple of days, Rachel’s mind raced. She was sure now that Sandra had sucked her father’s cock, even though he had no idea. The more she thought about the idea, the more she found her opinion changing, especially when she considered that it may just provide a path for the three of them to live together … and even play together. Eventually the thought led her back to the time that she’d left Devon alone in the house, tied up. That first time that may have precipitated Sandra sucking on her father’s cock. That Saturday, alone in the house together, Rachel took the opportunity to tie her lover to the bed again. She moved her car from the driveway and made a call to Sandra’s cell, letting her know that she had left her phone charger on the kitchen bench should she need it. Sandra was almost disappointed when she received the call from Rachel. If she was expected home, there was unlikely to be anything kinky going on. She decided to collect the charger anyway. She was surprised to find that Rachel’s car was absent upon her arrival and assumed that they must have gone out. Sandra went to the kitchen, picking up her charger before turning to leave. As she was about to though, she heard her father.”Rachel?” he called out. Sandra’s heart skipped a beat. She moved quietly to the door of her father’s room and for the second time found him restrained on the bed, flaccid cock ready for the world to have its way. Sandra was stunned. Why would Rachel have made the call and then left her father like this? She couldn’t work it out. Part of her ended up rationalising that maybe it was a game … maybe part of the turn on was hearing someone come into the house whilst tied to the bed. Maybe she hadn’t been supposed to come to the bedroom, nor hear father call out.Despite all those maybes, there was one certainty. Sandra wasn’t leaving without taking advantage of the situation. She carefully placed her bag on the floor and moved to the bed where she lowered her mouth over her father’s flaccid cock and sucked and teased until he stiffened. The feeling of him swelling in her mouth excited her no end, her pussy coming alive and her nipples hardening as butterflies fluttered about in her belly. Devon groaned as the mouth worked away wonderfully at his cock, excited that Rachel had returned to surprise him again. She even seemed to take a different approach to sucking him, no doubt to extend the illusion that some stranger had come into the house to take advantage of him. Sandra sucked away, taking the base of his shaft in her hand and pumping him, determined that this time she would stay long enough for him to cum. As she worked his cock, her other hand groped between her legs, rubbing her jeans against her pussy, feeling the moisture that was being generated by her desire soaking through her lace thong. She thought back to having watched Rachel when she had her father in this position, remembering the way she’d straddled him, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She also remembered seeing that pussy up close and personal and desire coursed through her body.Hurriedly, a decision made, Sandra stripped her jeans from her body, sliding them down her legs, her thong going with them until she was naked from the waist down. She climbed onto the bed and straddled her father, his hard cock flat against his stomach. She ground her pussy down on it, rubbing back and forth, feeling the moisture from her lips coat his cock as she slid over it, pushing him against his belly whilst leaning forward so that her clit ran along the length, sending shudders through her body. She didn’t last. She wanted more. Grabbing her father’s cock, she guided the head between her lips and slid down him, feeling his steel-hard shaft slide deep into her pussy. She ground down hard, moving her hips in circles, fingers playing with her clit as she sought to bring herself to orgasm.Rachel watched from the closet. Her fingers were plunging deep into her own pussy as she saw Sandra climb on the bed and slip her father’s cock into her pussy. She was amazed at both how furiously Sandra was riding the cock and at how much she herself was being excited by watching. She desperately wanted to join in. artemisbet güvenilirmi She wanted to be behind Sanrda, fondling her tits or even sitting in front and kissing her as she rode her Dad’s cock, but at the same time she suddenly worried that if she burst out now, Sandra would flip out completely. There mused that there had to be another way even as Sandra came. Sandra felt her insides go mental as she came, threatening to turn inside out from the force of her orgasm, her pussy clutching at the hard cock buried between its lips. She gave herself a moment before ‘dismounting’ and then stood beside the bed, looking at her juices coating her father’s cock. She leaned over and sucked him into her mouth again, tongue swirling lovingly about it, tasting herself on his pole. She hummed as her mouth slid along his length and felt him thrusting his hips at her mouth with an urgency that she could understand. For the briefest of moments she thought about letting his cum spray all over himself and abandoning him, letting it be very clear that someone had had their way with him, but decided it was just too obvious. It would be bad enough she realised belatedly when Rachel hadn’t even been there and someone had fucked him. There was no hiding the fact that she’d been in the house. As this flickered through her mind in the briefest of instants, Devon came, shooting his load of hot sticky cum into his daughter’s mouth. She swallowed, taking his entire load before pulling her jeans back on and quickly exiting the room even as Devon started complimenting Rachel on how hot it was. As she went back through the kitchen, Sandra put her charger back on the bench, thinking this may at least sow some seed of doubt.Rachel stepped from the closet, naked, her fingers coated with the juices of her pussy, having cum hard when she saw that Sandra was swallowing her father’s cum. She moved to the bed and began to untie him even as she heard Sandra’s car pull out of the driveway. “That was amazing,” Devon said to Rachel with a grin on his face, reaching for her tits after the blindfold was removed. “Yes it was,” Rachel agreed, her nipples rock hard and tight. —————————It was several days later and near the end of the summer break when Rachel next found herself alone with Sandra. They were in the kitchen, once again doing dishes. Sandra was at the sink with her hands in the water and Rachel came up behind her, running her hands over the younger girl’s body, touching her gently, fingers tracking over her smooth skin. “That’s a bit naughty,” Sandra said as goose bumps travelled over her in response. She felt Rachel’s hands slide up her thighs and into the legs of the short cotton shorts that she had on, slipping under her underwear, touching her intimately. They slipped out again and this time covered Sandra’s firm tits, cupping them as Rachel pressed her own breasts against Sandra’s back.”But you like naughty, don’t you?” Rachel whispered in her ear, tongue flicking out to caress Sandra’s lobe.”Mmm, I do,” Sandra purred, her body responding.”I know you do, because I saw you riding your father’s cock,” Rachel said urgently but quietly, feeling Sandra’s entire body stiffen like a plank as she realised what had been said.”What?” Sandra demanded belatedly. Rachel turned Sandra in her arms until they faced each other, keeping her hands on her body, teasing, distracting. “I left him tied on the bed and then called you, hid in the closet and watched. I know you were the one to suck him that first night when you weren’t supposed to be in town,” Rachel urged. Sandra was shaking her head, denying, but not managing to give life to her voice. “I liked it,” Rachel assured her. “I want to share him with you.””What!?” Sandra finally demanded, pushing the other girl way. “What the fuck are you on about?””I saw you suck the cum from your father’s cock and it turned me on Sandra. And I stand here watching you tease him, walking around in almost nothing, making him hard but not being able to follow through. And not only does it make him hard, it fucking kills me because I want you too. I want you as bad as he does.” She stepped close again, one hand seizing Sandra’s breast and the other groping her crotch. Sandra was speechless and Rachel took advantage, thrusting her tongue into Sandra’s mouth, kissing her hard, hands working to bring Sandra’s desire somewhere near the level of her own. It worked and she groaned as Sandra returned the kiss. Moments later Rachel had dragged her down to the floor and torn their clothes off. They were tangled together naked on the kitchen floor, kissing and touching, both desperate for relief. Rachel worked her way down until she was able to devour Sandra’s pussy, plunging her tongue between her lips, sucking and slurping, teasing her clit. She was relentless and continued until Sandra squealed and shook with an orgasm.”I wanted to suck your juices from your Dad’s cock,” Rachel whispered as she moved back up the younger girl’s body. I wanted so badly to taste you on him, or to suck his cum from your pussy.””Oh God, that’s so kinky!” Sandra said; surprised at the passion with which Rachel said it. “Yeah and it makes me so horny,” Rachel replied, her fingers playing between her legs. She’d hoped that Sandra would eat her, return the oral favour, but she made no move. Rachel accepted it, surprised and happy to even still be in the house all things considered. “Do you really want to share him?” Sandra asked; concern etched over every feature of her face.”Oh yes, I want to have you both anytime I want,” Rachel groaned. “But how?””Well, I’ve been thinking,” Rachel said; eyes glittering. Sandra listened as she laid out the plan. ———————-Sandra had only two more days before she had to set off and return to school. She had committed to her father that she’d spend the night of her vacation with him and Rachel, but wanted to have another night with Lucy before they went their separate ways to college again. She told them that she’d be back around dinner time the following day.Lucy was of course glad to have her and the two of them went out dancing and drinking. They had a great time teasing everyone around them shaking their hot young bodies and leading a lot of people on without actually following through. In the cab ride on the way home they held hands, Lucy resting her head on Sandra’s shoulder, conscious of the excited looks that the cabbie was casting into the rear-vision mirror. She played up to it, moving her hand to play with Sandra’s tit when she knew that he was looking. A minor swerve to correct the direction of the car gave her a smile and she stopped then, waiting until they were back at her house before trying anything else. Sandra happily allowed Lucy to undress her, both their movements a little clumsy from their inebriation. She then took her turn to slip Lucy’s clothes from her, pausing as she unveiled each new bit of skin to kiss it. When she came to her thong, Sandra knelt down so that as she slid the thong down Lucy’s legs, her bald pussy was right in front of her. She leaned forward, lips puckered and planted a peck on her friend’s bald mound, acutely conscious of the smell of Lucy’s sex. She felt Lucy’s hands in her hair, massaging her scalp. She lingered on her knees, planting more kisses, flicking her tongue out to lick at the very top of Lucy’s slit. “Oh yes Sandy,” Lucy murmured. Sandra pushed her down onto the bed. She was going back to college soon and Lucy had awakened something in her that she didn’t think she’d be able to put away again. She felt that she needed to take one more step and that Lucy deserved to be the recipient. She spread Lucy’s legs and kissed her way up the inside of her thigh until she was again presented with Lucy’s glistening bald pussy. Poking her tongue out, she licked her way slowly up the outer right side of Lucy’s most intimate parts before doing the same on the left, listening to Lucy’s contented sighs as each lick and stroke of her tongue came with more confidence and daring until finally after parting her friend’s lips with her fingers, Sandra licked right up the inside of her pussy until she dragged her tongue over Lucy’s clitoris. She then experimented, flicking it, swirling her tongue around it, sliding it into her pussy and generally doing what she knew she liked having done to her own pussy.Lucy continued to purr with satisfaction as Sandra licked her way around her pussy. The she settled in to a steady rhythm, her tongue pressed flat and hard against Lucy’s clit and Lucy squealed with delight as she was relentlessly driven toward orgasm, hands clutching at the bed covers and chest heaving, hips thrusting at Sandra’s mouth until she explosively reached the zenith of her pleasure with a shuddering climax. Sandra crawled up onto the bed, kissing as she went, stopping to suck on one of Lucy’s long nipples before kissing her friend.”Did I do ok for my first time?” She whispered with a giggle. “Fuck yes, that was amazing,” Lucy grinned, pulling her back for more kissing. “Know what I haven’t had all holidays?””What?””A cock,” Lucy laughed. “I’ve spent all this time back here and the only sex I’ve had is with you and the one time with Rachel. “Does that mean I’m your girlfriend?” Sandra giggled. Lucy took on a more serious look than Sandra had anticipated. “Shh, I didn’t mean exclusively or anything.””Oh” Lucy said and Sandra wasn’t sure whether it was relief or disappointment. “Well you’re certainly very special to me.””Good, I want to be as special to you as you are to me … I’m just not sure that I’m ready to say I have a girlfriend who is my sole exclusive love,” Sandra said.”Oh, now I get you,” Lucy laughed. “That’s perfect, ’cause like, we’re going back to college and I don’t think my dildo will keep me satisfied all term.””I know what you mean,” Sandra answered. “But I still prefer it to sexy with randoms.” Lucy bounced off the bed and went to her travel bag which she’d started to pile clothes into for her return to college. After digging around for a little while, she came back to the bed with a large flesh coloured rubber cock in her hand. “Now this little friend keeps me from having too many of those randoms!” she announced. Sandra laughed and then found Lucy pouncing on her, pushing her back on the bed and straddling her legs as she kissed first her mouth and then sucked on her tits, all the while rubbing the end of the fake cock against her. Sandra surrendered to Lucy’s obvious desire and soon found herself with her legs spread and Lucy working the fake cock slowly deeper into her pussy. “Its big!” Sandra said with surprise as it was shoved deeper inside her, stretching her pussy wide.”That’s how I like them!” Lucy laughed, speeding up the motion with which she was now impaling her friend. She pulled on Sandra’s nipple with her free hand as she pumped her pussy with the other, the cock sliding in and out of her slick lips. Sandra found herself responding and then Lucy turned the knob on the base and it started vibrating as well, sending further pleasure deep inside Sandra’s pussy and drawing an excited moan from her.Lucy pulled the rubber cock from Sandra’s pussy and slipped it into her mouth, sucking her friend’s juices from it. “God I’d love to suck your juices from a real cock, how hot would that be!” Lucy announced and Sandra almost choked at the suggestion, mind flicking to the fact that it was exactly what Rachel had said she wanted to do to Devon’s cock. She wondered what Lucy would think if she knew of the plan for the next night. Would she be freaked out or turned on? She wasn’t about to ask and find out, instead focussing on the fact that Lucy had retuned the toy to her pussy, this time holding the vibrating rubber against her clit before sliding it deep into her pussy again.With the cock buried, Lucy made room to use her mouth on Sandra’s clit, licking at it until her pussy was grabbing at the cock inside as she came. —————————–The following morning at about eleven, Sandra wish Lucy luck with her term and gave her a passionate tongue kiss goodbye, each girl’s hands fondling the other’s body. Then she jumped into her car and drove home, thankful that the prius was super quiet as she pulled up out the front, knowing what should be waiting for her inside. As quietly as she could she made her way into the house, leaving her bag in the car to be collected later. Sure enough, when she reached her father’s bedroom, he was once again tied naked to the bed. His fit body was stretched out; his cock flopped against his belly and a blindfold again covering his eyes. Sandra smiled at the sight and started to shed the tiny shorts, t-shirt and underwear that she’d worn home from Lucy’s.As she did so, she smiled at Rachel who stood in a corner of the room, naked and watching Sandra in turn. Sandra blew her a kiss and then moved to suck her father’s cock, kneeling on the mattress between his splayed legs. Rachel moved about the bed, taking in the sight of Sandra sucking her father’s cock from different angles, before moving in behind her and running her tongue up Sandra’s wet slit. Sandra groaned as Rachel worked her pussy from behind, licking it and rubbing her nipple between her lips. Then Sandra moved forward until she was able to slide her pussy down on her father’s now rock hard cock, slithering up and down its length, Rachel unable to do much more than reach out to play with her tits, waiting for her opportunity.After working her way up and down her father’s cock for a couple of minutes, Sandra slipped off of both him and the bed, giving Rachel what she’d been wanting … a hard cock covered in Sandra’s pussy juice. Eagerly Rachel crawled up on the bed the way that Sandra had and took the cock in her mouth, devouring both it and its pleasured coating. When she’d well and truly cleaned it she slid her own pussy over it and fucked Devon whilst Sandra watched. Sandra took Rachel’s place, again mounting her bound father’s cock and then as she squatted, sliding up and down on him, Rachel pulled the blindfold from her boyfriend. There was a very brief pause as Devon’s eyes adjusted and he realised that the pussy that was sliding up and down his cock belonged to his daughter. “What the fuck!? No! Sandra!” he said, shocked and somewhat distraught, hips bucking to try and dislodge his daughter from his cock. “Rachel?!” he exclaimed as he realised that she was standing right there, naked, a spectator to the wrong that was being perpetrated on him. “Shhhh,” Rachel said, moving to kiss him even as he tried to turn his head away. She pulled his nipple hard with one hand and grabbed his nuts from behind Sandra as well, squeezing. “Its ok Dad,” Sandra said, “I love your cock in my pussy and I know you love being there, because you’ve been enjoying it so much.””No, this is wrong, it doesn’t matter if it feels good, it’s wrong!” he exclaimed even as his eyes betrayed him, taking in the hot young body that his daughter had been flaunting so blatantly in recent times. Rachel noticed his eyes taking in his daughter’s breasts and moved onto the bed behind her, taking them in her hands and showing them off to him.”Come on Devon, what’s not to love about his amazing gift?” she asked, rolling Sandra’s tight little nipples in her fingers. One hand slipped lower, caressing Sandra’s belly until she reached her pussy and slid her hand between where she knew Devon would feel them on his cock even as she caressed Sandra’s wet pussy lips. Devon continued to protest, but the vehemence was fading as the two women worked together to overcome his fears. He could feel his girlfriend’s fingers either side of his cock even as his daughter’s pussy lips slid up and down. His eyes flicked from there to Sandra’s tits where Rachel was pulling and extending a nipple. At the point that Sandra tipped her head back so that Rachel could kiss her, their tongues sliding over and around each other, his resistance melted entirely. Sandra felt her father start to respond, thrusting with his hips to shove his cock deeper into her pussy as she rode him.”Yeah Daddy, that’s it, fuck my pussy!” she said, Rachel joining in with the encouragement. Rachel reached behind Sandra and grabbed Devon’s balls as he thrust at his daughter, knowing that the constriction would drive him wild. “Let me suck him Sandra,” Rachel said. Sandra reluctantly slid off her father’s cock, back toward his feet and Rachel leaned in over his cock, pointing out to Devon just how wet and slippery with Sandra’s juices it was. Then she lowered her mouth over it and took him deep inside, relishing the taste. She could tell that Devon was close to cumming, but wasn’t ready for him to do so, so she stopped and pulled Sandra to her, kissing and touching. They teased Devon mercilessly, two hot young girls going wild together while he was tied up just out of reach, able to watch but unable to participate.”I think he needs to suck your hot titties Sandra,” Rachel whispered, turning her to face her father. Sandra willingly moved so that she could dangle her tit in her father’s face, loving the way his tongue immediately responded, snaking out from within his mouth to flick at her nipple before his lips closed over it and he sucked hungrily. Rachel was behind Sandra as she did so, her fingers invading the younger girl’s pussy.”Do you think we should finish him off?” Sandra said to Rachel.”Oh yes, and I know just the way,” Rachel replied. She climbed up on the bed and mounted Devon’s cock, sliding her pussy up and down his pole for a minute. Sandra watched, wondering what Rachel had in mind, then gasped as she saw her grab her father’s cock with one hand and guide it to her anus, the swollen and engorged head slowly disappearing into her nether regions. “Oh fuck!” Devon said as he passed within her tight anal cavity.”Oh you fill my arse so fucking much,” Rachel said before moving. She was facing Devon, squatting, but moved her feet forward, closer toward his head, and her hands leaning back on the bed so that her pussy was thrust toward his face. “Come on Sandra, eat me,” she insisted. Sandra stared at the neatly cropped raid hair around Rachel’s pussy and smiled at up her. Then she moved so that she could get her tongue between Rachel’s lips, glad that she’d licked Lucy when she’d had the chance so that she was open to this now and didn’t hesitate in front of her father. With her tongue swirling around Rachel’s clit, she glanced toward her father and seeing the lust in his eyes, felt validated in her choice. He was loving it and so was she. She turned her attention back to Rachel’s pussy, using her tongue like she had with Lucy, dipping between her lips and flicking back and forth at her clit, all while Devon’s cock was buried just below in Rachel’s anus. “Oh fuck its so good Devon,” Rachel cried out as her holes were assaulted. She could feel her orgasm building and worked her butt on Devon’s cock, wanting him to explode inside her, to feel his goo burst in her butt before it oozed out again. “I can feel her tongue on my pussy and your cock is so fucking huge in my ass!” The dirty talk seemed to do the trick as Devon worked his hips as hard as he could top thrust his cock at her tight butt hole. Devon came, his load shooting up her arse and Rachel cried out in joy as the sensation was enough to cause her too to explode.”Now its your turn Sandra, get him to eat your pussy until you cum,” Rachel told her as she slithered from Devon’s cock, his sperm oozing from her anus. Sandra climbed up on the bed and squatted over his face, giving him no time to recover from his explosion as she began rubbing her pussy against his mouth. His tongue worked its way to her clit and stayed there as she thrust and rubbed. Rachel moved behind her, one hand playing with her tit and then she slipped the other between her buttocks.Sandra wasn’t sure what to do, she’d never allowed any of the boys that had wanted to to go near her ass, but suddenly she found Rachel’s fingers moving over her tightly puckered skin. She moaned as she found that she enjoyed it, rubbing her cunt on her father’s face all the while. Her climax was approaching and Rachel could tell from the rapidly increasing breathing and staccato gasps that this was the case. She speared a finger into Sandra’s anus, drawing a large squeal and a sudden collapse as Sandra came on her father’s tongue, her pussy juice coating his tongue and seeping into his mouth. She clambered from the bed and then hugged Rachel before leaving the two of them alone. Rachel had assured her that she’d be able to satisfy any questions and ensure that things were cool before she left for school.Sandra lay awake a long time that night, wondering if she’d done the right thing or not. The more she thought about it though, the more excited her pussy became and she knew that if presented with the choice again, she’d do nothing differently. Knowing that finally enabled her to drift off to sleep. ——“I’ve fucked you Dad, but now I want you to fuck me,” Sandra said, standing naked in the doorway to his bedroom. It was the next morning. The day she’d leave for college. She’d heard Rachel head out and decided that she wanted another go. But this time, she wanted to be sure that it was of her Father’s free will, not because he was tied to the bed and all but forced to do it.”Sandra,” he started and she could hear the reluctance in his voice. She started to turn away. “Wait!” he said, swallowing hard. “Come over here.” He patted the bed next to him, just like he would do when she was little and wanted to talk. She walked in and sat next to him on the bed, seeing his eyes move over her tight body. “Sandra, he started again. “Do you really want this?””Yes!” she insisted.”And you know how wrong it is? Legally I mean … what the world would say if they knew …””Yes, but I don’t care Daddy. Ever since I saw you the first time, stretched out naked and helpless on the bed …””The first time?” he asked, confused. Sandra let him know about the day she’d come home from college. That she’d sucked his cock and run away. “Oh God really?” he asked, blushing as he thought back to his dismissive response to Rachel’s initial insistence that she hadn’t been the one to suck him. Sandra boldly threw the covers away from her father, revealing that he was still naked and that his cock was getting hard. “You like the thought of that don’t you Daddy,” she said, smiling, turning to face him, her hand sneaking between his legs to grab his cock and squeeze it. Then she kissed him. A peck first, but then with her tongue, pushing it into his mouth, feeling him fall back on the bed beneath her, following him down until her breasts were smooshed against his chest, his cock now rock hard in her hand. He kissed her back, accepting that he really wanted this and that amazingly, so did his daughter. With that realisation safely in his head, he took control, rolling her over the top of him to the other side of the bed, the side where Rachel slept. Then he positioned himself between her legs, seeing the happy gleam in her eye and the rise and fall of her chest as his cock head slipped up and down the smooth lips of her pussy. He pushed. The lips parted and his cock slipped between them. Sandra groaned appreciatively as she felt his cock slip inside her.Devon started slowly, sliding his cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy, working deep inside until his balls pressed against her. He couldn’t believe that just an hour ago, Rachel had been in this same position and his cock had been slipping between her lips. The thought worked him up and he thrust quicker, harder, Sandra encouraging him, feeling his urgency, loving the hard thrust of his cock into her pussy.”That’s it Daddy, fuck my cunt!” she said, head thrown back in pleasure. Devon obliged, pounding over and over again, amazed at the tight young pussy he was being allowed to plunge his cock into. He gasped as he felt his balls quiver and before he even had a chance to think about it, he was cumming, his cock spurting and unleashing its load deep into Sandra’s pussy.”Oh fuck Daddy!” Sandra cried out as she was filled. He collapsed to the side, spent from having filled both Sandra and Rachel within the space of an hour.”I guess I’d better pack for college,” Sandra said a little later, extricating herself from her father’s bed and strolling naked to the door. He surveyed her tight ass as she walked and couldn’t help but notice the cum that was running down her inner thigh.————————“See you next break Sandra,” Rachel said to her later that day, taking her in her arms and pulling her in for a kiss, their tits mashing together. “I sure hope so. Don’t wear Dad out. And don’t you dare fuck this up!””I certainly don’t intend to,” Rachel smiled, her hand sliding over Sandra’s body.”And don’t you fuck it up either Daddy,” she said, letting him take her in his arms in turn before tongue kissing him.

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