Todd’s Troubles Pt. 02


Todd rinsed off, turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower. As he toweled off, his smile started to slip. He’d raped his daughter, it didn’t matter if she was a prick tease, the law didn’t excuse a horny father’s aching balls to take what he wanted. If she went to the cops and spilled the whole story, he’d really be in the shit then.

He figured the best thing was to get the hell out of there. He could drive his car into mid-town, overnight at a hotel, and just go to work from the hotel, it would only be a few blocks. There was an underground parkade that was well monitored at his office, he could drive the car over from the hotel in the morning, park there for the day, and drive home tomorrow night. Perhaps if there was some distance between them, she might cool off, and he could avoid what would be a real shitstorm.

Chrissy was sprawled out on her bed, dazed by the way her father had taken her. At first, it had hurt like hell, having her ass whipped with Daddy’s big leather belt, then having Daddy’s hard cock violating her virgin pussy, ripping her cherry apart while his hips smacked against her red, well-whipped ass. Then she had felt her tight pussy stretching out, as Daddy drove into her, over and over.

It had just started to feel better, not completely good but she felt a shift deep down inside her, when her Daddy had grunted, growled, and his cock had exploded, flooding her cervix with a full, thick load deep inside her. She ran her fingers over her red, swollen pussy lips, and her fingers came away with a thin sheen of Daddy’s cum. Almost without thinking, she sucked her fingers into her mouth. The taste of Daddy’s cum hit her taste buds, and her body shivered with the thrill of it. She was tasting Daddy’s cum, the thick, incestuous cum that Daddy had filled her with.

Her mind grabbed it, and she couldn’t stop it, she ran her hands down, and buried three fingers up her pink pocket, letting the other hand roam over her nipples, rising up to her touch, hard and throbbing. She moaned softly as she gently tugged and pinched her stiff nipples, sending electric shocks of pleasure racing to her creaming pussy. She pulled her fingers out, and they were dripping wet with Daddy’s cum. She quickly had that in her mouth, licking her fingers clean, moaning around the fingers as she hungrily sucked off every drop.

I want to suck his cock, I want his load in my mouth, her mind spoke to her. She thought she should be shocked, but her lust had pushed her beyond any kind of taboo feelings. I want him to fuck me again, I want him to take my mouth…I Kıbrıs Escort want him to fuck my ass hole too.

All the horny, secret desires she had kept hidden away, the walls had broken asunder, and all the lustful, horny urges she had harbored, hidden in the dark corners, filled her mind. She rammed the three fingers up her hole again, stuffing her pussy as she ran her other hand down and started polishing her clit.

Chrissy grabbed onto the feelings of her ass being whipped by Daddy’s big leather belt, then Daddy’s big hard cock bursting her cherry apart, pumping into her tight virgin pink hole over and over. Chrissy was letting out moans and pants of desire, she could feel that orgasm rising. Her fingers were working her body over, masturbating furiously, as she remembered his cock start pulsing as he released his cum, exploding and squirting wildly, the warm rush of her Daddy’s incestuous cum bathing her cervix.

Incest, I just committed incest, and that gave her the last push she needed, and she let out loud moans and groans of pleasure as she felt the waves of orgasm wash over her, wonderfully and uncontrollably.

Chrissy cupped her sex, closing her legs around her hand and rolling over on her side, letting out more cries of ecstasy, shivering in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through her body. After several minutes of basking in the afterglow, she got up.

She picked out her baby blue satin panties, and just before she put them on, she slipped a tampon up inside her. Chrissy figured that the way her horny Daddy had fucked her, and the repeated pulses of his cock exploding inside her, she still had a good quantity of Daddy’s cum deep inside her, and she didn’t want his load spilling out of her pussy, staining her satin panties and running down her legs. She dug into her closet and pulled out the black stockings. They clung to her legs, all the way up to just below the juncture of her legs and her hips, and she continued to get dressed.

Chrissy’s cries of orgasm had gone unheard by Todd, the sound of the shower had covered them. He redressed in clothes suitable for the office, the white dress shirt, the tie with white and blue stripes, and the dark blue double-breasted suit, and crept out of his room. He neither saw nor heard anything from Chrissy’s room, and he grabbed his toiletry kit and crept downstairs quietly. At the front door, he reached for the knob.


At the sound of Chrissy’s voice, he jumped and turned slowly to face her. He did a double take as she saw that she was now wearing Lefkoşa Escort a simple white blouse, all the buttons fastened up, displaying no cleavage.

From the shape under her blouse, it looked like she was wearing an ordinary, no-nonsense bra that supported and covered her generous dairies, instead of pushing them up and out.

She was wearing a navy blue skirt that was level with her knees, and it was obvious she was wearing either black pantyhose or black stockings. Todd blinked, he hadn’t seen Chrissy so modestly dressed since she was 13. And nylons, he thought she didn’t own any, he’d never seen her legs encased in stockings before.

“Can we go out for dinner now?”

Todd blinked, he hadn’t expected that. He studied Chrissy’s face, she seemed remarkably calm. Todd decided that would be a good idea, go with the flow, and his stomach also let him know that he was pretty damn hungry.

“Sure we can Chrissy.”

“Can we go in your car? It’s so big and comfortable.”

Todd was happy to agree, and he opened the door of his New Yorker for Chrissy. She gave him a small smile as she seated herself and he closed the door. Behind the wheel, out on the street, it was a short 10-minute drive to The Old Town Dinner house, and he wheeled into the parking lot.

He jumped out, went around, and opened the door for his daughter. Chrissy gave him another small smile, and as they went in, she slipped her hand into the crook of his arm. Todd was a bit bemused by this turn of events, he’d just raped her, and now it was like they were out for dinner like a dating couple. He noticed some male diners sizing up Chrissy, she may have been dressed more modestly, but her attractiveness, her physical charms, and her assets were still quite obvious.

Chrissy noticed it too, and she felt the tingles, knowing that male eyes were drinking in her vision, cocks would be getting stiff, and balls would be churning with cum that they wouldn’t be able to flood her pussy with. The knowledge of her power, the stiff, hard cocks, and the swollen, aching balls she’d leave in her wake, made her pussy throb, she tightened her grip on her Daddy’s arm as the maitre’d showed them to their table.

They were seated and presented with the menus. Todd turned his thoughts to the dinner menu and realized how hungry he was. Canard à l’Orange, Ummm, he knew that Canard was French for duck, and that sounded really good. It had been more than a while since he’d had duck.

Chrissy was studying the menu, and she saw Jumbo Shrimp with a lemon-lime risotto. Girne Escort That got her taste buds going, she wanted that.

The waiter came by, and after taking their orders, Chrissy asked, “Daddy, Mom’s not coming home anymore, is she?”

Todd had dreaded this, but he replied, “Yes Chrissy, she isn’t. She going to file for a divorce.”

“Tell me why. And don’t sugarcoat it, I want the truth. None of this irreconcilable differences crap, I want to know exactly why.”

Chrissy was spellbound as Todd poured out all the details, she told him she wanted to hear it all, and Todd let her hear it all.

Chrissy said softly, “Mom became a slut?”

Todd was about to admonish her, but he realized that she’d said the truth. Eve had become a slut.

Chrissy said, “So just like that, and that was it?”

“Just like that sweetheart.”

Chrissy felt a warm glow bathing her inner sanctum, she always loved it when Daddy would call her an endearing term. She had a vision of her Daddy fucking her, face to face, kissing her like a lover as his cock took his pleasure on her pink, velvet hole, his hard cock pumping away inside her, calling her baby, or sweetheart, mmmm, and she felt her pussy purr with that warm glow.

Chrissy was a jumble of emotions. Her Mom had become a slut, had teased her Daddy for one last round of fucking, and Chrissy herself had teased her Daddy unmercifully because she was a prick teaser who can’t control it.

She felt terrible, teasing her Daddy like that after her slut of a Mom had teased Daddy for one last round of fucking. No wonder her Daddy had taken her like that. It dawned on her, Daddy had blown off a huge load of SPERM, oh fuck, she wasn’t on birth control, because she hadn’t planned on letting any boy’s cock inside her. She didn’t want to get knocked up, of course, there’s the morning-after pill. Or maybe…

Chrissy asked, “Daddy, is there any special reason why I’m an only child?”

Todd replied, “Well sweetheart after you were born, the doctor told your Mom that due to complications inside her uterus, she should not get pregnant again. I went and got a vasectomy, and removed the danger of pregnancy. Your Mom had been through enough, and being told that she could not have any more children was a big blow. I didn’t want her to be the one to get fixed, after all she’d been through.”

Mentally, Chrissy relaxed, phew, no bun in the oven, thank god, she didn’t need to become a teen Mom.

At that moment, the dinners arrived, and conversation ceased as they ate, both Father and Daughter were famished. Chrissy was discovering a lot of things, and she felt a warm rush of good feelings. Her Dad had indeed loved her Mom and loved Chrissy very much.

She remembered the good times when they were a happy family, and her parents had an active sex life. She had a lot of things to ponder.

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