Tom, Madison, Karen , Dr. Feel Good


Tom Needs to Go to the Doctor

This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

At a certain age you need to go to the doctor. Not when you’re sick, but that yearly checkup. At first, I was against it, then a friend of mine, who hadn’t gone to a doctor in years passed away. Just like that. Found out if he had gone earlier, they would have caught the issue and he’d probably be alive. Anyway, I was going in for my annual checkup.

I was sitting in the waiting room, the nurse had done my blood pressure and left, so I was on the phone, on the internet when he came in. Glenn and I exchanged greetings.

“So, Tom,” he began. “Your tests came back pretty good. Nothing to be concerned with, no red flags. Might want to check your cholesterol. Jennifer can give you dietary info on the way out.” He had my records in his hand and was going down them as we spoke.

“Good, glad to hear it,” I replied.

“So, I have to ask you a question,” he said looking eye to eye. “You have a lot of sex partners?”


“I mean I see you’re still not married and it’s common for healthy men to have more than one sex partner.”

“Yeah sure, I understand that. What’s the concern?” I asked.

“Oh, sexually transmitted disease,” he said matter of factly.

Okay, whatever. I had been pretty careful, sure I had a lot of partners, and a wide variety of kind, but I wasn’t concerned.

“Oh, don’t be offended,” he said.

“Oh, I’m not. Just caught me off guard a bit with that one. Yeah, I have multiple partners.”

“Female only?”


“I was wondering if you’re only having female partners. Not being judgmental, I mean now a days same sex partners is pretty common.”

I looked at him with a quizzical look on my face. What was this all about? I mean, I had known him for about ten years since I moved here, but these questions never came up before. Well, knowing that doctors were required to respect patient confidentiality I said…

“Oh yeah, I have male sex partners.” Okay Doc, where to now.

He nodded his head and put the folder down. “A lot?”

I smiled, “Oh yeah. Ten or so at least.” Now what Doc?

“Want another one?” he replied.

I looked at him and was stunned to tell the truth. What the hell was going on.

“Huh, well, huh…” I started to say.

Glenn laughed and said “Okay Tom, here’s the deal. I know you suck cock, so do I, and I was wondering if you’d like to get together.”

“Okay, you know I suck cock and how is that?”

“I can’t tell you, patient confidentiality.”

I shook my head. This was crazy. So, one of my dick sucking partners told my doctor, I guess our doctor, I sucked cock?! I was trying to process this when Glenn said, “I’ll suck your cock now Tom, if you’ll let me.” He went to the door and locked it.

This was crazy, but also hot. Glenn was good looking and a bit younger than me, maybe five years. Fuck it. I looked him in the eyes and began to unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants.

“Keep your clothes on this time,” he said and knelt down in front of me. “Nice cock. I’ve seen it before, you know that, but not hard and I like it hard.” He pushed me slowly back to the treatment table, I leaned against it and he grabbed my cock.

“I have other patients today Tom, so try and cum as fast as you can,” he said and went down, licking the head of my cock with his tongue. I reached back and placed my hands on the table, not sure what his preference was. He spun my cock in a circle as he ran his tongue on it, then went in the other direction.

“I like this Tom. Nice cock,” he said again then took the head into his mouth. He continued to spin my cock this time with the head of it in his mouth, hot, wet mouth. His tongue spun circles on it and then he went lower, taking more of my hard cock into his mouth.

I slid my hands up to my hard nipples and began to rub them as he went lower. I looked over to my right and saw the tall mirror on the wall. The tall mirror that showed my doctor sucking my cock! Holy shit!

Down he went, slow, slower, then up he went. Fuck he was good. Up and down, he went, pausing at times to swallow, to tighten his mouth on my cock. My now aching cock. His hand went down to my balls and he massaged them as he sucked.

“Going to give me some cum Tom?” he asked, mouth coming off just a bit then back down to suck more. He was good and my cock appreciated it, my cum building up and he sped up. Soon it was bam, bam, bam as he slid up and down, fast, him now squeezing my balls vigorously. I was going to cum.

A large gush of cum flew into his mouth, he swallowed as I shot a big load. I watched in the mirror as he moved up and down, faster, and faster, being sure to suck me dry. After too short a time I had to push him away, my cock spent.

He stood up and wiped a bit of cum from his lips, licked and swallowed istanbul travesti it. “That’s what I’m talking about,” he said. He smiled as I pulled my pants up and redid my belt.

“Now here’s the deal Tom. I sucked you and you have guaranteed patient confidentiality. Can I get the same from you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “When can I suck your cock?”

“When you fuck my ass Tom,” he said as he turned to leave. He handed me a card and said, “Here’s my personal contact info…. I hope it’s soon.”

He left the room, I followed and I was still trying to process what happened.


I had asked around the usual suspects; Dave, Frank, Aaron for doctor recommendations but got zip, nada. Then I got a text a few days later.

Glenn — How are you doing Tom? It’s Glenn.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I texted back.

Me — Good Doc. You?

Him — Call me Glenn. Doing well. Interested in getting together this week.

Ooo, that’d be good. I’d like to suck his cock, I love newbies. And he had promised me his ass. Oh yeah, I’d be interested,

Me — Sure, what works for you?

Nothing for a few minutes then “Ding!”

Him — How about Friday night? My place?

Me — Sounds good. What time?

Him — How about 7pm. The missus is a great cook, and we can have dinner together.

Whoa! Missus? Dinner? Maybe I was misreading this, but he had sucked my cock — quite well as a I matter of fact. I texted back.

Me — Sounds great. Test me your address. Should I bring anything?

Him — How about Madison?

Son of a bitch! I texted back.

Me — Sounds great, I’ll see if she’s available.

Mother fucker! Madison? I went to the kitchen and made a French Press of coffee.

Ding! It was Madison.

Her — Hi Tom. Any chance we could get together? Maybe for dinner or something? ??

What a sly… I texted back.

Me — How about Friday night? Glenn’s?

Her — Love to. You’ll like Karen. We go way back.

I bet.

Me — Love to. See you then. Take care.

So that’s who I had in common, Madison, we shared a doctor…but we didn’t.


Friday couldn’t come around fast enough. I was curious as hell where this was going. I got to Madison’s house, picked her up and as we drove to Glenn and Karen’s she filled me in.

“Karen and I go way back, back to when I was following the Dead,” she said.

“So, she’s…”

“Little younger than me but you’ll like her,” she replied. “She likes them young, well she did until she married Glenn. He’s younger than you but she always did like younger guys.”

Madison reached over, smiled, and grabbed my cock, squeezed it, and said, “I do too.”

I smiled and we drove to their house.

It was up in the hills, as was Madison’s, the real nice neighborhoods. We got out of the van and went to the front door. I rang the doorbell.

Karen opened the door and holy shit. She was gorgeous, like Madison, and they hung out together at a young age? Karen and Madison hugged tightly and kissed lightly.

“So good to see you again Madison,” Karen said. “Been too long.”

Madison laughed and replied, “It’s been two weeks love.” They exchanged looks and smiled.

Karen said, “Two weeks too long. You must be Tom.”

“Yes, pleased to meet you,” Shit. That always sounded so lame when I said that.

“C’mon in, c’mon in,” Karen said and led us into the house. It was big, well-furnished to say the least, yet very welcoming. Karen looked at me and said, “Why don’t you go see Glenn and he’ll get you a drink.” She motioned to the left and as I went down the hall her and Madison headed to the kitchen, well I guessed it was the kitchen. A few steps down the hall I heard Glenn’s voice from the doorway to the right.

“Tom! C’mon in man. How about a drink?” he asked.

I went into the bar, it was nice, like Madison’s but a little bit bigger. Glenn licked some salt off of his hand, tossed back a shot and sucked on a lime. With a smile he asked me what I wanted to drink.

“Tequila looks really good right now,” I replied. He gave me the salt and lime, I did the routine and tossed back the shot.

“Madison says you like Margaritas, so does Karen. That work for you?” he asked as the blender whirled.

“You bet,” and it would. He poured me a drink and three more. “I’m really glad you made it. You’ll have fun.” He handed me a second glass and we went towards the kitchen. Before we entered, he stopped and looked back at me.

“Tom,” Glenn said. “Hey wait a second.”

I stopped and said “Yeah?”

“I’m good with you fucking Karen,” he replied with a smile.

I nodded, he confirmed what I had guessed. We entered the kitchen.

Madison was working on the salad while Karen was scooping out rice and beans from pots on the stove. “You like Mexican food?” Karen asked.

“Oh, yeah, 30+ years in restaurants, I appreciate and istanbul travestileri like it all. Need any help?”

‘Oh no, we’re good,” she said. “Madison and I used to work the kitchens when on the road back in the day, so we’re good with this. Have a seat at the table.”

Glenn motioned me to the dining room, and we had seats at the table. The girls were pretty much right behind us with the food and after a second trip to the kitchen we all were seated. It was a help yourself type of spread and we were soon eating.

“Geez, Karen. Did you make these tortillas from scratch?” I asked. She smiled and nodded that she had. “These are great,” and they were.

Dinner was delicious and a couple of Margaritas later we were in the living room making small talk. It was easy, Glenn and Karen were good people, and Madison, oh yeah. About 30 minutes in Karen stood up and walked over to Madison. Her eyes flashed, Madison smiled and spread her legs, and Karen dropped down between them. She leaned forward and the two were kissing, hands moving over each other like old friends.

Glenn looked at me and smiled, nodding to the bedroom while rubbing a nipple through his shirt. I got up and we headed for the bedroom.

“Ladies, care to join us,” he asked.

Karen pulled away, the two got up and we all went to the bedroom. As we began to undress Glenn opened a drawer and pulled out a large tray. I looked inside it and saw a variety of toys. Once we were all naked, I wasn’t sure where to start, but Karen knew.

“Tom. Glenn and Madison said they enjoy sucking your cock. Mind if I give it a go?’

“Please do,” I said. She moved forward and pushed me back into a comfortable chair. Once in the chair she dropped to her knees and spread my legs. Her hand went up and cupped my balls, my cock already hard. She looked at me, smiled and said, “Oh yes, I’m going to enjoy this.” Her tongue went to the head of my cock, she licked it, looked back up at me and said “And you will too. I promise.” Down she went.

Her hot, wet mouth slid over the head of my dick and her tongue licked my sweet spot. Her hands went up to my hard nipples, she must have been talking to Madison, and stroked them. Down my cock she went, down until she took it all into her mouth, balls deep. Damn! This lady had talent. I heard Madison.

“Oh yeah Glenn,” she said softly. I looked over and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, resting on her elbows and Glenn was down between her legs. Madison reached over to the tray and pulled out a long vibrator. She tapped Glenn’s shoulder and handed it to him. He looked her in the eyes and swirled it in his mouth. As she looked over at me with a smile, Glenn turned it on, and slid it into her cunt. Her eyes rolled back a bit. Back down went Glenn.

Meanwhile, Karen had been sucking me really well, my cum rising to the top. I ached then reached down to her shoulders and pushed her away. She backed off, smiled, and asked, “Something you’d like sweetie?”

I got up, grabbed her by the arm and spun her into the chair, Tossing her legs on the arms she said, “The blue dildo Tom. I like the blue dildo.”

I went over to the tray, took out the blue dildo and stuck it in my mouth to wet it up. Okay, her pussy was probably wet already but I like sucking dildos before I slide them in. Karen was fingering her clit as I dropped to my knees and slid the dildo in.

“Ohhh, that’s it baby,” she said softly. “Lick be Tom, I need this.”

So, did I. I bent down and began to lick her pussy, around the lips to start, the dildo sliding in and out. Then onto her lips, wet and tight on the dildo, then to her clit. It was rock hard, and I sucked it and swirled my tongue on it. She reached down and grabbed herself above the pussy and pulled up, exposing her cunt even more.

“Oh fuck!” Madison was cumming. I didn’t know for sure, but it sure sounded like it. “Oh Glenn, Glenn!” she said.

I was busy myself, lost in licking this lady’s cunt. Lick, suck, lick suck, dildo in and out, she had her hands on my shoulders.

“Oh hell!” she said loudly. “I’m going to cum!” Her pussy shook up and down, her clit hard and her lips clamped on the dildo. She was wet, flowing all over my tongue and lips. I wanted it and so did she.

After a bit she pushed me away.

I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Glenn. Or I should say I saw Glenn’s cock. It was hard, close to my mouth and looking good. I reached for it with my hand and pulled it close, slipping the head into my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around it, swallowed a couple of times, he moaned and said, “Fuck yeah.”

That reminded me, he had said I’d be able to fuck his ass. I wanted to but right now I wanted to suck his cock well so that I could add him to my list of friends. Down his cock I went, to the middle and swallowed, mouth clamping down on his now expanding cock. I grabbed his ass with travesti istanbul both hands and held him tight as I went farther, then farther down. Did I reach his balls, I didn’t know but I got his dick deep inside me. Up I went, then down, wet, and tight, he began to breath heavily.

“Fuck his ass baby,” Madison said. She had slid down next to me and licked my ear as she spoke. “Karen and I want to watch.”

I sucked a bit more then stood up.; Karen walked over to me with a bottle of lube and began to lube up my hard cock.

Madison was on the bed rubbing her hard nipples. Glenn stood up and went to the side of the chair. Bent over the arm, on his knees, ass up.

“Come fuck me Tom.”

Karen walked over and joined Madison, both looking at Glenn and waiting for me to mount him. I went over, one foot down, one knee up I grabbed my lubed cock and rubbed the head of it on his asshole. He pushed back a bit, I slid forward and was in. Only head deep, then more, more, and until my balls were up against his ass.

“Oh, fuck me, Tom,” Glenn said softly. “I love your cock.”

I loved his ass as I was all the way in, and he flexed it tight.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Tom,” Karen said. I looked over at the two on the bed and smiled. Karen had the vibrator in her this time and Madison a dildo. Both had, oh shit, Mr. Pinks on their clits! Well, Madison had one and I’m sure she let Karen know.

Anyway, I began slowly sliding my hard cock in and out of Glenn’s ass. He was resting his head on the chair and loving it. I could tell as he was making quiet moaning sounds and the occasional “Oh yeah.”

“You want to fill me up Tom?” he asked me.

“Can you fill us up too Tom?” Karen asked as she buzzed her clit. “We have all night sweetie.”

“Oh, he can,” said Madison with smile. “I know he can,” as she blew me a kiss.

All night? That sounded really good. I picked up speed and started to pump Glenn’s ass faster.

“Slap his ass Tom! He likes it slapped,” Karen said.

So, I did. Balls deep…slap…balls deep…slap.

I started to cum, and I came hard! His tight ass, my balls aching, the girls watching; oh shit, I came fucking hard, long, and deep up his ass. I yelled in pleasure and fell away onto my back.

As I rested Glenn came back with a hot towel, wiped me clean and said, “Suck me off Tom. Can you suck me off?”

He sat back in the chair, I got up onto my knees and grabbed his cock. I took the head in my mouth as I had before but this time, I wanted his cum. I sucked hard and fast, my wet hand locked to my mouth as I went down, sliding away when I bottomed out, then back onto my hand when I went up. Knowing his ass was wet with my cum I slid one, then two fingers up it and sucked and finger fucked him in rhythm.

“Oh hell,” Karen said. “This guy is hot Maddie. Cum lick me.”

I was concentrating on Glenn’s cock, so I guess Madison (Maddie?) was going down on her. Glenn yelled then shot his load…a nice big, long load and I caught it in my mouth. Being sure not to swallow any, when he pulled away, I went up to his mouth, opened it and slid his cum and my tongue inside. He moaned and rubbed his tongue against mine, we both kissed and licked until his cum was gone. Even after that we continued to kiss for a bit.

I pulled away and looked at the girls. This time Madison was on the bed, at the edge, Karen was sliding a large dildo in and out of her. Karen’s head was between Maddie’s legs, licking that fine pussy no doubt.

“Fuck her Tom!” Madison said and Karen spread her legs apart. I couldn’t say no, my cock was hard again anyway. I slid over behind her, grabbed her by the waist, then worked the head of my cock into her pussy. Her wet fucking pussy! The girl was wet, but she was tight. I like short women and Karen was the right size. I started to fuck her.

Madison was breathing hard and fast. We locked eyes and she said, slap her ass Tom, slap her ass!”

I did and began to fuck her hard. I knew my dick wasn’t going to stay hard forever, not yet, after cumming so hard, so I pumped and slapped her ass how I had done Glenn’s.

“Oh shit!” Madison yelled as she started to shiver, shake, and bounce up and down. She was cumming hard and then…

“Fuck!” Karen yelled. WTF? She was cumming?! She did, fell forward, then to right, off of Madison, and my cock came out of her. I looked down and saw Mr. Pink still buzzing.

Truthfully, I’m glad she pushed away as my cock was getting soft. I had cum so fucking hard. Madison looked at me and smiled, blinked, and said…

“Tom honey. Bring that cock up here to me. I know it tastes like Karen and I like that.”

How could I say no? I climbed up on the bed. She took me into her mouth and sucked, I started to harden up. Glenn walked over to us and sat next to Karen, pulling her close.

“You good lover?” he asked.

“Oh yeah babe,” she said softly, eyes half closed. “Can we fuck all night?”

“Tom?” Glenn asked.

Looking down at Madison she was wide eyed and smiling. “You haven’t fucked me yet lover.”

I looked at Glenn and replied, “We can fuck all night.”

And we did.


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