Twelve Inches


The First inch was gorgeous  As it slipped into my mouth. I slurped and sucked on spongy flesh I just couldn’t take it out. The Second inch was just as nice, As the bulbous head filled with blood. I sucked on it and made it worse, I couldn’t wait for it to flood. The Third inch took a little time I pulled on his cock with my lips. Teasing and encouraging it To get as large as my tits. The Fourth inch was Demetevler Escort liquid silk As his cock leaked its port. I tasted his pre-cum on my tongue And swallowed it down my throat. The Fifth inch was getting there, The cock was growing well. I grabbed at his arse and pulled him in With a thirst I could not quell. The Sixth inch Otele gelen escort was a lovely surprise, I was glad it made it there. Right at the back of my throat at last I wanted it deeper, I just didn’t care. The Seventh inch was heaven sent, My fingers clenched in on his arse. As I took the inches down my throat, I needed to get Balgat Escort it past. The Eighth inch was coming fast And my throat was awash with spit. I swallowed and clawed and pulled at his flesh And relaxed my throat as I did. The Ninth inch was forcing its way on down, My throat was becoming a tube. As his fleshy bell end slipped inside And my spit acted as lube. The Tenth inch was nearly there But I knew there was two to go. I swallowed hard and hoped that he Would flood my throat some more. The Eleventh inch had filled my throat, My neck was bent well back. I dreamily pushed my head at him, Eyes closed, as he fucked me back. The Twelfth inch was there at last, My hand shot for my cunt. The other fondled his massive balls As he let loose, and shot his spunk.

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