Twenty Something Years Later – Final



Last year my wife Michelle and I went to the Gold Coast of Australia for a long weekend to meet Rick, who was touring the East Coast. Rick was a very close friend many years ago when we all lived in the same city; we had not met for over twenty years. Apart from the chance to catch up again, this trip was going to be all about reliving our sexual adventures when we were in our late twenties and early thirties.

Warning: I change the narrator to Rick very soon into the story, the start and finish are marked as it involves Michelle and Rick reliving their intimate times from the past when I was elsewhere.


We had breakfast and coffee out on the deck of our apartment overlooking the glistening Pacific Ocean that had white rollers braking on the miles of sandy beach that stretched both North & South far as the eyes could see. As usual, the surfers were out riding the waves, while other people are walking the shoreline or in swimming.

Michelle presented Rick with his other prize a cooked breakfast of Bacon I stuck to my muesli, yogurt and fruit.

The conversation moved to our old friends who were no longer breathing, marriages that didn’t last, and where in the world were people living now.

After we had exhausted our list of old friends, Michelle went inside to make a fresh pot of coffee. I had been waiting for the opportunity to ask Rick a question and now was my chance, “Rick, how do you think your dick will last the rest of the weekend? Because I think this woman is going to show our age up. I think I should go down to the drugstore and pick us up some blue pills.”

“Haha, great idea,” laughed Rick “we don’t want to disappoint her do we, she seems to be loving controlling us and being the director.”

“Great, I will go for a walk soon, and this afternoon Michelle won’t want to spend too long at the beach, why don’t you have some time alone with her, I know she will like that.”

“Well don’t buy the small pills then, you will come and rescue me, won’t you?”

“You and I both know you will love it, but yes I will give you at least an hour before I creep through the door.” I chuckled.

I finished my coffee and called out to Michelle who was making up our bed, that I was heading down the road to get a new pair of swimmers, and I will stop at the market to pick up some fresh tropical fruit.

When I got back to the apartment, the two of them were chilling out on the balcony. “Ok, let’s go and ride some waves,” Rick said as they saw me in the kitchen unpacking the food I had bought.

Michelle closed up her book, dropped it into her beach bag and said that she would brush her teeth quickly. I called Rick over and gave him some blue pills.”Suggest you take one now buddy, I think you will be back here soon with your dick getting some special treatment.” I commented.

“Kool I haven’t had a weekend like this for years and years, I certainly don’t want to waste any opportunity not to be inside that amazing pussy your wife has,” Rick said with a knowing wink.

So off we walked to layout on the beach. The weather was warm, with scattered clouds. We found a vacant spot of sand to place our towels and started sunning before hitting the waves for some body surfing.

Later Michelle was lying between us two guys reading her book, after about an hour, Michelle finished the book she was reading and commented that she was going back to the room to get her other book.

“Not just yet sexy lady, how about you tell us your top three horniest moments,” Rick commanded. “You have heard mine, and we know what Mike’s are without him having to tell us. So come on, I’m sure you have them all tucked away in your memory in order.”

Michelle didn’t reply straight away, and then a smile came across her face as she looked first at me then Rick.” Well, guys, number three would be the Sunday afternoon you boys had been playing golf and were around at Rick’s place having a few beers. You phoned me and asked if I could bring some Pizzas around. I organized a baby sitter, picked up the pizzas and arrived to find you two guys playing cards.

After the pizzas and a few drinks, I got dealt into the game, and it didn’t take you long to change the rules to strip poker. Funny that once you had me naked, if I won a hand I didn’t get to put any clothes back on, but I was allowed to choose something sexual to do, or have done to me. I certainly wasn’t going to get you two to touch each other, so suddenly my body was the centre of all the attention. Hmm, nice now I had two mouths, four hands and two excited cocks that I could do anything with, or if I lost a hand, my body would be surrendered to the winner for the two minutes that are allocated.”

Those two minutes of having my nipples squeezed or sucked, my pussy rubbed, fingered or sucked were such a tease, I remember feeling so tingly, so wet and hot between my legs and your cocks felt so hard in my hand or mouth, I knew ümraniye escort it wouldn’t be long before I would have them plunging into my pussy.”

“Ohh yeah, I remember that afternoon,” smiled Rick.”Let me just dig out a hole in the sand to accommodate my cock. It’s suddenly grown.”

“I already have for mine.” I laughed “Don’t stop Michelle.”

“Oops look at my nipples, I’m turning myself on, “purred Michelle. “It didn’t take to long until one of you boys commanded that I sit on the edge of the couch with my legs open and then you were each allowed a minute of sliding the tips of your cocks in and out of my pussy. Then somehow the next winner was again one of you, and the command was the same except I was to allow half your cocks to plunge in and out.

Well, guess who won the next hand,? It was me, by now I wanted your cocks badly, but I also saw how much precum was leaking out of your glands, that I decided I would prolong your pain for a few more minutes. So I commanded that you both had to suck my clit for a minute each, that’s when I had my first orgasm of the evening, on Rick’s tongue while his finger twirled around inside me.

That was the last hand dealt. I needed to feel a cock deep inside of me. I remember pulling Rick’s head up out of my pussy and reaching down and finding his cock so I could guide all of it into me, God that was a fantastic feeling after all that teasing. I came on your cocks one after the other, as you both plunged into me and ground against my clit.

Then it was time to ride you both as you lay on the floor I squatted down on to each of your cocks, sliding up and down your shafts. But what makes it especially memorable was later when we decided we would sleep in your spare room, Mike thought he better go home and allow the babysitter to leave and that he would get the kids off to school. The next morning I got up and went to the bathroom, and on my way back I put my head into your room, noticed you were still sleeping, came over and slipped my hand under the sheet and felt your morning woody, you rolled onto your back, and I slid your cock into my pussy. That was the first time we had been alone having sex. I felt very bad and naughty, but so horny.

Then to put a beautiful finish to everything Mike was waiting for me at home, and when I walked into the bedroom, within minutes, we were naked. He was ploughing his cock into me as I told him about waking you up and climbing on top of you so that I could sit on your cock and make you cum. And that is my third favourite memory.

I think I will keep number two until tonight, but now I am going to get my book while you guys will have to carry on lying there face down unless you want to get arrested,” smiled Michelle, as she slapped our arses.

Rick’s voice

“Rick, why don’t you go with her,” Mike suggested calmly. Michelle and I both turned to Mike, unsure we had heard him correctly. Ordinarily, the suggestion wouldn’t have meant anything. In the light of what had we had been doing, the meaning was clear. Whether it was our sudden quietness or he felt us looking at him, Mike continued, “Go ahead, it’s OK with me.”

Michelle leaned over to kiss Mike’s cheek. He whispered to her, “I’ll be out here thinking about what you are doing and getting very hard. I want to hear all about it when we get back home.”

I looked at Mike, and we both gave each other a wink, I got to my knees and reached for Michelle’s hand. She took my hand, and we walked back to the room. We didn’t speak on the way, but she did squeeze my hand. We both knew what was going to happen when we got inside the room. On the walk, I don’t think I could have gotten any harder. In the elevator I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately holding her body tight against mine, We broke apart as the elevator told us we had reached the 12th floor “I never thought we’d get the chance to do this, ” she said.

“Me, either,” I agreed.

Michelle opened the door and let me go in before her. She closed the door behind her, the click of the lock seeming to echo in the otherwise empty apartment. “Let’s go and wash the salt and sand from each other, shall we?” Michelle smiled shyly and reached behind her neck to untie the top of her bikini. I watched the cups fall away, exposing her breasts. The nipples were erect, but I don’t think it was because of the cold air-conditioning.

She untied the bottom string, and her top fell to the floor between us. I watched it fall. She reached out for me, and I hugged her, kissing her passionately as I felt her tits crushing against my bare chest. I held her to me so tightly that I could feel the bulge of my erection, pressing against her mound. She could feel it, too. She pressed harder, rubbing her groin against the lump in my swimsuit. I pulled my lips from hers, sucking at her bottom lip pendik escort as I did and ending the kiss in a wet sloppy fashion. We were smiling at each other when I opened my eyes.

We still didn’t speak. I dropped to my knees and kissed her pussy through the bikini bottom. Next, I put a thumb in each side and pulled down, exposing her small runaway of blonde hair. The crotch of her suit held on to a strand of her wetness as it moved down. She was as wet as I was hard. The suit slid down her legs, and she stepped out of it. I held her by her ass cheeks and pressed my face into her pussy, my tongue working its way into her slit. She was so wet and hot that it was almost like putting my face into a warm saucer of water. I was enjoying tasting her, and it had a pleasant salty flavour.

She was enjoying it, judging by the way she broke the silence with her whimpers. I felt her hands on my head, guiding me to the correct spots. I expected to eat her out for a lot longer, but she pulled me away after what seemed only like a minute. I looked up questioningly at her. “Let’s wash each other down, and then I want you to fill me up with this,” As her hand wrapped around my cock and pulled me into the bathroom.

“After all the nights I spent lying in bed while Mike was away, touching myself and thinking of you, now I get to touch you again.”
No sooner had she spoken those words than she slid lower until her face was in front of my swimmers. She looked at me and smiled but didn’t talk. She put both hands on the waistband of my swimmers and pulled it off. My dick popped out as she did and stood stiffly. She worked the garment off my legs before returning her face to my cock. She studied me for a moment, fascinated by the drop of precum appearing at the head. “I missed this part of you so much,” she said, making her point by sticking her tongue out of her mouth and licking off the droplet. The contact of her tongue to the head of my cock made me lurch involuntarily. She giggled.

“I love it when you do that,” she said wistfully. Actually, I think she was speaking directly to my dick. She wasn’t looking at my eyes but at my erection as she spoke. “I missed you so much,” she said with emphasis. Holding the shaft with one hand, she licked from my balls up to the tip. Her wet tongue moving against that sensitive area made me moan. I saw the smile on her face broaden as I sighed. She made one more pass up the front of my dick, then opened her mouth and took my dick inside. Every time she sucked me, it took my breath away. The feeling of her mouth on my dick was so incredible. I couldn’t imagine anything else feeling better. Her mouth was warm and wet, and her tongue moved over me as she sucked.

After a few strokes, she stopped. She started to get up, and I groaned in frustration.

“Don’t worry, Rick. I’ll be right back.”

Michelle and I were now naked in the bathroom. I watched my friend’s wife in the mirror as she bent over to start the shower. With her bent over, I could see her pussy lips framed by her thighs, and the sight was quickly making me ache. I could clearly see her slit, with the lips swollen and pink. The orgasm from the morning had done little to quell all my desires. Michelle stood up and turned around. In the mirror, she could see the effect her body had on me. I watched as she walked up to me and put her arms around me. When I felt her breasts press into my back, I groaned. I could also feel the hair above her pussy against my ass. My dick jumped a little. Michelle gave a little laugh when she saw that. Her hands dropped lower to caress my hardon.

“Mmm, I like doing this,” she told me as she gently stroked.

“You’ll get no complaints from me,” I assured her.

“Hey, no fair. At least you got something earlier. I haven’t gotten anything all day. I was so horny on the beach recalling that Sunday afternoon.”

“Want me to take care of that right now?” I offered.

“Let’s get cleaned up first. I’m all salty, but I’m sure you can think of something to do to me in the shower.”

We turned around and got in the shower, and she was in front of me this time. As I put my arms around her to caress her tits, my dick poked into her ass. I squatted a little, so it could slide between her legs, rubbing as it did against her pussy.

“I said you could have me after we got clean.”

“I’m not pushing. I’m just getting comfortable,” I told her.

“Uh-huh. You’re getting pretty comfortable.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, emphasizing the point by sliding my dick back and forth against her lips.

“Oh, no,” she assured me, her voice slow and dreamy. “Don’t stop.”

I heard the washcloth she had been lathering fall to the bottom of the tub with a wet plop. I reached around her and opened her lips so my dick could slide between her lips, she moaned. With both my arms around her, I held the end of my dick firmly against her pussy with my left hand and used my right to play with her clit.

“This is so nice,” she said bostancı escort in a dreamy voice. “Don’t think you’re getting off easy, though. I’m going to want the real thing when we dry off.”

Michelle’s hand replaced mine on the head of my dick, holding the shaft firmly against her wet lips.

Michelle laughed, though she pressed my dick harder against her. She leaned forward. “Oh, just fuck me right here. Put it in now.”

I had no problem complying with a request like that. She was so wet inside that I entered easily, filling her with my length.

“I’ve wanted this all day,” Michelle said in a sort of moan. “Ever since I woke you, with my hand on your cock.”

I cut off any further conversation when I grabbed Michelle by the hips and started thrusting harder. She was moaning loudly now, but I didn’t care. I knew Mike would be thinking about what we were doing, that his wife had my cock locked inside her cunt again. When that thought hit me, I suddenly started to cum. It was too late to stop it so I instead diddled Michelle’s clit as hard as I could. I hoped I could make her cum with me. She was so worked up that she did cum with me. I leaned into her and pumped her full of my sperm. After the teasing from the stories on the beach, and in spite of fucking her tits this morning, it felt so good cumming inside her. When I finished spurting, I just held myself as deeply inside her as I could.

“What made you cum so fast?” Michelle asked when she had caught her breath.

I didn’t know how to answer. The fear of admitting that I had taken a blue pill made my dick shrink faster inside her pussy. Michelle didn’t miss the clue.

“Feeling nervous?”

Since I was no longer hard, Michelle easily pulled off me and turned around. I tried to look as innocent as possible. She kissed me, “and Good save,” she told me with a sly smile. I felt a little relieved. “Now let’s get out there and fool around some more.”

I just grinned as I got out of the shower and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my waist. Anxious to get started on that “fooling around” Michelle promised.

She said, “I want it now,” as she fell back onto the bed, pulling me with her. She scooted fully onto the bed and opened her legs. I crawled after her, my erection dangling and bobbing from side to side as I moved. She seemed to like watching it swing.

When I reached her, she grasped my dick and aimed it towards her slit. I felt her sliding it along her wet pussy. She cooed as the tip passed over her clit, and then moved it lower to enter her. Her hands slid along my sides as I entered her. I sank fully into her because she was so wet. When I was fully inside, I dropped softly onto her. It was then that I fully realized we were doing this alone, without Mike there. It was like when we were in our thirties, always looking for an opportunity to fuck each other, even though he had given his permission. I actually thought about Mike lying alone on the beach as I screwed Michelle.

Well, I thought about Mike for the first minute. When Michelle really started getting into it, moaning and calling out, I couldn’t think of anything except the naked woman lying underneath me.

I sat up and placed her legs over my shoulders. She used to like it that way a lot. Before long, I had her ass lifted off the bed, and I was pushing hard into her. By the sounds she was making, she liked it rough. Next, she wanted to get on top. I started to pull out, but she stopped me. Holding me close to her, she guided me into rolling over while still inside her. I almost came out at the end of the roll, but we successfully ended up with her on top and my cock still safely inside her. She immediately started riding me hard, impaling her body on my cock.

“What makes it so exciting?” I asked rhetorically, as she rode me and I thrust up into her.

She closed her eyes, smiled, and drew in a deep breath, “doing it with you. Knowing Mike is out there,” pointing to the door, “and that he knows what we are doing. It’s naughty and wrong, but not really wrong because we have his permission, it’s really fucking, fucking good.”

That did it. I came at her words. I pushed my hips upward into her, lifting her in the process. My legs were tensed. It was like I was trying to pump my cum into her body with more force by using my legs.
She climbed off, a rush of warm fluid coming out of her pussy when she got up. It pooled on my lower stomach. She looked at it, then at me with a mischievous grin. She leaned forward and licked, tasting both of us. After a few licks, she leaned over and kissed me. “Thanks,” she whispered. She rolled onto her back with her legs open. I put my face where my dick had been and quickly gave her the orgasm I denied her when I came before her a few minutes before. After I finished, I lay on top of her and kissed her. She moaned during the kiss, enjoying the taste.

“That was as good as I expected it would be,” she told me. Then, “You’re hard from doing that, how old did you say you were?.”

“I’m hard from eating your pussy. I still love to eat pussy. “

Michelle kissed me, “We should probably clean up and go back out. Mike is probably dying to hear what we’ve been doing. Or we could go out to the lounge and have a beer.”

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