Two King Beds


Sometimes there are moments in life that have the potential to radically alter the course of your marriage. For my wife Lara and I, that moment happened on the first night of a vacation in Aruba.

We’d been married for 11 years and it was the first time we’d left the kids for more than a night. We were with our friends, Bryan and Stephanie, who were basically carbon copies of us. Like us, they’d been married for over a decade and had two kids. Like us, they were both professionals who had met in grad school. Like us, they worked too hard and hadn’t had a real vacation away from their kids since they’d been born. Like us, they’d been looking forward to this vacation for a long time.

Lara and I had a good, though not particularly adventurous sex life. We kept ourselves in pretty good shape, and Lara, now 37, didn’t look a day older that she had when we married. She was beautiful, with long curly brown hair and a lean, athletic body. She was about 5’6” with olive skin and a strikingly pretty face. She was the kind of person who would wear yoga pants every day if she could, and no one would mind. We had sex pretty often for a couple that had been together as long as we had, usually 2-3 times a week, but it had gotten somewhat stale and predictable. Lara was certainly a willing lover — she rarely turned me down — and she enjoyed sex, especially once I’d warmed her up. But even after 13+ years of sex with me, she was pretty reserved in bed. She rarely took the initiative and was content to follow my lead, do what I wanted. For example, she liked using a vibrator, but always waited for me to suggest it (and would never have suggested purchasing one in the first place; I had to buy it for her). And she never, ever said anything dirty in bed. When she was really into it, she’d say things like “deeper” or “faster” but never anything like “fuck” or “cock” or “pussy.” I never really understood where this shyness came from because she wasn’t otherwise a shy person. She was outgoing, funny, very personable, the kind of person who lit up a room and everyone enjoyed being around.

Stephanie was like her in many ways, which is why they were such good friends. They were both over-achievers and good little Jewish girls who talked to their moms five times a day. Stephanie too was very pretty, very friendly, very intelligent, and very hard for me to picture having sex (though I’d certainly tried). She was a petite girl, just over five feet tall, but slender and well proportioned. She had long, straight brown hair and a girlish voice. And like Lara, I’d never heard her utter a curse word and was skeptical she ever did, even in private. Unlike my wife, who was very outgoing and had a wacky sense of humor, Stephanie had an almost Stepford-wife quality; she was nice, pleasant to be around, but tightly wound. I never got the sense that I knew the “real” her.

Bryan and I weren’t nearly as close as Lara and Stephanie, but we got along fine. We talked sports and drank beer and talked shop (we had similar jobs). We were pretty similar people personality-wise, but quite different physically. Bryan was a much bigger guy. He was at least 6’4” and pretty solid. He had dark hair, a square jaw, and very deep voice. I was a shade under 6’0,” but slender, no more than 160 pounds soaking wet. I had brown hair, with a bit of gray mixed in, but very little of it. Not that I was balding or anything, I just wore my hair very short, almost buzzed. I looked a bit like Justin Timberlake (not to flatter myself).

We were headed to Aruba for a four night stay at a nice resort (I’ll leave out the name to avoid any unwanted publicity). It was an adults only resort that Stephanie’s brother had raved about. When we got there, it was early afternoon and we were all still energized by the knowledge that we had four days of no parental or work responsibilities ahead of. It was a feeling none of us had experienced for the better part of a decade, and it was liberating and intoxicating at the same time. Then came the first hiccup.

When we went to check in, the person behind the desk immediately went to get a supervisor, never a good sign. A man in his 50s, with dark skin and a plump round face, came out with a look of abject apology. His name was Arlo, and he explained that there had been a fire that morning and it had caused significant damage to one wing of the resort, rendering eight guest rooms uninhabitable, including both of the rooms that had been slotted for us. He said that there was only one unoccupied room left in the entire resort. He said that they had been trying all afternoon to reserve alternative accommodations for us at another resort, but had so far been unsuccessful. He offered to move a second bed into the open room so that we would all have a place to stay in case he wasn’t able to find something for us that night. He seemed optimistic that this would, at worst, be a one night thing, that something else would open up by tomorrow. He apologized profusely and antep escort offered to cover all of our food and drinks for the night, which we gladly accepted.

To his obvious relief, we all took the news pretty well. I think we were just so happy to be away that we would have taken most anything in stride. When we got to the room, it was obvious that it wasn’t built to hold two king beds. The beds were practically touching and there was very little open space remaining in the main part of the room. But the room was otherwise very nice, and opened right out onto the beach.

Before long, we had all changed into our bathing suits and were sitting on the beach sipping free drinks and laughing about our predicament. There’s really no better feeling than that buzz you get from the first drink of the afternoon, particularly when you’re drinking outside in nice weather. I was feeling good, and I couldn’t help but stare at Lara and Stephanie. The sight of a beautiful, slender girl in a bikini is pretty intoxicating in and of itself, particularly when you’ve just endured a brutally long winter (it had been snowing when we drove to the airport that morning). Both Lara and Stephanie looked fabulous. Lara had on a black two piece. It didn’t show any real cleavage but the contrast against her olive skin was certainly pleasing to the eye. I couldn’t help but notice Bryan giving her several once-overs. And I didn’t blame him because I’d certainly glanced at Stephanie more than a few times already. Her suit was less modest than I had expected, showing a good deal of cleavage. She certainly had Lara beat when it came to breast size, sporting surprisingly large tits for such a petite girl. But Lara made up for it in the leg department. I’m really not sure anyone could have better legs than my wife.

We continued to drink through dinner and into the evening, when we eventually retired to our shared room. It was at that point that the awkwardness of the situation began to be apparent. I couldn’t remember the last time I had shared a bedroom with anyone other than my wife, and I’m sure everyone else was thinking the same thing. Bryan apologized ahead of time for any snoring. The lack of privacy really started to sink in too, as we competed for bathroom space to change into our respective sleep clothes, brush our teeth, and do all our typical nighttime rituals. Bryan and I got ready pretty quickly and then sat on our respective king beds, watching TV as we waited for the girls. We were both in boxers and t-shirts.

I didn’t know what Bryan was thinking, but if he was like me, he was trying to come to grips with the fact that he’d have to wait another day to get any sexual release. In order to make things more fun on the vacation, Lara and I had deliberately avoided sex for the last two weeks, which was a really long time by our standards. And even more unprecedented, I hadn’t masturbated during that time either. So I was a bundle of pent up sexual energy, and an afternoon and evening of staring at beautiful women in bikinis had only added fuel to the fire.

When Stephanie came out of the bathroom, she was wearing a blue tank top and short pajama shorts. What caught my attention immediately, though, was the fact that she was not wearing a bra. Not that I would have expected her to wear a bra to bed, but without it, the outlines of her breasts and nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton. I could feel my cock stirring and had to cover my lower half beneath the sheets to avoid potential embarrassment.

Lara came out a few minutes later, dressed similarly to Stephanie in a tank top (yellow in her case) and short pajama shorts. Having smaller breasts and a thicker shirt, though, Lara didn’t look quite as exposed as Stephanie. I wasn’t sure if I was happy about that or not.

After a little more chit chat, we turned off the TV and the lights and curled into bed. The night air was a comfortable temperature, so we had opened the screened windows and turned off the AC. The sound of the ocean outside was persistent and soothing. But it did little to calm my now raging erection.

Lara had curled onto her right side, facing Bryan and Stephanie’s bed, clearly content to go to sleep. I was on her left. I turned onto my side as well, facing her back, and quietly reached my hands out to touch her hips and ass, which were sticking out towards me. At first she didn’t react, but as I continued to caress her, she seemed to understand what I had in mind and reached back to slap one of my hands away. Not so easily deterred, my hand shot back to its place on her ass a moment later. Slowly I moved my hips closer to hers until my erection was pressing up against her ass, through my boxers. At that point, she turned her head and whispered “sorry, buddy, that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.”

I ignored her and began slowly rubbing my erection up and down against the crack of her ass. She turned her head antep escort bayan again and whispered “are you crazy? they’ll hear!”

I finally responded, whispering back “not if we’re quiet; the ocean is pretty loud.” I continued to slowly rub my cock against her ass.

She whispered, “stop Jake,” but for the first time I could hear in her voice that she was actually entertaining the idea, debating how much resistance she was going to mount. So I just kept going, rubbing my cock against her and using my hands to caress her body, including her breasts. I kissed her gently on the neck.

Interpreting her silence as acquiescence, I slowly began to slip her shorts down over her hips. When she lifted her hips slightly to make my job easier, I knew her resistance had crumbled. She was going to let this happen. Quietly, I continued sliding her shorts down her legs and she kicked them off her feet. She was wearing no panties, so she was now naked from the waist down (albeit under the covers). I quickly slid off my boxers, freeing my rock hard cock, which came to rest against her ass. I grabbed my cock in my hand and slowly began rubbing the tip against her opening and up toward her clitoris, back and forth. Despite her early protestations, I could feel she was wet already. I wanted to tease her a bit, though, really make her want this too. So kept rubbing the tip of my cock against her, not penetrating. After a while, she began moving her hips, a sure sign that she was enjoying this.

Not having the will power to wait any longer, I lined up my cock and slowly guided it inside her. It slid in easily, silently, and soon I was thrusting in and out, with my hands on her hips, trying to make as little noise as possible. We continued that way for several minutes. I wondered what Stephanie and Bryan would think if they knew we were fucking less than 10 feet away from them.

Then we both stopped abruptly. We’d both heard a noise, something that sounded like the rustling of sheets, and I think Lara (like me) initially assumed that we were making the noise. But we had both stopped moving and the noise continued. I lifted my head a little to look over Lara and toward the other bed. It was pretty dark in the room, but my eyes had now adjusted and I could see Bryan’s back. He too was on his side, facing away from us. But I could tell that his hips were moving. The rustling sound was coming from them.

I whispered to Lara, “I think they’re fucking too.” She had no doubt come to the same conclusion, probably before I did. She didn’t say anything, though, she just reached her hand back and touched my ass, clearly encouraging me to resume fucking her, which I was more than happy to do.

In light of the sounds coming from the other bed, I was less concerned with our own noise level, and began thrusting more vigorously. I also reached around and began stroking Lara’s clit with my left hand. We were both really into it at this point, incredibly turned on by the whole situation, and after a few minutes, it occurred to me that we had to be making as much or more noise than they were. Sure enough, when I raised my head again to look over at the other bed, I saw that they had changed positions. Stephanie was now on the side closest to us, looking in our direction, and Bryan was behind her. They were clearly still fucking, in a mirror image position to ours. For a moment, Stephanie and I locked eyes. Her eyes were full of lust; it was an expression not remotely like any I’d ever seen on this shy, polite girl, the kind of expression only a lover ever gets to see. No doubt seeing the same thing in my eyes, she quickly looked away, not yet sure what to make of this sudden and unexpected intimacy. I wondered if Lara and Bryan had shared a similar awkward moment.

As it was now clear to both couples what the other was doing, all of us stopped trying be quiet and began to move more freely under the sheets. The distinctive slapping sounds of sex could be heard from both ends of the room, and both Lara and Stephanie let out an occasional little moan. After about a minute of this, I heard a different kind of movement on the other bed and looked over to see Bryan pulling Stephanie on top until she was straddling him. She was still wearing her tank top and the sheets still covered her from the waist down, but she put her hands on Bryan’s chest and began riding him, grinding her hips against him and occasionally looking over at us. The form of her nipples was clearly visible through her shirt.

I was also in the mood for a change of position, but chose to go in the opposite direction. I pulled out of Lara and rolled her onto her back. I then crawled on top of her, into the missionary position and drove my cock back into her, causing her to gasp in pleasure. I began thrusting steadily, creating a slapping noise with each thrust. We too were still covered by the sheets from the waist down, but I could tell that escort antep we had Bryan and Stephanie’s full attention.

We continued to fuck like this, side by side, for quite a while, steadily increasing our pace. The moaning and grunting was more frequent and audible now. Stephanie had a high-pitched, very girlish voice and that translated into a sort of squeal as she built toward orgasm. It was unlike any sound of pleasure I’d ever heard from a woman and I found it incredibly arousing.

For several minutes now, Bryan had been unabashedly groping Stephanie’s chest through her shirt, which had contributed to the squealing. Then he did something that I will never forget. Just thinking about it makes me rock hard to this day. He reached up, grabbed the straps of Stephanie’s tank top, and pulled them both down to her sides in one quick motion. And just like that, her breasts were completely exposed, in all of their glory. And they were magnificent. Perfectly round, the size of baseballs. Her nipples were on full alert. Her skin glistened with sweat. For a moment, she stopped moving, clearly uncertain whether she was okay with being so totally exposed in front of her friends. But the moment passed quickly, and few seconds later, she was rocking up and down even more wildly, as Bryan took turns sucking on each of her nipples.

That sight was almost too much for me to handle, and I had to quickly stop what I was doing to keep from coming too soon. I sat back on my knees and slid my cock out of Lara, and in the process inadvertently pulled our sheet back, completely exposing our lower halves to Bryan and Stephanie. What Lara did next caught me completely by surprise. Rather than scrambling to pull the sheet back over us — which is what I would have expected — she sat there for a moment and then, without saying a word, she deftly rolled over on to her knees and grabbed the headboard with her hands. She looked back at me, her ass protruding toward me and in full view of our friends, naked from the waist down, and she said three words I’ll never forget: “Fuck me, Jake.”

I just stared at her for a second, not comprehending how this could be the same girl I’d been married to for the last 11 years. Then I sat up, lined up my cock, and drove it all the way into her in one smooth stroke. Lara gasped and then began moving her ass back and forth into me, still gripping the headboard with both hands.

When I looked over at Stephanie and Bryan, I saw that they had tossed their sheet aside too. I could see Stephanie’s bare ass plunging up and down onto Bryan’s exposed (and rather tremendously-sized) cock.

The sexual energy in the room at this point was off the charts. We were all out of our minds with lust and on the verge of explosive orgasms. Stephanie was squealing up a storm. In her high-pitched voice she start saying “Oh god, oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck.” She was about to come hard. Sensing this, Bryan abruptly reached his arm around her back and spun them both over until he was on top. Stephanie was now on her back, with her head hanging off the side of the bed. She was looking right at us, her face upside down and distorted in pleasure. Bryan was now slamming into her, and her legs were raised up almost over her head.

She screamed, “oh my god, I’m coming, oh fuuuuuuckk” and visibly shuddered, her eyes rolling back in her head. That was apparently all Bryan could take, because he whipped his cock out of her and let go of an absolute torrent of cum that shot across her stomach and landed largely on her tits. Some of it even made it all the way to her neck and face.

At that moment, Lara gasped “oh god, I’m coming too.” As she spasmed on my cock, she screamed, “come on me too, Jake.” That triggered my own explosive orgasm, and, as requested, I pulled out my cock and let the streams of cum shoot across Lara’s back. Not having ejaculated in over two weeks, I had quite a bit pent up, and most of it ended up on Lara’s ass and the small of her back, with a fair amount landing on her yellow tank top, which she was still wearing.

A few moments later, we had all collapsed on our beds, and were struggling to catch our breath.

Things got awkward pretty quick once we caught our breath and the passion of the moment had passed. We laughed a bit, but it was forced. The truth was we were all still having trouble processing what had just happened and none of us really knew what to say. We cleaned up, found our clothes, and eventually made our way back to bed.


I woke up in the middle of the night. I’d been having a crazy sex dream. I couldn’t really remember what it had been about, but I knew Stephanie’s tits had featured prominently. I had a raging erection. My hand went immediately to my cock and began gently stroking it through my boxers. I looked over to my left. Lara was sound asleep, her back to me. I thought about waking her and having another go. Then I heard something.

I looked around to my right. Stephanie was on the part of her bed closest to me, not more than four feet away. Her eyes were closed and one of her legs was sticking out from under the sheet. Under the sheet, there was motion down below her waist. It was her hand. She was masturbating. And she apparently hadn’t noticed that I was awake.

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