Unusual First Meeting Ch. 07


We decided to go on a Saturday. When we arrived at the railway we found a notice board with contact details about volunteering. While we were looking at it a voice behind us said, “Are you interested?” We turned to find a well built lady of around 50 smiling at us.

“Hi!” she greeted, “I’m Betty and I’m the co-ordinator for new recruits. I saw you looking at the notice and thought you might be interested.” She was wearing a summer dress that had a scoop neck and even though she was an older lady the view of her cleavage definitely was interesting. I dragged my eyes up to her face, which was wearing a friendly smile. It was one of those smiles that lights up a face, and I couldn’t help smiling back.

“I think we are.” I replied. “We have been talking about finding out about volunteering.”

“Well, if you want to chat now, my office is just down the platform. We can chat another time though, if you would rather that.

I looked at Angie and she nodded, “Let’s go now.” she said.

“Well come along then.” Betty replied, and off we went to her office.

Her office was a cramped little place at the end of the main station building. She walked in ahead of us then stopped and bent over to open a drawer. Her dress rode up at the back to reveal a pair of rather nice thighs. She quickly straightened and turned round only to bend again to another drawer giving a very nice view of her large tits down her dress. There was no bra to be seen in that view either. Betty pulled some forms out of a file and went to her small desk.

“Have you any ideas about what you would like to do here?” she asked and then listened to our thoughts.

“I will start by telling you that there is no fixed structure here about who does what. We all have our main activities, as with me here now, but we all muck in as necessary at any task we have the skill set for.”

After some more discussion about which activities we would like to get involved in Betty walked us around to the loco sheds. There were several guys working there and all work stopped as we came in and they took in the sight of Angie in her usual outfit of spaghetti strap t-shirt and denim skirt.

“Got a couple of new volunteers.” Betty announced. We looked around at the group. There were eight that we could see ranging from a teenage lad to a few older guys who appeared to be at least sixty. They were all in boiler suits and generally decidedly dirty. A tall guy around 50 years old came forward, “Do you want to give them the tour, or shall I do it?” he asked Betty.

“This is my hubby, Miles.” she said “Miles, meet Angie and Ian. I’ll go get changed and do the tour if that’s ok with you?”

“Yeah, fine!” he replied. “It’s a bit messy around here. Why don’t you look through the spare overalls and see if any will fit them?” Betty gave him a sly grin and a thumbs up before leading us to the locker room. It was a fairly large room with lockers and cupboards all around the walls and a double row, back to back, in the middle. Betty opened one of the cupboards and rummaged through the pile of boiler suits inside. Pulling out two, she said, “These should fit you.” Then she walked to a locker and undid the coded padlock.

“We’re not shy here.” she said as she took a boiler suit out and draped it over the door. She then pulled the sundress up over her head and off revealing that she was naked apart from her sneakers. Her body wasn’t toned like she worked out all the time but apart from a slight belly she looked pretty fit. She had nice big tits, probably 36B/C, and a completely shaved mound.

After a brief hesitation Angie said, “No problem,” and had her t-shirt and skirt off in a couple of seconds.

I thought to myself that it would be silly not to join in and took my kit off pretty quickly too. Having these two rather tempting bodies displayed for me my cock was already at half mast by the time I was naked.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” Betty cooed, stepping closer and grabbing my cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and gently stroked it a few times. That was all it took to get me rock hard. Betty dropped into a squat and took my whole cock into her mouth in one go. It’s not a monster cock but at a thick eight and a half inches it’s not small either. I keep my pubes trimmed and her nose was right into them without any hesitation at all. I looked across at Angie and she was staring wide eyed at the sight.

“Bloody hell!” she exclaimed, “That’s awesome!” She moved to squat behind Betty, mashing her tits against Betty’s back and reaching round to cup her tits. She pinched Betty’s nipples and I could feel her moan around my cock. Angie slid a hand down over Betty’s belly and between her legs. She must have slipped a finger or two into Betty’s pussy because Betty gave a squeal and pulled off my cock.

“Oh fuck!” she squeaked, “That feels good!” She swallowed my cock again and started working her mouth up and down it while sucking hard. I was so turned on by this unexpected situation gaziantep lezbiyen escort that I could feel my balls tightening.

“Gonna Cum!” I growled. Betty stopped bobbing on my cock with just the head in her mouth. Her hand came up and started wanking me into her, still sucking mouth. That did it for me as I yelled and shot ropes of spunk into her mouth. She kept sucking until she was sure she had it all and then pulled off my cock. Before Betty had a chance to swallow, Angie pulled her head around and they kissed, sharing my load. Angie’s fingers were still in Betty’s cunt and I could see Betty shuddering as she came hard.

Betty pulled her face away from Angie, looked up at me, and grinned, “That was fun.” she said. “I hope we can continue this later. Right, let’s get these overalls on.” She looked at me, “You better put those boxers back on. These things are a bit rough on the dangly bits.” she giggled.

We quickly pulled on the suits and off we went to start our tour. Betty had made sure that the suit she had given Angie was just a bit too small so it was quite a tight fit. As we walked around, I could see the appreciative looks from most of the volunteers.

In the steam engine shed a couple of volunteers were working on the inside motion of a pannier tank. Angie wanted to see what they were doing and one of the guys invited her to have a close-up look. There isn’t much room around the motion under a pannier so it meant she had to squeeze into small space with him. She glanced back at me and gave me a wink and an evil grin as she squeezed up against him. He was a fit looking guy around his mid-twenties and they both seemed to be enjoying the situation.

“Lucky sod!” the other volunteer muttered as he watched them. After Karl, as we later found out he was called, had taken his time explaining what he was doing, Angie extricated herself from under the loco. The front of her overall was stained from rubbing up against Karl’s.

“You look like you belong here now.” Betty remarked.

“I think I’d like that.” Angie replied. “I’m finding myself interested in what goes on here.”

“Well the steam group are planning a meet up at the pub down the road this evening, if you two are interested. Chance to get to know everyone.” Betty said hopefully.

We both thought that sounded good, so we continued with our tour. About an hour and a half later we were back in the locker room.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use a shower now?” Betty queried.

“Sounds good to me.” Angie replied starting to squirm out of her overall. Betty was doing the same, so I got my kit off as well. There were two shower rooms off the locker room marked with the usual pictographs.

“We’ll use the ladies.” said Betty. “It’s cleaner as there aren’t many of us in this department. You too!” she said looking at me. I happily followed the two naked ladies into the shower thinking that this should be fun. We were soon under the hot water and we just soaped each other up as though we had all been showering together for years. Suddenly there was a fourth body in the spray with us.

“I guessed you would be in here.” said Miles as he took over from Betty spreading shower gel over Angie’s tits. The two women stood facing each other as Miles and I worked on their soapy tits. Miles slid one hand down over Angie’s belly and between her legs. She gave a gasp, then a moan as he slipped a finger into her. Not to be left out, I did the same with Betty.

“I think we better go somewhere more comfortable.” Betty groaned as I worked another finger into her hot, slippery cunt. We exited the shower and Betty produced towels from a cupboard to dry ourselves. We quickly dressed and Miles led the way to a large camper van in the members car park behind the workshops. He unlocked it and we all piled in.

As soon as the door was shut Betty and Miles started pulling their clothes off, so Angie and I did too. Betty grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the back of the van. Miles was doing the same with Angie. Being a camper van, the bedroom wasn’t huge but the bed was big enough for what we needed. Angie and Betty were soon lying on the bed, legs spread, as Miles and I were working our tongues into their cunts. Miles had gone straight for Angie, so I got to do Betty.

“Oh fuck, so good!” she yelled as I licked the length of her cunt lips and then sucked her clit into my mouth. I brought my hand up and slipped two fingers into her wet cunt and she screamed as her orgasm hit. Miles was obviously doing a good job on Angie, too. as she was bucking and yelling through a big cum. As she came down from her orgasm Betty reached down and pulled me upwards between her legs,

“Fuck me.” she commanded as she reached her hand down and aimed my cock at her cunt, Angie was doing the same with Miles cock and we both pushed in at the same time forcing gasps from both women as we bottomed out in their wet, welcoming escort gaziantep lezbiyen cunts. Betty wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me and ground her clit against my pubis. I could feel my cock slipping over her cervix.

“Fuck, yes. You fill me up so good.” she moaned. “I’m gonna cum!” she yelled, writhing under me as she shuddered through her orgasm. As she relaxed she said, “Now fuck me hard. Make me cum again.” I started to pound my cock into her and, as I did, I could hear the slap of skin on skin as Miles was doing the same to Angie. I could see Angie’s hips bucking under him as she tried to get him in as deep as she could. All four of us were grunting and moaning as we fucked each other towards a climax.

I pulled Betty’s legs up over my shoulders so as to get in as deep as possible, which made her gasp and grunt even louder. I watched my cock, slick with her juice, sliding in and out of her wet cunt. I glanced across at the others, and I could see Miles’s cock shining with Angie’s juice as he thrust in and out.

“Harder!” Yelled Betty,” I’m gonna cum so good!”

“Me too!” Angie screamed. That did it for me and as I felt Betty’s hips buck up and her cunt spasming with her orgasm, my balls tightened and I roared as I shot huge pulses of spunk into her. I could hear answering cries from the other two as Miles filled Angie’s cunt with his spunk and she had a huge cum with him.

Miles and I quickly changed places so we could have a reclaim fuck before we went soft. I slid my cock into Angie’s cunt after using the head of my cock to scoop up some of the spunk dribbling out.

“Mmmmmm!” she cooed. “That feels good. I love it when you fuck me after another guy has filled me up. It wasn’t a very long fuck as I soon went soft, and I could see the same was happening with Betty and Miles. Miles and I both rolled off and Angie said, “I don’t know about you lot, but I’m starving now.”

“Yeah!” Betty replied, “Me too. How about we go for another shower then head for the pub? They do great food there, and we can meet up with the others for a drink after.” That idea sounded good to the rest of us so off we went to the showers. Miles and Betty had clean clothes in the camper, but Angie and I had to make do with what we arrived in. Seeing as we had taken them off quite a bit during the day they were ok really.

When we got to the pub the food was as good as Betty had said so we enjoyed a good meal and had the opportunity to find out a bit more about each other. Soon, the other group members started trickling in until there were eight of us guys altogether. Two of the others had brought their wives and one his girlfriend so there were five women. As they arrived more drinks were bought and introductions made. Everyone was dressed much like Angie and I. T-shirts and shorts for the guys and the ladies had mostly t-shits and skirts although Betty and one of the other wives wore sundresses. Bras didn’t seem to be in evidence at all which made me wonder if they were all pantie less too, the same as Angie and Betty.

We were accepted into the group without any hesitation and soon it was as if we had been with them for years. They all seemed pretty touchy-feely as we chatted. When the introductions had been made, I had got a kiss from all the ladies and Angie got kissed by all the guys.

As the evening progressed we were moving around chatting to different people. Quite late on I was chatting with the oldest couple there. Ron and Myra were both volunteers at the railway but she was mostly doing duty as a guard on the trains and in the finance department. Angie was chatting with a couple of the single guys from the group.

As we chatted Myra was holding my arm and pressing her ample tit against it so I could feel her nipple hardening as we talked. Her other hand started rubbing up and down my thigh. I glanced at her husband, sitting on the other side of her, and he was watching what she was doing while rubbing his hand up and down her thigh. As I watched he slid his fingers to the inside of her thigh and moved his hand so they went up underneath her skirt. We were all in a side area off the main bar so the other people there didn’t have a clear view of what was going on. I glanced over at Angie, and she was sandwiched between the two guys she had been chatting with. One guy was kissing her and feeling her tits while the other was rubbing his crotch against her arse while trying to get his hand up her skirt.

Miles was suddenly speaking quite loudly from the middle of the space, “Ok you lot. I think it’s time to get out of here before anyone gets too frisky and we get chucked out. Come on, back to our place, as usual.” We all retrieved our various vehicles and we followed the camper. Our route took us out of town but we soon turned off the main road onto a single track road heading up and around a mountain. After about a mile the camper swung into a driveway gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar entrance and stopped while electric gates slowly opened. The drive curved through a stand of trees then we came to an open area in front of a rather imposing house. The camper came to a halt near the front door. The others were obviously used to the drill here and lined up on one side of a large gravelled area in front of the house. We all followed Miles and Betty inside.

The inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. A large entrance hall with a stone staircase to the upper floors. We all trooped past this and then into an equally impressive kitchen area. Miles and Betty headed straight through this and into another huge room beyond. This could only be described as a playroom. There was space for several couches grouped in a half circle facing a sunken jacuzzi at the far end. There were windows but they were set high on the walls just to let light in and not for viewing in or out of the room. Under the windows above the jacuzzi was a sign that read, ‘No textiles allowed in this jacuzzi. By order, The Management’.

There was an arched doorway on one side that led into a tiled room that was probably showers and toilets.

“I remembered to set the timer to heat the pool.” Miles said and walked over to a control panel to turn on the jets. Everyone started stripping in a race to get in the pool. It looked to be designed for ten people but we all squeezed in with some of the ladies sitting on laps. Either by accident or design, I finished up with Myra on my lap while Angie was perched on one of the guys she had been talking to in the bar.

Myra was in a hurry to get things started. She grabbed my left hand, spread her legs, and shoved my hand between them. she let go of my hand and pushed her hand between us so she could grab my cock.

“I’ve been waiting all evening to find out what this felt like.” she cooed in my ear. With her soft stroking and the feel of her hot pussy around my fingers as I pushed them in, I was instantly hard. I looked across at Angie. She was sitting sideways on her guy’s lap and kissing him. By the way their arms were moving, where they disappeared under the water, it looked as though they were doing the same as Myra and I were. The difference was that the guy behind Angie was reaching around her to play with her tits.

As Angie appeared to be happily busy, I concentrated on Myra. Her pussy was soaking as I worked my fingers in and out, but not from the jacuzzi water. She clamped her thighs on my hand and shuddered through a small climax.

“That was lovely.” she cooed in my ear, “But I need a bigger one.” She stood up and turned her back to me. Reaching through her legs, she guided my cock into her hot, soaking cunt and pushed herself down onto my lap.

“Oooooh yes! That’s what I need she said, over her shoulder. As she turned to face front again Miles appeared, standing in front of her.

“His cock feels great.” she said as she wrapped her hand around his and pulled it into her mouth. She started rocking between us, her cunt sliding up my cock as her mouth slid down his. She was moaning up a storm and her cunt muscles were giving my cock a really good work out. She took her mouth off Miles’s cock and yelled as she came hard on my cock. That took me over the edge and I filled her with ropes of spunk.

As soon as we had both stopped cumming Myra stood up. She turned and grabbed my hands, pulling me to my feet. Miles sat in the space I had vacated and Myra promptly impaled herself on his cock.

“Oh fuck, yes!” he exclaimed.” So hot and slippery.” Myra grinned up at me,

“He just loves sloppy seconds.” she said.

When I looked across at Angie she was in the same position as Myra had just been, sitting on one guy’s cock with another in her mouth. As I watched, she started cumming, which set both guys off as well. I could see their faces scrunched up as they filled her from both ends. The guy in front of her stepped back, pulling his cock out of her mouth and I could see her throat working as she swallowed his load. She stood and came towards me. She put her hands behind my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. She tasted of spunk. After a minute she moved her mouth to my ear.

“I need your cock in me now.” she breathed. There was no space in the tub, so we climbed the little ladder and got on one of the couches that were placed around the pool. I’m not sure what they were covered with, but the material didn’t seem to mind getting wet. Angie laid herself back on the couch, pulling me on top of her. She spread her legs and reached down to guide my cock into her cunt. As she had just been filled by another guy I slid straight in.

“Oooh! she sighed. “I love getting some strange cock, but it always feels so good when I get yours back in me. Other guys are exciting to fuck but it feels so much better with you, because then it’s making love.”

“I know.” I replied. “I feel exactly the same. It’s great to fuck someone different but so much better with you, especially when I’m reclaiming you with your cunt full of someone else’s cum and your mouth tasting of someone else’s spunk too. It just turns me on so much.

“Yeah!” she said, “I’m the same with feeling your cock all slippery from someone else’s pussy and tasting her on your tongue too. It’s just so hot.”

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