Victoria And Her Fetishes – 2

Big Dick

Sandy was right, the showers at the gym were indeed the ‘best anywhere.’ We both luxuriated in the steamy downpour from the rainfall showerheads, letting the water wash away the sweat from our recent exertions. I stared at Victoria as she stood there, her eyes closed, the droplets of water forming rivulets on her toned naked body and running down to the slate tiled floor. I was mesmerized, watching those particular streams that trailed down the slopes of her full breasts and cascaded from her erect nipples. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath she took. “Damn, Victoria, I’m not normally a tit girl, but yours are fucking amazing.” I said, feeling my body start to tingle as I imagined my lips on her nipples, lapping at Escort side them, sucking on them, nibbling them. The wetness inside me grew. She giggled, opening her eyes and looking at me. Her gaze travelled the length of my naked body, her tongue brushing over her lips as she reached up to play with those hard nipples, making me shiver with anticipation. My own nipples began to respond as I watched her fingers dancing lightly over her pink buds.  She suddenly pinched herself hard and moaned loudly. Her face grimaced, reflecting the sharp pain that coursed from her nipples and exploded through her delicious body. “Mmmm, do that again, Victoria, but harder this time” I whispered to her as my hands dropped manavgat escort to my mound and I caressed the hard button between my swollen wet lips. Watching a beautiful woman playing with herself is something that has never failed to arouse me. My body shivered as my fingers fluttered over my clit. Victoria locked her eyes on mine, twisting her nipples, then pulling hard on them, stretching her breasts obscenely towards me before letting go. They jiggled deliciously making me tremble with desire. I moved closer to her, put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed downwards as I moved my legs apart. She dropped to her knees in front of me, lowering her face until I could feel her breath alanya escort bayan on my lower tummy. I moved my legs further apart and gently pulled her head closer. She responded by placing her hands on my bottom, her fingers caressing, exploring as she slipped them into the dark cleft between my cheeks. I shivered involuntarily, looking down at her. “Open your mouth, Victoria.” I commanded her as I slowly spread my pussy lips, exposing my hard clit and my tiny peehole. “Good girl, Victoria, Now lick.” I smiled to myself as she obediently followed each instruction promptly, her tongue flicking out over my throbbing clit, forcing a loud guttural moan from my lips. “Yesss.” I hissed, as I pressed against the delightfully rough surface of her tongue, my body tensing as my excitement grew, my pussy getting wetter by the second. “Now just a little lower, baby girl.” I felt the tip of her tongue drift lower, brushing over my tiny opening on its way to my dripping vagina. “No, Victoria, too far,” I whispered.

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