wanking for my best friend


wanking for my best friendWe was both about 15 or 16 years old and lets call him Dave (not his real name )and we was getting ready to go on holiday. So we was in his bedroom as he packed and i found one of his wank mags and started to look at it. And of couse being of that age i had no control over what my cock did.so when Dave looked over he started to laugh as my cock was now rock hard. you might want to sort that out grandbetting yeni giriş he said and left the room .So in no time i had my trousers down and wanking like a mad man befor dave came back in but he had just been outside the door. and came back in and there i was with my cock in my hand mouth open thinking oh fuck. Again he started laughing and told me not to stop. My mind was racing grandbetting giriş should keep going or not but then i noticed that his eyes was fixed on my cock and i was still wanking . and he was moving closer and closer.Then before i knew what was happening dave had my cock in his hand. And was stroking my cock slowly to start with then getting faster.The whole time he never took his eyes off grandbetting güvenilirmi my cock by now i was thinking shit im going to cum.(I had been wanked off lots of time by my girlfriend but it neve felt this good befor.) Then Dave looked me start in the eyes and said do you want me to suck it for you. just him saying them words and i could fell my balls getting tight and my head was just noding .And then the first time his tongue touched the head of my cock to lick the precum off it sent a wave of electoral currents though the whole of my body and the feel of his hot wet mouth meant i only lasted about 30 seconds be for i shot my load all in his mouth.We then sorted our selfs out and had a great holiday.

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