Wedding Panty Memories

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Wedding Panty MemoriesMy wedding day was perfect. I remember the emotions I went through that day but one thing has remained in my memory: my wedding panties. All that fuss, all the preparations, the church and the party after… my god… I sweated a lot. Nothing special yet for a wedding, but all started when I went to the restaurant toilet for the first time in that night. şişli travesti It was so arousing for me to see how sweaty was my crotch. Mmmm that lovely pair of sticky lace panties. I could not restrain myself to sniff them and in the next moment i remember starting fingering…. the odor was so powerfull and I quickly finished with a huge juice climax. Then i peed beylikdüzü travesti and powdered my nose and get back to the party without saying anything to anyone.In the morning when we got home I told my husband about my panty sniff from the toilet. I felt guilty for masturbating on the wedding night but he not cared and even become very horny. I was glad to anadolu yakası travesti see him getting hard. At that moment he looked at me and told that he wanted to sniff my panties too. In 2 seconds i was undressed and i remember stuffing hard the soiled panty in his mouth. He licked and cleaned them and very soon he finished in them. I took the panties and licked the warm sperm while he’d clean my sweaty stinky pussy with his tongue.Even today we keep those panties (unwashed) and sniff them from time to time to remember that wonderful day of our life.I hope you liked the story and hope you get wet reading!Scuse my engl. Kiss kiss, Bianca

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