When I was in the seventh grade


When I was in the seventh gradeWhen I was in the seventh grade we had a camp out in the woods by my house. Six guys from my private school attended. We pitched the tents (3 of them). We sat around the camp fire talking about girls and how big of cocks they like. One thing led to another and we all pulled our cocks out and started measuring them. Some of those guys had some really large cocks. Mine was about medium size but got really hard. The guy I was going to be with me in our tent (Mark) had a very larger cock and a hairless chest. As the fire died down we went artemisbet yeni giriş to our tents.We got into our sleeping bags and Mark ask me if I would mind if he played with my cock. I (not knowing anything) said sure. He slipped his hand into my sleeping bag and began rubbing my cock threw my under ware. I got really hard. He then slipped my cock out of my under ware and began stroking it. He then started playing with just the head. That felt really good. I reached over a put my hand in his sleeping bag and started to feel his hairless artemisbet giriş chest. I really like touching his chest so smooth. His hard then wrapped around my cock and started to stroke it. It felt sooo good. He then ask me if I would like to play with his cock. I said sure and took his really large and hard cock out of his under ware. His cock felt so good in my hand it was hot and really hard. It felt so good to feel that large cock. I then stated to play with his balls. They were really big and I loved the feel of them.He asked me artemisbet güvenilirmi if I would mind if gave my cock a kiss. I said sure and he started to lick my chest. He sucked on my nipples. That felt really good. He then moved down and licked my belly button. Then he put his lips on my cocks head and kissed it. He licked my balls and then started suck it. It felt REALLY good. Meanwhile I was still stroking his large hot cock. I ask him to stop sucking me cause I was going to cum and didn’t want to cum yet. I ask him If I could suck his cock and he agreed. So down I go. It was really hard and smelled good. I started to suck him off. It was not long until he stated cumming I swallowed it all (there was a LOT) it tasted so good. He then finished me off and swallowed all my hot load.Ever since that day I kept sucking hot cocks whenever I can!

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