When I Was Sixteen, Part 2


I was really horny. I’d gotten this way often enough before, but the sensation of wanting some kind of sexual contact had grown by an order of magnitude since dad had “taken” my virginity two weeks earlier. Given this opportunity, I just walked into the bathroom where dad was showering, pulled down my shorts and panties, and sat on the toilet to pee. I did all that before dad had a chance to say anything.“What are you doing in here?” he asked in a somewhat unfriendly tone.“Peeing,” I said matter-of-factly. I turned toward him and spread my legs further so he could see more easily. The shower was over a bathtub and had a sliding glass door, easy to see through except for the water that beaded it.“Well, shit, Lauren, we have another bathroom,” he said.“Whatever,” I replied, and wiped myself. I stood up, my t-shirt stopping at my waist and my shorts around my ankles, my pussy staring him in the face. “Don’t you like it?”“It” referred to my… you know. I had some hair there, but it was still thin and my slit showed prominently. I was only sixteen, somewhat brazen, somewhat scared.Dad’s cock had become half-hard and was still stiffening, so he didn’t really need to answer. I looked at him in the shower. He was forty, I think, and pretty good looking. Dark hair, kind eyes, a nose that might have been a little too big, and a nice smile. Decent shoulders, although they weren’t huge or anything. Hair on his chest. Just a little fat around his tummy. Which brings us to his dick, which was… about average. It was about six inches long when it was hard and averagely thick, although that was bigger than the two boys’ cocks I’d felt up. Oh, and his cock was now hard, totally hard.I stepped out of my shorts and panties. I took off my t-shirt, so I was completely naked, like dad. He rinsed off and slid Girne Escort the door open.“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked. His dick pointed almost directly at me.I didn’t answer. Instead, I got down on my knees on the cold, hard floor and took his cock in my hand. After stroking it several times, I opened my mouth and put the end of it on my tongue. I licked him several times, then slid my lips over the circumcised end. I sucked him, my head bobbing, and took half his cock into my mouth. My head bobbed some more. I had little idea what I was doing or how much he could take before he came. My dad’s cock was the only one I’d ever sucked and I’d only done that once before.I leaned back and his cock popped out of my mouth. I rubbed his dick on my boob, around and around on the nipple, my hand no longer stroking. Daddy looked down at me, smiled, and sighed.“OK, baby girl, let’s move to the bedroom,” he said. Exactly the words I wanted to hear.Daddy pulled back the covers. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close, his stiff cock standing straight up between us, and he kissed me. His hands slid up and down my back, grabbing my ass, as his tongue pushed between my lips. We fell into bed together. I laughed nervously.I reached down and felt his cock. My hand was flat against it and I moved away a little bit so I could see and so I could masturbate him. I put my thumb and forefinger around it and stroked a little. I stroked the entire length. I reached down further and cupped his balls. I felt his tummy muscles tense, then relax. I fingered his balls a bit and I couldn’t make heads or tails of them. Why did men have such a goofy addition to their anatomy? I decided they’d best be left alone.Daddy’s hands, meanwhile, were exploring me. They rubbed Magosa Escort my nipples and with his right hand, he played with my clit. He touched it very gently and slowly began to rub it in circular motions. This felt delightful. He could rub me there all day. He put his middle finger partway inside me, then took it out and resumed massaging my clit. Lovely.I quickly turned around and straddled his head with my thighs, bumping his nose with a knee. Leaning over, I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck. Everyone knew about sixty-nine as a sex position and it was surprisingly easy to get into. Daddy’s head came up a little and he licked my cunt.Maybe I shouted when his tongue first hit my clit. I must have done something, as a sudden thrill shot through me. My head came off his dick and I simply gave in to the feelings daddy was arousing. His tongue entered my cunt hole, then resumed licking my clit. I remembered what I should be doing and began licking the end of his cock. I held his cock firmly and tongued it, enjoying especially the salty taste when a slippery drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip.I turned myself around and sat on his thighs, so much bigger than the boys in my class, and held his cock against my abdomen. I’d never know what it felt like to have one. I began to rub myself along his dick, my hips moving up and down just a little, and I leaned forward so that daddy’s cock was again straight up between our bodies. Wriggling, I could feel the hardness of it against my skin. My small boobs brushed his chest, my nipples as hard as pebbles, but mostly I enjoyed the sensation of a stiff cock being rubbed by my cunt.Sitting up, I moved just a little so that my labia held his cock in place. My cunt was dripping wet. I slid back Lefkoşa Escort and forth once along his cock and daddy moaned with what I took to be pleasure. I bore down, pushing my cunt against his cock, moving my cunt back and forth. My clit was throwing off sparks of electricity that raced through my lower body. I tried to reach back to massage his balls, but his cock slipped out of position and I returned to just rubbing him back and forth.Daddy hadn’t said a word since we got into bed. I looked at his face and wondered about this as my clit rode over his cock. I realized that he was submitting to me, although I didn’t exactly think of it as submission. He was accepting me as a woman, despite my age and my being his daughter, capitulating to the power of my cunt, my tight, inexperienced cunt. A shiver flew up my spine.“I love you, daddy,” I said.“I love you, too, baby girl.” He sounded a little hoarse.I continued to slide myself back and forth along his cock. Then, without really thinking about what I was doing, I lifted myself up and pulled his cock upright under me. I lowered myself a fraction of an inch and felt the tip of his cock trying to enter me. I took a deep breath, and maybe I held it, and I lowered myself an inch further. I gasped, but it didn’t hurt nearly as much as that first time. Another inch and I was breathing quickly, but I still felt pretty good. I lowered myself all the way onto his dick and let out the breath it turned out I’d been holding.“Oh, that’s so nice,” he said. “God, your pussy feels so good. You are so tight!”I grinned and began to pump myself up and down on him. I could see that he liked it – loved it – just by watching his facial expressions. His hands reached out and grabbed my thighs, not really doing anything, just to touch me, I think. I felt his cock inside me – inside me! – and I shivered again. Up and down. Although it felt good, it didn’t feel awesome. Daddy’s eyes were closed. I tentatively reached down with my hand and rubbed my clit. I was ready to stop as soon as he opened his eyes, but he didn’t, and I continued to rub myself.

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