While He Was Gone

Non Nude

I let myself into his house, sighing as I wandered through, surprised at how much I missed him. Dropping my purse on the kitchen table, I headed to the living room windows to look at the calm Pacific Ocean that was Dan’s backyard.

It had been a few months since I met Dan, and we had spent most of our time together in bed. Well, not in bed, exactly, since we both loved sex and had fucked in every room in his house. In fact, we often started right here, with him pounding into me as I braced myself against the windows. Twice, there had been people on the beach, and one jogger actually stumbled when he saw us.

The memory made me laugh. I felt a familiar heat in between my legs, but with Dan out of town the past week, masturbation lacked a certain something. It lacked him, and it shocked me that I had come to rely on him so much so soon.

Looking at the two of us, you wouldn’t imagine we were lovers, necessarily. Dan was significantly older than I, an aspect we both loved and used during sex. I called him Daddy, because it turned him on, and he called me his little girl, because I liked the idea. We were so accustomed to our titles and roles that we often forgot ourselves in public.

As my ‘daddy’, Dan liked to take care of me and provide for me. This is the only area of our relationship where I hesitated. I let him buy my underwear, as he discovered a panty fetish when he met me, but I only accepted little presents, nothing big or expensive, and chided him playfully when he started to overdo. I didn’t want him to think his money was the reason I was here, especially since I knew he also wanted me to move in. He didn’t pressure me much about it, and I won’t lie that it would fantastic to fuck immediately whenever the idea struck. But if being away from him for a week was this hard, it would be ten times worse if I came to depend on seeing him all day long.

I sighed again, irritated with myself. Damn, but I missed the man.

To take my mind off his absence, I turned to the coffee table, where we kept a stash of toys. Maybe a little release would make it easier.

As soon as I turned, I saw the gift. Shaking my head, I picked it up and gave it a light shake. Retrieving my cell phone from my purse, I called him.

“Hi there, honey.” Just his voice had my body humming! When did that happen?

“Are you alone?” I asked cautiously. While Dan didn’t seem to mind public displays, I was conscious of his status with the law firm where he was a partner; I didn’t want to put him in a compromising situation.

“No, I’m about to sit down for dinner. Why, is everything okay?” Concern immediately flooded across the line.

“Yes, yes, everything’s fine. I just found the gift you left, that’s all.” I slid the phone between my ear and my shoulder, Bayan Eskort plucking at the bright pink bow, the color he favored seeing me in. “You don’t have to give me gifts, you know.”

“Oh, I know. But I enjoy it. I’m sorry I can’t see your face when you opened it.” He laughed softly.

“I haven’t opened it yet. This is the first time I’ve stopped by your place since you left. Should I open it now, Daddy?” I dropped my voice to a whisper, teasing him with the endearment I knew would make him hard. I knew I succeeded when I heard his quick intake of breath, and when he responded, his voice was lower and a little rougher.

“Go ahead and open it, honey. I want to catch your reaction.” I untied the bow, and pulled off the lid. The box was medium-sized, bigger than most of his gifts, and as I pushed aside the tissue paper, I saw why.

There, lying in on pink tissue paper was a dildo, but not just any dildo, an exact replica of his glorious cock.

“What the-” I gasped, sitting on the couch. “Is that…? How did you ever…” Dan laughed loudly now.

“I bought a kit from our favorite store and did it myself before I left. There’s something else in there for you, too.” I heard him answer a colleague’s question. “I’ve got to go, honey, but you enjoy that. I’ll call you when I’m back in the hotel room, okay?”

I finished the call, sliding the phone on the coffee table as I peered into the box. Carefully, I lifted the dildo out and examined every inch. It was made of soft molded latex, and as I turned it over in my hands, I noticed Dan had attached a rotating suction cup to the bottom. It was a perfect copy of his cock and balls!

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wait to use it.

But first, I dug deeper. Dan had said there was something else in the box. I didn’t think this gift could get much better, but it did. There was a tape recorder in the bottom, with a label that said “Play Me!!”. I grinned and hit play, placing it on the coffee table.

“Hi, my darling little girl. I see you found my present, and I hope you like it very much. I had a great time making it and putting it together for you. In fact, I’m creating it right now, and I’m imagining you playing with it later. It has got my cock so hard that I was tempted to call you today. But I wanted this to be a surprise, so forgive me for not sharing my hard-on with you right away. I’m going to share it with you right now, so even though I’m not physically there, we can still cum together.

“First, stand up, set my cock aside, and cup those gorgeous breasts I love.” I rose as instructed, grinning widely, leaving the cock on the couch. “Pinch your nipples, roll them between your fingers. Play with them for me, and imagine it is my hands that are touching you.”

I closed my eyes, and did just that, allowing his voice to lull me and relax me, the tension and melancholy drifting away.

“Take off your top slowly. As it moves over your head, roll your neck and imagine me kissing you there. Imagine my hands rubbing your neck. Now slip your skirt off, slide them down those beautiful legs of yours, sweetheart. Just thinking about them right now, touching them, opening them, having them wrap around my waist is making my cock throb. It’s pulsing in my hand as I think of you.

“Now, sit back on the couch. Prop your feet up on the coffee table and open them wide. Take your hand and run it over your smooth mound. Lightly tease your clit through your panties like I do before you take them off.

“Touch your clit with your finger. Are you wet yet? Is that pussy dripping for Daddy?”

It was dripping already, but Daddy Dan has always had that effect on me, on my body and mind. I spread my legs as wide as I could, grateful the coffee table was a heavy one; I had a feeling my hips would be bucking and I needed it to remain as stable as possible.

“Slide that finger into your pussy. Take some of that wetness and rub it against your clit. How does that feel, baby? Pretend it’s me playing with you, kneeling in between your legs.

“You’re probably anxious to get a hold of my cock, aren’t you?” I giggled. He knew me so well. “I’m not ready to enter your pussy yet, baby. But go ahead and slide it into your hungry mouth. Suck on it as you finger yourself.”

I did what he told me, gripping the suction cup tightly as I moved it in and out of my mouth as if it were a lollipop. Indeed, it was a treat for me, so I broke character for a moment to dribble a few drops of apple flavored massage oil on it.

“Move your hand so your thumb can rub your clit. I want two fingers to enter your wet pussy. Slide them back and forth. I’m stroking my cock as you finger-fuck yourself, running my fingers over my head the way you do.”

My hips were beginning to lift, and I pushed my fingers in deeper, moved them faster. I was moaning a little already, soft noises escaping around the dildo, and realized I may not last long. Luckily, I could pause and restart the tape over and over, but this first time, I wanted to see it through to the end. How much longer was he going to tease me?

“My dick is aching so bad, baby. I want to plunge into you, feel how hot your pussy is for me. I want to taste you, and soon, I will be able to run my tongue all over your pussy. That first night back, I’m going to lose myself between your legs. I’m going to eat you and taste you over and over, feel you cum against my face again and again.”

I could feel my wetness trickling out of my opening, down my cleft, passing over my asshole, to pull on the sofa. Not for the first time, I was glad Dan reupholstered it in leather.

“Stand up now, sweetheart. Grab one of the wooden dining room chairs and put it in front of the window. I know you like looking out, and maybe you can give someone out on the beach a show.

“Lick the suction cup, then position it on the chair. Put it at any angle you want, baby, then rub yourself against it. Don’t sit on it yet; just tease that sweet pussy of mine for a minute.”

It was an incredible feeling to do just as he said, knowing he knew I would do it. Though my pussy, like his cock, was aching, desperate to be filled, I shifted to slide against the whole length, the balls at the bottom brushing the spot between my clit and asshole. I had turned the chair backwards, so I gripped the back of the chair tightly, sensations flowing through me. No, it would not be long now before I would cum.

“Go ahead and sit down on my cock now, honey. I know how that feels sliding in you, and I love it. Love how my thick cock pushes into you, how tight your pussy feels around me. And it’s so wet! You are always drenched when we fuck, and it turns me on to feel your fluids drip on me, getting me wet, too.

“Are you fucking Daddy’s cock well? Are you slamming down on it right now? Does it feel good? That’s not just for you to use when you’re alone, honey, because when Daddy gets home, he’s going to use one cock in your pussy and one in your ass. How good will that feel to have Daddy’s cock filling you in two holes at once?”

His breathing was ragged, and his words tumbled over each other. I could hear how close he was to his orgasm; it was almost as if I could feel his cock pulse in me. I myself felt as if I was inches away, but I wanted to wait, wait till he told me to cum, wait till he told me he was cumming, too. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Cum for Daddy now, baby, cum on my cock. I’m cumming for you, thick long streams of cum.” I heard him groan, long and loud, and could see his handsome face contort with pleasure in my mind. That was enough to push me over, and I felt my pussy spasm as I bounced on the dildo, milk it as I came. The feelings were so intense, more than I anticipated, that I rested my head on the back of the chair, using my arms as a cushion.

“I know you’re tired, honey, so am I, but there’s one last thing to do. Get up and kneel in front of the chair. Tilt my cock towards you and clean it off. Lick and suck your juices off of it.”

I did it, because he asked, enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth. This replica really was amazing, as each vein and ripple was perfect.

“When you’re done, go upstairs, lie in my bed, and take a nap. You deserve it.”

I picked myself up off the floor and headed upstairs, smiling, leaving everything as is. I would be repeating this experience a little later on tonight, but I wouldn’t be settling for a tape.

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