Wife Swapping (Part 4 of 4)


Wife Swapping (Part 4 of 4)Maria choked and her mouth released John’s cock which continued to shoot all over her mouth and chin and dribbled onto her breasts. “I’m sorry Maria, “ John whispered, but she didn’t say a word and went back to sucking on his cock. She was amazing. She swallowed all of his cum and cleaned off his penis and now was working his cock again. At first John was disappointed for cumming so quickly but then he realized his cock was getting hard again. He hadn’t cum twice in a session since college and now his best friend’s wife had him back worked up to a new erection. John thrust forward, pushing Maria’s head up against the headboard. She sucked on the head and John could feel the blood rushing again. John released the cuffs and Maria used her hands and mouth together to get John stiff again in no time.John then slid down between the creamy white legs. He then placed his blunt cockhead at the entrance to her oozing slit, John let go of his thick cock and grasped her the top of her hips. Rearing his hips back a bit, keeping his cockhead nuzzled at the edge of her slick slit, John then slammed forward with all of his might.”Ahhhhh …………babyyyyy …………so fuck’n tight!” he groaned as the tight grip on his cock caused him to shudder. He gritted his teeth and smiled as his brutal lunge elicited a loud scream from the buxom brunette beauty. She’d always dreamed of a wide cock and somehow she was getting it. Maria’s brunette hair gave her more of a “sultry look” than Amy’s fair haired soft blonde looks. John always wanted to find out if she really screwed as tough as she looked and now he was finding out that he was right. He could never have fucked Amy so hard without her complaining.”Awwwwww awwwwwwwwwww! Ohhhhh it hurtsssssss………………ohhhhhhhhhh, so biggggggggggg! It feels soooooooooo thickkkkkkkkk” Maria moaned. It hurt, but this was exactly what Maria had been craving for, wanting to feel a big fat cock fucking up her horny twat again. “Yes ………………oh, God……………….yesssssssss! Fuck me …………..fuck me …………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee. Harder with that huge cock of yours!” she begged.John heard the beauty’s pleas to be fucked and he certainly aimed to please, slamming his whole body weight into her time and time again. As he felt her soft smooth legs wrap around his waist to pull him back into her, John couldn’t help but wonder, “Damn, this little bitch is hotter than a firecracker! As soon as I opened the door and saw her in her wedding gown, I knew she was hot and horny for my meat!” he told himself.”Aw, baby …………..so tight! So fuck’n tighttttttttttt! Ahhhh, yeahhhhhh!” he groaned as he slammed in and out of her tight juicy twat.”So good ……………so good …………….ohhhhh, so gooddddddddddd! Oh, God ……..oh, God …………………yes ……………..yes ………….fuck meeeeeeeeee! Ahhh, God …………………..I’m cummingggggggg! Cum with me ……………shoot your hot cum in meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Maria pleaded as her body shook and rocked in the mind-shattering orgasm that she had desperately sought. “Cum in me. Impregnate me on our wedding night!”Willing to please his friend’s hot wife in any way she pleased, John certainly was only to happy to pump her full of his hot potent seed. He was not about to pull out anyway, not at this point in time even if he had second thoughts about taking his seed in her. “Ahhhhhhh ……………….yeah, baby ………………gonna cum ………….gonna cummmmmm! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….take it all. You are so good, I’ll leave Amy just for you!” he yelled as he slammed deep into her mound as his cock exploded his spouting seed deep into her womb. John couldn’t remember the last time he came twice in one settingJohn lay on top of Maria in an embrace when he looked at the clock. He had to finish the plan. He grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed Maria’s hands together. He reached up digitalbahis yeni giriş for the corset and opened the first two eyelets and started licking Maria’s breasts, “oh..we can’t do more John” she said, “I’m so tired”.“No way Maria, since I’ve got you for an evening, I’m going to give you a fucking you will never forget. Tonight I will satisfy a fantasy you’ve never done with Al and you will make a promise to me,” John stopped talking and went back to work on Maria’s huge nipples. Her arms restrained, Maria wriggled in frustration.“Okay…anything….my breasts are sensitive, please be gentle…….” she pleaded.John commanded, “First you are going to promise never to wear underpants whenever you know we are meeting.” John pulled a black choker necklace with a cameo out of his pocket and placed it around her neck. “Also, the back of this cameo says ‘John’s whore’, and you must wear it whenever we are in the same room for an evening function and kiss me on the lips whenever we see each other.” John also pulled out a small contraption and placed it Maria’s hand. “This is called the Butterfly. You will wear it instead of underwear whenever we will be seeing each other. It goes in your pussy and I have the remote control that will stimulate your clit when I’m within 50 yards of you.” John went back to biting and teasing Maria’s breasts and grabbed one of her pencil eraser tip nipples between his teeth and teased her until Maria begged him to stop.“Are we in agreement? “ he asked.Maria whimpered, “What are you going to make me do?”“I’m going to give you 2 fantasies in one. I’m going to sexually torture you in public. Its your wedding night and you need to be seen as my little slut,” John smiled as he finished that statement and saw a lump in Maria’s throat. He could see by the limpness in her body that he had tamed her. She was no longer the aggressive sexual nymphomaniac that he had started to break down 2 hours ago. She was now a willing and submissive slave.Alex, put the Butterfly on the nightstand and stood Maria up, her arms handcuffed behind her back. He unbuttoned her corset more so that both her breasts were uncovered and attached nipple clamps to both nipples. “Ow…………”cried Maria. He immediately saw a couple of tears come from underneath her blindfold. He kissed her on the lips and she responded positively. John was thankful that the clips didn’t hurt her too much.That was because he was about to do something that might hurt more. John grabbed a few more tools from the drawer and then grabbed Maria and took her out on the lawn in front of the bungalows. On the way past his room he saw the silhouette of Al and Amy and gave Al the thumbs up sign.The lights outside were bright enough that anyone looking out their windows from any of the B&B rooms would catch them. John had learned from Al that Maria liked rough sex and that she was pretty kinky. She also harbored the thought of having sex on a live stage in front of hundreds of men. Well this was close to it.Since Maria was blindfolded, he whispered to Maria the situation, “We are out here in the main courtyard. It’s a little past midnight and most of the rooms are dark. The courtyard is lit just enough that anyone looking out would see us both standing here half naked. Now one peep out of you and someone will look out their window and catch you in a compromising position. Imagine the bride with the best man and the bride with nipple clamps over her tits and…..” John grabbed out a ribbed butt plug, quickly lubed it and bent Maria over and spread her legs. “this nice butt plug in your ass”.It was the loudest non-scream that John had ever heard. It was as if he could read Maria’s mind and she was screaming loudly. John eased it in more and held Maria digitalbahis giriş tight to make sure she didn’t faint and fall forward. He then grabbed her by her short brunette hair and shoved her to her knees, getting grass stains on her thigh highs, “Suck my cock, you wedding whore” he whispered.Maria did not attack his cock like she did before. The combination of the pain in her nipples and her ass was sucking her energy. She was having trouble focusing. John grabbed the back on her head and force fucked her mouth. For the first time he felt like Maria was his sexual toy. Her teeth slid across his cock. They wanted to grind together because of the pain in her nipples but she didn’t dare bite John’s cock.Despite the pain, Maria was enjoying this. She was normally a tough businesswoman that was completely in control and this was her chance to let it all hang out and be a submissive follower. The pain in her ass and nipples had gone from sharp piercing pains that exploded in her head to dull aches.After 5 minutes of fucking Maria’s mouth, John was rock hard again. He bent her over the arm of a wooden bench and inserted his cock in her pussy. He felt the cum from his last explosion still sloshing around in her. Her pussy was no longer tight, but he could tell the muscles were tense from the toy in her ass. He was going to fuck her good, but he didn’t want to get caught, so he pulled out the white tanga underwear Al had given him and stuffed it in her mouth, “This is so nobody hears you scream,” he whispered.He then grabbed her hips and began “long dicking” her, slowly pulling it out until the head almost came out and then slamming it home. He put on some gloves to dull the sound as he spanked her hard with his hand. He could tell that Maria was getting into it or wanting to cum as she started thrusting her hips to make John cum and put her out of her misery. He heard her whimpering through the panty gagging her mouth. He looked around and saw tears running from her eyes.With each pounding in her pussy he also put his finger on the end of the anal plug and applied pressure to give Maria the feeling of being doublefucked. Suddenly a cry of futility came from Maria. She was cumming. “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”.John kept his hands on her hips and could feel her whole body shaking like a human vibrator. This was a huge orgasm and it was taking every bit of energy out of Maria. John felt her legs jiggle and go limp. He held onto her hips as he pulled his cock out and squirted his cum all over her ass hole and pussy…”Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. He was spent too. His cum could barely shoot out and his piss hole burned with his third load of the evening.He picked up Maria who appeared to be passed out. He carried her back across the threshold of her room and placed her back on the bed. He took off her cuffs as she was going nowhere and decided to leave the plug in her ass and panties in her mouth. His cum had already dried in her pubic hair and on her skin. He walked over to the camera and turned it off and removed his ski mask.John took one last look and smiled at the satisfied grin that the sleeping Maria had on her face. He grabbed his clothes and walked outside. Al wasn’t there yet, so John peaked in the window to his room and saw his wife being ass-fucked by his best friend. Smiling, Al sat down, lit his cigar and soaked in the warm Napa Valley night air.Five minutes later, Al joined him and the two recounted their story.Final Chapter -The Next MorningBoth women slept in while their husbands got up early and packed the car for the ride home.Neither woman moved all night as their bodies were exhausted. When they awoke, they each opened their eyes, recounted the evening and asked themselves the same questions:That was digitalbahis güvenilirmi the best night of sex either had ever had. It was so realistic and different than all the other times they had pretended. Was it real? Had they really screwed their best man? Each noticed the underwear that was lying on the bed near their head. It had been the underwear they had been gagged with and had also given their husband at dinner earlier in the evening. “So it was just my own husband pretending to be my best man,” each thought to herself. The plan had worked. They had each been fucked by their friend’s husband and neither realized it.Amy and Maria finally got up and felt the aches in their body. Maria removed the butt plug and nipple clamps and rubbed her sore nipples. As each trudged into the bathroom to shower off the sex from the morning before, they found identical notes:——————– My Dearest,Last night was incredible. In fact it was better than ever. I now know how much you want to fuck our friend and that is so exciting to me. I have packed up the car and will meet you for breakfast out on the patio.Don’t forget the promises you made. I left you your clothes to get dressed.With Love, (neither husband signed the note) ———————–Al had left the Butterfly for Maria to wear under her tight short black skirt and a bra to wear under her tight white sleeveless top.John left Amy with just one item, a mini-skirt white tank dress. No underwear and no bra. Amy thought to herself, “Good thing I’m not a brunette or I’d have to shave all my pubic hair.”Both women enjoyed their warm showers and gingerly got dressed and packed up their last personals. They came out of their rooms at the same time, waved and smiled at each other. They both wore sunglasses to hide the bags under their eyes.They spotted their husbands across the courtyard sitting at a table for four, eating breakfast with the other guests. Al and John each noticed the slight limp that both women had as they walked towards them.“Good morning sleepy heads”, said John.“We ordered your coffee,” said Al as he kissed his wife and gestured Maria to John with a nod. She looked at him to make sure he was serious. Suddenly the Butterfly started and Maria jumped into John’s arms.“Good morning John,” she said as she leaned in to kiss him and John turned his head to give her a nice kiss on the lips. Maria looked over at Al to see where the remote control was. She didn’t realize it was in John’s back pocket.Amy pretended not to see the display and quickly leaned over to Al and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. “Hmmm….good morning to you, “ Al said with a smile. They were done before Maria could notice. But the people at the other table sure noticed. They were confused as to which couple belonged together. Especially the elderly couple who had watched John and Maria’s display in the garden earlier.Both couples finally sat down and Amy and Maria each gulped down a cup of coffee. Al and John gave each other knowing glances as they watched their wives who were more silent than normal.“So….did you gals enjoy the accommodations? Did you sleep well? It sure appears that way!” John exclaimed.“Like my wedding night only better, ” Amy chirped.“I wish my wedding night were as good as last night, “ Maria chuckled looking at her husband. Al didn’t look back at her as he was smiling at John who activated the Butterfly.Maria had a mouthful of Eggs Benedict when her clit started to vibrate, “Mphhhhmmm,” she gasped out of surprise and trying to make a yummy sound to hide her little secret. Al and John listened really close and could hear the hum of the Butterfly.“I know, Maria, this food is so good,” Amy said unaware of the cause of Maria’s verbal orgasm.“Well, looks like we’ll have to come back and do it again. Here’s to good friends,” he said as he raised his water glass in a toast.“I agree. Here’s to our beautiful wives. Both of you,” John chimed in.Amy and Maria agreed too. They enjoyed the fantasy of fucking another man with wild passion. Now if they could only do it for real.

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