Worthy of an Oscar!


The text alert ring tone of his mobile phone awoke him from his daydream as he relaxed in the hotel restaurant with an after dinner brandy. It was from his wife Helen and read ‘There is a DVD 4 U in laptop bag. Inside pocket. DO NOT VIEW IN PUBLIC!’Startled, he rang her back only to get an ‘Unable to take your call’ response again. He had been attempting to call her for most of the day but there had been no response. They had argued that morning though, before he left, and Helen’s response after an argument was often to sulk and ignore his calls until she had simmered down. He rang their home telephone number as well, but once again it was switched to answer phone. Quickly finishing his brandy he went back up to his room and opened up his laptop case. It was there just has she had said, a plain DVD disk in a plastic envelope. With trembling hands Jamie set up his laptop and waited patiently for it load up. Things had not been going well recently with Helen, his wife of seven years. She had been acting differently and this action was certainly out of character for her. His hands were still trembling as he loaded the DVD and sat down in front of his screen. Seeing Helen on screen, standing in their bedroom, took him aback. He had seen her many times on camcorder and video but never on DVD. “I hope you are on your own Jamie and not likely to be disturbed because you wouldn’t want anyone else to see this.” She said as she sat down on the edge of their bed. Jamie was stunned. “So how do you like my outfit?” she said, as she stood up and gave a twirl. She was wearing a red, low cut top and a short red, pleated skirt. Her skirt rose up with the twirl and he caught a glimpse of her black stocking tops. It made him sit up. He had forgotten how sexy Helen could look. Helen did another twirl. This time the skirt rose higher and he caught a glimpse of her red thong as well. “I suppose you are wondering what I am doing sitting on our bed dressed like this?” She asked as she sat down. Jamie opened his mouth to speak before suddenly realising he was watching a DVD. Yes it was puzzling him! The camera zoomed in on her. “Well darling I know that you have a penchant for watching dirty movies.” gaziantep suriyeli escort She said, forcing him to sit bolt upright in his chair. “It’s okay I have known about it for some time but it has never really bothered me. In fact sometimes I got the benefit of it!” She added with a smile. Jamie started to twitch nervously in his seat as he realised that she must have been looking at his laptop computer. He did have quite a collection of adult movies on his hard drive. “But I have found out that someone else has been getting the benefit too!” Jamie sat bolt upright again. “Yes I know all about Sandra from the production office!” Jamie stared at the screen with mouth wide open. “How……how did she find out about her?” He said out loud. “So Jamie my dear what do you think I should do about your unfaithfulness then?” She asked mockingly. Jamie opened his mouth to speak again. “It’s such a pity I am not there to see your reaction. I bet your face is a picture!” She said with a smile. Jamie gulped. “Well Jamie how should I pay you back?” She asked, getting off the bed and getting close to the camera. “I could divorce you and take you to the cleaners I suppose but I do like being married to you and you have your uses!” He was so taken aback by everything that it had not yet occurred to him that somebody else must be operating the camera. “Well I obviously have to pay you back like for like. That’s for sure.” She said. “But I also think that you deserve an extra punishment as well. Something with a twist in the tail.” She added. Jamie felt his stomach churn. “Hmmm let me see!” She said putting her finger to her chin, as if deep in thought. “I know. How about a dirty movie with me in it?” She said with a wicked grin on her face. His heart skipped a beat. “But of course I need someone else to co-star with don’t I?!” She said with laugh. Suddenly, almost as if on cue, the camera turned to the bedroom door and in walked a tall, slim, dark skinned man. Jamie watched in horror as Helen walked up to him and greeted him with a kiss before leading him to the bed where they sat down together. “Darling I would like you to meet Leon!” She said with a smile. “Leon, this is Jamie my cheating husband!” She said with a mock hand introduction. Jamie gulped again. His mouth felt very dry. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Leon has kindly volunteered to partner me with this movie for you my darling.” She said as she smiled into the camera. “I hope you don’t mind but we have had to put in a lot of hard work at rehearsals while you have been away on your business trips ……….…and during those times when you were fucking that slut of yours!” Jamie suddenly felt sick. “I hope you approve of my co-star Darling!” She said. “I know you like guys to have big ones and, as you will soon see, Leon does have a very big one. He’s also a very athletic and versatile lover, and he has lots of stamina as well. You will find that Leon is no two minute wonder darling!” Jamie sat in stunned silence as tears started to fill his eyes. “I hope you don’t mind me choosing a black guy either. I thought you would enjoy the colour contrast. Black skin against white skin; black flesh inside white flesh, black on white!” She told him. “And by the way the saying is true,” she added as she patted Leon’s thigh and smiled at him. “When a girl goes black she doesn’t go back!” Jamie groaned. “One more thing.” She said. “Our camera man and sound engineer for this production is Joseph. I will be giving him a very special thank you afterwards for all his HARD work!” She laughed. The camera suddenly moved up and down in a bowing motion making Jamie suddenly realise that someone else was operating it. “So my darling, sit back and enjoy the performance!” His head bowed as he heard the words ‘Lights Camera Action’. Jamie tried to look away as he saw them kiss. Yes he loved watching couples having sex; loved to see them slowly kiss and fondle each other; loved to watch protracted foreplay before settling down into a heated, passionate fuck. He loved it even more if they were real life couples too. The out of work actor/actress movies in hotel rooms were okay but you couldn’t beat watching the real thing; two horny people with no other motive to have sex other than passionate lust. However, Jamie had never banked on watching his wife with another man. The sound of their lips kissing drew his attention back to the screen. The were lying down on the bed now, side by side with arms around each other and kissing passionately. The sense of hurt made his stomach churn as he watched how passionately Helen was kissing him. It was almost as if the cameraman could see his hurt because he zoomed in on their faces. As their kissing continued their hands began to explore each other’s body. Helen startled him by making the first move and reaching for Leon’s groin. It had been a long time since Helen had behaved like this with him, almost ten years in fact. When they had first started going out together at eighteen she was always the horny one and could never keep his hands of him, but over the last few years her passion for him had quelled, which was one of the reason for his affair with Sandra. However, it was obvious now that this passion had not died as he watched her hand gripping Leon’s erection through his jeans. Leon’s response was instinctive; his hand began to stroke her thigh over her skirt before reaching down to the hem and slipping underneath. Jamie groaned as Helen parted her legs to allow him access. As Leon’s hands slipped inside her thong Helen’s grip on his cock grew tighter and she began moving her hand up and down as she groaned. The camera zoomed in so that Jamie got a close up of Leon’s fingers penetrating her. This was normally the stuff he loved to watch; eager male fingers exploring a wet pussy but this was different. The pussy belonged to his wife. It was supposed to be his pussy; it was supposed to belong to him, but she was sharing it with someone else now, and her soft moans were telling him that she was enjoying every moment of it. Helen was also eager to get her hands on his sex. Jamie watched as she began to frantically tug at his belt. Leon pulled away and lay back to allow her complete and free access. He remembered the times when he used to lie back and have her undress him; unzip and unbuckle him; free his eager manhood and take him in hand. Those days seemed long ago for him, but it was happening now for Leon. He watched as Leon raised his bottom so that she could pull his pants down to his knees. Taking his erection in her hand and gazing up into the lens of the camera Helen gave a smile before taking him in her mouth.

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