Wrong Number Ch. 04


This is chapter four in this series. Chapter one was my entry into the 750-word challenge. This chapter, along with the ones before and after it will each be 750 words each (Title to end). Some may have what you’re looking for while others may be a tease. The end of this series is not in sight, so I hope you enjoy each chapter as they come.

Wrong Number

Chapter Four


Several days passed before Greg found himself at home alone while his parents were at work. He was searching for jobs online while listening to music at the desk in his room. Thoughts of the discussion that took place between his mother and him days earlier were nearly absent from his mind. He bobbed his head to the music blaring into his ears by the headphones he was using. His afternoon changed dramatically when the music stopped, and his ring tone began to play in his ears.

“Oh shit, it’s Mom,” he thought.

He watched the screen of the phone for a few seconds before his finger pressed the button to accept the facetime call.

The video opened with a view of an office. It looked unused as the desk Etiler Escort had nothing on it and the chair was pushed in. The camera was quite a distance away. Regardless, he felt his cock begin to harden and he lazily fumbled with the opening of his pajama bottoms to free it.

“Give me a just a minute,” he heard a female voice say, but it wasn’t his mother.

He began to gently stroke his cock as he leaned back in his chair, waiting for someone to appear. Almost two minutes passed when a dark haired female walked from behind the camera into the frame. Her back was to him and he watched as she lifted her skirt. When she made it to the desk, she had her skirt hiked up to her hips and hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed them down her legs. With a kick of her foot, the panties flew out of frame.

“Who is that?” he thought, “I thought I would be seeing Mom again.”

The woman in the video kept her skirt lifted and sat on the short edge of the desk.

“I’m ready,” she announced.

“Man, I don’t want to watch Dad bang out Fatih Escort some chick,” he said to himself.

His disappointment was soon changed to shock when his mother walked into the picture from the same place the mystery woman did. She stopped a few feet away from the camera and disrobed completely. First, her shirt was pulled off and clumsily thrown onto the floor. Her bra quickly joined it. Greg fumbled with his phone and began to take screenshots of his mother stripping. As he took pictures, she was pushing her pants and panties down together. She left them pooled on the floor as the made her way to the woman sitting on the desk.

“Damnit, why didn’t she turn around?” he wondered.

When his mother arrived in front of the other woman, she was ordered to her knees. The woman on the desk stiffly pointed her finger to the ground between her legs.

“No fucking way,” he said enthusiastically.

As the speed of his masturbating increased, he watched his mother get on her knees. Her head disappeared between the woman’s legs and her Halkalı Escort hands went up and cupped the strange woman’s tits. He watched his mother’s head move up and down in a movement he recognized. He knew she was licking that woman’s pussy from bottom to top.

He felt his orgasm approach and held off to see what else was going to happen. The woman put her hand on the back of his mother’s head and pulled her closer.

“We don’t have much time. I want to cum, too,” she said to his mom.

Knowing there was not going to be much time before the woman came, he increased his stroking. Minutes went by and he finally came.

“I’m going to cum on your ass as you lick her pussy,” he said, bringing him over the edge.

The first shot of cum was powerful and landed on his neck. The second and third created a pool of cum on his shirt while the rest dribbled down his cock. The woman clenched her fist around his mother’s hair as she came. Her legs shook a little but enough for him to know his mother finished the job.

When it was over, the mystery woman gathered her clothes and left while his mother approached the phone. He watched her naked body come into full view. Suddenly, her face came into view.

“You should probably turn off your microphone if you’re going to fantasize about cumming on my ass,” she said with a smirk before ending the call.

His heart raced with the realization that his mother now knew.

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