Young Nephew Ch. 03

Caressing Pussy

Please read Young Nephew and Young Nephew 02.


My name is Julie, I have recounted in my first story my at first hesitant and incestuous curiosity over my young nephew Ben. I have been leading him on in a playful yet seemingly innocent situations.

Ben is staying with me while his parents are out of town on business. I have taken care of Ben and my other nieces and nephews all their lives when the kids visited we would all sleep together, it was fun Ben is the oldest. I started to notice Ben this past weekend. I had not been with a Man for several months so I guess I was a little Horney.

One night I walked into my room and saw Ben’s sleeping erection I talked myself into wanting to see more. That night when Ben had a wet dream on me, I wanted to become his teacher but I also did not want to just take him and Fuck him and ruin our family relationship.

Ben was still a virgin and had not yet had a girl friend. I wanted things that happen to be Ben’s ideas. In our first encounter I taught Ben to kiss, I was able to feel his hardness against me later I was able to sneak a peek at him jacking off.

In my second encounter I got to experience a sleeping Ben’s dick rub against my pussy lips.

This new encounter I want to tell you about is what happened later the following weekend I cooked up an idea to get Ben to open up to me about his personal intimate boy stuff. I let Ben know that I wanted him to learn the truth about personal private girl mysteries, that he should ask me anything he ever wondered about girls and I would tell him the no holds barred facts. I asked Ben does he understand Quid pro quo? I told him it means you ask a question and get your answer and I get to ask a question and get an answer. We sat down, and I let him try some wine. Ben’s first question was.

Do girls want to have sex as much as guys?

I laughed! and answered Yes, I know I do but girls tend to be more careful they want to know a guy really Taksim Escort cares for them and that there not just some “Fuck Doll” girls also have to worry about becoming pregnant. Ben’s next question.

Do girls get off by them self and how?

I told him that’s a great question. Most girls rub their clit to masturbate that’s the spot at the top of their slit. It swells when their aroused, their pussy lips also swell and opens up a little. Rubbing this spot with their hand can give them an orgasm. This is also where a girl will enjoy your touch. I started masturbating in Jr. High school and like to do it in the shower. Ben’s last question put me over the top on my Horney meter. He said he knows girls suck cock but “Do girls really like to swallow some guys cum?”

I decided then that I needed to get a taste of Ben’s cum! I told Ben that some girls like to just suck and do not want anything to do with having cum shoot in their mouths. Girls get excited sucking cock when they see how it affects their man and how turned on he is getting.

There are women that love the taste of cum but some guys cum are nasty! mostly from their diet I think. I said you know what, I went with this guy in high school he drank kool aid all the time and he had the sweetest cum I have ever tasted.

Ben began laugh! and said “I drink a lot of Tang at home I bet my cum is sweet,” then he turned beet red blushing! when he thought about what he just said to me, it became an awkward moment.

I decided not to let the awkward talk slow down so I said it’s my turn to ask you about your private boy stuff.

I mentioned in story one of my first encounter with Ben that for being a young adult age 18 he still looked a little younger than most other 18 year olds. I was curious about a few things and already new the answer to a few of his personal habits, I just wanted to see if he would be totally open with me.

I Ümraniye Escort said to Ben I know you must jack-off, how long ago was the first time you did it your first jack-off? Ben said “about 4 years ago I guess.”

My next question was a test. Ben have you ever jacked off here at my home? I could see Ben blushing again and he shook his head up and down for yes. I said that’s cool, ya know, I touched my self the other night while you were sleeping, this got his attention.

I really like Ben, I’m not worried that he would tell about the fooling around I just don’t want him to feel uncomfortable with me.

I chose to take it to the next level of trust and experimentation, I asked Ben, Hey Ben by your questions I guess you will want a girl to suck you off some day. He answered “Totally yes” I replied Ben I have an idea, I know this will be weird but I want to help you! We need to see if a girl will like you cum, but I want to respect your privacy and limit the chance of physical contact.

I want you to jack-off and cum in my mouth, I will cover my eyes, wear a blind fold and lay on the bed, you stay next to me and do your thing and when your close you squirt it in my mouth I happen to by the kind of girl that likes some guys cum, but we need to see what yours tastes like and how much you cum.

Ben got really shy about doing this, but I wanted to taste his stuff so bad! I told him to hold on and think about it I wanted to go change my clothes. I wanted to give Ben something to focus on while he jacked-off, I changed into my new Victory secret nighty and grabbed my sleeping mask. My plan did the trick if Ben’s big eyes were a gauge of what he noticed and liked about me in my nighty.

I took Ben by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and put my sleeping mask on, I said to Ben, I cannot see a thing you will have privacy you can trust me. Ben was still a little reluctant due to his shyness but his growing arousal and curiosity let him agree to try.

I lay on the bed with my head at the foot the room grew quiet I could hear Ben unzip his jeans and take them off I used my imagination and could see in my mind’s eye his tenting bulging shorts he slipped of his shorts I asked him to sit on the bed next to my face I could feel the jiggle of the bed as Ben began his rhythmic pumping.

I again used my imagination, because I had sneaked a peek at Ben the other day when he jacked off. I imagined his fat 6+ inch dick and his hand stroking his shaft picking up speed as he watched me.

My nipples became hard and I started to pinch them, I knew Ben would watch me. I also started to rub my pussy through my nighty bottoms, Ben’s breathing became heavy and his pumping rhythm faster, I knew that touching myself was going to set him off faster. I told Ben to stand and point his dick at my mouth. I told Ben to get as close as you can, I could feel the heat of his cock the skin his balls brushing against my cheek he announced he was going to cum I opened my mouth wide he let out a grunt! like moan and I caught the first jet of cum then to Ben’s instant thrill I closed my lips around the tip of his dick and caught four more jets of cum each one at least a tablespoon worth.

Ben finished pulling the last cum from his dick into my mouth it was wonderful. Ben told me that “It was the hardest he has ever cum!” he said he was sweaty and worn out he was going to jump in the shower. It took all my self-control not to push him to the bed and climb on his dick. My pussy needed it badly!

I still had my sleeping mask on and heard Ben walk toward the bathroom I did not hear the door shut he must be looking back at me. I resumed rubbing my hot pussy knowing he was watching me from a few feet away I squeezed my lips and twirled my clit, I could feel my orgasm building for release I could feel it spread through my pussy and my whole body making me shudder! and flood my panties, I could not hold back I moaned and out came Ben’s name, after that I heard the bathroom door click shut.

I laid there reveling in my ecstasy but also wondering if I went too far.

Should I take it further?

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