Your Majesty and I Ch. 02


A/N: Before we start I wanted to talk about what happened since it has been two years, I won’t lie, I forgot the password to the account I am sorry, but I am back now and Your Majesty and I will not be ending anytime soon. I hope you enjoy.


Hayden was shown to her new room immediately after by servants. She sat in her new room, royal room as some would say. What she experienced in the royal hall made her crave for more. “Princess Hayden,” There was a knock at the door and a servant walked in, “Your father wants to hold a royal feast for you. The lost princess has came back and he wants to celebrate.” She said, Hayden looked at her, the woman looked so familiar,

“Have we talked before?” She asked her, the lady looked down before nodding. “Were we friends?” Hayden asked, the lady once again nodded,

“We grew up together.” She said looking at me, “Before your mother ran away with you.” She added. “My name is Jordan, I believe you may have temporarily forgot about it with the block and all.”

“Can you… tell me my relationship with the king? It seems like everyone knows but no one talks about.” Hayden mumbled. The woman smiled sheepishly,

“May I sit?” She asked, Hayden immediately nodded and scooched over on her bed. The woman say beside her. “Well when you and the king met, you two stuck together like glue.”

“I’m sorry met?” Hayden asked, confused,

“Its traditionary for the king and their daughters to meet when the child is sixteen. The kingdom believes it encourages relations between the two.” She said, Hayden’s eyes were wide with shock. They encouraged incest here? “You were explained this years ago, however now with your new memories I believe you must find it a bit weird.” She chuckled, Hayden nodded laughing gently.

“I think I am just trying to understand.” Hayden said, “Was my father ever married to my mother?” She shook her head,

“No, you and I believe your mother impregnated herself but that is another memory for another day.” said Jordan, “Back to your other question, when you met the king, from my perspective I believe a light between you two lit up, and the two of you clicked immediately. Nothing felt forced between you two, there was never a moment where the king left your side. Anything you needed was immediately brought, he was very passionate about you. As you were with him, there was no doubt that he didn’t love you. It was promised on your eighteenth birthday that you and him were to wedded and sleep together in the same bed. However, your mother didn’t like that idea, took you away and opened a portal to hide you in a separate world. Oh the king was so devastated Hayden, he was confused and heartbroken on why your mother did such a cruel thing. Sadness reigned over the entire kingdom and the king was no longer kind. He took his anger out on anyone and if there were no updates on how they could open the portal to get to you he would become even more livid.” Hayden frowned, part of her felt heartbroken. She had no idea her father went through such a time of loss. “He loved you more than anything Hayden.” She said calmly.

“So, basically, I am from kaynarca escort a universe where incest is encouraged?” I asked, “And I fell in love with my father?”

“May I ask what incest is?” Jordan asked, Hayden scrunched her face not really knowing how to explain it.

“Well, where I was hidden in?” Hayden asked and Jordan nodded, “Incest is sexual and romantic relations between someone in the family, like me dating my father according to you. It is very frowned upon and deemed weird in that universe.” Hayden explained,

“Ah, what a horrible place, we believe love is love.” Jordan exclaimed proudly,

“Well, it is mainly banned because if that person were to have a child, the child would be prone to more bad genetics and many would be upset.” Hayden said calmly, “Plus many people find it hard to have sex with a person you raised.” She explained.

“Well in all of the years here, and there have been many, we have had no defect in children, ever.” Jordan said, Hayden was once again shocked.

“None?” She asked,

“Well why would there be? It’s safe here,” She said.

“Where exactly is here?” Hayden asked confused,

“Well, Earth 319 obviously, but also in the kingdom Genavive,” Jordan explained

“Earth 319? There are more earths?” Hayden stared at Jordan extremely fascinated,

“Well yes, how else would you end up on the other earth?” She asked, Haydens world felt like it was shattering. More than one world? More than one single place.

“What universe are we in?” I asked

“Ah that I don’t know, you’ll have to ask our scientist that question.” She said to her, Jordan checked her watch, “Oh we need to get you ready for tonight.” Jordan jumped up getting ready to leave the room quickly to call in the stylists. She stopped in her tracks and turned around. “You hate this part.” Jordan said, “Getting dressed up for royal parties were never your thing. Hayden stared at her confused,

“Then why did I do it?” She asked Jordan, Jordans eyes softened,

“Because you did it to make the king happy. You two always compromised for each other.” Jordan said, but Hayden doesn’t remember doing that. She sighed her shoulders sunk down.

“Okay,” She said, if she had always did this then what would go wrong?

Hayden spoke way too soon for comfort. She now understood why she hated dressing up. Everything was unnecessarily tight and snug. She could barely felt like she could breathe in this dress as Jordan and her walked down towards the banquet. “Now I see why I hate this.” Hayden grumbled. Jordan giggled, for some reason she felt like nothing had changed despite not knowing her very well. The two heard laughter from down the hall as they got closer the louder it was, everyone was talking in the banquet hall. Hayden felt nervous, she didn’t want to be in a room with people she didn’t know.

“You ready?” Jordan asked, Hayden wanted to say no, possibly run away from this castle and find her mother. But instead she nodded, when she walked in the room it was packed with important people and guards, people who danced to the music playing in the room. But her eyes locked in with one person, orhanlı escort the king stood at the opposite end of the room. His eyes were softer than earlier and he had a calm demeanor around him. Hayden’s heart raced as she stared at him, her head ached and she felt over run with emotions. As the king took a step forward, Hayden stepped back turning and running out of the room.

“Hayden,” She heard someone call out for her, but she didn’t stop to see who. She just kept running until she was out of the castle. Hayden found herself in a garden, she looked around before sitting on a bench. She took a deep breath trying to calm her racing heart, she could hear giggles from around her. Hayden looked up and she saw herself, standing at the fountain, her father behind her holding her waist.

“If you push me in there darling I will be very upset with you.” That was her voice, she watched as the Hayden looked up at the king who smiled down at her. “I love you.” Her hands ran through his hair. Hayden could still feel it lingering on her hands,

“I love you my princess” She heard him whisper. Hayden looked down and when she peaked up again, no one was there. She got up and walked over to the fountain holding her hands together.

“Hayden?” She turned around to see the king standing there. She swallowed harshly looking away, “Believe it or not you did that the first time you arrived here to meet me the first time. Ran off immediately,” He said, she could hear the chuckle in his voice as she heard his footsteps get closer. The steps stopped and Hayden could smell his nice cologne on him. She leaned back slightly feeling the king was behind her.

Hayden turned around to face him. “Jordan explained we were in love, is that true?” She asked,

“Yes.” He said, “We were very in love.” He told her,

“All of this feels so familiar,” Hayden said turning back to face the fountain. The kind held her shoulders. “The freaking out when I saw you, the castle, Jordan, the running. This fountain.” She pointed at the fountain, “And at the same time it feels like I don’t know nothing.”

“It is just the memory block.” He said, “Once it wears off you’ll be my Hayden again” He said to her. She looked at him,

“But what if I’m not, what if I am still different.” She said, the king stood there silently. “I was trapped in another world. Who knows how long its been for you, let alone for me.” She stated. Hayden looked at her father, he looked down at her his hands going up to her freshly done hair taking it down and letting it fall to her shoulders.

“You could become a troll for all I care Hayden, that will never change my feelings for you.” He whispered, She swallowed harshly, her heart began racing again as she slowly leaned up, she pressed her lips against his gently. Everything for her lit up like fire but it didn’t burn, it was good, warm to her. He kissed her back, deepening the kiss, he wrapped his arms around her, his tongue brushed against her lips. Hayden opened her mouth and the king immediately pushed his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues brushed against one another as the kiss heated up. The king groaned brushing tepeören escort up against her, Hayden could feel his bulge, her hands went down to his pants undoing his belt without a second thought and pulled out his very hard cock.

The two pulled away for a moment panting as the king looked into her eyes, she wrapped her hands around his cock stroking it as he leaned down kissing her hard and passionately. The two moaned, in sync as she felt more turned on by helping him. The king pulled away from her and Hayden swiftly got on her knees. She didn’t know why she was quick to do this, but she didn’t care either. She wanted to please him, he looked at, “Hayden you don’t have to do this.” He whispered, Hayden didn’t reply. She just gripped his base with her hand and ran her tongue around the tip wrapping her swollen lips around it. The king let out a moan as he threw his head back. She could feel the salty precum leak onto her tongue. She moaned and began to suck moving her head back and forth. “Oh fuck,” He whispered, “Thats it princess,” He said as Hayden continued her motion.

She started to pick up the pace moaning as she looked up at him, he was staring at her, his hands pulling her hair into a ponytail and gripped it before he began thrusting into her mouth. His moans got louder as she let him take control. “Oh yes, oh yes,” He moaned he went faster and pushed as much of his cock down her throat watching as she gagged on it. He pulled out of her mouth letting Hayden catch her breath, “so fucking pretty.” He growled as she opened her mouth again for him. He pushed it inside, face fucking her, “You’re so fucking pretty baby.” He moaned, Hayden could feel his cock start to twitch, “Oh baby I’m going to cum, fuck I’m going to cum.” He gasped and pushed Hayden’s head down on his cock as he came down her throat forcing her to swallow. Hayden loved every moment of it, her pussy was aching once more but she was happy to know she pleased him.

After he finished coming, he let go of her hair and pulled out of mouth. The two began to fix themselves and Hayden’s now wild hair as she stood up. The king held her chin up, “Why did you do that love?” He asked staring at her,

“I told you I loved you.” She said to him, he stared at her, “At this fountain, and it felt right.” She whispered, “You feel right.” She whispered, “And if being here, if doing this will bring back my memories. The ones where I fell in love, then I will do it.” She said, he smiled gently, “That and because I really wanted to suck you off.” She added, the king began laughing, the two shared a laughter as he leaned down and he kissed her. She smiled to herself then her smile dropped at the thought of dealing with those people.

“What’s wrong?” He asked,

“Nothing it’s just..” Hayden hesitated, “Do I have to deal with those people?” Hayden asked, The king snorted,

“No no, you must be tired from a long day, why don’t you go rest?” He said to her, she smiled gently and kissed his cheek before walking to the castle. Jordan was waiting for her by the door with a smirk on her face.

“I saw you two kissing,” Jordan teased,

“Oh hush, it was just a kiss.” Hayden said as they two walked. Everything that has happened so far has made her want the king more and possibly want to know him more. It was clear they had something, she could no longer deny it. Now if only her memory would come back.

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