( 8 ) More fun at Steves


When we confirmed with Steve we would be at his place Friday night till Sunday night and to invite as many guys as he knew, as we had already sent of heaps of sms’s, he said this was great news as he had lots of guys already lined up.

I finnished and got home mid Friday afternoon, cleaning ourselves out ready for the weekend, Joy was set to go, her toys and any thing we needed packed ready, her body looked good as she slipped on a see though dress.

Steve had his place set up too, two double beds and all the gear needed for us to keep them happy, Joy soon found a cock to fill her pussy as the guys arrived.

I waited for a guy I know loves to fuck my ass hard, his cock is around 9 inches long and thick, and I wasn’t kept waiting long as he stripped and fucked my arse for the first of many anal cums that weekend.

Joy was now being used by 3 guys, one in each hole as she moaned with each new orgasm, cum was pooling under her now as more guys unloaded in her body, I saw her 18 inch dildo disapeer up her ass as another guy fisted her pussy, then they swapped around, the good thing we have told them all, is that as long as they don’t hurt her, and Joy is ok with what they are doing, then to try and do what ever they want to, and now they seemed happy to play with her.

I took on more guys, several took turns fisting me while others fucked my ass, then I wanted more, Joy was already being fucked by one of the dogs, so I knelt next to her ready to take on a dog, a guy wanted to dp me with him, so laying on his cock, I got Steve to aim the dogs cock in with him, both cocks filling me to the max, as the dog took control and fucked hard and fast, the guy in me just had to lay and feel the pressure and fiction of the cocks together to make him cum.

His cock slipped out, allowing the knot to enter, sealing my ass for the onslaught of cum to follow, it was lovely, the dog shot reams of cum deep inside me, and stayed knotted for about 10 minutes each time he moved set off another anal orgasm for me.

Joy was already free from her dog, and guys set about filling her ass and pussy with more cum, then she told them to get the horse, her ass wanted a big cock in it, she was strapped in and the black horse brought up, his cock showing as Steve got him ready, Joy let out a soft moan as some 10 inchs of horse meat went up her ass.

This time the horse didn’t last to long, her bowles filled to over flowing as he shot deep inside her then pulled out to soak them all with cum, several guys happy to eat his cum from her now as other then took turns pissing on her to wash it off too, Escort the more we played the kinkier the guys were getting, and that suited us just fine.

I was next, as Joy was lifted of the frame I was strapped on, my butt opened by a fist ready for the next horse, and I didn’t have to wait long, 14 inchs of horse flesh quickly filled my arse, and used me, a good sniff of the poppers realxed my ass just in time too, this horse was big, my mouth also filled with cock and cum.

I felt the horse pull out, his cock still shooting cum over me, then just as quick one of the dogs was lead up and took his turn fucking my ass, his knot just locking in my now slack hole, when he cum, his knot couldn’t hold it all and most leaked out, the guys had fun using me to piss on too and clean of some of the horse cum, a nice warm shower soon got me back into action.

Joy was once more implayed on several cocks, as the guys held her up and lowered her down onto their cocks, each time she would let out a moan as they filled her holes, every time they filled her with hot cum, the guys would change around and other take over, she was in a contant state of orgasm now, between the dogs and guys her body was fucked constantly..

I saw them lift her up and ram two fists into her, sending her into a constant orgasm, every time she came they seemed to try and shove more into her, her ass so open now she could take most of the guys arm, at one time I’m sure she had two fists in her ass and a guy trying to fist her pussy too, but she couldn’t quite take this and let out a soft scream, the guys quickly began to lick her sore pussy and send her into another orgasm though.

A couple of times, we both sat on one or the the others guys fists, Joy on one arm me on the other as more guys fucked our mouths or her pussy, we did any thing they wanted, dp with a dog, or three cocks in us, by now our holes opened up quite easy, mind you the poppers always help too.

By early morning, we had taken all the dogs and horse’s more than once, and the guys started to leave saying they would be back for more tomorrow, we told them to wait until mid day so we could rest a bit, I have no idea of how many guys were there, but we sure did have fun, can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon for more, Steve told us to clean up some, and sleep in with him, Joy took some more of his cum before we fell of to sleep.

I woke to the sound of Joy being fucked, Steve was using his morning woddy to fuck her, after he filled her with cum, we took her outside and emptied our bladders over her, a nice swim and shower before some food got Escort Bayan the day started.

A few guys arrived early, eager to fuck us both again, my ass was opened up by Gary who loves fucking me, and then pissing in my ass now, Joy was on her back, legs up and pussy full of cock, while Steve kept her mouth open with his cock, more guys turned up and the day was on.

It was around mid afternoon, we both had been fucked by the dogs, and the guys there, when a woman, unknown to us turned up, she was brought along by one of the guys who knew her, she was stripped and guys began to use her body as well, she had great tits too, possible e cups.

Joy and her put on a show for the guys, then Joy showed how the dogs loved to fuck her ass, Carol asked what it felt like being fucked by a dog, so myself and another guy held her, while the Germaan Shepard was brought up, his tongue going to work on her pussy, sent her into a great orgasm.

I asked her did she want to let him mount her, a muffled yes, was all I got, as she screamed though another orgasm, so quickly, we let him jump up his cock found her pussy and went in, by now she didn’t seem to care, as he fucked her faster than any guy can.

Carol took most of his cock, but the knot didn’t go in, the dog seemed to try harder than normal, but to no avail, so after some 10 minutes, he blew his wad of cum, most leaking out as Carol screamed in delight. I went down and ate his cum from her pussy, then took a mouth full of hot dog cum to her, kissing her she pulled back, but quickly gave in and shared his sweat cum with me, her pussy was already being used a guy who filled her with his load.

I lay a guy down, pushing his cock in her pussy, then I began to push my cock into her ass, she called out, saying she had never done anal, with a bit of spit I eased it in, her mouth said one thing her body another, as she pushed back, more and more going in as she began to orgasm on my cock.

Joy and I use a douche to make sure we are clean before anal, but Carol hadn’t, so I only went in about 4 inchs or so, and fucked her like that, the guy in her pussy let fly, more cum spilled out, as my cock slipped in further still, that was it, my balls let loose too, I told Carol, she was about to get her first anal cum load, she went into a another orgasm sending us both over the top.

As Carol came down, my cock slipped out, so carefully I led her into the shower, with some warm water we set about cleaning up the dog cum on her, then I told her to bend over, my cock went back in her ass, and I let go my piss, filling her bowels she Bayan Escort jumped, then with a loud noise her brown eye let all my cum and piss fly out.

She told me that was enjoyable, and glad I had fucked her ass, so I took her and showed her how to use our douche, and said rejoin us when you feel its all clean inside and see what we do to you then, her eyes told me she was keen for more.

I was taking one of the dogs when Carol came back, her face flushed but eager to learn, she came and knelt next to me watching my ass take the knot and cum from a doberman, his cock jerking as he sent loads of nice cum into my ass, I told Carol to lay under me when he pulled out, and watch his knot and cock closer, of course she didn’t think about the doggy cum that would run out of me.

As the knot slipped out, I held my ass as tight as possible, holding the cum inside me, Carol was now looking up her mouth full of my cock, as I eased back a bit, then let go, she coughed and gagged as his cum flooded her face and mouth, then smacked my ass to punish me, for pulling that trick on her.

The day continued, with us all getting fucked by the guys, Carol let another dog fuck her pussy, then when she saw Joy taking the horse’s cock in her ass, she nearly fainted, espically when he shot gallons of cum deep up her ass and over her back, when the guys went and licked it up, Carol took some and licked her fingers, then kissed Joy sharing more horse cum with her.

I also got straped in, and another horse brought up, his cock, went right in my abused ass, he snorted as his cock jerked and spasmed inside me filling my body with cum, Joy got ready, as he moved away she lay down, the cum covered her boobs and face, as guys used her butt for fun, once more Carol looked shocked but slowly helped clean her up.

By the end of the night, Steve said he was going to see if Carol wanted to stay over, she was sore but still taking guys cock in her pussy, I think I was the only one to fuck her ass, we lay talking, Carol shocked that the human body can take so much cock and cum, espically the horse, we told her it has been a long ride to get cocks that big in us, and using the amyl sure helps.

She had never used amyl, so I let her sniff it, her eyes rolled back, and she looked a lot more relaxed, so with one last effort my cock found her ass, and I pushed in, this time she really got into it, pushing back hard and riding me, I gave her more amyl, and she went wild, her body rocking on my meat in her ass, I should have let her try it before. It took me some time to build up enough cum in my balls, but when I felt them ready to empty into her bowels I let loose, sending us both into a great orgasm. Joy ate my cum from Carol’s ass, then we lay talking before falling of to sleep.


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