A Hot Day in the City


A Hot Day in the CityI had the weekend off and I was very happy as it was supposed to be a very hot summer day in Toronto. Last night, I had a few drinks with the lady next door. Although I wasn’t hung over, I sure can’t drink like I did when I was younger. Yes, my 55 year old body doesn’t recover as fast from a few drinks like I did in my roaring 20‘s. The lady next door is recently divorced and very attractive. I am having a hard time not try to put a move on her, but I am trying to play it cool with her as the divorce wounds are still fresh. Not to mention that she is almost 25 years younger then me and probably looks at me like a father figure rather then a sex object.As I said, I had the weekend off and was just laying in bed enjoying listening to the news before I start my lazy Saturday when the phone rang. A phone call around 7 AM is never good and I was thinking of not answering it, but that isn’t how I roll. When I heard my bosses voice, I knew what he was going to say before he said anything. Apparently a couple guys called in sick and he was desperate as a job had to be done today. Since I hate to hear a grown man cry and since I really had nothing planned, I figured why not.Did I mention it was the hottest day of the year and I was going to do some landscaping in somebody’s backyard. Landscaping is basically arranging dirt and rocks so that they look pretty for flower beds and shrubs. It is very dirty work and with the heat of the day I sweat in places that I didn’t know could sweat.At 4:30 we finish and usually after a good day’s work the boss always has enough cold beer in a cooler for everyone working that day. Just one mind you, he doesn’t condone drinking and driving and neither do I. After enjoying a beer with my co-workers, I head off home. Before I could drive away, my boss thanked me for coming in and helping him out. He slipped me an envelope with some cash as a bonus for my days work.About 10 minutes from my house, my car breaks down. Of course, my phone is dead and the chances of me flagging down a ride in my dirty clothes is as my boss says are ‘slim and none and slim just left town.’ I manage to push my car a little further off the road and figure the best thing to do is to walk home and get my neighbor to help me get my car home. No, not the divorced one, my other neighbor. A short cut to my place goes through a park. This park has a couple softball diamonds, a leash free dog area and some play areas for k**s with swings, slides and other various things that k**s can climb: on, up, in and through. They also have a couple rain shelters with walls that are about five feet high but are open above and a roof slopes down to about where the walls stop. Inside these shelters are some picnic tables and some benches where people can gather if it starts to rain. Mostly they are used by area teenagers when they steal a couple beers from their parents or for necking. I recall doing some necking in something like these shelters a few more years ago then I care to remember.Anyway, while walking close to one of these shelters, which are usually empty when it isn’t raining, I notice a flash of light. A flash of light like from flash bulb from a camera. I see another, then another and another. When I was just by the wall I heard a man’s voice then a woman’s. I peaked over the wall. That is when I saw a very pretty blonde woman in her early thirties wearing a light summer dress and high heels partially bent over a table with a pair of panties around her ankles and her dress slightly pulled up from behind. Behind her on his knees is a fully clothed man presumably a spouse or boy friend with a camera taking pictures of what can only be described as a truly magnificent bare bum. I watched her step out of her panties and kick them off to the side as he snaps off more pictures. Then just before she lowered the hem of her dress so that she can change her pose, he bent over and kissed her on each bum cheek. As she posed, I feel my cock getting harder and harder in my shorts. In fact, it was getting so hard that I had to make a few adjustments so that my dick had room to expand within the confines of my filthy, denim cut-off shorts. I was watching for a few minutes while she posed in different ways. Each time she changed her pose she would drop her dress and start raising it again when she started a new series of poses exposing her bare bum or pussy or she would lower the top when she bent over to reveal her breasts. And each time she revealed something he would snap some photos and when finished he would lean in to kiss what ever she showed. It was almost like a thank you from him to her for posing and it was kind of cute. Few words were spoken Escort Bayan while she posed so I had the feeling they had done this before. In the ten or so minutes I stood there watching them, they gave me no indication that they knew I was there. However for me to get a better view of the girl, I would have to move. Moving would mean that I would risk being seen by that girl.Throwing caution to the wind, I decided it was worth the risk. I move as quietly as possible to a better vantage point, one that is behind the guy taking pictures. She has turned around again with her back towards him and me. Suddenly she turns around while lifting her sundress over her head so that she is completely naked. I am sure she saw me but she made no attempt to cover herself up. She just kept posing and he happily kept taking pictures. I thought that I was OK, but after a few pops of the flash I realize that she was looking right at me now but she just kept on posing for the camera. This time though the poses started to get a bit raunchier. She would sit up on a table and spreading her legs wide, showing me and the photographer her spread cunt, she started to run her fingers between her pussy lips. She would slide a couple fingers inside herself and her head tilt back in pleasure. She pulls her fingers out and I see them glisten with the juices from her wet pussy. This time when he leaned in to kiss her as is their custom, she grabs the back of his head with one hand as she squeezes her thighs together and locks her ankles together so that she can hold him between her legs. I would love to change places with him so that I would be forced to lick and kiss her hairless pussy. With his head locked between her legs, again her head tilts back as she enjoys her cunt being eaten. She lifts her head and motions me inside.“Did you……enjoy the……show” you whisper to me between moans.I nod yes.“Do you just want to watch…….or do you want your cock sucked?” All this while her man is locked between her legs.I move inside the shelter and not believing my luck I walk right up beside her while I take off my sweat stained t-shirt. I sit on the bench beside her and take off my work boots and socks.I could never understand guys that have sex while wearing socks.While I was taking off my boots she was running her free hand over my shoulders and down my back. When I stood up to face her wearing just my cut-offs, I see her checking me out, her hand exploring my chest and bi-ceps, her eyes looked down at the bulge in my shorts while she pinched my nipples. She noticed my shutter when she pinched my nipples.“You like that, don’t you” as she played with my hardening nipples some more.She reminded me of a blind person, feeling and seeing my body with her fingers and hands.“Your a strong man”I think she likes the fact that I am much different that the guy between her legs. I am taller by a good margin and much more muscular. And while my body is not perfect, I get the feeling she likes caressing and feeling my body. After what I feel is just a few seconds of her touching me, assessing me, I decide to take my shorts off, slowly to tease her a bit. I unbutton my shorts and slowly lower the zipper. I feel my cock bulging against the material of my briefs. She doesn’t seem to mind that I am very sweaty. I get the feeling that she kind of likes the fact that I am so sweaty which again is a contrast to guy eating her pussy.“Stand on the bench.” It sounded more like an order then a request.When get up on the bench, my crotch is level with your head. You see my cock straining against the material of my briefs. I tuck my fingers inside the elastic waistband and start to pull off my briefs. You stop me by putting your hand on one of mine hands, you look in my eyes then much to my surprise, you bury her head into my crotch. My hot, sweaty crotch.“I love the smell of a working man” you say after a few seconds.My head tilts back with pleasure as she out lines my cock with first hers hand then her lips and tongue through the material. She quickly lowers my underwear past my knees and they fall around my ankles, I am quite sure the head of my hard cock hit her nose when she lowered my briefs. With my underwear around my ankles, she runs her hands over the backs of my legs as she admires my fully erect cock just a few inches from her face. She looks up and our eyes meet, both of her hands are caressing my legs…..feeling the strength of my legs. With one hand she wraps her fingers around my hard cock, her finger tips barely meeting around my girth. Her other hand is squeezing my ass. When our eyes meet, I see the passion burning inside her, then with both hands Bayan escort she cups my ass and buries her head into my hairy, sweaty crotch.I can hear her inhale the aroma of my sweat. Flash….Flash.I was temporarily blinded, I had totally forgotten about him.Then I notice the bastard is about 18 inches beside her, taking pictures of her head buried in my crotch. At first I was unsure if I want pictures taken, even if I was about to get a blow-job from a very beautiful woman. Then I figured, WTF. Flash….Flash.When she starts sucking my cock, more pictures are taken.Flash….Flash.She tries to take all of my cock in her mouth but it is just a bit to long and to thick, but she sure was enthusiastic about sucking my cock.Flash….Flash.More pictures with my cock deep in her mouth then several more with just the head of it in her mouth. She sucked my balls while stroking my cock and he kept snapping away with the camera when suddenly she stops sucking me.I guess they were done taking pictures when I saw him lean in to give her a kiss, just like I have seen him give her before.Just after their kiss, I hear her say “I wish you had a cock like this”.“This is a real man’s cock” she said while stroking my hardness with her right hand.My cock was glistening wet with her spit and her hand felt good rubbing up and down the shaft of my cock.She put her left arm around his head and asks him “If he wants a taste of a real man’s cock, too.” My cock was no more then a couple inches from their mouths, he nodded yes, “If I am allowed.”He kissed her again but this one was a much deeper kiss. She pulls my cock closer to their kissing mouths and she rubs my fat head into their joined lips. He breaks off the kiss and my cock slips in between their lips and both are tasting my cock at the same time. She moves away and then it is just him sucking my cock. What amazes me is I don’t mind that a guy is sucking my cock. It seems like the right thing to do at the time. The reality was, he was sucking me very well, so I figured I was not his first. He also had his one hand wrapped around the base of my cock pumping as he sucked, but this his free hand he caressed the patch of skin between my balls and my ass hole.Flash….Flash.We both look up as we realize that she was taking the pictures this time, with my cock in his mouth.After a few minutes, she tells him to stop sucking and positions me to sit on the bench and for him to kneel before me. He was instructed to keep sucking although I don’t think he had to be convinced. With my sitting on the bench and my cock back in the warmth of his mouth, I look at her and ask “What is going on”You explain that his is a cuckold and a submissive. You continue by saying that she loves her husband very much, but because his cock is very small and it doesn’t satisfy her and it never really did. She explained further that after they were married she thought she could just use bigger dildos to satisfy herself, but she said it wasn’t enough. Because of her love for him, explained her situation and they came to an agreement. They agreed that she could get some outside cock on the side to satisfy her urges, but he has to be there as well. Then he confessed to be bi-curious and that they could share any outside cock if the situation allowed. Eventually you both developed a taste for sweaty men. You had originally planned to lure a sweaty baseball player, but for some reason, there were no games were being played today. You continued that you were about to leave to go somewhere else when you saw me pushing my car off the road and when I started walking their way, they decided that they would try to lure me instead. You explain further that one of her husband’s hobbies is photography. She loves posing for him and he loves taking pictures of the other men they have been with.So here we are, me sitting bare assed on a picnic table bench in the middle of a public park, being photographed by a naked, beautiful woman. My hard cock being sucked on by her husband.When she puts down the camera and tells her husband that it was her turn. Dutifully, he gets up and watches his wife kiss me deeply as she positions my cock so that she can lower herself on to it. She sits on it and lets it soak in her juicy pussy. Facing me, we are kissing like teenagers while we fuck. You say that you love the way my thick cock fills her up between kisses. You start to move up and down slowly, very slowly. I feel your pussy squeezing my cock as you lower yourself on my cock. You are very tight and your muscle control is amazing.Flash….Flash.Hubby starts taking pictures as the pace of our fucking picks up. He seemed very happy to see my big Escort hands grabbing his wife’s ass while we fuck. After a few moments of glorious fucking, she lifts off my cock and climbs on the table and lowers her pussy onto my face.Now for me, there is no better position for giving a woman oral sex then when she is sitting on my face. There is also, no better tasting pussy then one that has just been fucked. Actually, I lied. The best tasting pussy is the one that I just finished fucking with my cum mixing with the juices of a woman’s pussy.I arch my back and lie back on the table. All the while, you maintain contact with my face with your cunt. We must be quite a sight. Me laying on my back with a gorgeous woman, her feet on either side of my head, squatting down on my face and me licking her pussy and ass while her husband happily takes pictures. Your pussy tastes wonderful as I alternate between swirling my tongue around the clit, sucking those pouting pussy lips in to my mouth and having my tongue deep inside. You start to grind yourself on my face, alternating the contact on my mouth from your cunt to your asshole and back again. Your grinding becomes faster as you try to stifle your moans from the attention I am paying to you with my mouth as you reach an orgasm. I feel the flood of your juice as you cum. The taste is different and I like it. Your wetness is running down my face and over my chin and down my neck.After a moment or two the clicking from the camera stops when you tell your husband to keep my cock hard. I feel what I am assuming is his mouth going down the shaft again. I feel my balls being tongued and sucked. I can only imagine what my cock and balls must taste like, my sweat mingling with the juices from your pussy, must make for some interesting flavours and some heady aromas. You stand up, turn around and lower yourself back on my face. You bend over to take my cock in your mouth while her husband sucks and licks my balls. I hear you talking, but I cannot make out what they are saying. What an amazing feeling to have two mouths licking and sucking my cock and balls.To soon for my liking, you climb off me and you place your mouth to my ear and whisper “Are you enjoying myself”.Your tongue plays inside and around my ear while I answer “Yes.”You move to my other ear and whisper “Have you ever had your big cock sucked by another man”.Again you use your tongue on my ear while I answer “No” this time.“Am I ready to cum”I guess my groan was the right answer.“Where, with me or with him”With you…..in you I answer”“In my pussy or ass”“Your mouth, then share it with him”You push hubby away, grab my shaft put it inside your cunt. You rock back and forth, rubbing your clit with your fingers for a few seconds before you climb off me so that you can suck me like I have never been sucked before. This time I feel your mouth taking in all of my cock. I feel the spit from your mouth soaking my balls and asshole. I feel my legs being pushed apart and another mouth sucking my balls and licking under my balls.My hips are bucking up and down. I want my cock deeper in your mouth.I feel the heat and the passion. I hear the passion and I can even smell the passion.My hands grab the side of the table as I feel my cock swell even harder and bigger……I feel the first spasm of my orgasm.“Get the camera….hurry” you say.Flash….flash!The first jet of my cum blasts out of my cock. My ass tightens, my abs contract as the second and third squirt of cum shoots out of my cock.Flash….Flash!The pulses running through my body as my cock releases even more cum into her mouth.I think to myself that I could not feel any better then I feel right now.The post orgasm feeling is spreading through me as I manage to lift myself off the table and see both of you kissing and sharing my cum.Flash….Flash.I watch you both kissing and sharing my load, but this time I am the one taking the pictures. You both look up and string of cum is still attached to both your lips. I ask you to hold that pose for a picture.I put the camera down and start to look for my clothes. You just pull your summer dress over your head and you sit down on the bench. You both laugh as I try to put my underwear on while standing on one foot. You motion for me to step closer and you take my softened cock in you mouth just to clean it off.You give me your name and we exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You say that you will invite me to your house so that we might be able to do this again. I gladly agree, but I my mind, I doubt we will every see each other again. You offer me a ride to my place. I have totally forgot about my car and the truth be told I had no energy left to even worry about it.You drop me off, I go inside my place when I empty my pockets I find a pair of your panties in my pocket. I hold them up to my face and your scent is there as well as a hint of perfume.I knew it was going to be a hot day in Toronto today.I just didn’t know how hot.

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