A true story part one


A true story part oneSorry for my bad english, but I try to do my best :)I had been chatting with a woman, 10 years younger then me for a while. She is a beautiful woman with the right curves, a few pounds to much, but I love it. We desided to meet when I visited her hometown. We first met at a resturant, and had some dinner and chatting. I started to accidentally touch her legs, she just looked at me and smiled. After the dinner we desided to walk back to her appartment. She unlocked the door, and we walked inside. We took our shoes and jackets off. She took my hand and we walked inside. We sat down next to each others in her couch. She lay her head at my shoulder. I put my hand around her, and hold her tight. My other hand I put on her tight. Stroking her a little bit up Escort and down. She lifted her head from my shoulder, looked at me, and we started to kiss. We was sitting face to face with her on my lap kissing. I was stroking her on her back, holding her tight. I put my hands under her t-shirt. She had already lifted my t-shirt. I put my hands on her ass, and rubbing her ass. My cock was very hard, and I had a big bulge in my pants. We desided to go to the bedroom. We walked in and started to take our clothes off. She stood with her back to me, I walked up to her put my hands around her, and pressing my hard cock against her ass. I put my hands on her big perfect tits. Her tits are so soft and good to touch. She put her hand behind her back, and started to rub Escort Bayan my hard cock. My hand was making its way down to her pussy. She was shaved and very wet. I put two fingers inside her and started to fingerfuck her. She moaned. She wanted to suck my cock, so I layed down on my back in her bed. She started to kiss my hard cock, and sucking it. She was moving her ass closer and closer to my face. She moved one leg over to the other side of my head, and her pussy was right above my mouth. I started to kiss my way closer and closer to her pussy. I put my tounge inside her pussy. She tasted so good. She sat down on my mouth. Rubbing her pussy against my mouth when she was sucking my hard cock. She made it hard for me to breath but it was so good. Her pussy Bayan Escort was very wet. I wanted to fuck her. She sat up on her knees with her ass up, and ready to be fucked doggystyle. I put my hard cock inside her. In and out. Deeper and deeper for each time. Her pussy was very tight and my cock was perfect in her pussy. I put my hands on her ass and fucked her hard and deep. She was rubbing her clit and moaning. I was close to cumming, so we changed position to missionary. She took her hand around my hardcock and guided my hard cock inside her. She put her legs around me, and I could feel her heels against my ass. She asked me to fuck her hard and cum inside her. I fucked her very hard and fast, and after a short time I could feel it build up and I shot a big load inside her pussy. We started to tounge kiss. It was so hot. I lay down to the side of her, holding around her, I wanted to have her close to me. Feel her warm body against mine. I have to continue the story later, because its more to cum 🙂

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