A Very Clean Dirty Story


I hear the water running. Lying in bed half asleep I know that she is getting in the shower. I think about her, undressing in the other room. Pleasant thoughts fill my mind as I doze.

It’s been a few minutes now. I am still awake. Thinking of her, the hot steam filling the room keeps me awake. I roll myself out of bed and stretch. I open the door and walk in. Behind the cloudy windows I see her moving back and forth. I see her leg raised on the tile and give her another minute or two. She says hello. I answer back, “Take your time.”

I brush my teeth and think about her, I watch her in the reflection of the foggy mirror

I take off my shorts and slide the door open. Her head is under the water. Her hair, gleaming, almost black, is plastered against her arching back. Her naked form is thrust towards me. I step in.

She turns around and leans against me. She purrs as I reach out and touch her shoulders. Hot from the water. I feel her skin. Standing close behind her I fill my hands with the thick conditioner. I work tuzla escort bayanlar it between my fingers and then work it into her hair. I massage her scalp. I hold her hair in my hands. It is warm and soft and wet. She purrs more as I work my fingers through her thick mane. She seems small pressed against me in the small shower. She takes her hair back away from me. Her hands hold it over her head as she lets the hot water roll down her breasts, her stomach and down her legs.

I find the body wash on the shelf. I’ve always loved the smell of her soap. I pour it over her shoulder, down her back, over her chest. I run my hands over her slick body. I press myself against her working the soap into a thick lather with the hair of my chest. She keeps her hands over her head; I keep my hands on her body, taking in every inch of her. I wrap my arms around her and take each full breast in a hand. I feel her, firm in my palms. I press myself against her, showing that I too have a definite interest. istanbul tuzla escort Her hands wander down her body, pushing the lather down. I feel her hands on mine, holding them to her breasts. She continues lower. My hands work over her body touching all of her, a little at a time. She purrs. I know that she is touching herself. I touch more of her. I hold her more firmly. She purrs louder and presses harder against me.

She turns around to me and leans her head back into the water flowing over her face, rinsing her hair. I watch the lather wash off of her body, over her hips, down her thighs. I hold myself close to her. I feel her body. She puts her arms around me, her hands on my ass. Pressing myself against her smooth stomach. I wipe the water away from her lips and kiss her.

She washes me now. I stand still and watch her hands at work on my chest, my back, my arms, my hard cock. She watches too, taking inventory of everything she has washed. Her face is serious but relaxed.

Taking kartal escort her face in my hands I kiss her. We turn so that I can let the water rinse me. I hold her close and let the water rush over us both. It pools in the envelope made by her breasts pressed against me. I feel her body, she touches mine, we let the hot water run over us. I kiss her more deeply. My intensions growing. I want her. She wants to be wanted. I hold her. She wants to be held. She feels small when I wrap my arms around her, pulling her up. She presses a foot against the tile ledge and raises the other leg up my leg to my hip. I lift her to me and press her against the wall holding her in place. She whispers in my ear and I know that she is ready. Easily I move her over me and I slip inside of her. I feel her warm and tight around me. The water is washing over both of us, spraying in our faces and down our locked bodies. We hold our lips together as we move in a slow rhythm. As the pace builds she clenches to my chest. Her arms wrapped around me. My hands are on her ass, holding her in place, pressed against the wall.

It doesn’t take long to be over but we reach the end together. Panting and smiling she slides down the tile to the floor. I hold her and kiss her again. She moves back into the water.

“Go make me some breakfast.”

I comply, with a smile.

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