A Week At Home! Pt.2 The Game

Big Tits

Chapter 2

I woke up Monday morning at 6:30, practice begins in an hour and I needed to get ready. I walked downstairs without even glancing at the girls, grabbing my soccer gear on the way. I quickly checked the bag, cleats, gloves, shin guards and water; I was all set. I took a long sower to wake me up and changed into my practice clothes. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch turning on sportscenter and watching highlights from yesterday’s baseball and international soccer games. It was almost the end of August and the baseball playoff picture was nowhere near found but the teams with no shot were beginning to distance themselves further from the leaders of the division. My favorite team the Mets, were one of those teams.

I watched in disappointment as they fell 16-3 to the first place Phillies, as I finished the last bit of milk in the bowl, I felt a soft hand drop into my soccer shorts stirring my dick back into hardness. I didn’t bother turning around, I knew who it was. Noel slowly walked around the couch without losing her grip on my dick.

“I don’t have any time to screw around I have to be at practice early today for goalie practice.” I said

“You’ll have time don’t worry.” She said with a smile

With that she seductively dropped her shorts and removed her t-shirt. I watched as she dropped to her knees and slowly brought down my shorts and underwear in a swift motion. My dick rose to attention almost smacking her in the face. She grabbed my dick and stared at it as if she had never seen it before, studying, like she believed it would bite her. I pulled my hand out from the couch and grabbed the back of Noel’s head and brought to it, getting the idea she stuck out her tongue and wrapped it around my dick. She moved it all around covering my dick in saliva and finally wrapped her mouth around the tip. It was true that she had gotten better than the first couple times she tried but yet she still only got 6 or 7 inches down with help from me. I let her come up for air and she climbed rubbing her pussy against my rod. She grabbed ahold of my shoulders and rubbed at a constant speed, I figured eventually she’d stick it in but yet she kept doing it.

“I’m gonna cum soon Noel” I said smoothly

With that she climbed off my dick and once again put it in her mouth she kept attempting to deepthroat me but to no prevail. She kept attempting getting to about the same point each time and then that’s when I heard the short beep from my friend’s car outside waiting to take me to practice. I grabbed Noel’s head and began to fuck her face, going as far as I could each time. I was about to climax so with all my might I thrusted into her mouth, I broke through her restraints and got her to swallow my whole dick just in time for me to release down her throat. She came up coughing but still giggling.

“I finally got it” she giggled “But it’d be more fun with more dicks…you should invite your friends and have some fun.” she smiled

“No, we need to go to practice and no we can’t have people over they’ll go overboard.” To be honest I wasn’t letting any guy touch this Escort horny girl, she was going to be my slut and will stay my slut.

I let Noel clean the rest of my dick before I pulled up my shorts and sprinted out for the car.

“About time, we’re gonna be late” Gerry, the top defenseman on the team, said as he punched me in the shoulder.

I nodded and we drove away. We reached practice just on time for me to get into goalie practice. Practice went on and coach gave his speech about how important tomorrow’s game was. It was against our rivals Pensfield Yellow jackets, who last year knocked us out of sectionals in the semi-finals. Practice finished early, so everyone went out for breakfast. I only ate some eggs, I was still full from my cereal that morning. I got home and there was a note left on the table:

Noel and I are going out to hang with friends see you later

I didn’t care that much, I could entertain myself until they got home and then I could confront them about last night, but for the mean time sleep was my main objective. I grabbed some lazy clothes, a t-shirt, socks, underwear and some sweatpants and headed for the shower. I undressed turned on the shower and hopped in. The water relaxed my muscles and made me rock hard. I grabbed ahold of my dick and began to stroke imaging Noel’s face sucking hard on my dick, the saliva flowing from her mouth. I couldn’t help to think of my sister either as her mouth engulfed my dick. In no time I came all over the shower floor. I jumped out grabbed a towel and headed for the couch. My phone was buzzing like nuts, I must have forgotten to bring it to practice, I thought.

5 New Messages

I looked at the messages; one was my sister, two from Noel, one from my parents and one from Shianne. I checked in with the parents first and then my sister and I looked at Shianne’s text:

Guess what I found out;)

Shianne had known me for years and she usually only texts me to find out about boys or if she found “the one” that she says she’ll find eventually. But anyways I responded asking what and the next message surprised me more than the first:

Marrisa has a thing for you she says she’s heard the rumors about your downstairs haha and she wants to find out about it! Here’s her number (359) 245-4678

Marrisa was definitely the hottest girl in the school and probably one of the smartest too. She wasn’t exactly a slut either, she proclaims she’s a slut but the way she acts around guys when she feels them up makes her look awkward, like she’s attempting to pet a ferocious dog. I decided to humor myself and text her. It was one o’clock and the next thing I knew it was 7, I was actually interested in Marrisa so much I had already rubbed myself off three or four times imagining her tight ass, her flowing blond hair, her smiling face and her firm B-cup tits. She was also very sharing after a while, she shared she was still a virgin and did the other things so people wouldn’t call her a loser and she told me that she had a crush on me but never had ever heard a rumor of how big my dick was… neither had I to be honest. Escort Bayan I told her that it was something that she’ll have to see for herself one day I texted jokingly but she took it serious and replied:

How bout Saturday;)

I couldn’t believe it, I agreed. Some luck had come my way; with three possible horny girls now pulling at my pants I was extremely excited. Only a couple more days separated Marrisa and I. I had completely forgotten to read the texts from Noel…both were nudes of her touching herself, I didn’t respond but found myself whacking off once more. I walked upstairs to grab my laptop to entertain myself when the front door opened and the hanging bells gave a sweet chime. I put the laptop back and casually walked downstairs to see what the girls had been up to when i was struck with amazement. There stood Chloe and Noel with low cut tops and hugging skirts wearing tons of make-up. That’s when it hit me Carlson Ratigan, a football jock that was known for fucking anything he could get his hands around, had a party tonight, one I skipped because of all the drugs they were doing. I looked at Noel she looked clean but look stoned.

“Noel, go upstairs.” She stumbled up as Chloe attempted to make her break for the downstairs bathroom, the only door with a lock. I walked behind her and grabbed he around her waist, her butt rubbing against my crotch.

“Wanna tell me where you were?” I asked

“We just went out to the movies with some friends” she replied

I pulled her out from the bathroom door way and pressed her hard against the wall.

“Wanna try again.”

“Im telling you the truth”

With that I pulled down my sweatpants, she couldn’t see they were down but could feel my raging hard on in between her butt cheeks. I proceeded to pull her skirt down which was met by resistance but with my weight against her I was able to succeed. I pushed my dick against her anal entrance, this was answered with an attempted kick to the balls. I grabbed the leg in time and pushed my dick slowly in.

“Ill pull out when you tell me the truth”

“ I already did” she now began to cry.

I wouldn’t let her guilt trip me I shoved my dick all the way in causing her to scream out load. I lifted her up and pumped away as I walked her over to the couch. I then bent her over the couch still buried within and pumped away.

“I went to Carlson Ratigan’s party” she finally yelled

“Did you have sex?” I asked

“Not until now.”

I pulled out which gave her a sigh of relief until she saw my hand coming across her face.

“Don’t Lie to me!” I yelled and walked back and continued to pump her anus.

“ I ate out a girl and sucked her boyfriend’s dick a little bit.” She said just before she came and clawed into the couch

“Show me, or we can continue our fun.” I said and watched as Chloe turned around and wrapped her mouth around my dick. Her tongue danced around my dick like it had last Saturday night. It took me little time to cum deep down her throat forcing her to swallow it all. As she came up she coughed giving a disgusted Bayan Escort look on her face.

“Did Noel do anything?”

“She only got high I swear!”

“Good” I chuckled and went to grab my pants when I was stopped by Chloe. She grabbed my deflating dick and whacked it back to hardness.

“Im not done yet!” she said with a devilish smile
She blew me for a good ten minutes savoring the taste of my dick before she bent over on the couch once more. I grabbed onto her hips and slowly penetrated my sister’s virgin pussy.

“It feels so good” she moaned

I failed to answer because I was so entranced by her ass bouncing up and down on my dick. Her vagina quivered, grasping ahold of my dick before again letting go. I picked up my pace, blasting her pussy as hard as I could. She yelled out my name as her body was rocked by an orgasm as well as mine. She was absolutely spent so I carried her up to her room tucking her into bed and then proceeded to tuck myself in before passing out cold.

I awoke Tuesday morning thinking of the game later that night that was of coarse until I saw Noel in her underwear that showed two beautiful pair of butt cheeks, with a towel in her hands. I slowly got up remembering that I had failed to grab either my pants or Chloe’s. It didn’t matter anyways as I walked slowly behind Noel as she entered the upstairs bathroom, listening for the shower to begin. Once I heard the shower start I walked in already as hard as a rock, only to get harder to the sound of Noel moaning my name as she fingered herself. I waited until she seemed to be close to cumming then I stripped down entered the shower. She was so lost in ecstasy she failed to even recognize my entrance that is until I slammed my prick up into her anus as she fingered herself. She took it without the look of pain as she failed to release her fingers from the clutch of her pussy. She fingered herself right into an orgasm as I released up into her anus. We both kinda chuckled as I stepped out and began my day. The day went on without anything interesting and before I knew it I was standing on the field as we began our game against Pensfield.

I played an amazing game shutting them out on 32 shots, and with 2 minutes left a free-kick was called from about 48 yards out. I ran up and sent the ball into the box where it was headed in by one of our players, winning us the game and claiming our first win over Pensfield in 5 years. I cleaned most of the stuff up when I heard a whisper, it was Marrisa. I ran over and she pulled me in giving me a quick kiss before she pulled down my goalie pants and worked on my dick with her mouth.

“You played great and I thought I should reward you.” She said with a smile

She was definitely not a slut because her blowjob skills were little to none. However being the nice person I was I faked the pleasure for a while until cumming in her mouth. I told her she did a great job before pulling up my pants, scooping her up in my arms and running to make sure Gerry wouldn’t leave without us. They were waiting there for us with smiles on their faces; Marrisa was blushing majorly from the awkwardness she felt. We got in the car and they dropped us off at my house we walked to the couch both of us passing out from exhaustion in each other’s arms

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