Alien Abduction

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I recently watched a documentary on alien abduction. It included two stories that struck me. One was the 1957 Antônio Vilas-Boas abduction where he claimed to have sex with an alien. The other was the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill abduction where they claimed an alien examination. The germ of a story grew!

I banged this out during a night of insomnia. I proofed it. However, I probably missed something. To the grammarians, forgive me for my sin(s?)!

This story contains incest, anal and oral sex between a mother and son. If any of this offends you, move on! This is not for you! As always all characters are 18 or older.


The Abbouds’ excitement was palpable as they wound through the central California hills making their way home. Jamal, their 18 year old son, had scored the winning touchdown in his last game before graduating high school.

“Son, I’m so proud of you. You were fantastic tonight!”

“Baby, let me be the amen chorus! You made your momma proud.”

“Thank you both! What a way to end my high school football career.”

The Abbouds were second generation Middle Easterners. They shared the swarthy complex and straight black hair. John Abboud was a traditionalist. He believed that the father was the absolute last word in any family discussion. He was like his father and his father’s father in that respect. His father, while not exactly an arranged marriage, had chosen his wife. He pointed out to John that she was a nice virgin girl and that he and her father had business dealings.

Samantha Abboud was more westernized than her husband was. She accepted him as the undisputed head of the family. However, her dress, like the jean mini skirt and white blouse she wore tonight, was more in keeping with the California life style. Once she bought some lingerie from Victoria Secret hoping to surprise John and entice him into something more than their weekly sex. He had exploded. In a sputtering rage, he excoriated her. He made her return those “clothes of a harlot” as he called them.

She was a pretty woman. Some might say beautiful with her oval face and wide set almond shaped eyes. Occasionally she used make up but really did not need it. Her high cheekbones and full rich full cupid’s bow lips gave her a sensuous look.

She was not a worldly person. If she were, she would question the inadequacy of her sex life. However, she was raised to believe her place was to satisfy her husband’s needs. The mere thought of requesting more of a participatory sex life was antithetical to her.

She had successfully suppressed her trysts with her older sister some 15 years ago when they were both in their late teens. Years of isolation led them to giggling conversations about marriage and sex. That ultimately led to mutual masturbation. From there, they moved to oral sex and sweaty 69ing. If she had not been married off to John at 17, she was not sure where it might have led. She had not seen her sister in 10 years and she missed her.

John clicked his high beams on as they began the slow climb up highway 9 to their home in Felton. He saw a faint blue light flitting just above the hills. That was not unusual up here. The Air Force base was just over the hills. He speculated that they were having some night exercises. He frowned. He disliked the intrusion on their semi rural life style.

“Honey, what is that light over there?”

“It’s those damn jets,” John fumed, “they are destroying the bucolic nature of our little village.”

“I don’t know, dad. The lights are kind of low to be jets from the base.”

Samantha leaned her head against her husband’s shoulder. Her joy at her son’s success in football and the scholarship it gave him to State University was tempered by the sadness that their only child would soon leave the nest. They would be empty nesters.

Despite her strong desire to have a large brood of babies, her husband was reluctant. After Jamal was born, he said to wait until he was out of diapers. Then it was wait until he started school. There was always a reason why they could not have another baby. Now she was on the sunny side of 35 with an 18 year old son. There was still time. However, her biological clock was ticking loudly.

Unbeknownst to his parents, Jamal was sexually active and thoroughly westernized. His role as the star quarterback on his high school team put him in a position to have any cheerleader he wanted. He took liberal advantage of that opportunity. He liked to smoke the occasional joint and loved cold beer.

Jamal smiled as he saw his mom lay her head on his dad’s shoulders. He knew he was lucky to have such great parents. He loved them both without reservation. Yes, his father could be a little pompous but he meant well. His father was a highly successful IT engineer. At 43, he was at the top of his field. True, the sedentary life style left him Escort overweight and paunchy. His doctor warned him that 240 pounds was too much weight for his 6′ 1″ frame.

His mom was the hottest mother in the county. At 5′ 7″, she was a little tall, and she had put on a few extra pounds over the years, but all they served to do was to add curves to her slender mature frame. His maternal grandmother said his mother’s low-slung hips were childbearing hips. He had overheard his grandmother chiding her for not having more babies.

“Damn! That freaking jet is flying too low! It seems to be coming right at us!”

“Dad! That’s not a jet. It looks like…! Oh my god! Dad! It’s a flying saucer!”

The lights on the dashboard starting flashing. The motor sputtered and stalled out.

“Out of the car! Run for the tree line!”

The Abbouds try to exit the car but found they were paralyzed. They watched helpless as the large circular object hovered above the road. They could see small figures looking at them from the windows in the craft. A ramp opened from the bottom of the flying saucer. Several small grey figures came down the ramp and approached the car. Two of the figures were taller than the others. They seemed to be in charge.

Sam wanted to scream but found she could make no sounds. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. A part of her realized all the rumors were true. There were flying saucers.

In the back seat, Jamal was trying to move. However, whatever force was holding him was stronger than his muscular 6′ 2″ 220 pound body. Fear gripped him. His body twitched involuntarily. Someone was controlling him. He thought he could hear voices but they had no direction. Then he realized they were in his head. He felt himself open the car door. His movements were jerky and uncoordinated as he stepped from the car.

John and Samantha were experiencing the same involuntary movement. Like automatons, they twitched and jerked as they stepped from the car. Following unspoken commands, the Abboud family walked up the ramp and into the craft.

“Alpha One, this is highly unusual! We have no experience with this type of experiment.”

“Silence, Zeta Four! Your lowly caste is not permitted to question the decisions of the upper castes.”

The four workers drones heard but did not hear the disagreement between the captain of the ship and the head of the Science Counsel. They were bred to obey. Using their telepathic power, they guided the disgustingly ugly creatures into the ship. They directed them to the examination room.

Alpha One bowed his head at the neck and extended his long spindly arms out with the palms down in the gesture of respect.

“I do not question you, Lord! I merely wish to provide counsel.”

Alpha One had convinced the Science Council to allow this experiment. Rather than collect fluids and gestate specimens in vitro, he would have the creatures produce offspring by using their disgusting mating ritual. Some members of the Council became physically indisposed when he described the ritual but he had prevailed.

“Have the specimens disrobe.”

“To hear is to obey, Lord!”

The Abbouds stood nude in a circle in a large room. The walls and the floor seemed to be made of the same material. The floor felt soft and warm under their feet. They were aware of their surroundings but were unable to resist.

Jamal had never seen his mother naked. Well, yes he had. However, those were quick glimpses in the bathroom when she did not completely close the door. Then there was that time around the pool when he startled her sunning and she sat up, revealing her large breasts.

Her breasts hung like large brown ripe melons, full and pendulous with inverted nipples. Her abdomen had a slight middle age pooch. Her neatly trimmed black pubic hair was shot with grey. Her labia were large, puffy and lay folded back like butterfly wings. Her clit was large and prominent. Involuntarily his cock stiffened. Her long waist swelled to a full mature ass. Her legs were shapely with the gentle curve of her calf muscles tapering to dainty ankles and feet.

John Abboud was outraged that his family was on display. He was particularly upset that his son could see Samantha’s naked body. And Jesus Christ! The boy had a hard on!

Sam took in the muscular frame of her first-born. Her only born she thought sadly. If she had control of them, her eyes would have widened at the impressive size of her son’s semi hard cock.

A worker drone approached Alpha One. He bowed his head steeply at the neck and extended his long spindly arms palm down in the gesture of respect. He waited to be recognized and allowed to speak.

Alpha One was aware that the drone was awaiting permission to speak. He tapped on his notepad for several more minutes.

“Yes?” Escort Bayan He telepathically projected a peremptory tone. He did not raise his eyes to look at one so low.

“Great Lord! The specimens are ready. We have adjusted their chemistry to keep them calm. We have not adjusted the pairing hormones. We are not sure what the pairings will be.

Alpha One consulted his notes. The larger older male was not suitable for his experiment. The heart organ was damaged and the arteries were partially blocked. It was not healthy.

“Adjust the hormone levels of the younger male and the female.”

Unable to contain himself, Zeta Four spoke up.

“Lord, the female and the younger male have a familial relationship. Other expeditions have determined there are social taboos to their mating.”

“I am aware of that, Zeta Four! My theory says that is the reason their attempts to genetically improve this inferior race failed. I intend to mate the female and her male offspring to limit the genetic variation.

But Lord, will that not also increase the chance of undesirable mutations?”

Alpha One shook with rage. This inferior was questioning his experimental protocol. He would deal with him when they returned to the home world.

“Zeta four! Do not question me further! Order the drones to raise the hormone levels of the female and the younger male. Repair the older male. I may need him in my next round of testing.”

Realizing he had endangered everyone in his crèche by challenging an upper caste, Zeta Four assumed the age old position of respect and spoke the words of submission.

“To hear is to obey, Oh Lord!”


Sam discovered she could move again. A warm flush moved through her body. She felt alive. More alive than she had in years. Every inch of her skin tingled. Across from her, she could see her son’s cock slapping gently against his belly. Like her, a light sheen of perspiration covered his body. Her nostrils flared as she picked up the aroma of his heightened hormones. She licked her lips and took a step forward.

Other than her husband’s, Jamal’s was the first cock she saw. And she wanted it! Somewhere inside her, where her inhibitions had been hypnotically repressed, she cowered in embarrassment.

“Increase the hormone levels.”

Zeta Four bowed in acknowledgement. Mentally he reached into the bodies of the subjects and caused them to secrete more of the hormones. The levels were an order of magnitude higher than any experienced by the subjects or any other of their kind.

Like an animal, Jamal threw his head back and sniffed the air. His body reacted to the scent of a female in rut. He looked at his mother as she took a step toward him. Her body glistened with perspiration. It ran in streams between the mountains of her breasts. Sweat ran freely across her abdomen and through the matted hair of her mound. There it merged with the fluids dripping from her pussy, streaming down her legs. A slow rumble began deep in his throat as he strode toward his prize.

“Great Lord, if I may ask, what are the parameters for this experiment?”

As Alpha One watched the creatures begin their mating ritual, he felt magnanimous.

“I have hypnotically removed all social constructs. Mentally, they are as they were at the dawn of their race, little more than instinctive animals”

Still immobile, John Abboud watched with disgust as his wife and son embraced. This was unconscionable. Not only were they naked, they were touching each other.

He too could smell the pheromones in the air. He wanted to scream his outrage, assert his authority is the sole head of the family, but he could not speak. This woman was his. She came to him unspoiled, untouched by any man. Now his son…his son was putting the horns of a cuckold on him.

He watched helpless as his son gripped his wife’s ass with both hands and squeezed it until she moaned with pain and pleasure. Open mouthed, they kissed. The saliva running out of the corners of their mouths as the ground their lips and crotches together. Please god! She is mine! Mine! Make them stop

Jamal and his mother’s tongues dueled with each other, going back and forth, as they fought for supremacy. While their tongues dueled, their hands explored each other’s body. Sam spat on her son’s chest then used her hands to spread it through the downy hair on his chest. He growled deep in his throat as he bent down and took one of his mother’ rigid nipples in his mouth. He suckled then bit down hard. She moaned. Sam held his head to her aching breast with one hand. With the other gripped his massive tool, her small hand barely encompassing it. She jerked it hard several times. Jamal’s cock leaked copious Bayan Escort amounts of pre cum on his mother’s hands. She pushed him back. She held his eyes while licking it from his hands.

“Uhhhh, Alpha One, are you familiar with this mating ritual?”

“Um, no! Like you, I was gestated in a crèche. These actions are unfamiliar to me.”

“Uhh, how will we know when the ritual is complete?”

“I’m not sure! I see she is taking the appendage between his legs in her mouth. “

“Yes! Yes! I see and they have turn head to toe. Do you supposed he will fertilize her that way?”

The sensation of her son’s cock in her mouth sent thrills through Sam’s body. Its pliant hardness filled her mouth. She had sucked her husband’s cock when he asked her. It never felt like this. She pressed and felt it slide down her throat. Her body shook with a mini orgasm. Her head bobbed furiously, Jamal’s cock sliding effortlessly through her mouth and down her throat. The sensation was indescribable. Waves of pleasure washed over her. The slurping of her enthusiastic sucking filled the examination room.

The aliens were unfamiliar with hormone levels in a human body. They had over did it. A miasma of lust filled the room.

Jamal was unknowing of their mistake and uncaring. The musky fluid exuded by his mother’s pussy filled his mouth. He roughly took her engorged pussy lips into his mouth, sucking and nibbling them, eliciting guttural moans from his mother. His tongue slid through the hot slickness of her spasming pussy to the forbidden zone of her anus. He spat on it. Jamal used his tongue to spread his saliva around her winking starfish.

Samantha’s hip thrust down, welcoming her son’s tongue into her ass. Catlike mewls issued from her mouth as he explored her anal opening. Not even her sister played with her ass. It was disgusting, revolting. It was the most incredible feeling of pleasure she ever had. She thrust back, trying to force his tongue deeper in her ass. The aliens had suppressed all inhibitions. There were no limits. No rules! They were not mother and son. They were animals breeding.

Sam slid her body up her son’s body. Their sweat provided the lubrication. It was a sensuous undulation. She sank her teeth into the taut flesh of his toned abdomen. Sam moved slowly up her son’s body nipping at it with her teeth. She took his nipple and her teeth and pulled hard on it. Jamal howled as the pain/pleasure receptors in his body reacted. As her breasts passed his face, he took her nipple in his teeth. He bit into it and pulled. Samantha’s scream startled the aliens, causing them to take a step back

“Great Lord! Might they hurt themselves? Our standing order is that they should not be permanently damaged.”

Frantically, Alpha One consulted his notes. The details of the mating ritual were at best sketchy. Previous expeditions had only observed it in passing.

“Er…um..uh! I do not think they are damaging each other. They actually seemed to be enjoying it.

Sam grabbed her son’s head and pulled him from her nipple. She turned, positioning her gushing pussy above Jamal’s rigid throbbing cock. Her juices flowed freely from her pussy, creating a shiny glistening coating on her inner thighs. It dripped onto the acorn head of Jamal’s cock. It matted her thatch to her mound exposing her engorged purple vaginal lips. Even from their distance, the aliens could see the pink inner opening pulsing.

“Fuck me! Breed me! Plant your seed deep in my womb! I want your babies.”

“You are mine! My bitch! You will have my babies!’

Their throaty tone was unrecognizable as human. Cave people might understand the sounds they made. However, humans had not made such sounds in tens of thousands of years.

Jamal gripped his mother’s sweat drenched waist. He pulled her down on his tumescent dick. His cock unerringly found its target and slid into the steaming sauna of her hole. They thrusted against each other, the sound and smell of overheated sex permeating the room. Their howls filled the room

“My bitch! My bitch My bitch!” Jamal raspily moan.

Samantha placed her hands on his chest. Her full breasts swayed back and forth, as her body undulated. She drove her hips down hard, taking her son’s cock repeatedly into the deep recesses of her breeding tunnel.

“Yours! Yours! Yours!, she howled, shaking her head fiercely, sending a spray of perspiration across the room from her sweat soaked hair

He reached up with both hands and roughly squeezed her hanging breasts. Sam’s scream was primal, shocking the aliens with its volume and vehemence. The violent slap of flesh on flesh resounded through the room.

“Lord, do you believe he is trying to injure her? Should I reduce the hormone levels?”

Alpha One’s thoughts were muddled. This response was unexpected. Still, she seemed to be enjoying the young male’s grappling of her chest appendages. Alpha was startled at her scream when the young male took the nubs of both her chest appendages in his mouth and bit them.

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