An Alluring Surprise


I’m an author. The fact I haven’t written any stories for Lush isn’t the surprise, but it is, perhaps, surprising.Recently I’ve had moderate success with a couple of books. Again, not the surprise, but it definitely did surprise me when the publisher started asking me to attend the sales events. Over the last year, I’ve been to six of them. They’re kind of fun. Occasionally, I run into people who’ve even actually read the books and, on one occasion, I met an actual fan. He clearly knew more about my characters than I did and I was flattered. Not so flattered that I took him up on his offer to come to my hotel room and discuss the books and ‘maybe a blowjob’ further, but definitely flattered enough that I thought about it later that night, alone, as I surfed some favourite bisexual websites.I’m married and I love my wife.Last month, I was invited to speak at the launch of the American editions of the books. I’d be away for two weeks all expenses paid. Usually, I’d invite my family to join me but my wife was busy, so I went alone.After ten days, I was lonely, and tired of the hotels and the bad food, so I went straight to the bar. As I walked in, I noticed two women who had been in my talk earlier. One was petite, delicate with short blonde hair, the other was tall and had the most alluring eyes. I’d noticed them in the session but they’d both changed for the evening. The blonde had a low-cut top which, even from the bar entrance, accentuated her perky breasts. Her companion was tall with long brown hair. She had put on a short skirt which drew attention to her amazingly shapely legs in sheer nylons. There was just the hint of a garter when she shifted in her seat.I parked myself where I could keep stealing glances and ordered gin and some wings. The two women looked over occasionally, and I had to look away, worried that I had been caught ogling breasts and legs. After the second gin, I may have stopped stealing glances exactly and may have resorted to staring quite openly. The two were sitting close together and their body language suggested an intimacy that couldn’t help but tweak my lonely, now horny, interest.I was contemplating a third gin, and then a return to the room, and the tired Escort trawl through the websites, when the waitress appeared and quietly replaced my drink. She leaned in and whispered, “From the ‘ladies’ over there, sir. They suggest you could join them to get a better view… on your books, they say.”The blonde raised her glass in my direction and grinned. It distracted me from the waitress’s odd emphasis on the word ‘ladies’ and the clear implication of the word ‘view’.I smiled. I raised my glass in return and, thanking the smirking waitress, moved over to join my fans.“Hello Alistair, are you having a good night?” said the blonde“Better now I’ve got some company,” I said, wondering if that made me seem desperately lonely.“Oh, poor baby,” said the brunette. Close up, her alluring dark eyes seemed to smoulder as she smiled at me.“I’m Cassie and this is Mel.”I shook their offered hands. Cassie’s shake was surprisingly firm, and I lingered, holding her hand for half a beat longer, transfixed by her eyes and her legs.The two women clearly were fans and had paid attention to my talk. They asked me about film options, and we laughed over which actors I fantasised about playing various parts. We talked a bit about home, although they deftly avoided giving me too much detail of their own lives, beyond saying that they were colleagues who were good friends.“Very good friends,” said Mel and she patted Cassie’s thigh. Her hand rested on the hem of her friend’s short skirt. Still looking at me she slid her hand up, pushing the skirt aside to reveal the promised garter belt holding up Cassie’s nylons. I couldn’t help but look at the shapely thigh and wondered whether Cassie regularly allowed her friend’s hand to travel further.My mouth was dry and my blood hummed. I hoped the bar’s dim lighting hid my blushing face.“Mmmm,” agreed Cassie, her voice quivering. “Very good, mmmm, close friends.”As the bar began to empty, Cassie suggested we carry on the chat upstairs in their room. I was intrigued, turned on and frankly a bit drunk, so I readily agreed.In the elevator, I was struck once more by the oddness of this couple. One was tall. Sensuous. Alluring. So sexy. The other short. Perky. Escort Bayan Cheeky. Quick-witted and also, no denying it, sexy. In my mind, I was wondering which would be more fun in bed.The seventh floor came, two floors short of mine. As we walked towards their room, Mel leaned into me, her gait was unsteady and she smiled up at me apologetically. I didn’t mind. I could feel her breasts pressing into my side. God. They felt good. I put my arm round her.“Such a gentleman,” she giggled as Cassie opened the door.The first thing that struck me was that there was only one bed. Did they sleep together? I instantly imagined the two of them together in the bed and knew that I would masturbate thinking of that image at the next opportunity.The next thing that struck me was that Mel had closed the door behind us and, seemingly in one movement, had removed her top and unclasped her bra.“Oh god, I’m sorry,” she said as I couldn’t help look at the flash of breast and surprisingly dark nipples. “It’s new and very tight.”She went to pull her shirt back on and then looked at me as I stood there, gawping. She may also have glanced down and seen that I was already getting very tight in the crotch.She giggled. Then, quite deliberately, she lowered her hands and gave me a full view of her magnificent breasts. She gently shook them, making them bounce and sway.I whistled.Seemingly from nowhere slow sensuous music filled the room and I felt Cassie beside me. She was offering me a glass of wine. I accepted and joined her sitting on the bed while still watching Mel and her open exhibitionism.Mel bowed. Then, almost uncertainly, she slid her hands over her tits, her fingers brushing the nipples until they were unmistakably hard. They weren’t the only thing.Cassie and I sat side-by-side on the bed and watched.Mel seemed to take us both looking at her and the music as a cue. She began to strip; so sexily. She was dancing for us but she was clearly also getting incredibly turned on.I was aware of Cassie sitting next to me. She was close and I could feel her nylons against my leg. I could feel her body heat against me. I could feel how hard my cock was in my trousers.Mel’s eyes were closed as her Bayan Escort hands roamed her body, she was slowly peeling clothes, rubbing and pinching and caressing herself.I felt Cassie’s breath in my ear.“I want to suck you,” she whispered.I looked at her and nodded. God, I was so hard.I leaned in and kissed her passionately. Her mouth was warm; her tongue was strong and probing. I felt her hands on my trousers:Un-zipping. Un-buckling. Un-dressing.My cock sprang free from my boxers. I’m not massive, six inches and un-cut but I’ve been told it has a good girth and it generates a lot of pre-cum. Already it was wet at the tip. Its girth was fully engorged. It had been made hard by Mel’s continued dancing, by the allure of the woman beside me. And by the unmistakable sex in the room.Cassie slid to her knees beside the bed and in one smooth gulp she took me in her mouth. I looked down. Her long hair tented over my now naked thighs. Behind her, her long legs and heels could be seen pointing at Mel. My eyes locked on the blonde Mel; her eyes were open and the dancing had become a more serious masturbation session. She was naked against the wall. Her hands were alternately rubbing her wetness and squeezing her own breasts as she watched her friend suck me. And, oh my god, Cassie was sucking me so well. Her hot mouth was working my swollen helmet and then allowing my length to slide into her throat. I was in heaven.I lay back on the bed and motioned for Mel to join me. She grinned and licked her fingers. They were slick with the wetness of her dripping mound. I could hear her slurp as she licked. I felt the bed dip slightly as she knelt to one side of me. Her tongue was quickly in my mouth and I could taste her; her juice was sweet and sticky and was such a turn-on. It was all I could do not to cum in Cassie’s hot sucking mouth.Without a word, Mel broke off our kiss and straddled my face, looking back toward my cock and her friend’s wonderful work there. Mel’s hips moved forward and back as my tongue found its way into her wet, open pussy. My hands formed a chair for her ass as she settled onto my face. She sighed as she settled into a rhythm. Occasionally I had to lift her to take a breath but otherwise, I was smothered in her sex. My fingers pulled at her ass, occasionally finding her sensitive tight hole. Each time I did she would moan and push back onto my finger and face forcing me to lick, suck and probe even further.

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