Subject: Unexpected Pleasure 7- The Reunion Unexpected Pleasure 7 – The Reunion This is a story about the developing romance between a straight man, a 10-year- old boy and the boy’s father. If you object to male on male, or male on boy, or dad on son sex, please don’t read the story. The people in this story are fictional, and the events do not represent or describe anything that has happened to me in my life. I don’t approve of or endorse any relationship of a romantic or sexual nature between men and underage boys, and if I met somebody that was pursuing such a relationship, I would report them to the authorities. The story contains oral sex, fucking, sucking, piss, rimming, felching. I don’t intend to go to scat. It doesn’t turn me on. Please let me know if you would like me to continue with this story. *Please email me your comments and suggestions*. I love to hear from my Readers. Please don’t copy my work or call it your own, or publish it anywhere else without my permission. Consider donating to to keep this amazing site going. ail _________________________________ WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME “I have to piss,” the three of us all said at the same time and laughed. “Just go here,” Dirk said. “The bed is protected.” The bliss as I let go inside Dirk’s bowels, he in Ollie’s and Ollie all over my tummy, was a suitable end to an orgasmic experience. We rolled around in Ollie’s pee and as Dirk and I pulled out, we added to the mess of cum, piss and ass-juices mixed with man and boy sweat. I knew I would never be the same again and I wondered what the future would hold for me. Ollie flipped around so his ass was on my face and I ate his ass out while Dirk did mine and Ollie did his in a man-boy-man rimming circle. I was in heaven… _________________________________ It was later. We had managed to calm down enough to have a decent breakfast. Dirk was jovial and hospitable but full of plans. Sensibly he asked us what we were wanting to do before he made his suggestion. I wanted to know more before I ventured forth. “Look, Dirk, I had a great time today. As you correctly discerned, I’m in love with your son. (Ollie blushed) I am, however, married to a woman whom I love deeply and don’t want to hurt. I also loved having sex with you so I’m pretty sure that somebody (who will remain nameless-I looked at Ollie, who giggled) picked up that I was sexually ambiguous and pounced on me like a pro.” They both laughed. “But where to from here?” “You can stay here with us and learn to be fucked by Pa?” Ollie volunteered. “That sounds like one plan,” I added. “But I have to go home and carry on with my life, Ollie. I am married to a woman.” I looked at Ollie and kissed him gently on the mouth. I wasn’t so sure that I could do it. “Ok. Let’s be practical. When do you have to go home?” Dirk volunteered. “Well, today is Saturday. At least tomorrow evening. But I have a contract here so I will be back.” Dirk looked at Ollie with compassion in his eyes. “He will be back, but for now, let’s just enjoy ourselves.” “Ok,” Ollie perked up and accepted that once his dad agreed, everything would be ok. “Ok, here’s what I suggest.” Dirk piped up. “I have used an app called Grindr to hook up with men my age and so on.” The expression in Ollie’s eyes said that he was surprised. “Ja, baby, after your mom died and I realized I like guys, well… anyway, why don’t we add a little spice to our adventures before you go by seeing if anybody else wants to join us. It picks up men in the area that are available. First, you just chat if you like the profile pictures and then maybe hook up.” “Jis pa, that sounds hot. So you just hook up with random okes you meet on the internet? Can I have Grindr on my phone too?” Me and Dirk laughed heartily. “No baby, you have to be 18 years old to use Grindr and I would never allow you to connect without me!” “So how do we do it, Dirk?” I asked eagerly, thinking that it might be fun to add some other man-flesh to the mix, not that I was tired of what I had here. He grabbed his smartphone in his huge blonde paw and scrolled to an app with a mustard colour and a mask as its icon. When it opened a whole screen full of profile pictures appeared, and he set the preferences so that those that were closest were nearest to the top left of the corner. Ollie and I looked over his shoulders, Ollie looked at me and grinned and the excitement was obvious. I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth and his sweet tongue and lips received me gladly. It was like kissing the sweetness of boyhood şişli travesti incarnate. I felt my cock jump. “Dirk, I’m not sure I want to share Ollie with anybody. I think I might kill anybody that touches him but you!” Dirk’s hearty guffaws filled the kitchen. “I know what you mean. My boy is special and I usually only share him with people he chooses. So why don’t we see if anybody here catches his attention?” Ollie and I returned to looking over Dirk’s shoulder. “I like him.” He pointed at a guy whose profile said that he was roughly my age, and he had an attractive clean-cut face, and surprisingly, he was the nearest guy on the grid. His pic was a selfie, and the background looked like it might be in the Free State. There was a horse behind him, as well as a farm dam with corrugated iron walls and a wind pump. His Name was “BJ”. I liked his face as well. It reminded me of someone, I just couldn’t think who. I would come to me, I supposed. “I wonder what BJ stands for,” Ollie asked. Dirk and I just laughed. “So what do we do now?” I asked We looked at his profile. Dirk read out loud. *Just an honest, ordinary guy at a loose end in the Free state. msg me if you wanna chat, maybe more.* “Well, let’s see if he likes “me”, cos it’s me that he thinks he’s talking to.’ Dirk typed in *hey, wuu2?* “What does that mean?” I asked. “What you up to,” Ollie answered before Dirk could say a word. “How did you know that?” I asked suspiciously. “It’s what I say to my friends on WhatsApp.” That made sense. The answer came a moment later. *Not much, u?* *Just checking out your profile. Hot.* Dirk answered for all of us. *Tx. U2. Like the beard. U a farmer?* *Yup. In *******. Lovely town.* *That’s weird. I’m here now.* “Wow,” Ollie said, “That’s lucky!” Dirk and I laughed. *Business?* Dirk replied. *No, family. Cousin’s getting married.* *Wanna have a beer?* Dirk replied, shrugging his shoulders and looking at the two of us. *Shit I would love to but I have somebody with me.* *Who is it?* *My 10-year old son.* Ollie yelped. “Yesssssss,” he shrieked. Dirk and I laughed our asses off. “Steady on, boy,” Dirk cautioned. “Not every dad is going to let his boy play with adults like I let you do!” “Ask him,” he answered simply *You can bring him along. I also have a 10-year old. they can play* Ollie and I shrieked with laughter. “Yes, play doctor,” Ollie volunteered. “Settle down guys,” Dirk reprimanded. “I’m trying to pick up a guy here. I must focus!” We all laughed again, Ollie until tears were pouring out of his adorable eyes and running down his beautiful face. *Won’t that be complicated? My boy doesn’t know about me.* “BJ” asked. *Let’s see what happens. The boys will probably play…If it gets complicated we just drink a beer and shoot the shit. No harm done.* *Sounds like a plan… Where are you?* *Do you have WhatsApp? I can send you the GPS coordinates.* “BJ” gave his cell number and Dirk added him as a contact. When he came up in Dirk’s Whatsapp, his full profile came up. His real name (Ben Jordaan) appeared above a picture with a dark-haired boy with a hoodie, that looked about Ollie’s age. I felt myself go cold. I just kept my thoughts to myself. Ollie gushed on. “His boy is CUTE, isn’t he? I wonder what his name is?” “I bet it’s Bennie,” I volunteered. “Why do you think that?” Dirk asked. “I just have a feeling about it.” I muttered. I had a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sense of anticipation that I didn’t want to share, in case I was wrong. In the meantime, Dirk had sent the coordinates. *My GPS says it should only take me about 20 minutes to get there. I’m just saying goodbye here. CU soon* *Will get the beer out so long. Will be by the pool. Bring cozzies.* Dirk finished off. “Well, this should be interesting,” Dirk said. “I don’t have a cozzie here,” I said. “Fuck the cozzies,” Dirk said. “We won’t need them. When they see us swimming naked, they will join in. Trust me.” Oh well, here goes nothing, I thought. Could be fun, could be a disaster on soooo many levels. We trekked out to the pool which was off the back kitchen door. Dirk brought a six-pack of frosties and Ollie brought the towels. Since I didn’t have any clothes on I just brought myself, my balls swinging between my hairy legs and my cock now pulled up over them with the foreskin protruding about half an inch as it did when I was nervous or cold. Ollie had me by the hand and looked lovingly up into my eyes. “I love you, Ty,” beylikdüzü travesti he whispered as he looked at me with his huge blue-green eyes through long black eyelashes. His lucky lips were smiling, exposing his white, farm milk-fed teeth. “Ollie, I love you too,” I said as I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around me and his naked boy-but and uncut pieletjie settled against my hip. He put his head on my shoulder by my ear, and whispered, “This is going to be fun, you’ll see. There is no reason to be nervous.” “How do you know I’m nervous?” I whispered back. “Little Ty is trying to hide away. Almost like he’s shy.” He nodded at my retreating cock. “Well, you have me there. But with you here I know I’ll be alright. My Ollie.” “My Ty,” he replied as we arrived at the huge sparkling pool that took up most of the backyard, with slasto paving (A flaky natural stone, normally sealed) around it, just like we had around ours when I was a kid. “The last one in is a vrot banana,” Ollie shouted as he launched himself off my hip and ran towards the pool and did a bomb into the deep end, setting the water splashing against the sides and slopping out of the pool. His dad was putting the beers into the bar fridge behind the ubiquitous stone bar with the thatched roof in the corner. I followed Ollie in and did a perfect dive into the deep end and came up under him and lifted him out of the water. His beautiful legs flapped around as I lifted him up and catapulted him in the air. He twisted like an eel and made a perfect entry into the water with hardly a splash. His dad joined us and snuck up under me and pulled me under and kissed me with his hairy mouth as I struggled to escape from his giant arms. I just gave in and let him suck my face off. We broke the surface and Ollie, who had exited the pool at the deep end, launched himself onto us, landing on his dad’s shoulders like a monkey and shouted “I’m the king of the castle, and you’re the dirty rascal!” pulling a tongue at me as he finished. “We’ll see about that!” I shouted as I went underwater and knocked Dirk’s legs from under him, sending them both to the bottom. I went under too. I could see the two of them with bubbles coming out of their noses and mouths as they laughed underwater. We spent the next 15 minutes or so roughhousing in the water, all of us ending up hard as we rubbed bits of ourselves against each other and stuck fingers (and other things) close to and in any available orifice. I forgot about my premonition and just enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t hear the car pull up and none of us saw “BJ” and his boy enter from the kitchen, where the farmhand had directed him when they arrived. Dirk was the first to see that our “guests” had arrived and yelled “BJ” in his loud bass, almost causing me to choke in the water. Like a veritable Titan, God of the ocean, he parted the waters as he walked out of the shallow end onto the pool steps and, erection leading the way, approached a wide-eyed BJ and his son, to welcome them and shake their hands. Ollie was out next, his proud boy-spike not shrinking a millimetre, leaving me to come out and greet the guests too. I wasn’t far behind, realizing that it was now or never and approached the still overwhelmed BJ with my dick and my hand outstretched. “Bennie?” I asked, looking into his confused face. “Do I know you?” he stammered, his searching eyes trying to stay focused on my face, rather than all the exposed erections around him. “This is Ty, and I’m Ollie,” the young tyke said, immediately setting about making the dark-haired youngster feel at home, in spite of the fact that he was still sporting an erection and the poor boy was face height with not only my respectable uncut 7-incher but also the tree trunk that Dirk had sticking out from his loins. “Did you say `Ty’?” asked BJ “Yes, Bennie, it’s Ty,” I said as I reached out to embrace my long-lost friend, my bosom buddy that I had lost when our mother caught us in an accidentally compromising position so many, many years ago. “God, Ty,” he sobbed as he launched himself into my arms, and we embraced, both laughing and crying into each other’s necks. He was getting drenched from my fully naked body contact but didn’t seem to mind. “I think they know each other,” Ollie remarked dryly as he took the other boy by the hand and led him to the bar fridge to get a Coke. “I’m Benny,” he volunteered. “I know, Ty told us,” he answered enigmatically. ************************************* Finally, everything settled istanbul travesti down. Ty and Dirk didn’t get dressed. The history between Ty and Ben was explained. Ben decided that “when in Rome…” and got rid of the clothes, exposing a short, beer can-thick cut dick that was sure to split somebody in two if he so wished. He was smooth with hair only on his legs and a dusting between his nicely shaped pecs. A light treasure trail led from his innie belly button to a sparse bush surrounding his impressive stubby dick. “So what’s with the boy, and you fucking around brother?” I asked. “I married his mother because I knew that if I didn’t marry my dad (you know him Ty) would be asking questions. Lucky I can get it up enough to fuck her, but my first love is cock and ass. What about you, Ty? You always been gay?” Ty was quick to deny that he even was, and explained how the whole scenario had come about. “So you guys fuck that pretty little boy? That’s so sick!” “Have you never thought of fucking your boy, Ben?” Dirk asked. “To be honest, no, I have always been into guys my age or older. That’s one of the reasons I was attracted to your profile on Grindr, Dirk. You’re a total blonde bear and that turns me on big-time. And Ty, your dark hairy look is so hot to me also. He leaned over to put his hand on Ty’s chest and rubbed the hairy mounds and pinched the coin-sized nipples he found there. Ty’s dick loved the attention and Ben looked around for Bennie to see if it was safe to pursue his obvious attraction to both the other men. The child was nowhere to be seen. “It’s ok Ben, Ollie and he are probably playing PlayStation in his room and when they start with that you know there’s no stopping them.” Ben stood up in front of Ty, his thick dick hanging solidly against his big ball bag. Ty leaned forward, put his hand behind Ben’s firm bubble butt and pulled him forward. Ben spread his legs and straddled Ty’s lap with his legs on either side of his. He sat down on Ty’s lap facing him. Ty’s dick was fitted neatly under Ben’s heavy, almost hairless balls. He leaned in and because he was sitting on Ty’s muscular legs, he was higher than Ty so that Ty’s head was level with his mostly smooth chest. Ty leant forward and put his head to Ben’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. “God, I can’t believe it’s you. I almost died from heartsore when our parents kept us apart,” Ty said. Dirk saw where this was going and quietly got up and put on some shorts and went to do some work on the farm, smiling to himself. Rather than being jealous, the obvious connection between Ty and his childhood friend Ben warmed his heart. It was a bonus that he couldn’t have predicted. “I know. I cried for a year,” Ben answered. “Eventually I realized that our parents wouldn’t give in so I just got on with it. But things weren’t the same.” Ben leaned back and looked into Ty’s eyes. Ty’s head was tilted upwards, so Ben just leaned down and kissed him. At first, their soft lips just rested against each other and they breathed through their noses and looked into each other’s eyes. They smelled the other’s breath as they just rested there. Ty saw that Ben’s golden brown eyes were getting moist and he felt how emotion was beginning to rise up in his own chest. He opened his mouth and softly sucked on Ben’s lips as his gentle tongue sought entry into his boyhood friend’s mouth. Ben opened his lips to let Ty in. Their saliva mingled for a moment and they closed their eyes. Ty felt a warmth as Ben’s tears started to drip onto Ty’s bearded cheek. He opened his eyes, disengaged his mouth from Ben’s, pulled him forward and kissed his tear-filled eyes. The salty taste on his lips was like nectar to him, an offering to all the tears of loss the two small boys had cried for each other. “Let’s go to Ben’s bedroom, Bennie,” Ty whispered. Ben got up and his beercan-thick cock was half-mast. As he pulled Ty up, the thick, dark uncut dick proved also to be standing upright, a solitary precum tear pearling the pink tip that peeked out of the foreskin. Ty took Ben by the hand and led him in the kitchen and through into the dark bedroom where he and Dirk and Ollie had had such hot sex earlier. Ty swung Ben around gently and pushed him backwards on the bed and crawled forwards, taking in the beautiful body and awesome thick cock on the way up. Finally, he got to the mouth with the smiling lips. He stopped, gazing into the eyes of this handsome man that he had missed like a piece of himself all these years, without even knowing it. He lowered himself down onto him so their bodies were touching front to front, their now fully erect cocks touching head to head, balls to balls. He gently began kissing Ben. Let me know if you enjoyed this on ail Check out my other fty//gay/beginnings/rivers-of-living-waters

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