Antarctica Base Bravo


Antarctica Base BravoAntarctica Base Bravo By BossDaddyI joined the Navy right out of college in 2018 and was given a rank of ensign and then I was given a crappy assignment as a weather specialist and assigned to Bravo Base in Antarctica studying weather patterns and global warming. One day I was assigned to take an arctic cat (artic cats are a small tracked vehicle similar to a tank that has a small cab on it) out to a remote sensor array 26 miles from our base. After I fixed a bad sensor a strong winter storm developed and I realized I wasn’t going to make it back to our base. I tried to radio Base Bravo but could not get through due to the storms interference. I looked on the map and saw that there was a small Russian outpost about 2 miles away. I barely made it to the Russian base before the storm turned into a full whiteout blizzard. The Russian’s did not know that I was coming and they were startled when I knocked on their door.They came to the door with firearms pointed at me. I asked if they spoke English but it was obvious they did not. They took me in and with their guns pointed at me they searched me and made me strip to make sure I wasn’t carrying any weapons. These guys seemed like they had been out here for a long time. One was looking at me standing there naked and he looked like he might be getting some strange thoughts. They spoke Russian to each other and kept turning back and looking at me. Then everything was about to change in my world.Two of the men bent me over and tied me to the table. Naked and bent over the Russians took off their clothes too. It was obvious what they were planning on doing. I braced myself for what came next. One by one they fucked me in the ass. These guys were horny as hell and left alone for too long. As the winter storm raged outside these men satisfied themselves in my ass. After each took a turn I begged them to untie me. At first, they just left me tied to the table. I tried to do my best to overcome the language problem. I tried to smile at them to show that I wasn’t mad at them for fucking me and motion to the ropes Escort on my hands. One guy, let’s call him “Igor” took pity on me and untied me and I tried to get dressed but they made it clear that was not going to happen. Apparently, they had more plans for me that required my ass to be available to them. They offered me some food and I did eat it to keep my strength up. After I ate it was clear that they now wanted me to pay for it. The big guy let’s call him “Ivan” came over to me and pushed me down to my knees and put his thick cock in my mouth. I had no choice but to suck it. I was choking on his cock and one of the other guys let’s call him “Boris” took the opportunity to use my ass again. These guys were sexually insatiable.I sat on the couch in the rec-room still naked and the three Russians sat at the kitchen table and it was clear they were talking about me. They were making a fuck schedule for me. They were assigning who would get to take me to their cabin each night for fucking. During the days I would be free for all to use me whenever they wanted but each night I would be assigned to just one guy for a full night of sex in the privacy of their cabin.Ivan had me the first night. He took me to his cabin and motioned to me to sit on the bunk. He then went into some storage boxed in the back of his closet looking for something. He found what he was looking for and walked over to me by the bed. He put this small black thing in my hand. I looked at it and it was a pair of black thigh high stockings. He motioned to me to put them on. I pulled them on one at a time. He motioned to me to walk around in them and to turn around a few times. He wanted a show before he fucked me. I walked back and forth modeling the stocking for him. I must admit I did feel sexy in them and then I noticed I was hard and fully erect. Ivan noticed that too. He groped my cock and balls. Something he didn’t do in front of the others. Then he pushed me down on the bed. My cock stood straight up in the air and he was moving closer to me. He opened his mouth and took my whole cock Escort Bayan into it. Right down to my balls. He had sucked cocks before. He waisted no time sucking and squeezing my cock and balls. He flipped me over spread my ass cheeks and started eating my ass hole. He was in no rush he took his time and we fucked several times that night. The next morning, I took my stockings off and left them in Ivan’s room. Still nude I walked into the kitchen. I was greeted by Boris who wasted no time and pushed me over the table again and stuck his cock into my ass. He fucked me while the other two watched. These guys were so bored with the porn that they had brought with them that they liked to watch the other guys fucking me. Sometimes they would even masturbate while they watched. Boris finished with me and Igor went next. Boris cum that was still in my ass was his lube. Boris came and gave me a good smack on my ass to tell me he was done.Boris through me an apron and motion for me to put it on. They laughed at how small the apron was and that it didn’t cover much. My ass was still hanging out and I think they liked that. It was clear that in addition to fucking these guys I would also be doing the cooking too.The three Russians passed me around all day, one would finish with me and the next would be there waiting his turn. That night it was Igor’s turn for some private time with me. Igor took me to his cabin and he wasted no time. He tied me face down and spread eagle to his bunk. He then took a rag and stuffed it into my mouth. He took his leather belt off and stood next to the bunk. He let the belt fall across my ass. Just letting it touch my ass so I could feel it. He then said something in Russian and then started whipping my ass. He whipped me for a few minutes and then he took his clothes off and showed me that he was hard. Then the fucking began. Harder then before he showed me no mercy. Fucking long hard strokes deep into my ass. His face on the back of my neck he was saying something in Russian and then I felt him release his cum into my ass. He Bayan Escort laid on me with his cock in my ass for a few more minutes and then he pulled out, but he was not done. The cycle began again. Whipping and then fucking me all night.Over the next few weeks it was clear that this fucking would continue until spring but the problem was that spring In Antarctica is 10 months away. Even if my home base knew I was here they could not come and get me until spring. Can I keep up with these guys fucking me day and night until then. I need to learn to speak some Russian. Over the coming months I did learned some Russian. First it was words like: yes, no, stop, hurts, and no more please. After about 4 months, things settled down a bit. I was fucked several times a day by all three and then would spend my nights with one of them alone. These private moments could and would get intense. They would fuck me hard and didn’t care if they hurt me. In the morning we would shower together and they took that opportunity to fuck me again before they had to share me with the others all day.One day there was a big fight between the Russians. From what I could make out some of them thought they were not getting enough “Private” time with me. The fight lasted most of the day and over the next few weeks they all really fucked me hard. I think they were taking their frustration out on me. The months went by and one day just as we were waking up we heard a loud banging on the door. Boris went to see what it was. Ivan and I were in his cabin and he just finished fucking me in the ass. I could hear English being spoken in the kitchen. Boris did too. He grabs a jumpsuit out of his closet and told me to get dressed. I had been naked for 9 months. It felt strange to be wearing clothes again. Boris took me out to the kitchen and I saw my Commander standing there. They found me, I thought to myself. The Commander asked me if I was alright and I didn’t know what to say. I just nodded and he said “let’s get out of here”. The Russians gave me back my winter coat and boots and the Commander helped me into the Cat and soon we headed back to Bravo Base. The Commander knew something happen between the Russian’s and me but didn’t push it. He said it was up to me what I decided to tell the Navy but that could wait; for now, let’s just go home.

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