Austin the Veterinarian


The love of my life (my cat that is!) had developed a bit of a cough. It only happened first thing in the mornings usually but since he wasn’t a smoker and it was just not like him, I was worried. So a visit to the Vet was booked.

My local Vets’ Surgery was one of a chain and you never seemed to see the same Vet twice – not that I went that often, thankfully. Usually though, the Vet on duty was a woman and, to be honest, I was sitting there waiting to be called and expecting a white-coated woman to appear and call my name, as usual.

I was suddenly aware of a man’s voice calling quietly, “Next?” from across the room and I turned to see where it came from. There he was, this vision of male beauty, and he was repeating at me, “Yes, next? Do you want to come through?” That was when my stomach did that “flip-flop” thing and my heart started going like the clappers. He was fucking gorgeous and I couldn’t believe my luck!

Yes, well, there was the cat of course, so I had to gather my wits about me and in the consulting room I did my level best to explain the symptoms – while he stood there, just across the table, looking directly into my eyes every second; it’s most unnerving when someone does that but it’s a dead give-away!

I’d better tell you what he was like, I suppose. He was about 26-28, maybe 5’ 10”, slim, clean-shaven and with a thick mop of ever-so-slightly-tousled black hair. He had broad shoulders and deep brown eyes – in fact, his eyes were so dark that, with the light of the window behind him, I couldn’t tell whether or not his pupils were dilated – the other give-away sign you look for! He was wearing just a T-shirt and blue jeans but the T-shirt was a bit short and wasn’t tucked-in, so as he stood there and my eyes flicked south to “the zone” (that’s another give-away!), I caught just a tantalizing glimpse of his tummy above the waist of his jeans, and the brief hint of a neat little “treasure-trail” of hairs. He had a company badge on his shirt that read simply, “Austin”.

The cat was now out of his basket and being held by me on the table between us, shedding fur everywhere as cats do when they get agitated! I was doing the best I could to keep to the proper subject, explaining the circumstances and Austin was nodding and suggesting a few things. He didn’t think it was anything serious – nothing like cat-flu or anything infectious; it was probably just a minor irritation or allergy to something. As a routine check, Austin decided to weigh him.

Holding the cat, he came around the table to where the weighing-scales were, on the floor in the corner, and with the broad shoulders of his back now towards me, he bent forwards to put the cat on the machine. Oh God! As he bent over and his loose shirt pulled up, he revealed his bare back, soft pink-white flesh with just a few freckles to add interest, below which, the waist of his jeans was now pulled down across his backside, revealing above it the top of his underwear, now stretched tightly across his bum and showing a neat little “rabbit-burrow” in the middle – leading to, “you know where”! I nearly came in my briefs on the spot! It was all I could do to resist putting both hands on that fantastic bottom, now pointing directly at me and simply crying-out to be grabbed. My mind was racing in all directions.

Austin then stood up, brought the cat back to the table and went back to standing opposite me, as he returned the cat to my control and entered some details in the computer. Then he decided to check his heart. He leaned across the table and reached out one hand to help steady the cat, while his other hand reached forward with his stethoscope. As he listened to his heart, he moved the stethoscope about and that was when we made contact. His hand touched mine, still holding the cat, and an electric current shot through me as I felt the warmth of his hand against mine. The strange thing was that as I stood holding the cat between us, this touch of hand-against-hand seemed to linger. Our faces were just a foot or so apart and I looked at the skin of his face and neck, the hair around his ears and his jet-black eye-brows. I almost kissed him there and then! He was looking down intently and then looked up, quickly catching my gaze for a second, before I blinked and looked away.

My heart was going far too fast; much faster than was healthy and I thought it was going to jump out of my throat! I was only wearing scruffy chinos and an old t-shirt and I became aware that my face felt flushed and the arteries at the side of my neck were throbbing. I must have looked a right state!

Austin said, “Well, that’s fine – there doesn’t seem to be Escort anything wrong with his heart”, and I heard the words as I uttered the reply, “Well, maybe not his heart!”

He paused for a second or two, then slowly looked up and into my eyes again, as a slightly embarrassed smile began to form. Then, composing himself, he reached across with his stethoscope and calmly placed it against my chest, just above my heart and after a few seconds, said in a very serious voice, “Hmm. I see what you mean. I’m just a Vet but I’d say you need something for that!” And he stood upright in front of me and looked me directly in the eyes again as his serious face then broke into that slightly embarrassed smile again.

Well that just made it worse! My legs went like jelly and if I hadn’t been leaning against the table, I’d have collapsed in a heap! But I summoned-up the courage to speak again and said rather meekly, “What would you prescribe?” to which he put his head on one side thoughtfully, raised his eye-brows and ventured, “A Date?”

And so it was that he was now standing there on my doorstep at 8.45 the following evening, with a bottle of not-bad Merlot in his hands and that fucking gorgeous smile on his face! “How’s the cat?” he asked, grinning.

He was dressed in jeans again, same as yesterday, but today he had on a neat, check cotton shirt and I remember joking to myself at the time, “Clean shirt but jeans again; I hope he changed his underwear!”

They always say that when you’re on a first date with a stranger, you should meet somewhere neutral but I guess I knew (and so did he) what we both wanted from this encounter. We had not mentioned a meal and had chosen a time that made it clear we both had time to eat beforehand, so neither of us expected to go through any kind of “ritual courtship”. Sure enough, he was barely through the door and we were at it; the wine only got as far as the window-ledge!

I put the bottle down and turned around to face him and he was on me; before I knew it, I was pinned against the wall and he was kissing me. He was wearing a hint of cologne or after-shave, not one I recognized but he smelled fabulous. His lips were full and our tongues entwined in a frantic passion, as we explored each other, breathing heavily. He tasted simply delicious! My arms were now gripped around his upper body and my hands were inside his cotton shirt, clutching at his shoulder-blades as our passionate kissing continued. My erection had come on the instant I heard the door-bell but my briefs were now already getting soaked from my pre-cum excitement. I hadn’t had sex for what seemed like ages and I was boiling over already!

He was taller and heavier than me; much fitter than me too – and quite a lot younger. I had already wondered to myself what could he possibly see in a guy a good 10 years older than himself? Was I even wise to invite him round to my place? I’m relatively short, about 5’6” and lightly built, so he could easily overpower me in the wrong circumstances. But all those doubts evaporated in that first, passionate embrace. His strong arms around me showed such firm strength but, at the same time, such gentle warmth and kindness that I knew he wanted more than just a fast fuck.

However, having said that, he was in no mood to waste any time. The moment we came up for air (still in the hall at this point), he said, “Which way’s the bedroom?” and I led him upstairs. He had my shirt and jeans off with the deftness of an expert, as I still fumbled with the buttons of his cotton shirt, eventually revealing his chest and abs, almost devoid of hair except for that little “treasure-trail” of dark hairs I had caught a glimpse of yesterday in the surgery. He worked-out a bit too – I could tell. Not too much but just enough to give him firm biceps and the beginnings of a “six-pack”. Phwoar, he was gorgeous! And me a 10 stone weakling too!

I was still fumbling with his belt buckle when he saved me the trouble. He was wearing white Calvin-Klein boxer-briefs (the ones with a red waist-band) and before he had a chance to rip them off as well, I grabbed him and held his strong body against me, feeling his well-filled underwear pressing against my abdomen. I dropped to my knees, sliding my hands down his back and muscular buttocks and pressing my face into the groin of his underpants. If you ever wonder whether or not you are gay, this is the point that should convince you one way or the other! There is something about the smell of a man and feeling the bulge of his warm crotch against your face that, well, words can’t describe it; it’s just so arousing, thrilling, sensuous – and comforting! By this Escort Bayan point, he was sporting an erection all the way across the left thigh of his boxer-briefs and I was softly tasting it through the white cotton material, rolling it back and forth in his pants, as he breathed heavily above me.

Then, as I stood up, he pushed me backwards onto the bed and fell upon me, kissing me again but this time up and down all over my body. He grabbed my hands and held them above my head, as he kissed the underside of my arms and my arm-pits and my chest. I was tingling all over. His chest pressed against my erection, still contained (just!) in my briefs. We both still had our socks on!

He now sat up and, straddling my legs, he pulled down my briefs to reveal my manhood and he just gazed lovingly at it for a moment before sighing softly and murmuring, “God, I just love a guy who pre-cums like that; it’s so sexy!” And with that, he rolled over, threw off his own boxers and carefully lay back down on top of me, with his substantial organ alongside my own, up across my stomach. He began thrusting up and down along my body, using the lubrication of my pre-cum to allow our two organs to slide against one another. He was breathing really heavily and he buried the crook of his neck against my face as he passionately kissed, licked and nibbled my ears and the side of my face.

This was all too much for me to contain; as I said, I hadn’t had sex in a long while and the sheer excitement of him in this situation already had me on the edge of cumming. He was so into me; that was what was so thrilling! But before I knew it, sliding up and down against my body and breathing heavily in my ear, I heard him let out a soft groan – almost of disappointment – as he suddenly froze against me, lifted his head and closed his eyes. The frown of his eye-brows told me what was about to happen but at the same time, I felt his engorged cock against my stomach, solid and hard, suddenly begin to throb violently in rhythmic release – one, two, three, four times I felt his organ pump against my abdomen before he began moving forward against me again, slipping and sliding his still pumping tool in the pool of cum between us and against my own organ. He let out a gasp of relief. And as that familiar mind-blowing sensation developed in my own cock and moved around to the base of my back, the tingling sensation seemed to expand and travel around my sides, enveloping my whole body, as my own orgasm erupted from within me and I exploded my insides against him, our juices intermingling in this sea of turmoil.

It was mess! There were gallons of it everywhere – running down my sides, all over the bed, in my navel, in my pubic hair, in his pubic hair! And all over our stomachs! After a few moments laying together in it, collecting our respective breath and strength, we rolled apart and smiled at each other, then laughed at the mess. “Sorry about that,” he said, “it’s been a while and I got a bit carried away.” I just shook my head and grinned at him. “It was fantastic – you were fantastic!” I said.

Cleaning-up, I thought that would be the end of it. It was only half-past nine! I thought that maybe my first assessment of him had been wrong and that, perhaps, a “quick fuck” was all he needed. But I need have had no fears. No sooner were we cleaned-up, than he settled alongside me, with his arms around me, cuddling and kissing me again. This was just too good to be true. We lay there for 20 minutes or so, kissing and cuddling, chatting a bit about trivial stuff, and then I decided I wanted to check out those buttocks, so I grabbed hold of him and told him to roll over. “Hmm!” he said, as I straddled his legs.

Pulling his legs apart slightly, I buried my face between the cheeks of his bum. And it was a gorgeous bum; soft but muscular, round and full but not large. And hairless, like a baby’s! As I spread the cheeks of his buttocks, I slipped my tongue into his arse-hole and tasted him, slightly sweaty now but soft, clean and pungent with male odours. He groaned in appreciation and spread his legs more, as I licked around his balls. His cock was pointing down in front of him below his balls against the bed as he lay there and I noticed that he was still pretty hard. I tickled his cock-head with my tongue, then licked it, kissed it and tasted it. In fact, it seemed like it was getting really hard again. My own goes limp quite quickly after orgasm and my recovery time isn’t what it used to be but now he was the one who sat up and said, bluntly, “I’m still horny – mind if I fuck you now?”

I was speechless! What could I say? With his tousled black hair even more Bayan Escort tousled now, he sat there, looking at me questioningly, with his eye-brows raised and his gorgeous brown eyes wide and dilated. Rather cheekily, I said, “What, is my hunky Vet going to take my temperature with his thermometer?” and he grinned and said simply, “Dead right, he is. Roll over!”

Thank god I still keep condoms and lube in the drawer! As I rolled over between his strong thighs, I reached out and grabbed both quickly. He took them from me and I heard him rip open the condom with his teeth and there was a pause, as I imagined him rolling it onto his throbbing manhood. He grabbed a pillow and pushed it under me, forcing my bum up towards him. “Go easy.” I said, “It’s been a little while.”

I felt his fingers around my anus, as he applied the lube. And then his organ, probing, pushing and eventually thrusting slowly into me. He didn’t pause; it felt like he pushed a clear 6 inches into me in one go and I let out a yelp as his tool passed my inner sphincter without mercy! Then he collapsed on top of me, with his arms tightly around me, cradling my body from underneath, his face slightly above mine on the bed and his rock-hard tool buried deep inside me. “My god, you’ve got a gorgeous arse!” he whispered in my ear. I just groaned; I just wanted him to have me. I loved the idea of this hunk losing himself inside my body.

He began thrusting, in and out, in and out, in and out. He was a well-built guy and his organ was equally “well-built” – probably about 8 inches but I didn’t have my tape-measure handy at the time! He was almost pulling out completely, before thrusting back into me each time, repeatedly pushing against that hardened node inside me that sent shivers of ecstasy throughout my body as his tool pressed against it. My pre-cum was flowing again now and the pillow was getting quite wet, as I now began to develop an erection. It didn’t take long though, before I felt him thrusting in earnest, panting and heaving against my back as he pushed on, desperate for another orgasm. True enough, and soon enough, he finally pushed really hard into me and held firm and still, as he gripped my shoulders really tightly, pulling himself into me; he let out a series of gasps and I felt his tool inside me throbbing in its release.

I was aching inside but loving it. This gorgeous guy (while we had chatted, I had confirmed he was only 27) had lost control of himself twice, first against – and now inside – my body and it was an exhilarating feeling, but I was just about exhausted!

However, he had one more surprise in store for me. As we lay there, him against my back and his face close to mine on the bed, he said, “Did you cum again too?” I said I hadn’t but that it didn’t matter, but he wasn’t having that. He said, “OK, I’d better check to see if your thermometer is working properly then!” And with that, he pulled out of me, grabbed some tissues from the drawer and pulled-off the now floppy condom on the end of his softening tool. He rolled me onto my back and before I knew it, he had my erect organ in his mouth! “Oh God! Oh Boy!” I found myself uttering, as his tongue worked around my organ and he buried his face into my pubic hair. I’m only about 6 inches erect, so deep-throating me was no problem for him. He seemed to love it. “God, I love your cock!” he said, as he came up for air, “All that pre-cum!” And he did love it, that was clear. Some men don’t and sometimes it embarrasses me but tonight it couldn’t have been better and, although I had not had a second orgasm on a date in a very long time, I began to feel that it was going to happen this time. Indeed, it was going to happen right now! Oh God! I ached from inside, my groin and the whole of my body began to shudder and I began whimpering; I was desperate to cum and yet my cock was so sensitive it wasn’t happening, until – I tipped over the edge and I felt my balls give everything left in them as my orgasm rose up through my tool and ejaculated into his throat. He was good! He was very good! He swallowed the lot and didn’t flinch, although his eyes seemed a bit watery when I finally saw his face again! He grinned at me as he licked his lips. Words weren’t necessary!

The bottle of Merlot, which was still on the window-ledge in the hall, did get drunk that night, but it wasn’t until about 10.45 when we went back downstairs in our underwear, to sit, snuggled on the sofa in front of the fire until the early hours, when he eventually made his excuses and went home. My only mistake, if I made one, was that I forgot to ask him for his number before he left and he hasn’t contacted me since. Oh well, this was a “one night stand” I wouldn’t have missed for anything. And I’m still a bit concerned about the cat; perhaps I should go back to the Vet – what do you think?

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