Bengali mother and son


Bengali mother and sonBengali mother and sonHello FSI friend this is my true story. This is originally happening to me last February. I am Mr. Gopal Roy age is 30 year. I am the only son of my family. My father name is Ganesh Roy. My mother name is Kamolika Roy, her age is 48 years. This incident happened between me and my mom. My father died last November 2005. My mother is now widow. I am the only earning member of my family. I am a business man. I stay in home. We really based in agriculture. We have some cow and ox. Our house in a village of West Bengal. In the morning of February 14th 2005, mom calls me to weak up early at 5 o’clock. I get up and asked what happened. Mom said that our older cow has calling from last hour. I asked what I do. Mom said pleas take the cow to ox. I realized what need to do. I go for the ox. But I couldn’t find it. When I came back mom asked what happened. I said no ox in our village. Mom said please go to next village and bring the ox of Rena Das. I said which ox. Mom said our calf which we give her to grown up at profit ratio. I said ok. I go to Rena Das home and bring up that medium size ox, which is age only two year. When I came back to home and called mom. Mom come to me and said goes to that tree where the cow was. I go with the ox. When I lose the rope of the ox, it rides on the cow and fucks the cow. I am fully wandered seeing this small ox how fuck the cow. After two times fucks mom said it ok no need more. I asked mom the ox is the calf of the cow. After few minute mom said yes. I said is it possible. Mom said yes last year other one calf of the cow do this and it properly pregnant. I go back with the ox and put it to the Rena’s home. Hearing from mom mouth something happens in my body and I am thinking is it possible between mother and son whatever a****l. When I think my seven inch cock erect in my underwear fully. If it can do a****l why do not do in human being. I came back home and normal behave with mom, but mom not normal behave with me she look at me with passionate. I realized mom thinking, and I remember about a ox Bornova Escort of friend Ravi Biswas, which name mom never take. So I fully realized mom desire.I n the evening in our village most of the family sleep early at 9pm. After dinner mom and me sitting on the veranda. Mom said the cow is our favorable a****l it gives us every year a calf and milks. I said yes mom but some doubt about the ox. Mom said why? I said because the ox is little and the cow’s own son. Mom said no problem young ox is stronger than old ox. Mom told me everything normally without hesitation. I said but we know that between blood relation sexual relation is harmful. Mom said a****l has no problem. I said mom in human being is it possible. Mom said I don’t know. After few minutes of silent. I said mom it is now 10pm lets go to sleep. Mom said your dad expire about 4 months. I said yes. Mom said have you felt his absence. I said yes mom. Mom said you are the guardian in this house, saying this mom was weeping. I said mom what happened? Mom has no response. I said mom don’t cry I am always with. If you think I do something wrong told me I’ll try to recover that. Mom said I couldn’t mean that. I asked what mean you. Mom said nothing. I asked mom please told me. Mom has no response. I said mom if you have some problem I will solve. Mom said no nothing. I said mom we are two persons in this house so we should share every problem between us. Mom has no response again. I said mom you are my only mother please tell me what do you want. In the mean time the cow calling from the cow house. Mom said lets go to see what happened in the cow house. We both go to the house and don’t see anything there. I said mom any problem of the cow. Mom said, I think the ox do not do properly. I said why the ox does two times.Mom said go to house we will see it tomorrow. After return mom said the cow is now aged so I can’t understand. I asked mom you omit the main topic. Mom said what? I said you have to tell your cause of crying. Mom said you never understand my problem. Again Bostanlı Escort the cow is calling. Mom said yes the ox is very small so it needs more. When mom told need more my pennies erect in lungies. I told mom that is why I said the ox is son of the cow so it is not possible. Mom said no last year the other ox the son of the cow do it and the cow become pregnant properly and the calf is now our second cow. I asked the ox is so little for this problem. Mom said it may be. I said Rave’s ox is matured ox. Mom said I know but it become cross so I told to bring the ox. I realized mom view, and said leave it we see it tomorrow. Mom said yes. I asked now told me your problem. Mom has no response again. I asked mom please told me. Mom said what I tell you. I said everything your problem. In the mean time the cow again hambba hamba. Mom said the realized the ox is its own calf so he calling. I said mom please don’t talk about the cow and ox. Mom realizes what I mean. Mom said lets go to sleep. I said no you have to tell me cause of crying. Mom heisted. I said mom please told me. Mom said you are my only son how I tell you. I said so what? Mom said you don’t understand. I said mom no hesitation please told me. Mom said you are my son you never realize and solve. I said why I don’t solve the problem, I do everything for you. Mom said how I told you? I said mom in this house only you and me nobody hears you told me. Mom silent. I realized mom what really want being a Bengali woman she never told her son to fuck her, but in my underwear my Lund erect properly to enter into my mom pussy. I said mom if not told me give me some hints. Mom said your dad expired 4 months. I said mom please told me, I promise you whatever you want I do everything for you. Mom said I bring the ox for realize to you. Hearing this from my mom mouth I stunned. I said mom please told me openly.Mom becomes angry. I said mom don’t angry, really I can’t understand your real problem, please tell me. Mom come to near me and said I need someone like your dad. I Buca Escort said mom if you don’t mind like the cow and ox, if you want I agree. Mom smile and said please my son only you fulfill my desire. I open my lunges and said I am ready mom. Mom close the door and said lets go to my bedroom. Both mom and I go to mom bedroom. Mom holds me in her arm and said come on my son your mom also ready. I kiss mom lips mom also kiss me. I hold mom big breast with both hands asked mom what is your size. Mom said 42-38-44DD. I said ma open your saree. Mom opens her saree, mom’s big bob open with her white blouse and bra. I hold mom’s bobs and said it so big mom. Mom touch to my lund over the underwear. I open mom’s blouse hooks mom help me open. Mom blouse and bra I unhook and it comes to me like a heaven. The nipple of my mom is so black. I hold mom in arms and said mom you are gorgeous lady in this age. Mom said please my son don’t west your time please go to bed. I said mom please open your petticoat. Mom opens her petticoat and I saw my birth place it covers by black hair. I open my underwear and my 7 inch cock fully erect like 90 degree. Mom gets up on the bed. I also go to bed. Mom lies on the bed with spreading her two legs and said come on my son. I lie on mom. Mom holds my cock and enters into her vagina and said push my son. I press my buttock and my cock fully enters into mom vagina. Mom said how you my son feels. I said mom the size of my cock is ok. Mom said this is the real size for your mom. I kiss mom’s lips and my buttock up and down with a rhythm. Mom said ah my son what a pleasure. I said mom I never think I fuck you. Mom said I never go outside so I know only my son give me… I said what mom. Mom said best fuck. I said mom how do you feel, mom said give me with pressure. I said mom your pussy so oily. Mom after 5 months fucking so it hungry. Ma said come on my son do it speedly your mom is ready for cum. I said ok mom come on hold me. Mom said ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Give me my son aaaaaaaaaaaaaaOoooooooooo come on my oh my cum is coming my son cum is coming. I said ok mom your son also ready to cum oh mom hold aaaaaaaaaaaaaa mom aaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooo aow mom cum is coming. Mom leaves her cum I also pore my semons into mom pussy. After few minute we separet. Mom and do fuck again that night. After that we fuck every day. My mom and is very happy.

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