Her First Lesson


We were married just under a year and everything was wonderful. My husband being a very reasonable and even tempered man sat down and explained each of our responsibilities in the household from the very beginning. One of mine was to pay the bills. I had forgotten to pay two of them the previous month. When I realized my mistake, I decided not to say anything and just correct it the following month.

We had converted one of the rooms in our house to an office, and late that afternoon my husband had asked to see me in there. I was quite surprised to see the two late bills sitting on his desk. When he lifted them and asked me if I knew about them, I quickly explained. I was able to see the disappointment in his face. He asked, “Why didn’t you come to me and tell me about them? Everyone makes mistakes, we are now married and share even our errors.” I apologized and felt miserable for letting him down. He spoke firmly and quietly, “Take off all your clothes and fold them neatly on the corner of the desk.” His command surprised me and my eyes darted to his. I knew in my heart he meant every word. I felt a tightness in my belly as I began removing all of my clothes, folding each garment as he told me to. I felt more than naked, somehow kuşadası escort more exposed due to his still remaining fully clothed. I knew my face blushed as I lowered my eyes, my mind clearly confused by this turn of events.

He then stood up and came around the desk till he was in front of me. Tilting my face up to his, he kissed me deeply. His tongue opening my mouth and invading it. He told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. Then he quietly said, “You need to learn that you can always come to me.” I was speechless. He then sat in the wing tipped chair in front of the desk and gently pulled me into his lap. I was confused and started to say so, when he kissed me again. He quickly turned me over his lap, one hand on my lower back the other on my ass. I realized he was going to spank me and I couldn’t help but wiggle against him. I felt him squeeze and run his hand over each cheek. In my mind I kept wishing he would get on with it. Then I felt the first slap, not too hard, but I still felt a slight sting. He kept it up until I felt the tears well up in my eyes. He would pause to caress me, or part my thighs, each time to return to that steady slapping. My ass was on fire, and my pussy began to throb. kuşadası escort bayan I couldn’t help but wiggle and I thought I heard him chuckle.

Just as quickly as before he turned me over and I was sitting in his lap. This time my reddened bottom much more sensitive as I wiggled against his pant leg. With one hand he parted my thighs and ran a finger down my swollen lips. I softly moaned, and He lifted me off of his lap, as he stood and I was once again seated. To say I was a bit dazed would be an understatement. He knelt between my legs and placed a tender kiss on my mound. Then taking two ties out of his pocket, he quickly bound each ankle to the front chair legs. Getting up he moved behind me and pressing my torso forward, grasped each wrist and bound them together with a third tie. Lifting my shoulder back against the chair he came around in front of me. I just couldn’t look him in the eye, so I kept mine lowered. This time I’m sure I heard him softly chuckle. He came between my legs and began to fondle each breast in earnest. Kissing and nipping at each nipple. Gently pulling on each one until they stood erect. I whimpered and when I shifted my hips, I was quickly reminded of my red ass. Reaching escort kuşadası into his pocket he lifted out a thin chain to which two loops were attached. Slipping each loop over a taut nipple he tightened them. It wasn’t painful but made me acutely aware of my nipples. Then raising my face he kissed me and told me to think on what I had done, while he straightened out the bills. My mind shouted, I can’t think. Sitting there I was aware of everything, my tender ass, my nipples, my throbbing clit. He didn’t even seem to notice me, I couldn’t help but whimper and wiggle. Each movement bringing a new sensation.

After he was done he walked back over to me. His finger gently stroked my sex causing me to moan. He then released each ankle, helped me to stand and quickly bent me over his desk. He thigh parted mine, and I heard his pants unzip. I didn’t want to stop myself from moaning and pushing my ass out. I felt his erect cock tease my pussy lips and I knew he found me ready for him. Leaning over me he quietly said, “We share everything!”. With one quick thrust he entered me. His hand came around to tug on the chain dangling between my breasts. Driving into me over and over I moaned. My sore ass being pounded until I found my release. He held onto my hips and pulling me against him, he emptied himself into my hot pussy. Cradling me in his arms I softly told him I was sorry, I would remember to always come to him. He kissed me lovingly and I thought to myself, perhaps next month I would forget to pay the car insurance.

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