Subject: Blake’s Adventures 29 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. It is especially important in these difficult times. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BLAKE’S ADVENTURES Chapter 29 Blake and Dan had been home from Amsterdam for ten days when Hendrik sent them a copy of the porn movie through the internet. “His video editor has combined the best footage from the two cameras to produce what Hendrik calls an exceptional movie,” Dan told Blake. “He says he’ll start putting copies on dvd once we have given our approval. I’m looking forward to watching it with you this evening.” “Oh, do we have to wait?” wailed Blake. “Can’t we take an early lunch break and watch it now?” “I suppose we could,” smiled Dan. He was as eager to see the final result as much as Blake. Blake moved his chair next to Dan’s, aware that his little cock was stiffening in anticipation. Dan started playing the movie. “A Dan and Hendrik Production – for a restricted audience” Blake smiled at the professional title scene. “Starring Blake Dean with Tony London taking charge and making Blake’s birthday wish cum true” “I love it,” said Blake. And then his mouth fell open when he saw himself on screen. “You’re a natural,” Dan said as they watched Blake introduce himself. Dan paused the movie when Blake was standing naked, displaying his small but very stiff erection. “That is definitely one of the hottest sights I’ve ever seen in a porn video,” he told Blake. “Is that because I look so young?” Blake asked in a soft voice. He was beginning to doubt he’d be able to have a career in porn for several years. “Partly, I suppose,” admitted Dan. “I just love seeing a cute bottom boy with a small cock.” “But won’t there be a problem selling my videos if I still look much younger than my real age when I’m eighteen?” Blake asked. “No, because we will have copies of your birth certificate and passport as proof of your age… and the videos will say `proof of age on record,” said Dan. “When we start publicising your videos, we could issue photos of you holding your passport to put people’s minds at rest.” Blake smiled. “That sounds okay to me.” Dan re-started the video. “That beautiful little bum will have lots of men cumming in the pants,” he said. Blake grinned at that thought. Nothing else was said when Tony appeared and then the sex action started. Dan reached over and squeezed the tent in Blake’s trousers, saying, “I think we should both get comfortable.” Then he unzipped and pulled out his own stiff cock. Blake was soon sitting with his trousers and briefs around his ankles. Both of them squeezed their cocks and leaked pre-cum as they watched the hot action on the screen. Blake winced as he recalled the pain when Tony penetrated him for the first time that day but then was turned on at the thought of men enjoying him submit totally and accept the pain. When the movie ended, Blake dived onto Dan’s cock and sucked him off in only a few minutes. “Thanks, Blake. I needed that. I haven’t been so turned on by a porn movie in many years. Now let me suck your juicy little cock.” Blake stood up and watched as Dan licked the pre-cum from his cock while holding on to his buttocks. Dan then took the boy-cock into his mouth and pushed a dry finger into Blake’s pussy. Moments later Blake spunked off and flooded Dan’s mouth. Dan swallowed it all and then took Blake into his arms for a long, passionate kiss. “I’m going to fuck you at least twice this evening,” he told Blake with a smile. “I’m looking forward to that!” grinned Blake. “We’d better make ourselves decent,” said Dan. “Betty will be in very soon to tell us that lunch is ready.” *** Later that same day Blake was cuddling up to Dan after several hours of sex. “My pussy hurts almost as much as when Tony fucked me in Amsterdam,” he said. “Sorry about that,” said Dan. “You just turn me on so much.” “I’m not complaining,” Blake said with a smile. “It hurts in a good way…and you made me cum three times this evening.” Dan laughed. “I’m glad you enjoyed it too. We were both worked up after watching your video again.” “Do you think it will have the same effect on everyone who watches it?” Blake asked. “I fail to see how any gay man with an interest in younger guys could avoid being affected in the same way,” smiled Bill. “We should invite our friends to spend the night here when we distribute the DVDs,” suggested Blake. “Then they can fuck me after watching the movie.” “Do you mean invite one man at a time or in groups so that you can have a gang-bang?” asked Dan. “I was thinking in ones or twos but I love the idea of a gang-bang,” Blake answered, and then he giggled. “I wasn’t really being serious but perhaps we could invite a few special friends to view the movie with us and then have sex with them. We both enjoy threesomes.” “Hmm, we’ll see,” responded Dan. “We need to wait until Hendrik sends us the DVDs first.” “It would be expensive to send a bundle of DVDs by post,” said Blake. “I’m pretty sure my computer has a DVD-writer and we have a copy of the movie. We just need to buy some blank discs and make them ourselves. Our friends don’t need fancy boxes.” “You’re not just a pretty face.” Dan smiled and kissed Blake again. *** The next two weeks passed quickly for Blake. Copies of his video were posted to Michel de Cointet in Paris and to Richard, Dan’s vicar friend in London. Tom and Betty received a copy of course, and lara türbanlı escort Betty thanked Blake the next morning for the hottest night of sex she’d had with Tom in a long time. Now he was on his way to Glasgow with Dan, happy in the knowledge that business would be combined with pleasure. “I never imagined I’d ever become a model,” Blake said as he thought about his appointment with Neville. “I didn’t think you’d be one either but only because most models are tall,” said Dan. He smiled and added, “You’re definitely handsome enough.” “I wonder why Neville asked me. There must be hundreds of handsome young guys in Glasgow,” said Blake. Dan shrugged. “He wanted an unknown model. Perhaps he had trouble finding one willing to pose in underwear. Or maybe he couldn’t find one with a bum as sexy as yours.” Blake laughed. “Or maybe he just knew I’d be willing to let him fuck me afterwards.” “If he’s not turned on watching you pose semi-naked, he will be when he watches your video,” smiled Dan. “Anyway, you’re getting paid to model so that’s a nice bonus.” “Yes. Thanks for allowing me time off work and for bringing me to Glasgow,” Blake responded. “No problem. I needed to visit Glasgow this week anyway and you know I prefer to have you with me on long drives. I’ll drop you off at Neville’s studio and then have my meeting with Frank. I should be free to collect you about four-thirty.” “We don’t normally stay overnight when we visit Glasgow. Why is it different this time?” Blake wanted to know.” “I thought you might want to spend some time with Frank,” replied Dan. He winked and said, “I am going to give him a copy of your video before I leave him and invite him to join us for dinner.” Blake smiled. “I like that idea. I have a dvd for Neville.” *** “Dan’s not with you?” Neville asked as Blake entered his apartment. “He’s got another appointment but he’ll join us later,” replied Blake. He couldn’t help himself looking the tall, slim man up and down. Neville was in his late 50’s with a goatee beard and twinkling blue eyes, and Blake thought he was very handsome. “Okay. I’m very happy that you agreed to do this job,” said Neville. “The local models didn’t have the look my client wanted but when he saw a photo of you on my office wall he almost demanded that I hire you.” “I hope it wasn’t one of me posing naked,” smiled Blake. Neville laughed. “It was…but not an indecent one. Your hands were covering `the family jewels’.” “But he could see me bum?” Blake asked. “Oh yes. I’m sure that is why he wanted you,” replied Neville. “The man’s got good taste,” said Blake. “Pity I’m not going to meet him.” “You can if you wish,” said Neville. “He’s going to pop in about three. I told him we should be finished by then.” “Nice!” Blake grinned. “You said I have to model underwear.” “That’s correct. There’s a growing demand for sexier underwear among young men and my client decided he wanted a share of the market. His company has been making mainly sportswear until now,” Neville explained. “Come through to the studio and you can see his underwear range.” Blake was surprised by the number of items spread out over the table in Neville’s studio. “Am I to pose in all of these? It will take hours.” “No. We need to get photos of you in all the different styles but we can choose which colours suit you best,” said Neville. “There are also in two sizes. Most are `Small’ but there are also some in `Very Small’. Blake laughed. “Are you sure he hasn’t seen my dick?” Neville smiled and shook his head. “If you’re ready to begin, I’ll get the lights set up and you can undress. There’s a bathrobe behind that screen.” “This room is warm so I don’t think I’ll need the bathrobe,” said Blake. “I assume you want me without an erection,” he added as he started to undress. “I’d prefer to see you with an erection but try to avoid getting one until we’ve finished the job,” Neville responded. Blake smiled and was fully naked when Neville re-joined him. “We’ll work left to right, starting with those low-cut briefs,” said Neville. “I think the red ones and then maybe the royal blue and the white.” The first two pairs of briefs were not very different from the ones Dan had bought for Blake except for the fact that they had a fig-leaf shape in dark green over the genital area. “The white ones are smaller and I don’t know if they will fit,” Blake said when he picked them up. “They must be “Very Small” size. Try them on and we’ll see how they look,” said Neville. Blake pulled the briefs on and saw that they were made of a stretchier material. “They cover me…just,” he said as he turned to face Neville. “They don’t look too bad. Let’s try a few shots,” said Neville. Blake moved back in front of the lights and struck a few poses as Neville snapped away. “We will let the client decide but you are probably showing too much arse crack in those ones.” “Dan would enjoy seeing them even if your client doesn’t,” smiled Blake. He peeled the tight briefs off and rubbed his buttocks. The next style wasn’t quite as low-cut but they had mesh-panels either side of a triangle at the front and a slightly larger upside-down triangle at the rear. “These don’t hide much,” Blake said as he stepped into a pair in black. “They are comfortable though.” “They look quite sexy,” smiled Neville. He made Blake pose in every colour that had been supplied. Some briefs which turned out to be almost see-through came next, followed by some with a large circular hole in the rear. “I could be fucked without taking these off,” joked Blake. They finished with some thongs. “Do these show my bum off nicely?” lara ucuz escort Blake asked with a smile. “They do! I’m getting quite horny,” replied Neville. “So you don’t mind if I become stiff now? It’s taken a lot of effort to remain flaccid,” said Blake. “Yeah, let’s see that little stiffy making a big tent,” smiled Neville. He snapped away, capturing the boy’s cock becoming erect inside the thin material. “Okay, we’re done.” Neville lowered his camera. In return, Blake lowered the thong and stepped out of it. He couldn’t help smiling when he looked up and found Neville taking more photos. “Let me see your cock now, Neville. I want to suck it,” he said. “I can’t say no to that,” Neville said as he began to unfasten his trousers. Blake had only just started sucking on the thick 18 cm (just over 7 inch) cock when the doorbell rang. “Shit! That will be Donald Munro, our client. Make yourself decent,” Neville said as he pulled his trousers up. Blake smiled as he watched Neville hurry to answer the door and then went to fetch the bathrobe from behind the screen. “Yes, we’ve just finished. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.” Neville’s voice and two sets of footsteps could be heard coming closer but Blake stood facing the door with the bathrobe partly open and his stiff little cock visible. Blake smiled when the two men entered the room and noticed the new man`s eyes immediately focus on the gap in his bathrobe. “Oops!” he said, glancing down at his almost naked body, and then tied his bathrobe closed before holding his hand out and taking a step forward. “You must be Mr Munro. I’m pleased to meet you.” “This is Blake Dean. It’s his first time as a model but he’s done a great job today,” said Neville. Donald held on to Blake’s hand much longer than was normal and then smiled when he finally let go. “I’m delighted to meet you, Blake…and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the photos.” He looked over at the samples spread across the table. “I hope it wasn’t too boring trying on lots of briefs today.” “Not at all, Mr Munro,” smiled Blake. “I like your sexy designs.” “It’s good to hear that…but please call me Donald. I hoping that young men of your age will buy them.” Donald smiled again. “It’s a pity I didn’t arrive in time to see you wearing some of them.” “I’m not in a hurry. I could model a few for you now if you’d like,” smiled Blake. “Would you? I’d love that,” said Donald. “Not a problem.” Blake smiled again and went over to select a few items from the table. “Change behind the screen,” Neville said in a voice that let Blake know he was serious. Blake nodded and moved behind the screen. “Take a seat, Donald. He’ll only be a minute.” Behind the screen, Blake smiled as he thought about Donald Munro. He reckoned the red-headed businessman was in his late thirties or very early forties. He recalled the man’s smile and the brown eyes which seemed to penetrate his soul. “Not as tall as Neville…maybe 178 cm (5 ft 10in) but with a muscular build. Hot!” Blake said to himself as he let the bathrobe fall to the floor. Picking up the red fig-leaf briefs, Blake stepped into them. He tried to will his cock to soften as he adjusted it but finally gave up. “I apologise for this,” he pointed to the tent in his briefs as he walked out to stand in front of Donald. “It seems to have a mind of its own.” “He wasn’t like that when he was in front of the camera,” Neville said, trying to reassure Donald that Blake was a good model. Donald stared at the bulge for a moment and then smiled up at Blake. “I like it,” he said. “Maybe it proves that the briefs are sexy just as you said.” Blake smiled back at the man and then slowly turned around. “It’s a good fit, I think.” “A very good fit on a very nice body,” responded Donald. Blake nodded. “The white version of this style was a bit tighter. Let me show you.” He went behind the screen and returned moments later wearing the smaller white briefs. His cockhead was straining against the narrow waistband. “These must be for younger boys,” he said with a cheeky smile. Donald tried to suppress a smile. “I agree these are too small for you…although I have to admit I like seeing you in them. Turn around and let me see the back.” Blake turned around to reveal that almost half his arse was visible. “Am I supposed to display this much of my bum?” Donald laughed. “No, that wasn’t the intention. You do have a nice bum though.” Blake smiled over his shoulder at the man and said, “I will wear one of the thongs next.” “Ooh, that does look good on you,” Donald said when Blake appeared in a pale blue thong. Blake turned slowly to allow Donald a good view of his cloth-covered erection before giving him a rear view. “You can see more of my bum now,” he said. Donald started reaching out to touch the peachy-buttocks but then quickly pulled back. Blake, who had been looking over at shoulder, said, “You can touch me if you wish.” The man licked his lips and then moved his hand forward again, slowly running his fingertips over the warm, silky smooth flesh. “I hope it’s not uncomfortable where the material runs between…” He gulped. “…your bum cheeks.” “No, the material is very soft,” said Blake. “I can feel it against my pussy but it’s fine.” “You have a…a pussy?” Donald asked. His eyes were open wide. “Yes, I’m a gay bottom-boy so I have a boy-pussy,” smiled Blake. He enjoyed teasing and trying to shock the man. “Oh, I see.” Donald pulled his hand back. “I will wear one more thing for you,” Blake told Donald. He gave him a smile and then walked behind the screen again. His final choice was a pair of white üniversiteli escort briefs with a large circular hole in the rear. As he approached Donald, the man stared at the front of the briefs. “Is that a damp patch?” Blake looked down and then back at Donald. “Yes. I’m sorry, Donald, but it’s pre-cum juice, not pee. Having a man touching my bum made me more excited.” “Okay,” was all Donald said. “I like these ones a lot,” Blake said. He smiled and turned around. “They allow a man easy access to my pussy.” Donald shifted in his seat, trying to adjust his throbbing cock without Neville seeing him. “I suppose it does.” Blake bent forward, pushing his butt closer to Donald. “Do you want to touch me again?” “I don’t think I should,” replied Donald. He was afraid he might cum in his pants if he did that. “You can get dressed now.” “I’ll gather up the briefs for you,” Neville said to Donald as Blake went behind the screen. “I’m not taking them back. Please give them to Blake with my complements,” responded Donald. Blake re-appeared wearing the bathrobe, tied closed this time. “That is very kind of you, Donald. Thank you.” “You’re welcome, Blake.” Donald smiled but was reluctant to stand up in case the boy noticed his erection. “Can I give you a lift home now?” “Thanks but I don’t live in Glasgow,” said Blake. “I travelled down with a friend and he will be here to pick me up very soon.” Donald stood up and held out his hand to Blake. “Well, it was lovely to meet you,” he said as they shook hands. When he turned to shake hands with Neville, he said, “I hope you will be able to send me the photos this afternoon.” “I will do my best.” Neville smiled and led Donald to the door. Blake was grinning when Neville returned. “He wants to look at the photos and have a wank thinking about touching me, doesn’t he?” “It’s highly likely,” smiled Neville. “Speaking of wanking, I have a dvd for you. My first porn movie,” said Blake. “It’s only for friends, not for sale to the public.” “I’m already horny after watching you tease Donald but I’d love to see it,” Neville said. “I’m horny too,” Blake said as he went to fetch the dvd from his jacket pocket. “We only have time for a quickie before Dan arrives so perhaps you can fuck me while you’re watching it.” “I think that could be arranged.” Neville took Blake into his office and soon had the video playing. Blake removed his bathrobe and bent over the desk. Neville dropped his trousers and freed his cock while watching Blake undress on the screen. Then he started rubbing Blake’s buttocks. “You have a terrific arse,” he muttered, looking from the screen to Blake and then back to the screen. “Nice to finally be allowed to fuck it.” Blake remembered that he’d only sucked the man’s cock up until now. “I was too shy to ask for what I really wanted before,” he told Neville. “I want your lovely big cock deep inside my pussy.” Neville rubbed his middle finger up and down Blake’s arse crack. Then he fetched some lube and began fingering the tight hole. Moments later he was finger-fucking Blake while enjoying the sight of him sucking Tony’s huge cock on the screen. By sheer coincidence, Neville’s cock penetrated Blake’s arse almost at the same time as Tony entered him for the first time in the video. Blake cried out at the flash of pain caused by the cock’s entry but it was nothing in comparison to what he’d experienced with Tony. “Don’t stop!” Blake moaned when Neville paused. “Fuck me hard and make me cum!” Turned on by the feel of Blake’s tight arse and by what he was seeing in the video, Neville was soon pounding hard and fast into the youngster. “Yes, yes, I love it!” cried Blake who was pushing back against each thrust. Within minutes he was whimpering and then he shouted, “I’m going to cum…oh, I’m cumming!” Neville could feel Blake’s arse muscles clamping around his cock with each ejaculation. This and the sight of Tony fucking Blake hard in the video took him over the edge. “I’m cumming too!” He shuddered and started flooding the boy’s insides with man-cream. “Wow! That was amazing,” Neville said when he finally got his breathing back to normal. He bent down to kiss Blake’s shoulder but he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. Then the doorbell rang. “Oh, fuck!” Neville shouted. “That will be Dan,” Blake said as Neville withdrew. “Go and get dressed,” said Neville. “I’ll let him in.” He pulled up his trousers as he spoke. Blake smiled and hurried off. When he returned to the office, Neville was telling Dan that his client was impressed by Blake and that he may be able to find more modelling work for him. “I don’t want to be a fashion model,” said Blake. “I enjoy my job with Dan and I want to do porn as soon as I’m old enough. I really enjoyed making that video.” Tony was still fucking Blake on the screen behind them. “I assume you liked what you saw of the video,” Dan said to Neville. “This room smells of sex and that looks like drops of cum on the floor.” Neville looked embarrassed but Blake smiled and said, “We were both horny and he fucked the cum out of me.” Dan smiled. “I guessed that would happen at some point this afternoon.” “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself,” said Neville. “No worries. I created a sex monster and it takes more than me to satisfy him,” responded Dan. He turned to Blake. “Well, are you ready to leave?” “Yes. I just have to pick up the sexy underwear,” replied Blake. “I was told to keep it all and you will like it.” “You can show me some of it later,” smiled Dan. Once outside in the car, Dan told Blake that Frank would be joining them for dinner. “I had planned to invite him to join us for a threesome after that but perhaps you’re not in the mood after having sex with Neville.” “Aw, that was just a quickie and doesn’t really count,” said Blake. “I’d love a proper sex session with you and Frank. Hopefully he’ll be really horny after watching my video.” Dan laughed. He knew that Blake would never refuse sex. To be continued

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