Brotherly Love And A Suspected Pregnancy


I had just finished washing my car in the apartments’ car wash area when I needed a pee. I went to the toilet in the car park and found it was occupied. It was obvious somebody was in the toilet sobbing her heart out.I knocked and said, “Is everything OK in there? I am Jan, and live in 612.”The door opened and a girl appeared in tears. I recognised her as one of the residents as I had shared a lift with her occasionally. She lived with her mother and brother on a level above me. I had casually said hello to them from time to time.“Is there anything I can help you with?” I asked.“I am pregnant,” she said between sobs. She was quite distraught.“How do you know?” I asked.She then produced a strip of coloured paper. I had never seen anything like it before and it took me a moment to realise what it was. It was a pregnancy test.I looked at it more closely but I could not decipher the reading and so I asked her, “Do you have the packet so I can understand what I am looking at?”She turned and went into the toilet and picked up the box off the floor the handed it to me.I read the instructions and then studied the strip that she had given me. “I can’t fathom this out. From what I can see, the result is inconclusive. You can’t say yes or no from this,” I told her. “Is there any chance you be pregnant? How long since you had sex?” I asked.“Yesterday,” She replied.“You could not possibly know you could be pregnant after one day,” I said.“No, I have done it a few times since my last period. I am over a week late,” She replied.“I can’t tell from this. I can’t make it out as to whether it is positive or not,” I told her.“I am sure I am. We did it without a condom and he came inside me when I asked him not to.” I felt sorry for her as she was young and confused. I had never been in this situation but I have met girls who have. It must be traumatic.“How old are you?” I asked.“Seventeen,” she replied.I felt sorry for her, she was so young. “Let’s go down to the pharmacy and get another test,” I suggested. “I will drive you down.”She agreed and, on the way down, she told me her name was Pam. “Apart from having sex with him do you know the boy well?” I asked.“He is my brother,” she said quite innocently.I was shocked and decided not to pursue the matter further then, as she was upset enough.At the pharmacy, I went in and spoke to the girl I know who works there. I knew her quite well as I buy all my pharmaceuticals and prescriptions including my birth control pills from the shop.When I asked for the pregnancy test kit she asked in a surprised tone, “You don’t think you are pregnant do you?” “No, it’s for a young friend of mine. She has done a test and I can’t decipher it.”“Do you have it?” she asked. It was in my pocket. I showed it to her.“This is a cheap one and not reliable. The one I will give you will give a definite positive or negative result immediately.”“Thank you, she is only young and in a real mess, “I told her as I paid for it.“How old?” she asked.“Seventeen,” I replied.“Old enough to know better. We sell lots of these. You would be surprised how many girls take risks when there is no need these days,” she said. “Let us know how it goes.”I returned to the car and Pam had settled down. I told her that the kit I had bought would be a positive yes or no. “Let’s go back to my place and we can do the test again,” I suggested.On the way back I asked her, “How long have you been having sex with your brother?”“About three months. We do it a lot,” Pam said.“How old is he?”“Nineteen.” “Don’t you take precautions?” I asked.“Sometimes, he doesn’t like using condoms and says he knows when I can get pregnant from the time of the bahis şirketleri month and my temperature. I take it every day. Sometimes he gets it out before he cums. When it is not safe, he puts a condom on it.”“How often does he do it without one?”“A lot. I trusted him, and I have never missed a period before.” “How often is a lot?” “Three or four times a week. We both love what we do, it’s fun. I never say no to him. I like doing it with him.”“I said it is not unusual to miss a period and you may not be pregnant. Are you under any stress at the moment?”“Exams at school. I want to get a good result to go to university next year,” Pam replied.“That might explain it. This test will let you know for sure. Do you realise that it is not legal to have sex with your brother?”“Tony told me it was all right, but I must never tell anybody. What is wrong with doing it with him? I have done it with another boy, is that wrong too?”“I think you and I should have a talk when we get back to my place. Have you ever talked about sex with your mother?” “Not really, she never mentions it. She once told me I mustn’t let boys touch me down there though.” “It seems you didn’t listen if you had sex with another boy and your brother.” “My brother caught me masturbating one day and told me real sex was better. He didn’t know I had already done it with another guy. We had often had a bath together when we were younger, but I had not seen him nude since then. I asked him to masturbate to see him cum. The other boy only did it inside me. Tony told me, ‘You would like it better if I fucked you. I can take my cock out before I cum and then you could see it.’ He said he has done it with other girls, so he knew how to make it feel good. So I let him because I liked it with the other boy. We do it lots of times now as we both like it.”“When was the last time he fucked you without a condom?” “Yesterday, but we always do it a few times a week, whenever one of us feels like doing it. I like it better than masturbating. He always knows when to use a condom.”“Have you heard of oral contraception?” “You mean the pill?”“Yes, you would be much safer, if you are doing it that often.” “Some of the girls I know use them and when I asked my mother about it, she said I won’t need that until I get married.”“I suggest you see the doctor and get a prescription for them. Ask your brother to pay for them if he is doing it with you as often as you say. You will both be far safer. You would both be in trouble if you are pregnant, and they find out it was your brother who you did it with you.”When we arrived back at the apartments, we went up to my place. When we got inside, I read the instructions we both went to the bathroom together to do the test. I wanted to make sure she did it correctly.As soon as she had done it, we both examined the test, and it was obvious it was negative. She was not pregnant.She cried with relief and hugged me. “Thank you so much for what you have done for me. I could never ask my mother to do that. She would hate me for having sex, I am sure.”“Certainly, with your brother, which is morally wrong and illegal. He should know better. You need to be careful about it and never tell anybody, but I am glad you told me.” “If I ask him to come and talk to you, would you explain it to us both? I like doing it. You could explain about the pill as well. That sounds good if we do not have to worry about getting me pregnant. He will like it too if he does not have to use a condom. He doesn’t like using them he says it spoils a good fuck.”I laughed and realised that she was not going to stop fucking her brother.”“Certainly, I would love to talk bahis firmaları to you both.”“Do you do it with your husband?” Pam asked.“I don’t have a husband, but I do it with my boyfriend.”“Is he nice?” “I wouldn’t do it with him if he wasn’t,” “Would he do it with me?” Pam asked quite innocently.I was gobsmacked.“Let’s talk with you and your brother before we decide anything about the future,” I said.“I will like that; I want to know more about why it’s wrong and I am sure he will want to too. If we cannot do it anymore, he will be unhappy and so will I. I love doing it with him we have great fun, but I don’t want to get into trouble.” “Let’s talk first and see what happens then.” “I am so happy that you found me and that I didn’t have to tell my mother I was having a baby, she would have gone crazy. Thank you so much for what you have done for me.”Pam left to go home now, and I was sure she would be asking her brother about them talking with me about what they had been doing. I wondered if I was doing the right thing. The following day there was a phone call just after I got home. “Can you talk to us? Tony said it was ok,” Pam asked.“Come up at seven-thirty,” I replied. What was I going to say? This was going to be interesting. At exactly seven-thirty there was a knock on my door and both Pam and Tony were there. Pam looked beautiful dressed in slacks and a nice white top. She looked older than seventeen. She had well-developed breasts as well.Tony dressed in jeans and a nice blue shirt. They both looked like they were going out on a date.“You both look nice,“ I said.“Thank you, we had to dress up a bit as we told our mum we were meeting some friends,” Pam volunteered.I introduced myself to Tony and said, “You have a lovely sister, I hope you realise what a wonderful sister she is.”“I do, she is the best sister I could have. Thank you for helping her out the other day. You were a tremendous help. You told her we were doing something illegal. What she did not tell you is that I am her half-brother, not a full blood brother, so I don’t believe we are doing anything wrong.”“In fact, you are considered to be family and then it is illegal.” “Our mother is not married anymore, so how does that affect things?”“I don’t know, I would leave that to the legal people to work out, but I still think Pam would be considered to still be your sister. Does your mother know you are fucking her?”“No, and we don’t want her to know, or she might stop us. We both like doing it with each other. It is just something that we both enjoy. It’s fun.”“Do you do it with any other girl?”“Not anymore, I used to do it with one of the women at the gym, but she now has her boyfriend. She was the first woman I fucked.” Pam said, “Tell Jan how it happened.”“I was working out and I strained a thigh muscle. She is one of the physios there and told me to go to the physio room and strip down and she would massage it. Before she started, she put a towel over me. When she was massaging my leg, she massaged right up to my groin and touched my balls. I got a hard-on and it showed under the towel, so she removed it. ‘That is something you should be proud of; I could massage that for you too if you would like me to,’ she said. I was amazed at her suggestion,” Tony admitted.“’I can’t use my hand it is covered in liniment; it will sting like hell,’ she said. Before I knew it, she put my cock in her mouth and sucked it. Nobody had ever done that before, it felt amazing. As she sucked my cock, she removed her shorts and top, she did not need a bra. She has a firm body with hardly any tit. She looked like a guy with no cock. I was fascinated. I just lay kaçak bahis siteleri there and let her do what she wanted. I had never experienced anything like that before.”Then she got on top of me and fucked me. I had to put my cock into her because of the liniment on her hands. Then she massaged my chest and my nipples while she fucked me. That made them tingle even though she had wiped lots of the liniment off. I could not believe what was happening, I had never fucked a woman before. She even let me cum inside her.”“She was your first fuck?” I asked.“Yes, the first time I had never done anything with a girl before other than feel her tits.” “How old were you?”“Seventeen.”“You look older than that. ““How old are you now?”“Nineteen.”“You are a big boy, and I more ways than one,” I told him.“Everybody tells me that.”“Did you fuck her again?”“Yes, we have been fucking for a few months. When I told her it was the first time, I had fucked a woman she was surprised and said, ‘I like your cock.’ The next time I was there she told me to go to the massage room after my workout as my leg needed more work.”“Did you?”“Yes, when she came in and shut the door she stripped off. My cock immediately got hard. She got up on the table and spread her legs apart. She did not say a word she just expected me to realise we were going to fuck. The first time she was on top of me now she wanted me to be on top of her.”“That was the missionary position,” Pam explained as if I did not know.“Once I had my cock inside her she told me, ‘I am enjoying this, you are not bad for a novice.’ We fucked for a while and then she told me to take my cock out and she got down on the floor and up on her hands and knees and told me to put my cock back into her. I fucked her like that for a minute or two before she came. I came not long after and she told me I could do it in her again.”As we were dressing, she said, You are not bad, I enjoyed it. I will look forward to the next time now.’ I could not believe that she even liked me enough to do it the first time. Let alone tell me she wanted to do it with me again. There were so many really fit and strong guys there and she chose me.”Pam said, “When he came home and told me all about it and I asked him if he would do the same thing with me.” “How long ago was that?” I asked.Tony continued, “Four months ago, but Julie started seeing an older guy, and they moved away. He knew she had fucked a few of the guys beside me at our gym and he did not want them fucking her too. The last time we fucked she explained it was the last time with her and that she had enjoyed me fucking her.”“When he told me that, I said that meant he could fuck me,” Pam said proudly.Tony explained, “I knew Pam had been fucked by another guy and it was over with Julie, so I thought, why not? The fact she was my step-sister didn’t bother us as we both had fucked other people before.”Pam said, “I had done it twice with the other boy and it was fun, so I thought why not with Tony, after all, it was just fucking. I didn’t think about getting pregnant.”I was fascinated with how open and naïve they both were. They had no problem telling me of their experiences.Pam then surprised me by asking, ”How often do you fuck your boyfriend?”I thought about it for a moment and said, “I only see him at weekends, and he sleeps with me, so we do it then.”“Do you like it?”“I do, as much as you do.”“Would you do it with Tony?”Once again I was gobsmacked. “No,” I said.“Why not? He is rather good at it.”“It wouldn’t be right,” I said looking for words that would have been more appropriate.“Go on, I would love to see him fuck you.” Then she turned to Tony. “You wouldn’t mind, would you?” Tony I could tell was just as confused and surprised as I was. “Well, if you wanted me to I would.”“And if I don’t want you to,” I said.“I would be disappointed. I like you and I think it would be great fun,…

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