Cheating wife makes a detour on bus trip home.


Cheating wife makes a detour on bus trip home.This is a true story about my wife and her trip home from work one day. Living in a city, it is normal for most business women to take the bus to and from work. My wife was working pretty hard and had started to go to the gym regularly to relieve some stress. One day she finished her workout and took a shower. This day she felt horny and decided to text her buddy she had met online and fucked earlier. He is a younger guy with a huge cock and magic tongue. I had also been chatting with him as I set them up a few years back. So she asked him if he was free to hook up and without hesitation, he agreed. Escort He remembered how good she felt sucking his big cock and how her big tits looked when he fucked her hard.Her bus left and she continued to text him and told him how horny she was in the shower. He asked her how horny? So she told him just wait you will see. On the way there he told her that they would be rushed because he had to be at a meeting. So like a good cheating wife she had told me on the phone that she was working out and did not know when she would get home and that she did not need to be picked up either. The bus stopped near his appartment and she Escort Bayan walked a few blocks in a hurry.At his appartment she knocked on the door and the door swung open. He stood there with a smile and they both started to take their clothes off with the curtains open so that others could see. In a rush he immediately grabbed her big round tits and sucked on them good. Then he threw her on his bed and pushed her legs up while he sucked on her clit. Within 5 minutes she squirted all over his face and bed sheets, soaking his bed. As she sat up she said that was the best oral ever and returned the favor with her mouth on all Bayan Escort over his big cock. She sucked him good and could barely fit it in her mouth. Next he jerked off all over her big tits and fave. She then got dressed and left. Once she got home she acted as normal as could be. As I was doing some laundry, I noticed that her shirt she had on that day, was drenched with cum. She had no clue that her buddy told me everything and later in the week when I asked her if she met her buddy she said no. Not until the weekend when I was licking her pussy did she open up. I told her that I bet that your buddy must lick good and she said oh ya he does real good. Not realizing what she was saying, she continued to bragg about his cock and cum. As I mounted her and fucked her pussy hard and fast she moaned good and smiled as I stood over her and covered her tits and face with my huge load.

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