The Obvious MotherDaughter Solution Second Half


I grinned as much as I could, and then they both pulled me to them.Although, Phoebe kissed her first. “I know we never had sex before, but we’ve seen each other do it, so are you ready to get busy?””Yes, Phoebe, it’s about time, I mean I got action off your step-daughter before you.””Then let’s not waste any more time, Megan,” Britney implored me before she pushed me to Phoebe’s tits.We both went to those jugs and took a nipple into our mouths too. Although, even with that brand-new sensation, Britney let her hand to mine. We held hands as our others stayed on her boobs. We kept them tight and sucked on Phoebe’s nipples.”Oh, yes, Britney, believe it or not, you just got even hotter, I swear. To think I was pissed off at you just two hours ago, but I can’t imagine being upset with you now. Damn, you’re good, but so are you, Megan. We should’ve fucked years ago, but if we did, I might be wearing your ring, you never know. I do know I love this though, fuck me, and you two seem to be getting along too, you’re holding hands,” she moaned, placing her hands on our hands.We both nodded, and both kept slight eye contact as we wooed her step-mom like the hot SMILF she was. I surely had no idea I’d be getting some action, but as I did, I wasn’t complaining. After a couple of minutes, we got her to slant her head back and deal with the pleasure a little better.I was sure Britney wanted to finger fuck her step-mother, but she kept her hand in mine. I took that as a clear sign that she did like me, maybe even in a more than friendly way. I had to think that neither of us was in a relationship, so we’d be open to date, but of course, it’d still be weird considering their relationship.Nevertheless, as I felt in the Girlsway universe, I didn’t worry about the future and reveled in the present. I milked it for all it was worth and even broke my hand free from Britney’s, but she knew why.So, both of our hands made it onto Phoebe’s twat, and we did finger fuck her good. We shared it perfectly, even as neither of us could physically see it. So, we had some great connections too, so I definitely found some real reason to fuck her again, in the future, if Phoebe was cool with it.”I hope you like a contaminated bed, step-daughter because I’m sure you two can feel all of the juice flowing off your hands like a fire hydrant.””I do, step-mommy,” Britney added, rising with her. “Now give me a kiss.”I watched them kiss for a few seconds, but Phoebe pulled me up with them. Without speaking, she kissed me as well. I also got the same honors from Britney, so we all got some grand gestures from one another.Although, then, we went back to her jugs once again and sucked on those delicate nipples endlessly as we also continued to finger fuck her too. I nearly felt like I was intruding, but they made it clear how welcome I was.We had never done anything sexual before, so I found myself in a sexy paradise, so to speak. After another moment, I felt Britney move my hand further onto Phoebe’s pussy. So, I felt a full palm grasp on it with Britney’s help, so she did give me her blessing.”Oh, you like your BFF’s snatch, Megan, do you?” Phoebe pondered, looking at me. “You watched me finger fuck and eat out a few ladies, dare I ask, were you jealous?””No,” I answered, coming up with her. “Just as I didn’t know I liked step-mother/daughter love a few hours ago, now I know so that I couldn’t have been jealous before, okay?””Oh, yes,” she moaned, placing her palms on my breasts. “I was never jealous either, but I’m not whining now that I can actually feel these,” she added before kissing me.Britney kept attacking her nipple as I applied pressure to her beaver, and we made out like passionate and horny lesbos. I was sure it didn’t mean we were that exactly, but at least on the road there.With every drop I felt on my hand and twitch from me, I felt a little more in love with the whole situation. I surely didn’t foresee that set of Escort Sefaköy circumstances, but I loved every second of it.  After a couple of minutes, Britney came back up with us, and Phoebe kissed her too.Soon after that, we all lied down with Phoebe in the middle. We continued working on her nipples as if we were trying to suck them right off her tits. As a result of that, she wrapped her arms around both of our heads and locked them up too.Not that we wanted to move, but it sure made us even more out to woo her. Britney and I glanced at each other from time to time, but didn’t release her step-mom’s nipples even for a second. All the while, once again, we shared finger fucking duties.We each took a lip and enjoyed the juice coming out too. So, I had to grin at Britney more and more every minute, because I knew I was right, and the results were just out of this world. I was certain that Britney knew why I was grinning, but I tried not to do it too much.Nevertheless, the truth was written all over my face, regardless of how big the print was. I relished that fact, so I could say it without saying it. That alone wooed me, but of course, as I could see all the chemistry all three of us were having, I was in heaven.”Oh, yes, just like that, you two, you’re working together splendidly. You’re helping me cheat now, so I hope you know how wrong, but, oh so pleasurable,” Phoebe moaned, caressing our heads.We didn’t reply to that with words, but of course, still with our mouths and fingers. I knew we had all night long to fuck, so I just mentally prepared myself for it. Although, it was still quite exciting waiting and reveling in the thrills in the meantime.After another moment, Phoebe jolted and tightened her grips on our heads somewhat. It hurt, but the fact that we were making her feel good was worth it. As I knew, even if this only happened once, we were creating the sexiest memories imaginable, and that was a great thing.”Oh, don’t just tease my cherry like that, stick some fingers up in there deep,” she moaned, moving her body back and forth.I let her have the honors, so she did just that a second later.”Yes, that’s good, Britney, I love those small fingers of yours.  I never thought about fucking you, but I knew if I ever did, my clit would feel pretty damn good when you touched it. Son of a bitch, I’m sorry, but you’ll forgive me, won’t you?””Yes, step-mommy,” she replied, bringing her lips to hers. “Just let me be me, I’m sorry if I can’t be the daughter you always wanted, but I’m your step-daughter. Even if you had given birth to me, I still wouldn’t be perfect. Your beautiful brunette BFF is right; we just needed to fuck. Maybe we just had deep-seated feelings for each other and didn’t want to admit it, but who the hell cares, right? We’re having sex now, right? So, now we can be a better step-mom and daughter, right? We can appreciate each other, and love each other the way we should, rather than just living under the same roof until I leave for college.””I can come to visit you, though, right?””Yes, but don’t expect me to just have sex with you whenever you want, because you’re still married to my dad. Neither Megan nor I am going to break up your marriage so that we can be close, but not too close, got it?””Yes, believe it or not, my ‘bitch’ eyes can still see the obvious, and my ‘tart’ brain can figure that out.””Good, step-mommy,” she added before pecking her cheek and getting over her with her tits hanging above her face. “Now get your step-daughter’s bosoms and Megan, you know how to lick and suck her nipples, but try pleasuring that sexy part of her body. Trust me; she loves it.””I know that, Britney,” I whined, lifting my head. “Did you forget that I knew her years before you did?””No, but don’t waste time lashing out at me and fuck your best friend, you may not get another chance.”I didn’t reply to that and just leaned towards Phoebe’s Yenibosna escort bayan vagina and licked it. I immediately felt her jolt a bit, but I loved it so much, I couldn’t just savor every second of her reaction. So, I just began licking her twat again and made her feel good that way.”Oh, yes, do you like your BFF eating your pussy, step-mommy?” Britney asked, grabbing some hair down there. “I love your bush, too, I certainly hope you never shave it. Even if I never see it again, I’d like to think you still have some hair down there.”Phoebe didn’t address that as she was having too much fun with Britney’s jugs and me eating her out. Even as I never did before for her, I still loved every second of it and seemingly made her feel pretty damn good as well.I kept my tongue on the outside for the time being and got a taste of her juice. I was more than content with that then, but I got myself warmed up to please her even more. I didn’t know where the roof would be exactly, but I didn’t care, I just wooed her at my own pace.Just as I saw Phoebe licking Britney’s nipples, I knew it was just pure horniness and love driving us all. I kept my eyes open for as long as I could to watch Phoebe’s results, taking in all the thrills and doling them out to her hot step-daughter.She grabbed onto both of Britney’s knockers and moved them around too. She set herself an excellent challenge to keep her tongue and mouth right on her left tit for the time being as she seemingly made them dangle more over her face.I didn’t let my fingers on her pussy just yet, and solely used my tongue, but again I wanted to warm myself up and not just jump off a bridge. Even if I was her best friend, I still didn’t want to half-ass anything.I moved my neck a bit rather than my tongue. That way, I thought it’d work better to get my foot in the door into pleasure town, rather than moving my tongue all by itself. I felt nervous, but not too nervous, so I had some wiggle room as Phoebe was still having fun with Britney.”Oh, yes, step-mommy, feel that pussy too and finger-fuck me. You’re a dirty step-mom, aren’t you? You never told me, but I won’t judge you. Just make up for lost time now,” Britney moaned, before peeking at me. “Don’t fret, Megan, her twat won’t bite. Stick your tongue in there deep and get your BFF off like a squirt gun. My step-mommy needs to be fucked, so you better get it done for her,” she added, reaching over to my head.They both placed hands on my head, and I closed my eyes. I prepped myself and let my tongue dive into her slit a bit. That way, I got a bigger dose of her juice and tasted every drop I could get.Needless to say, with Britney’s odd support, I got it done for her. I felt both of them push my face further onto her pussy, so my entire face got wet, and when I moved my face back and forth as well, I got the scent of her juice plastered all over it.”Oh, you’re getting into it, aren’t you, Megan?” Britney pondered, getting on top of her step-mom. “Get my slit as I watch your BFF gets yours. Yes, you like her twat, did you just like watching me eat her out that you needed to get a taste, Megan?””Yes, Britney.””Put your fingers on each side of her lips, and hold them somewhat tight, then you’ll give yourself the best access to eat that wet snatch. Lick her lips or go inside, either way, do it nice and slow. Get her off, but don’t be in a rush, though. She needs to know you love her and want to spread the pleasure and love. You can’t see it, but she’s eating me out right now. Even though she has to keep her head up, she’s doing it for me because of you. So, I have to make sure you do the same for her, make you into a champion pussy-eater.”I followed her directions, even though I wanted to go with my gut. Nevertheless, she still managed to make it easier for me, though. I closed my eyes and surely knew Britney was eyeballing me the whole time.”Oh, yes, Halkalı escort Megan,” Phoebe moaned, rattling a bit.Britney didn’t dance in the endzone and fondled my head as I perfected my skills on her step-mom’s twat. I spread out her lips even more and let my tongue roam as freely as possible at that moment. I also felt Britney peck me all over my head too.Even as I only moved my head up and down in small gaps right then, she still cheered me on with her hands and persona as Phoebe just lied back and did her best to take the pleasure. I looked at Britney again to see her eyeballing me again.She licked her lips once again and shot me the lustiest look I could imagine. Although, she angled my face back to Phoebe’s slit and had to insert my tongue even deeper. I didn’t move my tongue any faster, though, so I took her advice and kept it slow.I felt some pressure, but I didn’t forget who I was involved with, or how this all got started either. So, I was so right that it morphed into a sexy three-way, and that surely kept my spirits up indeed.”Oh, I love this pussy, Britney, I love it so much, I want to divorce your dad and marry it. I want to eat it every day for the rest of my life,” Phoebe moaned.”Damn straight, step-mommy, keep going as your BFF munches on yours. Prove to me how much you love me, even if I can be a hussy at times, and follow it too,” she giggled, moving herself a bit.”You’re funny, Britney,” I complimented her, bringing my face up.We kissed each other for a moment, but of course, we both rubbed Phoebe’s slit lisp as we did.Although, Britney cut it short after twenty seconds. “I don’t want my step-mommy getting jealous,” she announced before she licked her twat.”Oh, now you two are sixty-nining. Fuck, I made it this far without gloating, I was right, I was right, I was fucking right,” I laughed.That didn’t get them to stop. I crawled to the side of them to see them both eating each other out. Even as I thought I did a halfway decent job, as I watched them go to town on each other, I nearly thought I was watching Eddie Van Halen and Slash jam together.I knew I had some skills, but they blew me out of the water. Nevertheless, I didn’t fret about that and just masturbated to them once again. I couldn’t be happier for them, so I showed that with my actions.They both kept one another’s legs spread and feasted on each other’s pussies too. I couldn’t be more in love with the sight in front of me, so I treated it as such. I eyeballed them as if I was a huge hawk, and there was a shit ton of snakes just lying there defenseless.Although, after a few minutes, I gently rose to my knees and looked all over them. “Yes, again: I was right. Yes, Phoebe, as I see you sucking your step-daughter’s lips into your mouth, I love you a bit more for admitting it. I have to relish being right.””Shut up, and masturbate, woman,” Phoebe ordered me.”I am, but you have to invite me to watch and join in if you do this again, though,” I moaned, placing a hand on Britney’s back.I let it skate on her back, and she jiggled even more. I knew she must have liked it, so I kept it up for her. I felt more tears form on my face by then because I was happy for me, but even more so for them.”I can’t feel too bad for Ben by now, Phoebe, just this sight is just priceless. I’ll never see something so great for the rest of my life, I know it. The only way this could be better is if…””You got a step-daughter and joined us, we know, Megan,” they both whined.”Sorry.”Neither of them forgave me, but I was sure it was implied, though.  I massaged her back, and as they just kept going as if there was no tomorrow. Both of them moved their bodies somewhat, but it served as no distraction for either of them.I never knew Phoebe would ever go this far, but yet again, she surprised me. She treated her like a queen it seemed, and her only goal was to get closer to her by then. So, my advice not only got them off, but added some much-needed love to their relationship too.I assaulted my twat yet again, and let it’s much juice out; I thought I might even lose weight. I just couldn’t stop as Phoebe and Britney wouldn’t halt their pleasuring either. They morphed into some kind of sexy beast together, and there was no stopping…

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