Chocolates for sale


Chocolates for sale

I had a 5 acre yard just outside a rural town with lots of trees around my place. This was a lot of work to keep up but I love to putter on the yard all weekend. My shop was across the yard from the house with trees in between so if anyone came to the house I would not notice unless they came to the shop. My wife went to her moms every Friday night and the kids had all moved out. I was 48 in fairly decent shape.

I’d been in the shop for an hour when I had to take a pee. I would just walk out of the shop and around the corner and let it go not being at all concerned about anyone being able to see into my yard. I had pushed my pants down to get some fresh air and got it going good when are the corner came a young girl on a bike. Her jaw dropped and she almost ran into me forgetting to brake in time. Her eyes were glued to my cock. I was slow to react as I was shocked by surprise, which gave her a pretty good look at my cock. I got turned away and put my pants back on. She started to apologise saying she was sorry.

” It’s not your fault you caught me with my pants down.” I told her. “I don’t get to many bike riders that come in that quietly.”

She said she rang the door bell at the house but there was no answer then when she was leaving she heard me over here at the shop and came around the trees as I was going behind the shop. She told me she wanted to sell chocolates for her school fund raiser and just biked over trying to catch up to me. She was pretty red in the face.

“Would you like to buy some chocolates still?” she asked.

“How many do I have to buy so you won’t tell anyone what you saw?”

“I have six boxes of chocolate almonds and six caramel bars, but you don’t have to buy any I won’t tell anyone what I saw.”

“Thanks.” I said.”Whats your name and where do you live.”

She then told me her name was Becky, that she live just a quarter mile away inside town and that she had tried to sell chocolates to her neighbours but they had bought from other kids already. So she decided to go out to our area as the houses were further apart and maybe no one had been here yet. Well I told her she was the first one to lately come here selling something. We continued chatting about her school and family. She was twelve years old and was looking for a job babysitting to make some spending money.

I told her maybe I should hire her to help with my yard work if she was interested. Becky was all for that saying I can rake leaves, mow grass, weed the garden, all things I have to do at home. I showed her around the yard, when we got back to her bike she asked with a laugh if I would let her watch whenever I needed to Escort take a leak.

“Do you want to see that again?” I asked her. She said she had never seen a guys thing before.

Finally I said I would buy all her chocolates and she could tell whoever asked that I had friends over and we bought everything she had. She had a huge smile on her face when I said that.

“But you really don’t have to do that.” She said.”What if I show you my pussy and then we will be even?”

“I’d love to see your pussy but do you really want to do that?”

“I know you won’t tell anyone and if I show you my pussy maybe I can have a better look at your penis. My friends and I have been talking about sex a lot lately and I have never seen a penis close up.” Becky kind of stammering at the end of that blushed badly.

“So what have you and your friends been talking about?”

She told me that her best friend Nicole who was a black girl had walked by her parents bedroom one night when she had to go to the bathroom and the door was open enough for her to watch her parents doing it. When Nicole told Becky and her other best friend Terry, Terry told of walking in on her brother masturbating. Her brother had quickly cover up but not before she’d had a look at his erection. Becky said she had tried to walk in on her dad in the bathroom but nothing had ever worked, and she only had two younger sisters. So that’s why she was so very curious.

“Come on lets go in the shop if you really want to, my wife will be out until late so we will be safe.”

I don’t know why I had just invited her into the shop I could get into so much trouble, maybe it was because my wife had not had an interest in sex for years already and I was most diffidently horny. Becky followed me into the shop and after an awkward moment I took off my t-shirt and Becky let me help her take off her shirt, she had a small bra on which she cover with her arms.

“Can you take off your pants next?” She asked saying “I feel so self conscious if I take my bra off first.”

Let me describe Becky first, she was maybe five feet tall, skinny with boobs that looked to be the size of small oranges, dark almost black hair and a face that really captivated me with her energy and enthusiasm. At this point I would have done anything for her. I took off my pants while she stood there looking at bulge in my underwear, I pushed down my underwear and my cock sprang up.

Becky gasped “Wow! Your thing it so big.”

“You can call it a cock and it is average size for guys, about six and a half inches.” I took her hand and placed it on my cock.”Take your time and feel my cock, stroke Escort Bayan it and squeeze it a bit. Cup my balls but don’t squeeze them to hard that would hurt, a gentle touch feels great. I’m not circumcised so when stroking try not to pull the foreskin off the head all the way unless we use lube or spit. Here under the head is the most sensitive spot for me.” I show her how to massage the head with her fingers and where the sensitive spot was, but not to do to much there as I would cum to soon. Becky went back to stroking my cock, I told her how good that felt.

I slid her bra up and started to rub her budding breasts. Becky’s nipples where small but sure got hard fast as I roll them between my thumb and finger. I could feel myself building to an orgasm and told Becky to go a little fast and squeeze a little harder as I was getting close. When I did cum it happened so fast it took me by surprise as I was trying to hold back. I spurted ropes of cum on to the floor the last dribbling down over her hand. I put my hand on hers slowing her down and stroking out the last little bit of cum, then just holding her hand on my cock letting the last of the after glow feeling wash over me.

“That was so intense.” Becky said “Your cock felt so hot and so hard and soft all at once. When you started moving your hips it was like it was building a orgasm in me when I masturbate. And when you came I could feel your cum shooting through your cock that is so cool and it got me really horny.’

I gave her some tissue to clean her hand while I wiped the gobs of cum off the floor. I look at her and asked “Are you ready for me to do that for you?” She just nodded. I pulled her to me hugging her,kissing the top of her head while massaging her back.

Becky took her bra off saying “This is getting in the way I what to feel your skin on my titties.” I massaged down to her butt, squeezing her butt cheeks through her jeans. I reach in front to undo her jeans but Becky beat me to it, in seconds she pushed her jeans and panties off together and stood naked in front of me. Now it was my turn to just stare at her beautiful pussy. She had a thick mat of black pubic hair like Asian girls pussies I’d seen on porn. I told her she had more hair than I had expected but that I loved it that way. She said that her friends had compared pussies and boobs. She had the smallest boobs but more hair on her pussy, Nicole had a bit bigger boobs and short very curly pubic hair while Terry had no hair on her pussy but had the biggest boobs. While she was telling me this I was playing in her slit, gathering moisture from the bottom of her pussy lips and bringing the moisture to the top give her clit a quick rub every time. I kept Becky talking Bayan Escort by asking what else she had done with her friends. She said they had just grabbed each others boobs and masturbated in front of each other a few times. By this time Becky’s hips were starting to move into my hands, I lifted Becky and place her on my workbench.

“Lay back I told her and if you are uncomfortable with anything just stop me and I will stop want I’m doing.”

“Are you going to stick your cock into me?” she asked, I could see the apprehension in her face.

“No, I will just use my fingers and maybe kiss your pussy.”

“You mean eat my pussy, that’s what Nicole said guys do.”

“Yes, I can’t wait to taste you, do you mind?”

Becky laid down and spread her legs apart, I lifted her knees up and then pushed apart again. I pushed the pussy lips apart to see that she was wet, I kisses my way from her knee to her pussy on both legs a few times. I then lick up and down her pussy getting a good taste of her juices. I then licked across her clit and she came hard lift her ass of the table. I kept liking her clit until she pushed my head away from her clit. I lapped up the juices from her ass up to the clit being careful not to touch her clit again. I did that until she had settled down then went back to licking around the clit getting closer all the time. Becky was moaning again, her butt was jerking around again so I lick across her clit again giving it my full attention. I,m glad we were in the shop because she became loud just say “Yes” over and over. Again I licked her juices as she settled down. I got her to sit up and I held her and kissed her gently.

“Wow, I can taste myself. Is it always that intense?” Becky asked.

“It varies on what you do or your mood, a lot of things affect how you feel each day so its not always the same.”

“Your hard again, now you lay down on the workbench and I’ll make you cum again.”

Becky jumped down and I lay down on the workbench. With my legs hanging and Becky standing between my legs she gentle started stroke my cock and feeling my balls. The feel was way better than any hand job i ever had. My cock was starting to twitch, then Becky put her mouth right over the head and started gently sucking and licking the underside of my cock. Her mouth was so hot I told her she better take her mouth off as that felt so good I would cum any minute. Becky just pull back my foreskin and kept sucking, well I started shooting in her mouth and Becky was swallowing like mad. She kept sucking until I went soft in her mouth. Becky gave me a kiss giving me a taste of myself. She said that wasn’t as bad as she had imagined cum would taste.

We got cleaned up and dressed, then I paid her for the chocolates.

Becky said maybe I’ll get another box of chocolates and come sell you some more.

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