Craigslist II

Female Ejaculation

Craigslist III was on fire one night, what I call a manic night. posted an ad on CL. I never read those ads so I don’t know what is normal but I was very specific what I wanted. Size, body/build, age range, and that i wanted aggressive endless pounding, something to that effect. in otherwords, i wasn’t into the whole foreplay crap where the guy thinks we require them to make us cum to feed their ego before they can get themselves off inside us. That routine drives me nuts. I’d rather he go down on me after, when his cum is there for him to lick up, if anything. I didn’t need to cum, I didn’t care if I came. I don’t actually cum that easily unless with a mans fingers working me exactly right in which case I will drench the room, Or if I am on top and the guy has the girth to press against my G spot just so… mmmm…. but I’ve only had 2 guys like that who I saw different times in my life, and for long periods at a time, both platonically. but as good as oral can feel if the guy really knows what he’s doing and actually does what I ask, and keeps doing it till i cum, I don’t always have the patience to try. So really I was just looking for a good pounding. Not very “lady like” terminology, forgive me but that’s the raw truth of the matter.After sifting through countless responses I liked the pics from this one guy. He had what my body wanted but I wasn’t sure his pics were him. Naturally. So he took a pic of himself next to that days newspaper and it was ON! He lived in the valley and I lived over the hill, about an hour drive normally but it was late at night and he raced over so fast I couldn’t believe it! When he got out of his brand new vette, I know, sounds fiction but true story, he stood about 6’4” and built like a porn star head to toe. Not that I even prefer that look but we’d come this far… So I took him inside Gaziemir Escort and he made it really easy for me. He just led me to my bed and got me naked and himself naked, his body was 100% tanned (porn look) which i don’t really go for, those metro sexual types but what mattered was his dick was right, as was his aditude. He fucked me on my back which for some reason, I’ve come to prefer, then he worked me in every position like a freaking pro. Pro, seeming to be a running theme. He held my legs up with one hand, gripping them at the ankles which I thought was really sexy and hot and no matter which position he angled me with my legs up, he was hitting me inside perfectly. No obnoxious conversation, great energy, fast paced, I had definitely met my match, he needed no help from me haha. That was a first.He pulled me off my bed and got my legs around his waste, I held onto his neck and he did what I had only seen in porn and always thought must feel amazing. It was! He was huge, at least 10″ and thick! but by then I was able to take all of him pretty well. He kept bouncing me back up every time my body fell down with gravity against him, and I was literally helpless, not that I was complaining. At this point he had to be in PORN! right??? c’mon! But why would he be bothering with me, so far from his home, so late at night, a stranger on CL if he was getting paid to fuck the hottest women on earth for a living? I will never know the answer to that one. Why he was on CL at all. Sex addict I spose.Love them sex addicts! <3This session was hot and every scenario other than anal was covered before he finished with me. My only objection was he sweat like crazy (steriods). We chatted a bit afterward when he told me he indeed was in porn. He's an A list as he called it, his stage name was and Güzelbahçe Escort is Lee Stone. I have never seen his movies because you have to pay for them. He told me which types of scenes he was in most demand for, due to his strength mostly. He told me guys who do Double penetration are usually gay. That most the women are also gay. That there’s a lot of jealousy on the set, someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend watching to make sure their mate isn’t truly enjoying themselves, not truly connecting. All very interesting to me. In the past few years it has come to my attention that a lot of hetero men are having sex on the sly, with men while in relationships with women including wives. As much as it turns me on to think of a regular boring guy in a business suit stopping by to get a BJ on his way home to his boring wife and marriage, It sort of scares me too. I tend to be really untrusting, suspicious about every guy now, wondering if they are secretly bisexual. i mean if they would just tell me, hell I’d have them bring their guy friend with so I could watch… but safe to say, SAFE SEX is the only way to go. No matter if someone is hetero bi or gay. As much as I love cum inside me, I have to forego the pleasure for the sake of staying alive.Those 10000 men who hit me up every time i place an ad… are clearly not as discriminate as I am. They’ll pretty much take anything and consider themselves studs and lucky. I go through them all for hours sometimes days before I choose. I love sex with a stranger but I am in a position to be completely picky.If I meet someone socially, how do I know what’s in their pants? How do I know if they know what they’re doing? I have to hope for the best, and believe what they tell me haha which I am unlikely to do. I’m a perpetual girl. I’m not İzmir Masaj Salonları great on a man’s ego unless I really really like their vibe. If they aren’t full of themselves, pretentious, etc., I’d rather screen them with pics and verifications, most are easily deleted for example if they write me saying only “hi, how are you” DELETE!!!It would take weeks to cultivate a conversatoin back and forth via email for what? Can’t we just get real? Get to the truth? Most girls may like to play coy, want to be respected, etc., pfft. but in real life this is craigslist, don’t pretend you’re all pure as the driven snow, tell them exactly what you want, present yourself to be exactly as you look and are, and be prepared to deliver exactly what you lead them to believe they are going to get.Am I wrong?There’s never any hard feelings. Both are completely satisfied. If I kept better notes that I dont have the urge to push through a shredder so my real life people never find about this side of me… I would know where to find the ones who I would want back. But so far, I haven’t done that. I’d be happy to find just ONE who meets all my needs, and is 110% satisfied with what I have to give… calls whenever he’s horney and just comes over for a quickie, or several rounds. Whatever the moment calls for. Isn’t this what ever man wants?Seriously isnt this what every man wants?There’s a reason why I won’t get into a romantic relationship with a man. A good reason, if there is such a thing. But I’m still a woman, more horney as the days and years pass. And they say a woman doesn’t really completely come into their own, sexually till they hit 40. I’m going to be SCARY at 40!!! And I so look forward to it. There is one other Cl story but I’m not allowed to post it. It falls under a category that is not allowed on here. NOT c***dREN or u******e or i****t. But another category. I spent a while interested in this subject, I never read or saw anything that would bother me, nothing harmful to anyone in any way, so I don’t really understand why hamster has a problem with it. Maybe there has been abuse of such venue, some a-hole ruining it for everybody else. Oh well. Such is life.

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