Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 117 Dad Loves Me Part 117 James hoo) I woke up with my hand touching Paddy’s hand on Wally’s chest. I saw Wally’s face and it was almost like waking up with him the first time we had spent the night together after having sex, except for the hand on top of mine. I raised my head to see Paddy on the other side of my sexy uncle with a kind of sleepy smile on his face. He looked so cute. I remembered the first night the three of us spent together and the nights since then. Being with the second and third most important men in my heart was nice. I needed to speak with Paddy because as much as I love him and being with him, I was hoping to spend some nights alone with some of the members of my family. I knew he would be OK with it, because it meant he could either be with his brother and Ron or with another member of OUR family. It might not be biologically so, but he was a member of this family. Of course he was not the only one, Max and Nick were not biologically related, and Wally was only blood related to me. Hopefully in a year Nick will be my cousin and maybe one day, Max will ask Marcus to marry him. Wally started stirring and his stretching woke Paddy. We all shared kisses and one by one used the bathroom, then we all went downstairs to the kitchen where I started the coffee. We were sitting at the island chatting as everyone started coming downstairs and when daddy, Marcus, and Diego entered the room, I finally saw Diego naked and he was quite sexy and his cock looked almost as big as Max’s. He noticed I was staring at his cock and I caught his sight as he winked at me. I smiled and kind of blushed. He came over and whispered to me “No need to be embarrassed son, after all, I love having my body admired and you and I will get better acquainted tonight.” Then he gave me a light kiss on the cheek. Daddy started breakfast, eggs with diced ham and bacon, while the rest of us chatted. The phone rang and Nick ran to answer it. He cameback in and said “Uncle Max you have a phone call.”—“Thank you Nick.” We were all chatting as Max returned to the kitchen and Marcus asked “Who was the one call from? Or is it none of our business?”—” It’s OK. It was the base near Santa Fe. They gave me instructions on where I need to be next week. They also asked if I needed quarters and I told them I was about an hour and a half south of the base and that I wouldn’t need quarters. I did ask them about a pass for access to the base and he said I can get a temp pass by showing my discharge papers at the main gate.” Wally asked “Have you thought about a job yet?”—“Well I wasn’t going to say anything but I have a job interview at a science facility as chief of security on Monday. With my credentials, I think I might have a shot.” As daddy finished cooking the eggs, Wally poured coffee for all the men and we talked about Max’s interview and impending discharge. After breakfast, Nick cleaned up the kitchen while everyone went to the family room to visit. Paddy and I went to the patio so we could talk. “I know Uncle Diego wants to be with me and the twins tonight, how will you şişli travesti occupy yourself?”—“I will ask for papa Adam’s company. We haven’t had a night alone for so long. I just hope he’ll agree.”—“Knowing daddy as I do, I’d be surprised if he said no.” We shared a kiss and went back inside and the men were all talking with Diego and Nick was talking with the twins as they were looking at an overview of the school and talking about their schedules. We joined them and talking about our schedules. It seemed that I had the same lunch hour as Tim and the other 3 all had the same lunch hour. Nick said “At least we all have lunch with someone and won’t be alone.” Between Nick, Paddy, and myself, we all had one class together and I had one other with Paddy and one other with Nick and they had 2 other classes together. Jim and Tim found they only had a couple classes together. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about the bus as we had enough cars that the twins would be able to use one of the cars to take us to and from school. They would have to go a day early to get a student parking pass. The only person we hadn’t got ahold of for the housewarming was Ben from the gym. We had called him a few times and left messages for him to call back. I tried him again and I was surprised that he answered. I mentioned the party and he told me that he had met someone just before summer and they were getting serious and he didn’t want to take the chance of losing his new boyfriend. He said he would still see us at the gym and would still like to be friends, but the sex, although was fabulous with everyone, will have to end, for now at least. If things didn’t work out, maybe he could start seeing us again. I invited him and his bf to the party and said they could always leave before the “real” fun started. He laughed as said he didn’t think his bf is a nudist but he would talk to him and if he was interested, he would call back. We spent most of the rest of the day with Diego telling stories of him and grampa growing up and them learning about sex from him and their eventual sex with each other, their other brothers, and their father. It was getting close to dinnertime and I was thinking about something quick, but Diego said he didn’t want a sweet kid like me to worry about cooking for everyone, and although I put up some reluctance, he finally set his foot down and said he was taking everyone out to dinner, including Paddy saying he was family too. Daddy checked Bob’s schedule and found he was working. He called ahead because of our large group asking for Bob’s section. They asked us to come in about 45 minutes. When we got there they asked to wait just a few moments while they pushed a few tables together. After they seated us, Bob came and saw the whole family plus an older gentleman. Bob greeted us and we introduced him to Diego. “I thought I saw a resemblance to Juan.” Diego took his hand and kissed his wrist. Bob immediately blushed and said “What a gentleman. It will be a pleasure to serve you.”—“Maybe at the housewarming.” He said with a wink and a huge smile. It was excellent beylikdüzü travesti service as always and time for the bill. Daddy and the other men tried to at least leave the tip but Diego refused. The other men offered at least to buy dessert which Diego agreed to. Bob made the last visit to the table, Diego gave him a $50 dollar bill. He took his hand and kissed his wrist again and said until we meet at the party next weekend. Bob was all smiles as we were leaving and he started clearing the table. We stopped at Dairy Queen and all got blizzards. We got home and chose the two Mamma Mia movies. Paddy and I sat on either side of Diego while watching the movies. Max liked watching the movies as they took place in Greece. We all finished our desserts and watched the rest of the movie. After we cleaned up Paddy asked daddy for a night alone, as I predicted he said “I’d love to son.” Diego said “I want my great nephews tonight, all 3 of them.” Nick went with his foster dad and Marcus and Max had another night alone. Daddy let us have the master tonight while he and Paddy took our usual room. When the four of us were in the room, we all shared a kiss with Diego and his cock quickly grew. Flaccid he had about the size of Max’s cock, but hard, he easily had the size of grampa and Wally. After the kisses Diego said “I am usually a top. The only one I bottomed for was my dad, your grampa, and my lover. Tonight I’m going to make another exception. I want each of you to fuck me and I want all 3 of you to fill my ass with your teen cum. We all took turns licking and tonguing his hairy ass and while we weren’t eating his ass, we were sucking each other. After some time, we figured he was wet and open enough for us. He was on his back and I was the first to fuck him. Jim and Tim were up by his head and he was taking turns on their cocks, but his aim was not to make them cum, but to keep them hard. I sank my cock into his ass and he cried out “OH YEAH BENJI!” I started thrusting and was enjoying the feel of his furry ass and the way he used his ass muscles on my cock. He was sucking the twins’ and they were making out while shoving their cocks in his mouth. I fucked our great uncle for nearly 45 minutes and just a few moments before I let my orgasm go, I heard Jim say “Oh fuck Uncle.” and he fed Diego a load. Knowing he was cumming sent me over the edge and I grunted loudly and started filling his ass. As Jim was feeding him, Tim came back and patted my ass and kissed me. When I came down from my orgasm, I slowly pulled out and as soon as I was clear, Tim pushed his cock in causing Diego to cry out again “OH YEAH TIMMY!” Usually he hated being called Timmy but he was to much into starting the fuck of a hot ass. I moved up and Diego started sucking me and cleaning off my cock and Jim was kissing me. Of course Tim’s cock was bigger than me by a couple of inches so I could tell by Diego’s sucking, he was feeling good. After about 30 minutes or so, Tim cried out “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” and started cumming in Diego’s ass. As soon as Tim cried out, Jim took his cock from Diego’s mouth and istanbul travesti went behind Tim and as much as he wanted to get down and eat Diego’s ass, he wanted to fuck him first. As soon as Tim pulled his cock from Diego’s ass, Jim fought the urge to dive in face first and rammed his cock hard and deep into the furry ass in front of him causing Diego to cry out one more time “YEAH, FUCK ME LONG AND HARD JIMMY!” Tim came up and stood across from me and Diego took Tim’s cock into his mouth and sucked and cleaned his cock. As Jim was banging away on Diego’s ass really hard, Diego took my cock again and watching Jim, I had another orgasm and grunted loudly and fed my uncle a protein snack. He turned back to Tim’s cock and Tim and I shared a passionate kiss. I reached up and started tweaking his nipples knowing it would drive him crazy. Jim cried out “What a fucking ass filled with my brothers’ cum.” Tim said “Fuck him brother.” and I said “Yeah cuz, add your nut to ours.” Our cheers encouraged Jim and gave him an extra surge of adrenaline and he resumed pounding Diego’s ass with renewed strength. He lasted another 20-25 minutes until he cried out “OH FUCKING HELL, TAKE MY CUM YOU OLD CUM DUMP!” Hearing that caused Tim to orgasm again and he fed our uncle his load. After we all calmed down, Jim slowly pulled his cock from Diego’s ass and like a shot, he dove his face into our uncle’s ass and started feltching him trying to get every drop of our mixed cum eliciting a contented sigh from him and a cooing “OOOOOOOOOOO”. After a few minutes, Jim came up with a cummy, slimy mess all over his face. He came up by Tim and me and we both took a few licks off of his face. After a few moments of rest, we made our way to the shower. We cleaned up and each took turns sucking his big cock. After the fucking he received, it didn’t take long for him to orgasm. We took turns sucking the cum from his cock. After we returned to the bedroom, Diego turned to Jim and angrily asked “Who told you I was a cumdump? There were only 3 to fuck me before you, my father, your grampa, and my dearly departed lover from time to time.” Then he started laughing loudly and continued “Your fathers taught you to fuck like real Schmidt men.” He kissed us all with a lingering kiss. He climbed in and asked me to cuddle next to him. Tim got behind me and spooned me while Jim got behind Diego and spooned him. We were 4 very exhausted family members that fell asleep together. Alan and Ron had another good night together with Ron being fucked more than once for a second night in a row. Paddy had a wonderful night with daddy. He considered daddy his second dad and therefore, they had a love bond and Paddy showed him exactly how well he could fuck. Nick was fucked well by his foster father. We all knew that next year, he would be a legal member of our family and Wally practically doted on Nick. Marcus and Max spent the night flip-fucking. Max was biding his time to ask Marcus to marry him. He wanted to wait until he was out of the Marines and had a job so he could contribute not only to his part of the family, but to the family as a whole. He loves Marcus and just wants it to be right. Everyone slept well after a night of fucking. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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