My Sexy Av


Few are real, many are notAlways reflecting my moodWhile others look like meSome I use as special artSeldom but often very real With long firm legsYou will never knowFeet ankles and calvesSo etimesgut escort well chisled and finely tunedMy legs are so long and thinPacked in jeans eryaman escort full of holesRed toes in stilettos I’ll tease4″ pumps for work and off sincan escort I goWith red lipstick polish and styleI always know my very bestAs I walk in struting my stuff It’s about smoking hot sex And what real hotwives doSo please don’t or even ask When you’re lonely and in needVisit my av as you give or leaveYour very best tribute for only meNever forget I’m so very realAs you cum and release your best on meYou must always remember I’m totally and always hisLove Carolyn 

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