Daddy’s girl part 2


Daddy’s girl part 2It has been two weeks since Hailey and her step dad Daniel had sex. And her mom, Mary, hasn’t let them be alone together. Hailey has been going mad, craving her daddy’s cock inside her tight pussy, hungry for the taste of his cum. She started fingering herself more to the thought on him, making herself cum on her sheets, so she washes them when her parents go to bed, Right now Hailey was getting ready to go and confront her parents about it. She needed her step dads cock, and she wasn’t going to let her mother stop her. After all, he wasn’t blood. Hailey pulled all of her clothes off and then pulled on thigh high cute stockings and a tiny pleated skirt. She kept her breasts out and walked out of her room and into the living room, turning off the tv, standing in front of her parents. Lisa stammered “what.. What the hell are you doing?” She yyelled “Shut up!” Hailey snapped. “You are going to shut up, and watch while I fuck my step daddy” she snarled, walking to her step dad. She kissed him hard on the Escort bayan lips, pulling his shirt off. Daniel reached up and grabbed Haley’s perky tits, squeezing them tightly in her hands. He pulled away and sucked on her pink nipple, pinching the opposite one in his fingers. Hailey moaned softly and as he sucked her tits, she was undoing his belt, and pulling his jeans off. Lisa wanted to stop them but she couldn’t, she was entranced. She watched while her husband defiled her daughter, awe and shock on her faceHailey stood back up and pulled her step dad’s boxers down, letting them fall to the floor. She blushed and went onto her knees, swirling her tongue on the tip of Daniels dick, then spit on it, lubricating his staff. ‘”Your cock tastes so good daddy, I’ve wanted you so bad” she moaned, sucking on the tip of his dick, Hailey started to deep throat her father, while fingering her pussy beneath her skirt. She continued but didn’t let Daniel cumShe crawled onto Daniels lap, pulling Bayan escort her skirt up, aligning his dick to the entrance of her cunt, she gently lowered herself down on his cock, moaning out his name. Daniel groaned and thrust his hips up slamming the rest of his lengths into her pussy. She screamed out, leaving him buried inside of her then moved her body up and down on top of his, keeping him far inside of her, her mouth was agape, her boobs bouncing as he bobbed.Lisa was watching in shock, rubbing herself gently through her pants. Daniel sucked on Haley’s neck, creating a large dark red hickey, branding her as his, then continued leaving marks down her neck and collarbone to her nipples. He bit the nub gently and reached down, flicking his thumb against his daughters clit while she fucked him. Hailey gasped and cried out. “Oh daddy!! Oh fuck daddy, that feels so good” she moaned, arching her back, grinding up and down on his cock. Haileys cheeks were bright red, she glanced at her Escort mom and leaned Into Daniel kissing him softly. Daniel forced his tongue between his daughters lips, dominantly r****g her mouth, Hailey moaned. Sucking on his tongue, rolling her hips back and forth on her dads dick. She felt his cock starting to twitch, his breath quickening. “Cum inside me” she moaned “cum inside my pussy daddy, please, I need to feel your hot cum Inside me” she moaned, moving faster on his cock. She could feel her own orgasm nearing, and she tightened her muscles as he released around his cock, exploding on his lap, a moment later Daniel shot his load deep inside of her pussy, making Hailey moan of in estacy. She climbed off Daniels lap and went down, sucking his cock clean then blushed. “Tomorrow night, I want you to fuck my ass.” She purred then went over to her mom “does he let you ride his cock? Does he explode inside your pussy?” She murmured, “you’re just jealous your husband loves me more than you,” she snarled.”H-how dare you” Lisa choked out. “It’s true, maybe if you calm down, daddy will let you fuck with both of us” she smiled then then fixed her skirt. “I’m going to bed, daddy, if you want, my doors open for round two” Hailey said and walked away will cum running down the inside of her thighs

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