Subject: Devil Boys part 11 DEVIL BOYS By Encolpius DISLAIMER: This story is fiction. Compliments, complaints, comments to ail Remember to donate to Nifty. I have more stories to tell. Author’s note: Again, not told from a boy’s point of view, so the narrative structure is different. I will confess that I have repurposed most of this from another story I wrote under a different pen name a couple of years ago mainly because I wanted to use the characters again. This is told from the point of view of the character Daddy. ELEVEN An Interlude, part 1 I have loved nothing like sex. From before I was old enough to cum. But since I was able to cum, I decided that I would devote my whole life to fucking. And fucking boys. Well, boys and mem. It took me a while to get to that point I got married to a porn princess named Amber Dawn and she squeezed out a pup before finding Jesus and moving away. I found that I prefer dick and I moved on too. Now I have a chain of adult lifestyle stores in South Florida and a gay adult video production company and website. My friend John brought the skinny litle teenage boy down as he sold his drugs to another friend of mine, the world wide distributor of high quality psychedelics. You don’t have to rape a kid like Skeeter. He’s willing. He wanted it and I shoved my dick in his tight ass and unloaded. I go up there for the men only (and some boys) weekend every month or so. John has invented a drug similar to Molly and some other similar drugs but one that is only mildly psycehedelic but supercharges the libido and provides incredible stamina and energy. I’ve gotten to enjoy Skeeter several times and he is a hot little lover. Skeeter and a new teenager named Buck had some mumbo jumbo about Adonis that they convinced John on, I don’t care as long as it gets me laid, especially with underage boys. That they call me “Daddy” is nothing. I am a Daddy. I was deep into a video production about school boys, needing some new talent. We were through with the first scene when I got the call from the social worker. Even though it was an hour’s drive, I had to go because those children’s advocates can be pushy and are free with the threats. The building was a low-slung, non-descript government affairs painted in mute, flat colors. When I found the office, there were two boys sitting in the waiting area. The dark-haired one was an older version of the Adam I had seen in pictures that Amber had sent but was small for his age. Just to give a frame of reference, when he stood next to a door, the door knob could fall between his belly button and chest instead of down around the crotch where it ought to. He was no more than an inch or two above 5 feet but fit and solid. The blonde one was younger and shorter still but prettier, with blue eyes. Within seconds of my arrival, we were taken into an office by an overweight and poorly dressed man in a short sleeve shirt and tie. We all got a chair after some quick borrowing. The man, Mr. Talbert, confirmed again what he had told me on the phone: Amber was dead. I was to become their guardian. “I’m Adam’s father, not the other one’s” I protested. “His name is Joseph” Mr. Talbert corrected me. “Joe” Adam chimed in. “I’m not Joe’s father.” “You’re getting two for the price of one” “Look, this is insane. You can possibly believe that I would provide a suitable tandoğan escort home for two children, could you?” I argued, sensing Adam’s hard stare of resentment against my neck. “Besides, she had a second husband, a minister or something.” “That she left to become a stripper and a whore” Talbert replied, not even looking up from the papers he was shuffling through. “Besides, he’s in Indonesia or bum fuck Egypt somewhere as a missionary. So he’s not immediately available to assume responsibility.” “There’s foster care, right?” Talbert snorted. “We don’t have enough foster parents as it is. Let’s just cut to the chase, Mr. Collins. I’ve got a big caseload, a lot of kids. I don’t make a lot of money and I’m not real motivated to do anything except to make my life easier. So, I’ve got a nice, neat solution: these two born troublemakers are going to live with you. I don’t really care about your drug conviction. I don’t really care about your involvement in pornography. That’s pretty much the world they’ve been living in anyway. So, I’m going to sign the temporary guardianship papers and you are the proud papa of two sons. For what it’s worth, I’m a subscriber to your site. Keep up the good work.” “Let me cut to the chase, buddy. I don’t need a bunch of social workers crawling all around my life making fucking home visits while I’m trying to film my little fuck videos, if you catch my meaning.” “Do you think I’m stupid, Mr. Collins?” Talbert leaned toward me. “When we are done, this file will be so misfiled it’ll never be found. Do you have any idea how many kids we just misplace because we can’t find the file. Look around you � do you see a lot of computers? This is paper everything, super low tech. I’m getting rid of this problem once and for all.” “Doesn’t this have to have a judge’s order?” I asked with some desperation. I could tell that Talbert was seriously going to pawn these kids off on me. “For permanent guardianship not temporary” he answered, once again arranging the papers. “How long is temporary?” “As long as they can’t find the fucking file” “What if they don’t want to go with me?” “Listen, I don’t give a shit. Besides living with you is going to be step up from the meth whore, trust me. As for the rest, 14 and 11 with an irresponsible adult, access to drugs and loose attitude about sex? It’s a boy’s dream, especially if they’re gay” I had to live with Adam’s sullen resentment and Joe’s chattering on the way home. My problem is that I had porn to shoot. This had all ready taken up too much of my time and I have bills to pay. So when I dumped them at my house, my only choice was to leave them and go on back. The second scene went smoothly and I was done for the day. When I walked in, I could see that the boys were playing out by the pool and had taken the reasonable step of just skinny dipping. That was fine with me. Nudity is second nature to me. I went out on the deck to tell them that I had picked up some burgers if they were hungry. I guessed that Adam was at the age where he was a constantly devouring eating machine. Adam came into the living room first, walking fairly confidently. Subconsciously, I appraised him. He had a nice, tight little body but surprisingly broad shoulders. He had a fair amount of pubic hair but no hair on his balls. He also had tekirdağ escort a scraggle of underarm hair. But the most noticeable was his dick: it was already a nice 6 incher soft but looked bigger since he was short. Since he would, like me, never be tall I knew that he would be judged well-hung. That’s a plus in porn. Joe was a well-formed boy but was keeping his goods covered by his hands. “We went skinny dipping,” Adam said sarcastically, as if to challenge me. “I didn’t think you’d mind.” “I don’t” I shrugged. Adam looked over at his half-brother with his hands carefully cupped in front of him. Then he punched him on the arm. “You can show him your peanut, stupid. He likes little boys.” It pissed me off, proof that Amber had spent a lot of time trashing me to Adam. But I didn’t let it show. Besides, Joe was a fucking angel. His balls were a little bit disproportionally large, proof that he was just now beginning puberty. Basically, he was a pedophile’s dream. The nice bit was that, after shedding his initial modesty, Joe was perfectly comfortable being naked. It was Adam that was self-conscious despite his show of not being. Still, they devoured the burgers. I needed some dick. I needed alcohol and I know where to go. I saw two boys dancing, the way boyfriends do not the way two bulls on the prowl do. They were over 18 but under 21 and, therefore, had no business being there. But there they were, delightful pieces of chicken. The taller was blonde, thin and little vacant. The shorter one was skinny and had long dark hair that fell unkempt over his face, a deliberate fashion choice. He was the cunning one. I offered them drinks and suggested some herb. They agreed happily on both counts. I told them my business and they were interested. I took them home. When I got home I had to piss. I went to the guest bathroom across from the bedroom I put the boys in and I could hear Adam softly moaning and some slight rustling through door before Joe giggled. Well, that’s interesting, I thought. Adam’s doing his brother. But I had business of my own. Blondie, named Dillon, was buzzed and gigggly. The dark one, named Christian, was in control. “This like a casting couch thing?” he asked. “You got the job no matter what happens. I would like to have a little fun, though. ” I assured them. Blondie snuggled up against me as we entered, lightly tugging at my crotch. “We don’t mind a three way, especially if you got more weed.” I retrieved another quarter and a bong. When I got back, Dillon was naked on the couch while Christian was still dressed: black pants, black tee, a single black glove and black nail polish. I plopped down between them, also in a black tee and black briefs. We didn’t talk much before Christian had slipped down between my knees and stripped off my briefs. I was all ready hard. He slathered my dick with long tongue strokes. Before swallowing me whole, Christian flitted his tongue lightly around the head of my dick. He couldn’t take the whole thing but I could tell that the boy had some experience pleasing men. His cocksucking technique was solid. Sitting beside me nude, Dillon stroked his hard dick watching his boyfriend go down on me. It felt great, my dick in his hot mouth. “Suck it, boy” I encouraged him. My balls drew up as he kept going. But despite how good it felt, I tokat escort felt bad for a moment that I wasn’t filming it. These two boys were hot and they liked to play. That is a perfect combination for me. Pulling off my dick, Christian stripped off his shirt. Dillon helped me off with mine and I was fully naked, my natural and preferred state. Christian stripped down to his underwear, black sheer fabric that was see through. He was hard too, just from sucking. He jumped back on my dick with abandon. Reaching over, he pulled his boyfriend down to join in. Between them, they gave my pole a thorough tongue bath. I could grunt and groan in pleasure. There is nothing better than head given by a boy who knows what he is doing. These two did. One would take my sensitive head in his mouth, sucking and tonguing it. The other would lick the shaft. They’d pull off and kiss each other briefly before going back to work. They clambered onto the couch, licking my body before the three of us kissed sloppily. Wanting to keep my dick happy, I stroked it and admired their lithe bodies. Both boys were, I was glad to see, hung above average and hard as a rock. Christian stayed up on the couch, squirming with excitement as he kissed me, while Dillon went back down on my dick. They were young and nubile and hot as mother fuckers. My juices were really flowing. I wanted to taste Christian’s boyhood, so I maneuvered him up onto the back of the couch to suck him off even as his boyfriend did me. After a while, we changed it around. Christian hung off the end of the couch while I face fucked him but he was getting serviced by his boyfriend. Dillon was really going to town on him and I was shoving inChristian’s mouth fast and furious, almost to the point of making him choke. It was like my dick was popping with electricity, it felt that good. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Adam hiding in the darkness of the hallway behind us, watching. It was the movement that drew myattention. He was jerking himself. Well, my boy. I thought, get ready for a show. Dillon threw his boyfriends legs up and started to rim him. He was working on his pucker even as I continued to face fuck him. In fact, he was eating his ass like a starving man with ice cream. Really slurping it up. I was hoping that Adam was still watching and I cut my eyes over to make sure he was. This is information the kid needs, seeing as how he is queer and all. It takes a real fag to eat ass. Even though Christian was enjoying the butt play, I figured it was time to do so some real fucking. Getting a condom on and lubing up, I sat on the couch and Christian climbed aboard, sitting on my dick owboy. My stiff pole slid up his tight shit chute and his butt muscles tightened around it. A boy’s ass is tighter than any pussy, I’ll tell you that. He bounced up and down on my dick, his own hard on flopping up and down. Like a lot of skinny boys, he was well hung and his dick would bounce off my flat belly. He was enjoying it and I was too. But Dillon was getting left out, a problem with three-ways. I had him get in position so I could suck him off while his boyfriend rode me. The kid was pretty well hung himself but I am a well traveled cocksucker. I could deep throat him even as Christian was panting hard from the butt fucking. It didn’t take long before I could taste the bitter, slimy warmth of Dillon nutting in my mouth. Only a minute more and Christian, grunting loudly, shot his load onto my chest. He had come just from being fucked. That was sweet and it drove me over the edge. I filled the rubber with my spunk, in a final wave of masculine pleasure.

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