Dilemma , Surprise


Dilemma? Well, yes. Ask any writer and storytelling is apparently ‘very easy.’ Back in my school days, you learned that to write successfully that all stories had a beginning, a middle and an end. They may have been called by differing names but basically, that was it. So what’s the dilemma? Well, in the case of what I’m going to tell you I have no idea where either this really started or where the end is either likely or going to be. I only know that I’m writing down what happened in the last hour while it’s still fresh in my mind’s eye. I’m currently in a Hotel room by the way, and have just finished talking to and then continuing to watch my wife, Pat. I travel on business. Sometimes Pat comes with me, to the nicer destinations you understand. At other times or if she’s got her own things that need to be done then she doesn’t and we chat at the end of the day before we turn in for the night.  This trip was one of those occasions when Pat had stayed back home. The dilemma has occurred because she is a technophobe and had completely forgotten about the latest piece of ‘smart’ güvenilir bahis home security that I had installed and was trialling. We have an open plan layout in our house and it had therefore been quite easy to install an HD Camera that covered all of our normal living areas. We had joked as we placed it to cover the widest view, that we could use it to spy on anyone in our house.  A few months had passed and I presumed Pat had forgotten it was there and that also that it that had the facility to not display a red light when recording. An hour ago I had rung as usual to wish her good night and because of the time difference, it was still early evening for her whilst actually a tad past my normal bedtime. It appeared she had forgotten that I could use it and talk to her at the same time, as I had been doing. We had broken the voice connection but for some reason, I had yet to turn off her side of the video.  Coming back from the bathroom, I was startled to hear voices.  I realised that the video and one-way sound connection were still running and Pat now had a visitor that güvenilir bahis siteleri she was talking to and entertaining, given the drinks in front of them, fairly obviously for the evening. As I didn’t recognise the man I was curious and whereas perhaps I should just have broken the link, I didn’t and with no recording light, they were also unaware that I was watching. I just left it running as I continued to tidy up some paperwork and get ready for bed. The evening got more interesting as he moved across and sat beside Pat and she giggled and said ‘No more naughty things Mike.’  Strange that as far as I was aware, up to that moment we didn’t have a ‘Mike’ amongst our friends. As events unfolded it quickly became obvious that Pat and Mike were not strangers.  An aside at this point. Like many folks as our marriage grew older and longer it had become a little staid so we had decided to ‘spruce’ it up a little and to that end had introduced a little bit of fantasy into our love-making. So I might be the gardener, or the window-cleaner or even the delivery guy. iddaa siteleri Pat also had roles she had played.It had quite successfully brightened the erotic side of behaviour no end. One of the ‘fun’ ideas was that as I walked in of an evening I would be told that I should whistle or make more noise as I arrived, that way her ‘friend’ would have more time to escape without getting caught. Only now it appeared that maybe, just maybe, the technology had done the catching for me. In the meantime, as I watched, Mike leant over and kissed the end of Pat’s nose. It was a strangely romantic thing to do and while I found it slightly unsettling it added a frisson of interest, to say the least. Pat turned towards him and putting her arms around him kissed him really passionately as if she meant it. Laying back along the sofa she put her legs up on it as Mike moved and knelt beside it, still kissing her but now with his hand caressing her middle. The kissing became more intense and his hands ‘wandered’ to capture her breast.  Part of me was shaken to the core, another part intensely aroused as I looked in – a voyeur on a very powerful scene that was developing in front of me.  Pat eased Mike to one side and undid her blouse, shrugging it off and then undoing her front-clasp bra, her breasts now exposed and free of their tethers.

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