Grieving Sister-In-Law Needs Comforting


My sister in law stopped in to pick up some laundry my wife had done for their Mother.  She was still an emotional basket case, completely devestated by the hanging suicide of their neighbor’s fifteen year old son.  She had actually helped cut him from the tree in the wooded area behind their neighborhood.She walked through the back door, eyes still bloodshot from endless tears, and looked emotionally drained.  One look at her and she began to weep, falling into my open arms, sobbing uncontrollably.  Comforting words were useless in times like this, so I just held her tightly, brushing the hair from her face and trying my best to sooth her.  After several minutes, she used my sleeve to dry her eyes and wrapped her arms around my waist, holding me more tightly than ever.”I’ve been needing you to hold me.  I’ve really missed you.” she sighed heavily.I leaned forward to kiss her cheek and she turned her face so her lips met mine.  I slid my arms under hers as she lifted her arms around my neck, meeting her open mouth with a very hot, deep kiss that lasted a couple minutes and had our tongues hungrily lashing at each other.Her body came alive in my embrace, her pelvis arched forward, grinding her tummy against my growing erection.”Are you sure?” I asked, not wanting to take advantage of her vulnerable condition.”Am I sure?” she replied, hand moving between us to grip my hardon though my pants.My head tilted backward and I let out a long, deep groan.  It had been months since our last trist. I had forgotten how horny and alive she makes me feel.  I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her to her tiptoes as I rubbed my cock on her tummy.Winters in Houston tend to be very moderate, sometimes even warm, and she was wearing a super short denim skirt and pretty blouse that made her tits look inviting.With her hand trapped between almanbahis şikayet us, I ran my hand up her back until I had a handful of her hair.  Her eyes lit up as I grabbed a fistful and turned her head.  “I’ve forgotten how much I love you pulling my hair Howdy, especially when I know it’s foreplay.”She stroked my shaft as we shared a long stare.  “Are you thinking what Im thinking? I asked with an impish grin.”My pussy is so fucking hot and wet right now I cou…”I interupted her, pinning her against the counter’s edge and forcing my tongue deep into her mouth as we melded into one hot, writhing flesh.  My hand dipped between her widening legs, pushing the hem of her skirt upward until my fingers reached the damp center of her panties.  Her pussy hair was not in bikini form, so it was full and untrimmed, which I fucking love!  Dainty curls circled the elastic bands of her leg holes and the heat of her pussy was rising as my fingers rubbed her through her panties.  I made several passes along the elastic band, bunching panties towards her pussy lips with each pass so I could rub more and more pussy hair.  My cock was throbbing, ready to explode.One thing we had never done, was fuck in my wife’s and my bed.  It was an unspoken taboo.  I swept her off her feet, spun towards the bedroom and hurriedly carried her to ‘our’ bed.  As I tossed her onto the bed, there was no protest.  In fact, she was already unsnapping and unzipping her skirt as she quit bouncing.  She pulled her knees to her tummy and whisked off her skirt and panties in one swift movement.  I stood there mesmerized at the site of her beautiful wet pussy.She slid her hand down her tummy into the furry patch, legs falling wide open as she grabbed a handful before running her fingers into her wetness.  Each hard rub split her lips and left her almanbahis canlı casino wet fingers curling deep inside her.I was out of my shorts and shirt as quickly as she was, climbing between her legs, engorged cock bobbing in anticipation.  As I nudged the tip of my cock along her slit, she ripped her top and bra off.  Her legs opened wide and feet circled my waist, leaving her swollen delicacy exposed for my visual delight.  I ran my fingers up and down her slit a few times as she writhed and I teased her with naughty names.   I could wait no more.  Pulling her towards me I felt no resistance as I sank balls deep inside her slippery tunnel.  She screamed a flurry of vulgarities as I buried myself rock bottom.We fucked fast and furiously until I was about to erupt inside her.  I pushed her away and slid down her tummy until my mouth was squarely around her throbbing pussy.  She grabbed the back of head as my tongue split her furry entrance, her body shaking as I tongue fucked her hard clit and ravaged her pussy.  Her stomach muscles contracted wildly as I ate her until she came in my mouth.  Juices flowed like a river after a couple of good hard squirts, covering my face.  I licked and sucked her till she came twice more, leaving her body trembling.I lifted her legs, giving me the perfect angle for a hard pentration, which she loves. Mind you, she loves a good hard fucking.   Her pussy seemed tighter than I remembered, making that plunge even more enjoyable   The feel of her heat and muscles gripping my cock as I slammed deep inside her was immensely pleasureable.  I fell on top of her, holding both wrists above her head, and began fucking her hard and fast.  She clawed at my back as both her legs wrapped around my waist.  I couldn’t believe how hard she was fucking me. She bucked me like a wild horse, almanbahis casino nearly lifting me off the bed with each hip thrust.  Passion and emotions were so high, we both came within seconds, erupting in copius amounts of fluids.  She shook like an earthquake, moaned, cried and laughed all at the same time.It had been months since we had last fucked, so there was all that pent up emotion and passion to go along with the grief.  There had been only a time or two recently when we might have had an opportunity, but the risk was too high to take.I pumped an inordinate amount of cum into that tight little honey hole.  When I rolled off of her, my cock plopped out of her like the uncorking of a bottle, leaving nothing to stop the outpouring of cum, which quickly puddled under her.  She rolled towards me and we laid side by side facing each other, caressing each other and smothering each other with soft kisses.We laid quietly for several moments, savoring the brief time we had.  It wasn’t long before her caresses found their way back to my cock, giving me a few tugs until I was fully erect again.  “My little slut is cock starved are we?” I taunted.”Watch it fucker or I’ll cut you off like I did hubby.”I laughed as I rolled onto my back and she began to kiss down my chest, my stomach, and then while stroking my cock, she began licking and sucking the head.She was perpendicular to me, on her knees with her ass in the air, so I had no trouble reaching her playground as she took me balls deep in her mouth.  As she slid up and down my shaft, sucking, licking and stroking me, I fingered her pussy and toyed with her bunghole.  Her hips gyrated as I slipped a second finger in, rubbing her G-spot as she coaxed me to cum in her mouth.The site of her dripping cunt was too much to resist and I pulled her leg over me until my face was between her legs.  Cum dripped onto my face before I even got her pussy in my mouth.  Her sucking pace quickened as my tongue split wet cum drenched pussy lips, probing her hot hole.  Her hips bucked wildly as I tongue fucked her towards another orgasm.

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