Drought Means Family Bath Time Ch. 04


“There will be some ground rules, don’t get me wrong.” Mom spoke. “Not around the house, willy-nilly. This isn’t some orgy house. And never in public, we not all in some ‘quad-ouple’.” She huffed. “We are simply a family that’s found a way to… please each other in certain physical manners, under specific circumstances that are out of our control.”

“Mmm, Mom found us all a way to get some dick, no strings attached. Who cares that it’s our brother?” Claire said with a massive smile on her face, shooting me a wink. I could feel my cheeks flush.

“If anyone at any point chooses to stop involving themselves, that is their right and their decision will not be questioned. Understood?” Mom continued.

“Mmhm.” Emily nodded respectfully, agreeing to the terms. Claire and I nodded as well. The rules were straight and simple, though I wasn’t entirely sure if we’d be following them all too closely…

“That being said. I’m glad we’ve grown as a family through these hard times.” Mom said with a smile. “Now, who’s ready for bathtime?”

This entire process was natural now, as natural as sitting all together at the dinner table. As usual, I watched as everyone undressed and made their way inside of the tub. Despite getting to see them in nude pretty often now, it was still quite a sight.

First to enter was Emily, her fat cheeks jiggling hypnotically with her gait. She was hardly afraid of showing off her bare body anymore. Her confidence was radiant. She shot me a smile as she got herself comfortable in the warm water.

Next, Claire. Eager as usual to undress. She yanked off her tank top and shorts, tossing them into the laundry basket as she stretched her naked body. She raised both arms into the air with her fingers locked together, then moved them down to touch her toes, giving me the perfect view of her tight little rear. As she bent down, her cheeks spread to catch a perfect view of her asshole, I’m sure she knew what she was doing. She straightened herself and stepped into the bathtub.

“Goodness Claire, behave.” Mom scoffed.

Emily rolled her eyes. “Yeah, we get it, you do gymnastics.”

“Just stretching.”

Claire had a delightful look on her face as she sunk into the warm water of the bath.

Finally, Mom undressed herself. Behind her, I got a perfect view. Her ass was thick, bigger than Emily’s. Her short height only accentuated her frame giving her the curviest body out of the family. She stepped in and relaxed in the water, arms behind her head. Her enormous breasts were only half sunk in the water.

Settled in the tub, they all looked over, waiting for me to get in.

“Jack, are you coming?” Mom asked, as my sisters settled into the water, all eyes on me. Three naked women, expecting me, wanting me.

Fuck, was I lucky.

As I stepped in the warm bathwater, I felt the blood rushing to my cock already. It was as if my cock was conditioned to this, touching the warm water meant someone was going to make me cum. I blushed as I stepped in, not realizing I’d react this way. I sat along with them in the tub.

“Jeez, you waste no time, huh Jack?” Claire teased. “His dick already knows what happens during bathtime.”

“Let us at least wash ourselves first before getting yourself all excited.” Emily smiled, cupping water and pouring it onto my chest. She rubbed on my chest, admiring my body with her hands. Despite her teasing, her hands had no issue rubbing all over me. Mom’s face had a slight scowl, but didn’t say anything as Emily continued to feel me up.

“It’s kind of hard when you’re all over me!” I said, still a bit embarrassed.

“Kind of hard? Very bahis siteleri hard.” Clarie said with a giggle.

Emily continued her exploration with a cheeky grin. Her hands continued, lower and lower, her guise of simply washing me quickly coming to an end. Her fingers reached my base, though most of my shaft poked out of the shallow water. Her soaped up hands grabbed at it and began to stroke, up and down. My sister’s gaze was intense, she was very focused on it. I let myself relax a bit and enjoy the handjob. Her hands were so soft, and the soap she had picked made them glide frictionless on my stiff shaft.

“Turns out Emily was the one wasting no time. We haven’t even been in here for five minutes.” Claire spoke, sounding almost jealous.

Emily paid no mind, still stroking, faster now. I watched my other sister get focused on me too, her eyes obviously on my dick. Mom tried not to look, pretending to be busy washing under her arms, though I could see her looking out of the corner of her eye. It seemed my cock was the main event of the bathtime.

“J-Jack.” Emily stuttered. “Jack I want you to- I want you to be my first.”

Mom’s eyes wided at that. “Emily!”

“I’m serious… who better than my big brother?” She said so sweetly. “I trust him and I love him. Plus we’re already so familiar with each other’s bodies…”

She stroked me as she spoke, her hands gliding slow and long against my shaft. Her face was beet red, but her eyes were hungry. Mom bit her lip, watching Emily’s hand move up and down… “I suppose… don’t you want it to be somewhere more private..?”

Claire interjected. “What’s the point of sharing Jack if we can’t even watch each other enjoy him?” The more Claire talked about me, the more she seemed to see me as a human sex toy, and I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about it.

“Well – I suppose it’s not the worst thing to get to… oversee these happenings with my daughter.” Mom spoke as if it was summer camp or something.

“Over see? Mom, we’re gonna watch Emily get railed.” Claire grinned, her hand moving itself lower beneath the water, down to her pussy. “Fuck, I’m already excited.”

“Emily, you’re sure you want to- with Jack?”

“Mm-hm.” She let out as she bit her lip.

“And Jack, you’re okay with…”

I nodded, seeing Emily’s flushed excited face. Both my sisters were cute, so cute. Yet I definitely had a soft spot for Emily. She was always so soft spoken and gentle, even the few times we had annoyed each other.

Seeing her loving eyes stare into mine, ready to share a special moment in her life… It was obvious I’d say yes.

Without thinking I kissed her, her hand still on my stiffness. I leaned into it, her free hand catching my chest as I pulled her in closer. Our tongues swirled together as our lips interlocked, the sweet soft lips of my sister. I pulled away, my cock throbbing hard now. That one kiss had ignited me, and I was more than ready to give Emily what she wanted.

“Are you ready?” I asked, breathing hard.

She could only nod, her face completely reddened. She turned herself around and got a good grip on the side of the bathtub, it was nice the new one had handrails. Emily presented to me her perfect fat ass, two perfect white cheeks. Her ass was like a perfect heart shape, with a slit down the middle, her labia peeking out. I grabbed one of her round cheeks, spreading to get a better look. I took my free hand, sticking my pointer and index index in my mouth, getting them slick with my spit. I pulled them out, and went straight inside of Emily.

She gasped, feeling the fingers against her tight, unused entrance, as I rubbed canlı bahis siteleri my fingers against her clit and hole, preparation for my dick.

“F-fuck…” Claire said.

I looked over to Claire. “I could use some lube, it’ll slide in easier.”

She smiled her cheeky little grin and crawled over to me. I turned my hips to face her direction, my stiff dick right in front of her mouth. “Jack, you’re fucking dirty…”

“It’s only fair we all get to be a part of this.” I replied. God was I feeling it. I felt like the king of sex, and my sisters and mother were my concubines. It was such a dirty feeling and I loved it. Claire was right away on sucking my cock, no hesitation to deepthroat my rod, making sure to lubricate it for my youngest sister’s deflowering.

Claire was a skilled cock sucker, and she made sure to remind me. My length was swallowed down with ease, her pink lips kissing my tip, before opening wide to swallow it whole. Her tongue ran down my whole length, before I reached the back of her throat. She hardly made a sound as she hit my base, keeping my hard cock in her mouth for as long as she could. After a moment, she pulled out, and took a breath.

She licked her lips, and wiped some saliva from the side of her mouth. “Don’t think I wanted to suck your cock, it was simply just making sure Emily would be comfortable.”

I smiled and nodded. “Sure.” With that I adjusted myself back to Emily, who was patiently awaiting her big brother. “Thanks for waiting Emily.”

She giggled and nodded, waving her butt as if to tell me to hurry it.

I grabbed my shaft and lined myself up with her, rubbing up and down on her pussy with my wet meat. She moaned ever so slightly, the anticipation building in her. “God, Jack…”

“Say what you want to say Emily.”

“F-fuck me.”


“Jack, please! Fuck me!”

Those two words were all I needed to hear, as I began to push myself into her wet slit. She was tight, tighter than anything I had felt. I could hear her moans as I began to build the pressure, pushing little by little. I hoped my thick cock wouldn’t be too much for her as I continued, but her moans kept me going. They kept me pushing more and more inside of her, stretching her out slowly, as if I was gently carving her cunt to take my length. I was about half way in now.

“Jack, ohmigod!” She cried out. “God I want you!”

“Fuck, Emily, fuck!” I moaned, pushing into her further. My entire shaft slid into her, her sex tight and hot on my cock. Her hot virgin pussy was almost burning me. I slowed down, letting myself throb and pulse inside her, grabbing onto her thick cheeks for support.

Fuck. Emily had the best pussy I had ever felt. My heart almost beating out of my chest, the rhythmic pump of blood coursing through me. The excitement was a mix of taking her virginity, her loud animalistic moans of pleasure, and of course the audience watching on. Mom had one hand over her mouth with the other rubbing her clit. Claire bit her lip and watched in awe, her hands on her body too.

“My god, Emily, I’ve never heard you like that. Even when you’re cumming… Jesus, fuck, Jack must have a nice fucking cock.” Claire said.

Neither of us paid mind to what she was saying, we hardly could. Emily and I were too focused on ourselves, too focusing on feeling each other’s bodies connect in the most cardinal way. It was as much out of love as it was pure lust. Emily wanted me, to have me be her first, her defining sexual experience, and I would deliver.

I started to pull my cock from deep inside of her, feeling her cunt gently grip to my shaft as I began to pull canlı bahis out, her pussy still not accustomed to my flesh in her. Before pulling out too much, I pushed myself back into her, Emily moaning again. My hips pushed back in hard, my hips slapping against her fat ass, sending a ripple across her cheeks. She moaned, her grip still so tight on me. I did it again, and again, moans of pleasure squeezed from me with every thrust. I was fucking her now, really fucking her. I held onto her waist as I continued now, moving with a rhythm behind my sister. She followed along, pushing herself back onto me.

Plap, plap, plap, plap. The wet sounds of our love making echoed in the small bathroom. I kept going as I kept my pace up.

“God, so deep.” She cried, almost as if she was crying. There were tears forming in the corner of her eyes, not out of pain, but overwhelming pleasure. “Jack, my god, Jack!”

In and out my thick cock slid into her, slick and creamy with her love juice. I felt a pressure building in my crotch, one that was dying to be released. I did my best to suppress my pleasure, to keep me from bursting into Emily’s sweet pussy… I desperately wanted to, though. I wanted to feel the endorphins rush from my cumming cock to wash over my body… Feel her tighten up as my cock pushed the deepest it could go into her as I let loose…

But I kept myself from cumming too fast. I needed to keep this up myself for her, and for us. I wanted her to have the time of her life, and for us to share this moment as long as we could. I carried on railing her, making sure she felt my passion in every second of penetration.

It felt like it was just us in the bathroom, Mom and Claire miles away, despite them next to us staring in astonishment. I wondered how it felt for Mom, watching her first born plow her youngest daughter. I could only imagine there was a hint of pride for me, how good I could provide to my sisters. How good I could make all the women in my family feel. It was vain, but I was convinced I’d give them the best sex they’d ever have. I know it was true for me, Mom had been mind blowing, and now the same applied to my sister Emily.

It was all too much, the moans spilling from Emily, the loud clapping of her cheeks as I thrusted in and out, the impact as our bodies met… I needed to finish.

“Emily! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming!” I felt the words come from deep inside of me as I yelled them out. I was so loud but I didn’t care.

“Fucking cum in me! Cum in me Jack fucking cum in me!” She repeated the words, her legs trembling, her body shaking. I felt her tighten around my cock as she orgasmed around my thickness. As if sucking the cum from me, I followed in orgasm, a flood of my hot semen filling her.

I felt an intense rush to my head as the endorphins courses through my body. I pumped my load into Emily, my hands gripped hard onto her thick ass. I pulsed as more cum oozed into her, the orgasm fleeting but still so strong. My cock began to soften, slowly slipping out of her as the cum leaked out. Our breathing was crazy, our bodies fatigued after such an intense orgasm.

I fell back into the water, and admired the culmination of our love making… Emily’s thick ass, her cheeks slightly red from my pounding. Her pussy was dripping wet, oozing out cum, and her thighs wet with our intermingled juices. She laid there with her ass sticking out for the whole family to see, resting on crossed arms.

“My god- Jack… Oh my god…” She panted. “I- I fucking love you.”

Finally, I came down from the intensity and got myself back into reality. I glanced over to Mom and Claire. Mom laid back in the tub, her face red too. Her hand still lingered around her pussy, she had obviously orgasmed while watching us. Claire’s face was beet red as well, and her eyes lit up in excitement as I met them.

“Fuck Jack, I better be next!”

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