Elegant Black Dress

Big Tits

I stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked out of the bathroom into the dimly lit bedroom. Irina was standing in front of the full length window, her figure silhouetted against the night darkness and the glow of the city lights below. My gaze wandered up the back of her legs as she stared out the window, unaware of my presence while talking on her cell phone and sipping a glass of wine. The sight of her mid-thigh length black dress accented slender firm legs and sensuous curves, and ignited the warm swell of lust within me.

Caressing up nylon enhanced thighs with my eyes, I couldn’t resist lingering over her firm rounded ass. My mind recalling images and sensations of pleasing your anal desires, stirring my passion.Completing the vision of her, my eyes followed up the low V-cut back of her dress, savoring the tantalizing lines of her exposed back, shoulders and neck, teasing my hunger for her.

My visual tour of her body faded as I realized that we were supposed to meet her friends at a restaurant in less than an hour and I was late. I could also see that she was anxious and irritated by my delay, standing with her legs spread slightly as she impatiently swayed her hips from side to side, swirling the wine in her glass. However, I just couldn’t resist the sight of her sexy curves in that black dress, and my cock swelled under my towel as my primal urges drew me to her.

As she was talking on the phone, she didn’t notice as I approached and I felt her startled and draw in a surprised breath at the sudden feel of my hands slipping around her waist. I embraced her, pulling her against me, she relaxs as the warmth of my chest presses against her exposed back. My lips caresses her neck as I slid my hands slowly up the side of her ribs, then cup her breasts firmly and feel her lean into my touch as I hear her say, I gotta’ go, we’ll see you there.

Irina sets down her phone I kiss the nape of her neck and along the top of her shoulder, savoring the light scent of her perfume. My senses now aroused and inspired, I trace my lips over the soft smooth warmth of her shoulder and back up her neck. Kissing up her neck, I whisper deeply, Mmmm, I love how sexy you are in this dress. She giggles softly and settles back into me, then turnes her head to look into my eyes, and our lips meet in a deep passionate kiss.

My fingertips circle lightly over her nipples, causing them to harden and rise against her dress, and she presses her hands over mine, wordlessly encouraging me to squeeze her nipples between my fingers. Our tongues tease and playe between our lips, and she feels the bulge of my hard cock pressing against her ass from under my towel.

I slid one hand down to her thigh, then reach over the smooth warmth of her inner thigh and massage my hand up below her dress, seeking the heat of her passion. My fingertips tracing over the silk panties covering the warmth of her swelling pussy lips, and my palm lightly rubbing the silky material over her mound, pressing her aroused clit.

Feeling the heat of her lust building and the tingling pulse of desire for more, suddenly interrupted by the thought of being late and impatience with my delay. Irina breaks our kiss, and slips out of my embrace, then turning around towards me with a flushed smile, she protests, Stop teasing now, we’re already going to be late!

Looking into her eyes I could see the gleam of her passion aroused, and knew that her impatiences Escort was weakened by her ache of desire. She was still feeling the warm pleasure from my touch, and her smile widened as she glances down at my hard cock waiting for her under the towel.

With a mischievious grin I reach out and grasp her hands in mine, quickly pulling her closer to me, then wrapping her hands behind her back I slid my grip up firmly around her wrists. Restraining her hands against the curve of her back, I draw her against my chest and say I’m not teasing. My lips pressing firmly over hers, quieting her brief attempt to protest.

I feel her relax and push her luscious breasts and mound against me as she returns my kiss, first somewhat tentatively lingering over my lips, then more anxiously playing her tongue against mine. I release her hands from my grip, and she quickly reachs up behind my neck and run her fingers through my hair as our passionate kisses wander from our lips, exploring each others flushed cheeks and neck.

I reached down and slipping my hands under her panties to firmly massage and squeeze the warm curves of her ass, then pulling her closer against me and pressing my hard towel-covered cock up against her stomach. Lifting the hem of her dress up, I playfully pull her panties taut between her cheeks, the silky material tightening and rubbing against her moistened pussy, causing her to break our kiss with a surprised squeal and laughter.

Nuzzling down her neck, I reach around her and slid her panties down over her hips and thighs. Then caressing my hands over her hips as I feel her work her panties down her legs and step out of them.

Massaging and spreading her firm ass cheeks, I hear her gasp “OOOOHHH” as I lightly tease my fingertip over the rim of her ass. She leans into me, pressing her cheek against my bare chest, slightly bending and spreading her legs to invite my exploring fingers further between her legs. I slowly rub my fingers beyond the rim of her ass, and I hear her gasp ” OOOOHHHH Yes” again as I tease between her rim and the moistness of her pussy. I continue to slowly massage my fingers back and forth between her pussy and the rim of her ass, spreading her wetness, listening to her draw her breath in sweetly as she feels the pressure of my fingers teasing between the warm wet folds of her swollen pussy lips

She urgently presses her mound against my thigh, rubbing against her clit while she slowly gyrates and pushes her pussy against my hand, encouraging my fingers deeper into the heat of her aching hole.I feel her heat and wetness as I slide my fingers deeper into her, and begin a slow rhythmic pumping motion, slightly stirring my fingers inside her slippery pussy as I glide them in and out, feeling her squeeze her pussy around my fingers. Gradually increasing the rhythm, I feel the slippery wetness of her juices flow over my fingers and hand. Her wetness spreads over her swollen pussy lips, and I hear her breathing quicken as she moans softly “OOOHHH YES! YES! OOOOHHH!”, pressing her lips against my chest. She kisses across my chest to my nipple, circling and licking my nipple with her tongue.

Pulling the towel from my waist, she pushs her hand between our embrace and clasp the warmth of my hard shaft, and reachs her other hand behind me to massage and squeeze my ass, then lightly runs her fingernails across my ass and over my back. I shiver at the feel of her nails raking lightly over my back, and my cock twitches Escort Bayan and pulses with pleasure in her hand as she massages and strokes it. She feels the wetness of my pre-cum over her fingers, spreading it over my swollen cock, making my hardness slippery in her hand as she strokes and massages it.

She feels me ease my fingers out of her pussy, drawing in her breath sharply at the sudden loss, then feeling my wet fingertips trace between her legs, spreading her juices and wetting the rim of her ass. I slowly circle and press my finger against her rim and hear her purr, Mmmm, Mmmmm that feels sooo good! Then I feel her push her ass back against the pressure of my finger, wanting to feel it inside her.

Teasing, I slid my hand back over her pussy, massaging my fingers between her slippery lips. Soaking my fingers with her warm juices and spreading her wetness over the rim of her ass. Circling her asshole with my wet fingertip, I increase the pressure against her rim, and feel her fingernails trail across my back in response as she slids her hand down to strum over her aching clit.

Her grasp around my hard thick cock tightened and she slowed the rhythm of her stroking as she pressed her ass against the pressure of my finger. I heard her gasp softly ” OOOOHHHH!” and feel her shudder slightly as the tip of my slippery finger eases past her rim, pushing slowly into her ass. Feeling the warm pressure of my finger sliding inside her ass, she thrusts her fingers into her wet pussy, filling her desire.

With a deep moan “OMG! YES!” she presses her ass back further, relaxing and slowly easing my finger deeper into her. I slowly and gently pump my finger inside her ass, feeling the heat of her lust increasing as her shallow breathing quickens to the sensation of my motion inside her. My cock twitchs and pulses in her hand and she increases the rhythm of her stroking, spreading my pre-cum over my shaft.

I massage her breast with my other hand, squeezing her nipple through her dress, igniting tingles of pleasure. She pushs her fingers deeper into her pussy, savoring the sensation of my finger pumping in her ass as she thrusts her own fingers within her pussy. Rapidly rubbing and bumping her palm against her clit, sending hot ripples of pleasure through her, as she feels the throbbing of my hard pre-cum moistened cock gliding within her other hand.

I slid my hand from your breast and grasp a handfull of her hair to expose her shoulders and neck to my lips. Leaning down I kiss along her neck while I was slowly stroking my finger in her ass, then pressing my lips against her ear and whispering Mmm, your ass is sooo hot..I want to fuck your ass…do you want me to fuck your hot ass!?.” Ohhh. Ohhh Yes. Yes.” she moans softly, Mmmhmm, yes, let me feel it!, and squeezes her ass around my finger. Pulling her hair back, I kiss down her neck, then ease my finger out of her ass and hear her draw in her breath sharply with a pouty Ooohh!, at the sudden loss.

Sliding my hand back down over her sopping wet pussy, I interrupt her masturbation, and she responds by squeezing her pussy soaked hand around my cock. Then spreading her juices over my swollen cockhead and hard shaft as I tease herr wetness over herr puckered rim. Easing my slippery finger back into her asshole, I feel her relax and lean back into my chest, lightly groaning ” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh!” with pleasure as I gently stroke my finger deeper in her. Her fingers Bayan Escort return to pleasure her pussy, and I feel her thrusting her fingers deeper into her hole as I whisper deeply, I want to feel my cock in your ass! ” Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM! YES!” Irina screams.

I ease my finger out of her, and she spins around, arching her back and pushing her ass towards me as she spreads her legs. She looks over her shoulder into my eyes, then leans forward and bends down slightly as she braces herself with one hand against the full length window, and slids her other hand down to pull up herr dress and massage herr clit.

Looking over herr shoulder, she watchs as I pull her dress up further and grasp her hip firmly with one hand. She moans ” OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!” as she feels my wet cockhead rubbing up and down the crack. Then the pressure of my wet cockhead pushing against the rim of herr ass. Feeling her lust surging, she presses her ass back against the pressure of my bulbous plum cockhead, slightly bending and spreading your legs further, my cockhead eases into her tight ass. She groans” OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO” as my hardness pushs deeper into her, and I feel her relax as I lean into her, feeling my thickness filling her as I press her up against the window.

I grab her hips with both hands and slowly thrust my slippery shaft within the warm tightness of her asshole. ” OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Irina groans. Looking into my eyes she pushs back towards me, coaxing the warm pressure of my cock deeper with each thrust. I eagerly push deeper into her, and watch her pull down the top of her dress to press her exposed nipples against the coolness of the window. Feeling the heat and tightness of her asshole wrapped around my hard shaft, my cock throbbing with each long deep stroke inside her ass. ” OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Irina screams.

My lust surging with the sensations, I feel my orgasm building and leaning harder into her. My lips pressing against her neck as I push her up against the window and reaching up to clasp my warm hands firmly over her breasts, squeezing her nipples between my fingers. I thrust my hardness into her, and hear her gasp with each hard deep thrust as she closes her eyes and pressing her cheek against the coolness of the window. The friction of cock thrusting in and out of her ass hole develops heat that is indeed pleasurable. She feels my heavy balls WAP! WAP! WAP! slapping her wet pussy.

I feel her hand press down between her legs and she thrusts her fingers into her gushing pussy, rubbing her palm over her clit in rhythm with the thrusts of my cock. My balls ache for release as my orgasm swells within my groin, and my urgent hard deep thrustss inside herr ass becomes shorter and faster. Suddenly, a hot electric wave of pleasure shoots though me and her and I stiffen, groaning ” OH GOD!” deeply as my hips shudder against her and I push deeper into her ass, pressing her up against the window. Suddenly there is a volcanic explosion as warm cum is flowing like lava. My cock pulsing inside her, pumping out my cum, filling her with my heat as she strums her fingers over her clit.  

I collapse aganist her, breathing hard in her ear. Irina is shivering and crying as I pull my cock out. ” Oh God!!” Irina is still in the throes of her own orgasms as she feels the heat of my sperm dripping down her thighs. She groans ” OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!” as her orgasms begin abating. Both of us collapse aganist the window breathing heavly.

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