escort comes to my rescue


escort comes to my rescueStanding in the balcony and smoking a cigarette…. this is something i do very often after my girlfriend caught me watching strapon porn.She felt more disgusted when she seen my hard on after being caught by her.Life was pretty lonely (atleast a little lonely as i watched more n more strapon porn)after she left.I wanted to get fucked like a slut i am by a dominatrix and it was about time i live my most intimate depraving sexual acts.I Contacted an escort through a mutual friend and she understood the reason behind calling her.As i opened the door i felt that all my questions were going to be answered,she was beautiful,tall and firm.her boobs and ass seemed to defy gravity.she was just about the right age i wanted my escort to be.As i looked at her more than usual,, she was coyly smiling at me wondering if i was going to let her in.As she came inside we shared a laugh 🙂 She introduced herself as Pearl.making her comfortable we spoke for about an hour Escort bayan and suddenly she interrupted asking me questions about my fantasy….”So u want to be fucked like a bitch”was all she said and left.After 2 Hours…I watching strapon porn and completely forgot about Pearl.Without a notice,she opens my door and shouts”What the fuck are u doing?”. i was caught red-handed and was so embarrassed… She comes over me and slaps me on my face that i start feeling giddy..looking at the screen she says” So my bitch boy likes a hard cock up his boy pussy..Come over u plastic cock loving slut ill show and teach you what it is to take a cock up ur ass”with that she left me and came back only in her bra and panties… I could feel my cock twitching in side my pants.. “remove those pants sissyboy.those will not be a part of ur life anymore” She says… i obediently remove my pants not noticing the pair of panties in her hands.as i lift my head she Bayan escort flings those on my face and tells me to get dressed and meet her in the bedroom.as i came into bedroom,the room was completely dark.From a corner i heard a loud familiar feminine voice… “Come over sissy boy and just fucken do what is told”.i comply to her dominating voice.As the room gets bright iam shocked to see my girlfriend Narissa with Pearl giggling at each other.How did this happen? i wondered to my self.. this was not part of the plan.. Before i could think again about it i heard them calling me names and they noticed me flushing.Narissa told that she had met Pearl the day she caught me watching strapon porn.The idea of seeing a woman fucking her man was a big turn on for her but did not even imagine that her macho boyfriend was into this fetish.I was at total bliss when i heard those words from my girlfriend and abruptly pearl my escort slaps me hard on my Escort face and tells me to bend over.she put a finger in my ass and allowed it to stay for sometime as my hole got used to its fulness.Slowly and patiently she moved her finger making strokes and within no time she placed another finger.i was in heaven.every minute was like an hour to me…. i was moaning like a bitch in heat and my girlfriend was calling such names .. i didnt even bother to her disgraceful remarks.. My gf was secretly recording the whole thing from an angle.Pearl who was strong enough lifted me up with her two hands i fucked my ass carrying me the whole time.the eye to eye contact between me and pearl was exquisite.i didnt even bother that my gf was standing in front of us neither did she complain. this ordeal went on two solid days.after some time my gf didn’t even bother watching us fuck.In these two days Pearl fucked me all over my house even in the bathroom and even made suck her strapon in front my gf.Pearl narissa and myself went for dinner to a classy restaurant and we were discussing how things had taken its course.I was blushing and all i could see lust in my gf’s eyes and pearl joked that would never have to come again for which we all burs ted out laughing…

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